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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The one night stand camping trip

first-time dicktingle53 2018-04-23

Even though I was not completely warm my mid 20's hormones were kicking in and I decided if I kept rubbing my face against her neck, kept squirming with my thigh pressed up against her crotch and I continued to hold her tight as I ran my hands and arms across her back she would have to get turned on enough to let me have my way with her. To say the least, each time she put the double handed squeeze and hung on my cock like she was trying to save herself from falling off a cliff, my mind went from getting closer to getting off to the fear she was going to break my dick.

Bed & Breakfast

first-time Ashson 2018-04-23

Come dinner-time I met Jenny, Mrs Baxter's daughter. Any thought of a little quality time with Mrs Baxter went right out the window. Now Mrs Baxter had been very definite about telling me to lock the alternate door to the bathroom so that I didn't get an unwanted surprise. As I said, Jenny had the towel wrapped around her head and was vigorously drying her hair. My hand came down with a more deliberate spank this time, and Jenny jumped slightly and yipped again. "Well now, that sort of depends on you," I told her, standing up and letting my towel drop away. I pressed a little harder and Jenny gasped and snatched her hand away.


first-time Bars53 2018-04-23

I was thinking that Becky had probably sucked cock as she dated alot and was very popular and at 17 she had the body of a 23 year old, in fact her body was better than our older s****r at 22. The guy on the chat was getting really excited as Becky described how she was licking his balls and stroking his cock then he said he had cum and bye. Wetting my lips I touched her big toe and begin to run my tongue over it sucking it into my mouth. Becky as caressing her thighs and wiggling ther toe in my mouth as i begin to suck eagerly. More she said as I took another toe in my mouth, her hand now inside her panties.

An Anonymous Relationship Pt 5

first-time mooremike 2018-04-23

I started to pull away but she held me and pressed my hand onto her large firm tit. "I never really thought about you sexually but when I found out about my mom and Melanie it just started me wondering what it would be like." I said as I looked at her. I called my mom and told her I was with you." She said as she looked at me and more tears streamed down her face. I was just touching the bed with my knees and elbows." Stacy said her eyes seemed to look back in that moment with terror. He really does love you and he is a wonderful man and lover!" Melanie said as my mouth hung open.

His First

first-time juniysa 2018-04-23

Her hands returned to his bare chest caressing it softly; she leaned forward dropped her head slightly to lick the top of his shoulder and the base of his neck. "Come on, it's time," She whispered as she knelt down and slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, releasing his hard cock. She slowly moved her tits up and down his cock, giving him a warm sensation; she then leaned over and began to softly suck him again, this time her tongue going around him in circles. With his hand, he opened her wet pussy lips and slided him cock inside of her. "Faster..." She whispered and with a little bit more energy, he thrusted his cock inside of her pussy, a loud moan escaping from her lips.

My second experience with a guy from Serbia

first-time 2018-04-23

I sad well yes, i have been expecting this for a long, long time….So i sat on a bed, grabbed him for his ass nd started to smell him over his pants…I asked him not to shower for few days since i wanted to lick real guy taste nd enjoy in real scent not some pussy perfume nd was so glad that he obeyed me…I slowly unbuttoned his pants nd came closer to enjoy in his scent…musky aroma of warm hairy balls nd black briefs…i could notice scent of piss that made me even hotter.

A King's Desperation

first-time sugarmuffin 2018-04-23

"I can't believe this," She wrenched her hands out of mother's grasp and stood up from the chair, "I can't believe you're making me do this!" Evelyn ran from the room and slammed her bedroom door shut. Evelyn wrapped her arms around herself, more out of nerves than being cold, as she stood in line with what looked like two dozen other woman. He hadn't felt like this with any of the other young girls, but she had a way of pulling at his heart strings. Evelyn moaned once again, a little louder this time and Nicholas couldn't help but kiss her again. But he knew that deep down, he wished things could've been different, that he could've made love to Evelyn all night long and told all those other girls to go home.

High school Incognito Dick Sucking

first-time Bobby_RO 2018-04-23

I used to go to her house after school to fool around because her parents were never home from work. We were fooling around, as usual, when her dad came home from work early, luckily we got our clothes on before he actually walked in. Regardless I was still hard as a rock and I told her I needed to get off...problem was her dad came home early to do work around the house and he was going to be in and out of the house all afternoon. It was such a turn on have her suck me off while I watched her clueless dad walk around non the wiser.

