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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Andy fucking friends girlfriend Smita

first-time mtnka 2018-04-24

I placed my left hand on her left boob and started massaging it gently. I looked at her face my left hand went down between her legs and I rubbed her pussy over her jeans harshly. At first she pressed both her legs tightly against each other, making my hand rub her pussy ever harder she moaned. She kissed me on my lips and went down towards my hard cock. As she was sucking my cock she raised her ass and start shaking it. I got up placed my cock right in front of her pussy hole. Her legs were up in air as my cock went deep inside her cunt.I fucked her hard.

The Mentor

first-time mdiver 2018-04-24

I said, "I want to give a toast to you Janet, for going from student to co-worker in a very short time. She didn't remove her hand but instead smiled, took the wine glass and said, "To working long days and reports." I smiled, kissed her and said, "How very lovely you are Janet." Finally she held my cock to her cunt and said, "Fuck me Larry, I want to feel you inside of me." Janet smiled at me and whispered, "You feel so wonderful inside me Larry; please fill me with your cum." I pull out enough to just have the tip of my cock in her cunt, and then I would drive in as far as I could.

Blind Love Ch. 03

first-time Pop-O 2018-04-24

Stan took the taxi back to his hotel, and told Ann he would pick her up at seven-thirty, She spent the time by calling her mother and asking her to come over and lend a hand in getting ready for the night. Stan wanted Ann to move and live (for free) at the hotel until they got married. Ann told him that she would feel like a "kept woman" if she did that, but she did want to spend as much time with him as she could. At the house Ann told Stan, "Come inside, you can call another cab later." They walked arm and arm to the taxi and when inside, Ann gave the driver the address, then turned towards Stan.

me and mom 2

first-time 2018-04-24

Then I was spraying white shorts with a red crest, which was the front screen.Went to sl**p in his room that night, my mom stayed awake until midnight, was approximately 2 hours. After I took the sheet in his hand and I was Kyrmnv Dvtamvn and locked closer to my chest and said: Eat. I began. After an account of exactly who told him that I love my mom back and Qmbl Kvnsh be my side. She could not believe my hand was similar in white and soft red hole. It took nearly 1 minute to 16 cm Policy Kvnsh I love lamb and this time I dreamed I was in pain waiting, and oh and ah.

Our First Time

first-time ilovepussyalot 2018-04-24

Steven put his finger over her mouth and whispered into her ear, "Don't worry baby after tonight u will be happy. Steven wanted her to suck him off but he knew he wasn't gonna cum in her mouth. He put his hard long dick in front of her mouth and told her, no he commanded her to give him a blowjob and if she didn't she would have to lick another girl's pussy. Sara didn't want that so she willingly put his dick in her mouth and started to suck. Sara knew she was gonna get fucked and she wanted it now. He loved teasing her and he continued to do it as she moaned and told him she wanted to be fucked.

The Teachers' Lounge Peeper

first-time CumMaster8 2018-04-24

Opening my eyes and imagining Mr. Jones and Mr. Ediker both naked, fucking me passionately, I walked slowly toward the desk. With a confused and perhaps scared look on his face, Mr. Jones pursed his lips and then got up from his seat, walked to the door, and closed and locked it. I thought that maybe if it was really good, I would be there cum slut until I left for college and every time I came home for a visit. Finally, I said, "Ok, Mr. Jones, now fuck me really hard like the little cum hungry bitch I am!" Next time, though, I might just have them fuck my ass and pussy at the same time, maybe even ask if a 3rd can join so I have a hard cock to suck on.

The Best School Ride

first-time 2018-04-24

One cold day, her small nipples were hard, I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits and she noticed, whenever she saw me looking she would cover her breasts with her jacket. She kept telling me how lonely it is to live alone and then suddenly she hopped on my lap facing me with her legs opened, she kept on french-kissing me, putting her tong down into my mouth, I started taking off her shirt and caressed her awesome breasts, she took off her pants and jumped on my lap again with her bra and wet panties only.

First Time...First Time

first-time Cat5 2018-04-24

For some reason she stopped whatever she was about to say, gave my hand a little squeeze and with an ironic grin said, “Thanks, but I’m a little too old for you, and I’m usually a pain in the ass, but thanks for the offer.” Jenny said in a quiet voice, “I did a very unfair thing to you and I want to talk about it now. When I arrived on Wednesday Jenny said, “Off with your clothes.” I stood naked in front of her; there was little embarrassment now after our last time together. The door opened, and she said, “Hi, I’m Beth, and I sure hope you’re Larry?”

