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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife first gangbang

first-time paplaying 2018-04-22

As we were heading to the hot tub room, a few other guys started following us. The guy eating her out looked at me asking if he could get inside her, I gave the ok and he got between her legs and took his cock and started to enter her. When he moved away I went over to her to make sure she is doing ok and she smiled really big and said she is doing wonderful! We were in the hot tub for awhile and I could tell she was getting close to being dehydrated, so I asked her if she needs a break and she said she did. When we got to the room, she gave me a big kiss and she said thank you, it was amazing.

Pumped - ( Sometimes there's more sweating af

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-04-22

Titus asked me if I liked it, if I liked his cock inside me and I answered, "Yes Daddy. Titus would then push forward, raising my ass off of the table, assuring the perfect angle and slide all the way back in, his pendulous balls slamming into me. I spread my legs, telling him I wanted him inside me again and with a push forward, Titus' cock slid in all the way. Titus walked me to my car and before I got inside and sat down behind the wheel he took me in his arms, pulled me to him and kissed me, both hands gripping my ass.

Marcy's Playground 9 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-22

Sunday I both texted and called Jean-Luc to tell him he didn't have to come to the picnic. "It seems like you shouldn't be meeting anyone I know from my regular life," I said, before I realized how rude that might seem. And Bevvie's a cool, original nickname for it," Jean-Luc said sincerely. Jean-Luc had an easy time talking with everybody, getting them to talk about themselves, somehow managing to make them feel like they were the only person in the world, without neglecting me at all. "We can see them," Jean-Luc said. "Exactly," Jean-Luc said. "And worry," Jean-Luc said in a low voice, while sliding one hand all the way down my front, over my bikini bottom.

My Cousin Got me Started

first-time 2018-04-22

He got two more beers from the cooler and said, "Now don't tell anyone that I gave you this." I assured him that it would be our secret and then for some reason I found myself saying, "I will never tell anyone about anything we do." He gave me a big smile and patted my knee and told me what a good girl I was. My first reaction was to push his hand away but it felt so good I found myself whispering in his ear, "Do you like them Honey?" I could not believe those words came from my mouth! Don kissed my open mouth again and then whispered, "You like my cock honey?" I was so excited all I could do was nod my head. He whispered, "Watch this Honey." He reached for his cock and very slowly pulled the foreskin back to reveal this beautiful purple head of it.

I fucked daddy

first-time rodma 2018-04-22

That night she become a women as I pounded her pussy time and time again until I couldnt take anymore, I left her room and slipped back into my bed, I disturbed the wife so I sucked her huge nipple whilst i rubbed her clit as she moaned, arched her back and let a cry out as she shook with a huge orgasm, she grabbed my cock and slid down the bed and started to suck it hungerly like a randy whore, she sucked my balls aand wanked me off making me cum all over her tits.

This Is How She Did It

first-time whitetiger420 2018-04-22

He responded by going directly to them, holding her breasts carefully in his hands and then lowering his mouth to kiss and suck and lick each nipple in turn. She slipped a hand inside her shorts while she sucked him and felt how wet she was, and was genuinely surprised at the scorching furnace-like temperature inside her pussy. And you whispered in her ear, telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, and you told her that you loved her, and even kissed her soft cheek while her mouth was stuffed full of Bobby's thick cock. Then, as you slipped into her, she tilted her head back and sucked more of Robert's cock deeper into her mouth, purring around his swollen knob like a happy cat in the sunshine.

My First Time Sucking Cock

first-time JacquezBuilt 2018-04-22

Then I feel Joseph start to tense up, and I knew he was about to cum. I started to pull off and just jerk him so he could cum on my face and chest, but Alexis put her hand on the back of my head and pushed it into his cock. Alexis grabbed his member and pulled him to her, taking his full cock into her mouth while riding on me. I stepped back and Alexis instinctively got onto her knees and started jerking and sucking me. Joseph came up and to my left and I grabbed his cock and started jerking him. I came inside Alexis' mouth and at the same time Joseph came again all over her face.

Me and my wife

first-time 2018-04-22

Kim said she liked the look of the female and Matt asked Kim if he should offer them a drink. Kim agreed and Matt called the barman over and asked him to send a bottle of Champagne to the couple at the end of the bar. Matt asked if they'd like to come and join them in the Private Bar. The couple looked a little nervous but agreed to come. Matt said to the other guy (Dave), 'Would you like to see Kim kiss Rebecca?'. Kim turned to Matt and says 'Would you like to see Bex and I play with Dave's cock?'. Bex looks at Dave in shock and asks him if Kim can join in?.