Because I Care

first-time MrPezman 2018-04-23

What did you just call me?" Miss Hatch stood, her small hands fisted at her sides, the color high on the otherwise light-olive complexion of her face as she stood at the front of the class trying to teach Literature to her seventh period full of teenagers that, for the most part, didn't want to be there, didn't give a shit about the material. Miss Hatch sat down on the curb, her arms around her legs, as if she were trying to scrunch herself up into nothing, to disappear, "Did you know that I grew up here, that I went to high school in the same building you did, even sitting in the same classroom?"

Sweet Night

first-time Beautiful_Bunny_Girl 2018-04-23

A few moments later he disengaged his hand from mine and began creeping it up my thigh, towards the hem of my skirt. I turned and began kissing him deeply, pressing my body against his, sliding my hands all over his back and neck. As he moved in me he kissed my neck, my lips, my cheek, whispering "It's OK baby, It's OK," With each of his thrusts the pain gave way to warm pleasure. I began to moan softly as I felt an orgasm impending. "My virginity is gone," I said "My body feels bruised and broken. I love you, so don't ever be sorry for making me feel good." I looked back into his eyes.

My first adult cock, part 3

first-time Adicksion 2018-04-23

As he finished speaking I spread my smooth, tan legs wider I watched him take another long look at my excited young cock and noticed that his bulge had grown considerably, a thick outline of obviously large cock that almost made me brake out begging him to allow me to suck it right there in that busy parking lot. As the older man exited the store and moved towards his car I couldn't take my eyes off his bulge, as he got in and closed his door he glanced straight to my spread legs, again I made no effort to conceal my young excited cock.

Tasting pussy for the First Time.

first-time modelmaker 2018-04-23

Peter (not his real name) had a s****r and was saying how he'd seen her in the bathroom washing and how it got his prick so stiff he had to go to his bedroom and wank. It was a struggle but after a minuter or so we managed and finally Peter and I pulled her legs open and there it was, A sweet cunt, my first and most beautiful. I suddenly realised she was no longer struggling but had in fact spread her legs wide and was pulling my head into her cunt and was moaning.

The Straight Room Mate

first-time Raz007 2018-04-23

He eventually moved his hands down my back to my butt, feeling it, squeezing it and pulling me against him, pushing my hard cock against his chest. He took it in his hands, stroked it a few times, turned it this way and that, looking it over, then took my cock head in his mouth. He moved his hands back onto my butt, squeezed, then pulled me forward, pushing my cock into his mouth. He pulled all the way out, rubbed his cock with one hand and pushed his thumb into my hole with the other. He continued to plow my ass until I couldn't stand it and began to squeeze hard and push at the same time, making my cock start to swell.

First Duel

first-time DireLilith 2018-04-23

I paused, then finally nodded. I nodded. "Does it hurt?" I asked. He seemed taken aback. Was he denying me suddenly, when he had not even asked me for anything? There would be no way he could deny now that I wanted what ever it was he was going to give. Suddenly, he took hold of both of my hips in his hands. With all the merchants around us, all ignorant of what we two did, he entered me thus. He had taken from me a gift, and I had to repay him for what he had shown me. He was like a slave when he got like this, when he finally gave in to the pleasure I could give.

Sex Studio Secrets #29: Hot Hime-1

first-time petdyke 2018-04-23

Hot Hime is horny, she loves my polite proposition to erotically expose herself at my sexy studio Hot Hime is warmly welcomed by pretty Petra and Professor Pete Poet at the airport and in our studio Hot Hime is unaware which tools I ask my great grand-dod pretty Petra to provide for her debut Hot Hime is straight looking into my eyes while she ferociously fingers her love lips and big clit Hot Hime is wondering how love with a wonderful woman as pretty Petra, still a teen, will feel? Hot Hime is wondering if Petra's pretty pussy of her teen twat is as wet as hers, how it tastes?

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 07

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-04-23

The cries Jennifer and Alessa made as they came was muffled by the cocks in their mouths, but the extra suction as they reacted to their orgasms caused both boys to unload into the girls willing mouths at the same time. He pulled out, feeling her vaginal muscles pulsing in orgasm around his cock, and pushed in again a little at a time, Michael doing the same to Alessa, and Jennifer still cumming. The boys changed places and David edged his cock into Alessa’s slightly tighter pussy while Michael pushed into Jennifer’s. Jennifer turned her head to look at Alessa and smiled gratefully, she realised this was all due to Alessa’s matchmaking, and then the pounding of the cock in her pussy banished all extraneous though from her mind as she got lost in the pleasure of her fucking.