Pauline Anne and Me

first-time Pinaforesally 2018-04-23

"Let's get out of these wet things" Anne stated " You go into the bathroom and throw your wet things on the landing and Pauline will bring you some dry ones from her b*****r's room" Pauline leaned across and kissed me deeply while Anne's hand caressed my crotch and snuck into my panties. I felt a strange sensation as my little willy strained against the nylon panties. "Wonder what it tastes like " said Anne looking at my hard willy. "Let's bathe him till he's a clean little girl like we are" I was dragged into the bathroom while Pauline ran a bath and Anne stripped me. "Let's clean that dirty bottom" said Anne as I felt the roughest of loofas being sc****d against my bottom hole.

Finding True Love at a Party?

first-time NerdySex 2018-04-23

"John's a bit embarrassed, Bill, since all he had was his old swim team suit. My cock started leaking a little and she licked the head like an ice cream cone. Sue positioned herself over me and placed the head of my cock at her pussy. The head of my cock started to tingle and I felt the same sensation as when I exploded into her mouth. Joyce later said Sue told her she needed to find a new boyfriend, one with a bigger cock. "Get ready, I'm going to fill you with my cum," as he shoved his cock fully in my ass. Joyce told me Sue sucked your cock and then fucked you.


a first for both of us

first-time acht 2018-04-23

i had never cheated on my wife before. had never cheated on any partner before. blah blah blah, i talk a lot when i am nervous." no shit i can tell i said to myself. maybe i would have brought some candles too if it wasn't sure to set the brush on fire. she said she had never, yes never sucked a dick...ding! but the thing was she just laid there with her mouth open, willingly taking it yet being as passive as can be. she had mentioned something about being off of her meds, maybe she was back on the wagon and thus not in a state conducive to receiving throat fuckings.

Living with Uncle Jim

first-time london-girl 2018-04-23

“you must be James niece, Jane, I’m Mr Jones” he says holding his hand out, I look up at him, he’s rather good looking for an older man I realise as I place my hand in his “I’m sorry to hear about your parents, they were good people, your uncle and I have been friends since school,” he continues at my surprised look at his causal mention of my parents “I have arranged for a friends son to show you round, maybe you have met Tony already. “oh shit I better go,” I say standing up and grabbing my bags, all three boys start to get up too “Guys seriously you have a group of beautiful girls here, I can get home by myself” I laugh “stay here and have fun none of you have a curfew, so don’t ruin your day” I say quickly, although Terry and Carl sit back down looking slightly annoyed bed doesn’t

Go Forth and Multiply

first-time abroadsword 2018-04-23

"Look Mr Tranter, principles are principles," she said, "But you can't bring a horny little slut like Mel into class with her tits out and her cunt glistening, and ripe for fucking how are the guys supposed to get any work done." Mel near got laid at Lunch time, she was cuffed but she could reach through to hold her cunt lips open and she was so horny with knowing her cunt and tits were out there for the world to see that when I went for a coffee she tried to get Mr Thingly the math teacher interested. "A professional virgin, great." Sue-Ann told me, she looked sad, if I had more time I guess I would have sat down and asked what was troubling her, but I had problems enough with Melissa.


first-time Lonerwolf25 2018-04-23

He asks what I am doing I told him if he wants me than he needs to cum outside, he gets out as well I go to the front of the car an he finally gets out an I walk up to him grab his cock an lead him to the hood of the car. I start slowly fucking his ass, he just keeps saying "Omg your fucking Big" I then pull out an set on the hood of the car I have him stand up an have him straddle me (reverse cowgirl) he starts riding me as I grab his cock an start stroking him. He starts pounding me im moaning loud as Fuck an then I feel it he starts shooting his Hot load deep in my ass..

Girl on Girl

first-time GermanJuice 2018-04-23

She pulled down my panties and got back to sucking my nipples as her thigh rubbed my wet pussy. She spread my pussy apart and started stroking my swollen clit with her tongue gently. She spread my feet and exposed my pussy and she took off her thong and sat across me. I quickly got on my knees, spread her feet apart and started to lick her pussy. I sucked on it while stroking my tongue on the spot, her juices all over my mouth and her screams getting louder, begging me to make her cum. Her whole body started to jerk like she was going into a fit then she let out a huge squirt into my face and mouth.

Belinda and her naughty way.

first-time rogue-1966 2018-04-23

Slowly the conversations turns more of an adult nature and soon the woman's friend, Belinda, say: Marie tells me you like to wear cockrings, really? Belinda slides off my cock, squats down and quickly slips her mouth over his cock and starts sucking like a porn star. The guy pulls his cock back and Belinda turns and takes my cock in her mouth sucking me to the edge. Belinda was on her knees working this guys cock, sucking it, jerking it off, rubbing the head around her nipples. I noticed a cock slide thru the hole and Belinda takes a hold of it, spits all over it and jerks the guy off.