First Night of Passion

first-time dreamy_baby2 2018-04-22

With his strong arm around my waist, I knew now why they danced like that. When I was little, my cousin and I had practiced kissing each other, but I had never liked the feeling. I loved the feeling of his weight pressing me into the bed and I eagerly raised me lips to his. Then I felt his hand on my stomach and I lost what little air I had, gasping for breath. When we broke our kiss to gasp in some air I moaned, “I want you.... He kissed my gently, my bronze god, and held me like some precious, fragile glass doll. Reality would come later and we fell asleep like that, him still inside me and me wrapped tight in his arms.

A craving for cock pt1

first-time vtevte 2018-04-22

When her eyes adjusted to the darkness Toni was shocked and excited to see Mary's blouse open with Scott's mouth was sucking her naked tits and his hand between her legs. Toni almost gasped when Mary unfastened Scott's trousers and out popped his engorged manhood – bigger than anything she had ever seen. Behind the curtain, Toni pushed her hand into her panties until her fingers touched her moist pussy. She knew her body was ready to enjoy a man's cock from the way her pussy gushed when she watched Mary getting fucked. With his cock deep in her throat, she slipped a hand between her legs, pushed her soaked panties to the side, and buried two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Biggest surprise ever!

first-time redlady 2018-04-22

After lunch, I thought it was time for some kissing. This thought made me so horny so I grabbed his dick and started eating it. Yes eating would be the correct term for I was so wet and wanted his cock in my mouth. His cock deep down my throat, I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth. Round too means me moaning like a little slutty slut; having my orgasm, having my cunt filled with that same hot loads of sperm. It hurt but what whore doesn't like her two holes fucked and fingered. Cum in my pussy, my ass sore for his fingers. He turned me over on my belly, pushed his dick in my ass and started fucking me.

My First [GF-03] Pt. 01

first-time charlessmythe 2018-04-22

After the class Cliff came into the showers with a rock hard cock. I was totally flustered and just kept saying, "Sorry," and stuff like, "Please leave me alone," and "I didn't mean to look." Cliff's cock was still rock hard as he slapped me again before violently shoving me against the wall. grabbing my hips, Cliff kept shoving his cock deeper into me saying stuff like, "This is what you need...take it like that cock?" "Now its time for you to eat,' laughed Cliff as he grabbed me by the shoulders and roughly shoved me down to my knees in front of him, eye-level with his still hard cock.

The awakening (chapter 1)

first-time 2018-04-22

Just imagine one of those ladies who torment and scrutinize you in the class for not knowing anything or sometimes knowing way beyond their capabilities, on their knees right in front of you begging you to give them the hardened piece of human meat, the organ of male intellect (for a large population, yes), the little thing dangling in between David’s statue that astonishes the world (primarily for it’s size I suppose. I could imagine how the two round big butts with a lovely crack in between would appear when she’d sit on all fours, and then I’d gently part those big butts, those lovely smooth and silky globes and reveal the tiny ass crack and gently feel the hole with the tip of my finger caressing it.

Wanda's Story Ch. 20

first-time rpwilbur 2018-04-22

Astrid had started licking an especially sensitive spot on Wanda's pussy. If you keep going, I'll miss my first class." Astrid pulled her fingers out of Wanda, crawled up her body and kissed her. Astrid bent down and slowly sucked the mushroom-shaped head of Roger's cock. Wanda had a variety of dildos, and Astrid, in private, had practiced with one she felt was about the same size as Roger. Astrid's mouth opened wider, and slowly sucked Roger's cock into it. Slowly, tentatively, Roger poked his tongue out and licked at Astrid's pussy lips. With her remaining strength, Wanda crawled to Anne's feet, kissed her boots, and said, "I love you, Mistress." Then she slept, right there on the floor.

First sexual experience with my friends mom (True

first-time 2018-04-22

When the half of the film had past I started to feel Emmas feets touching my knee a little sensual, she then asked me if it was ok to lay her legs over me because she was scared, fine by me I said. I started to feel that Emma moved closer and now she pressed her ass against my dick, I got instant hard on a my cock it never been so hard before I couldn't control myself and let my dick out of my panties. I knew that we didn't going to fuck that night, when she slept hard I put my hands on her ass and started to slowly move her up and down to stimulate my hard cock.