An Unlikely Valentine

first-time tk5555 2018-04-23

Carrie walked across the room and sat on the floor next to Carl, "What are you going to do?" The corners of Carl's mouth turned up just a bit. Carrie felt her face turn red as her nipples started to get hard and pressed against her brother's best friend. The moment the door to the principal's office closed behind them, Carrie grabbed Carl's cock. Carrie wondered if the girls at this school knew what they were missing out on by snubbing Carl. The moment his cock slipped into Carrie's mouth, Carl felt his orgasm begin to build. "Well, while we are waiting..." Carrie put her hands on Carl's head and pulled him down until his lips met hers.


first-time Nehkara 2018-04-23

I looked up and saw Fiona with a tear-stained face and as my eyes met hers she broke down into another series of sobs. Fiona was working my cock wonderfully, sucking up and down the length with her tongue caressing the underside of the head and her small hand grasping the base. By this time Fiona was already moaning loudly and when I slipped my lips over her clit and started gently sucking on it, she completely came apart. I could see Fiona relax and moments later look back over her shoulder again, pleasure written all over her face, and she say quietly, "Fuck me now Jeremy... This prompted Fiona, her head resting on top of the TV, to look back and give me the happiest, most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

hotel fun

first-time hornyharvey 2018-04-22

We had had a few drinks already and i had been telling her all night how sexy she looked and couldnt wait to fuck her brains out when we got back. I told her i was going to the bar and on my return i wanted her to uncross her legs in my direction and flash me her pussy and then cross them over again the other way. After couple of mins i needed mybcock inside her for this guy to see what my wife looked like being fucked. She pulled a pillow over her own head so at this point i grabbed the other guys hand and placed it on her ass cheek.

Taking a Chance

first-time Eviant 2018-04-22

"Um, yes sir." Jacob had to cough again once he got a look at Larry's Mozart-like hair and thick round glasses. "It was nice to meet you, Jane Bennington," he said, making eye contact, then turning and walking away. "Let's get one thing straight, big boy," she said as sternly as she could get her voice to work, "no touching." She expected that this would turn him off and she would be free. Two days later, Jacob stood outside Jane's door and took a deep breath. Not normally the aggressor, she turned to straddle his lap, tentatively leaned in, wound both hands in his hair and dove right into a deep kiss.

High School Years-summertime pt 1

first-time bubb014 2018-04-22

(Lets call the girl Aisha) After a good night of driving and chillin out I decided to take her to my house. (I obviously asked if she wanted me to take her home or if she wanted to come to my house). I told her my parents were away for the weekend and we could have the house to ourselves. She loved the idea, she called her parents and told her a little fibb that she would be with her girlfriends for the night. Aisha told me she had to go to the bathroom so ofcourse I let her. She did a little spin for me and she shook her wide hips and her nice big firm ass. Please tell me if you like I will continue the story.

Just the start

first-time truetrueblue 2018-04-22

As I stepped back into the living room, after shutting the door, he reached out grabbed the chain and f***ed me to the floor. I didn't wait to be ordered I pulled his shorts down, grabbed his cock and aimed the head for my opened mouth. A cock sliding into my mouth for the first time is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had. A cock, hard in my hand, and despite the head being purple and shiny like steel, it is so soft and delicious as it finds it's way to the back of my throat. Once he realizes what I want he let go of the chain and grabbed my head with both hands.

My First Threeway... or how I gave up my virginity

first-time mustbtuesday 2018-04-22

My fanny was already wet and my nipples were rock hard from the combination of the wine, the marijuana, the anticipation of the movie and very certain masturbation, possibly, and suddenly very hopefully, in front of Cathy and Derek. I started masturbating while watching Derek's penis go slowly into Cathy's mouth and then slowly recede. Cathy took Derek's penis out of her mouth, but continued stroking it right in front of her face. “After I have a quick glass of water,” I breathed, “and maybe another hit or two off that last joint,” I smiled lovingly at Cathy “I want your husband to fuck me from behind while I get another face full of your beautiful fanny.”

The prepper

first-time alphaquartz 2018-04-22

His stroking moved upward, and each motion brought him closer to the small, firm breasts until he rubbed the bottom edges; oil mixing with a faint amount of sweat, his hands feeling the beating of her heart as her breathing increased. As she starts to come down from the great peak of her climax, he moves his mouth to kisses and sucks on her outer lips and down part of her thighs while tremors continue to shake her small body. His balls felt like ached after all of the evening of hardness, and now he was going to get release as he jammed his cock deep one final time driving all of his length into her and making the girth of the root stretch her outside as his pubic bone mashed her clit.