My first time with a girl - Part Four

first-time sarahyork 2018-04-23

Louise got me off big time with her hand and once she did so, I felt a finger of her’s dip inside for a moment. That finger than came out and she brought her hand up as she took her lips off my boobs. I took my hand off her bum-hole and grabbed her hips while I started to pay her boobs attention. I didn’t really want to put my finger in there, and Louise seemed cool with me just touching her like that. It didn’t hurt having her finger in my bum, for I’d had a dick in there before, but that still wasn’t really my thing. Thankfully Louise didn’t do that for long and kept licking my pussy and sucking my clit until I came again.

Big Dick

first-time BiancaOldman 2018-04-23

The old man, recognizing that his days were numbered, realized the shortcomings of his son (none of them of course being physical) and decided that in order to get Big Dick to interact with the world, he would be required to use drastic means. Callie Sue realized real early that this would be a cinch, since only Big Dick and his father lived there and she discovered as she watched that the two men relieved themselves in a special area behind the house. But mostly the men whispered and looked in awe because they saw the child and they mostly had seen Big Dick's appendage and they began to refer to Callie Sue as "The woman what could handle Big Dick" and they shook their heads.


Something Borrowed

first-time IceBluePhoenix 2018-04-23

And I realized with a blush that if Jeff's dad looked in the mirror, he would see not only my softly bouncing tits but also his son finger-fucking me. When the moan came, through my lidded eyes I distinctly saw Jeff's dad look. We had been dancing for just a few minutes, making small talk, when he leaned down and murmured, "You have amazing tits." His hand was on my shoulder, and he dipped his thumb down unobtrusively to graze the exposed flesh inside the scoop-neck shirt I was wearing. I want to feel that tight little cunt clamping on my fingers." My breath came in ragged pants. What were you thinking last month when Jeff had his hands inside this sweet little cunt?

First Time (in the car)

first-time Gloverboy6 2018-04-23

We were still in my car and started making out heavy (something we had already done a lot of) before she put my hand into her bra where I first discovered what a woman's bare breast felt like, so soft yet so firm. I started just rubbing her pussy lips and sliding my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy, which I could tell she liked by all the moaning and a few soft, hot utterances of "Oh baby" and "Oh my God". When I had the feeling I had her going, I started looking for her clit which porn (and her) had told me was the way to get her to cum.

boy first time

first-time tomtomfree 2018-04-23

It was constantly on my mind and I was getting erections several times a day and I had a strong urge to stick my penis into something but I didn't know what. When Dave came into the pool filter room a few days later and I realized we were all alone and he was coming closer to me and I was backing away, I was thinking that I won't do this again, I will be strong and resist letting those feelings over take me. The urge came back so strong and I was back under his control and when he said “Take off your swim trunks”, My fingers went go to the top of my suit and pushed it down, all the way to the floor.

The Challenge Ch. 01

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-23

"Okay, fine," she said, "don't get angry." She got up to put away the lemonade pitcher, and made a point of glancing down at my crotch as she passed by me. I really was curious what she had in mind by this point, but I was convinced I could pass the test: what she didn't know was that my bathing suit was still damp, and dick in a cool, damp, baggy swimsuit tends to be too uncomfortable to get many ideas on its own. No girl had ever seen my dick before, of course, and I was a little embarrassed that the cold, damp suit had left it looking rather shriveled; but then Mindy let her bathing suit top drop to the floor and I got to see my first "live" pair of breasts, and it became erect in a matter of seconds.

First steps ...

first-time oldognewtrix 2018-04-23

I had no idea what cottaging was, all i knew was that there were certain areas and toilets where it was rumoured that men went to to have fun with each other. I left the toilet and made my way home, my thoughts all on going back later on and what might happen. I was about to open the door and leave when i noticed a piece of paper being poked through one of the holes in the dividing partition, i looked down at it and wondered what to do, if i took it then whoever was in that cubicle would know that i was there, but then i thought that if he had just bent and looked through the hole he would have seen me anyway.

The Soldier

first-time dollysexi619 2018-04-23

Jake opened his mouth as far as he could and whispered dryly, "water." Maggie finished tying the new bandage into a neat little bow & reached for the stand next to her. She slowly tipped the cup and Jake closed his eyes with relief as the ice water trickled into his lips down his throat. "You're probably pretty handsome under all this blood," she said as she started to peel away Jake's sticky uniform. "Your wife will be proud of that one." Maggie looked deep into Jake's piercing green eyes for any sign of negate. I am good at rubbing out pain." Maggie didn't wait for Jake to say yes, She started with his shoulders, kneading them out.