Sissy's First Orgasm

first-time emmadeevine 2018-04-22

Even before puberty struck I found myself rustling through my mother's dresser looking for something soft and shiny to feel against my skin. The first hint of cleavage and the female shape enticed me, but I was just as much drawn to the bras, panties, corsets and stockings these fine ladies donned as I was the women themselves. Standing up I slipped my panties down along my nylon covered legs and saw for the first time a man's cock looking back at me. A gorgous brunette wearing a black lace slip; a favourite of mine because you could see the outline of her nipple through it (different times) Now feeling excited I wrapped my hand around my full bl**ded member and started to pull upon it.

night of passion

first-time bishnfreak 2018-04-22

I walk back in place the bench and a metal studded vibrators on the bench attach them plug it in I lube up the vibrators and then collar you and attach a leash and you crawl over to the bench and I guide both toys (8 inches long 4 inches wide) one in your pussy and one in your ass and immediately push the pedal down all the way and you moan and then I let my foot off completely and I do this for a few minutes and I take my jeans off and put on some (insert music choice here). I just ram your pussy and play with your clit flicking it and pinching it as you cum a river of cum then I take my cock all the way out and let you suck on my cock until I blast my load down your throat and you swallow every drop.

Cool Summer Shower

first-time My_Turn 2018-04-22

The cold water rinsed the sand and salt and I moved my hands slowly over my skin the shower lotion causing them to slide easily into every crevice. I looked at her, tracing her body with my eyes, down from her big brown eyes, over her small pert breasts, nipples hard in the cold water, down over her stomach, down to the brown hair waiting below. She licked and sucked, she dived in and out of my waiting cunt with her tongue, with her fingers, then she started moving her hand up and down my crack. Turning she licked my clit, then slowly she kissed it gently before starting to suck it, she sucked and moved her hands inside me.

First time I fucked her

first-time 2018-04-22

I went to work on her pussy, firstly just feeling it, her pubic hair bristles felt rouch on my fingers, I then just opened her pussy lips and put my fingers inside, she lay back and moaned,her eyes closing as I masaged her clit, my cock still erect and twitching as I fingered her. I knew I would not last long and as she rode me quicker I could feel the rush coming and I cummed hard inside her, moaning as I climaxed, she stopped and leaned forward, we now kissed as I felt my cock soften inside her.

Before 01

first-time Jacqueline1951 2018-04-22

I knew that the best approach for preserving modesty would have been to crouch down facing away from Mr Farrow, but I really wanted to sit at that desk in the outer office. In those days, despite my insistence on short skirts and tight, figure hugging tops, I still wore "sensible pants" as provided by my Mum. I am not sure now whether I was aware that skimpy lingerie existed, but I have no recollection of it mattering to me at this moment in time. I stood in front of Mr Farrow and deliberately opened my top to expose my small, pert breasts, complete with very protruding nipples. I would come to know this feeling well in the ensuing months and years, but I knew there could only be one first time.

Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam

first-time petdyke 2018-04-22

He wanted to show them a book-shop of his old friend and colleague Ronnyboy. Every second tourist enters only to ask directions for the Red Light District, which just beyond... The purpose of Mr. Peterson was not so much showing off the gals to his friend, nor showing them the weird stocked shop, which he did at length anyway ... He didn´t look forward to have his shop full of hard-ons all day, as he once told to me. By now the guest girls where completely puzzled what would be the purpose of their visit to this bookshop, until Mr. Peterson took them down the narrow stairs. He looked around, which convenient containers of comixs, he would ask them two to bend over.

A Long Day at work

first-time 2018-04-22

Mr D just sat there and i inquired whether he had completed his work......he said it is almost done and just had something important to finish......i was getting wet looking at his bulge and a little was like one of the fantasies that i had about him so i thought this is the time i can make it real. Mr D then asked me to get up lie down on the desk and then he took of my skirt and panties.........he then started licking my wet pussy and playing with my clit with his tongue he then put his fingers into my cunt and started going in and out till i had cum in his mouth and then he licked me clean............thats how the long day at work ended..........few more to follow

Naturally New Zealand: Fairy Falls

first-time wildsweetone 2018-04-22

I lifted my chin, looked at his face, at his eyes saying "Two can play at that game," and my hand moved down to the hard bulge in his jeans, my palm rubbing against him, slow and firm. My mind seemed to implode with the realisation, somehow my clitty was tingling, then I realised my hand had reached its target and I closed my eyes, letting my head fall back so I could simply feel the hot flush rushing through my body. My eyes flew open, my own hand stilled but the feeling in my body intensified as I saw his hand against me, felt his fingers sliding slowly up and down my pussy lips.


first-time anitabrausa 2018-04-22

I like to tell some more stories of my first experiences with jerking and sucking when I start to be little slut in beginning. THE SECOND TIME I SUCKED COCK After I had my first penis in mouth with Leon, I went home with little taste of sperm in mouth. I closed my eyes and started to suck his penis like last time. I look at him from below and guide my head to suck his hard cock. I like more and more to suck his cock. I like his balls after he ask and then jerk and suck. He relaxes and shoot cum in my mouth for third time. I went home with cum taste in mouth again very horny.