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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time

first-time susurratetome 2018-04-22

I pull you in, closing the space between your body and mine, my hand running up your thigh, grasping hungrily as I reach you. My fingers toy with your zipper as my lips, teeth, tongue devour your neck before I lean back and direct your mouth to my shoulder, collarbone, chest. Then I let my tongue caress your lips as I slide my hand down past the waistband of your boxers and take hold. My lips, teeth, tongue explore your chin, neck, chest, waist, lingering along the line of your hip as I slowly slide my knees to the ground. You can feel the desire in every movement of my mouth: lips closing tight and then releasing, tongue sliding up and down, teeth barely making momentary contact.

Truth or Dare

first-time 2018-04-22

She then stood up and walked over to her boyfriend and unbuttoned her jeans and turned around so her ass was facing him and asked if he could help her out a little bit. She then got on her knees in front of me while I sat in the chair and started sucking my cock like it was dipped in honey. I shouted to his girlfriend that I was cumming (expecting her to take my cock out of her mouth), but she kept going until I started to cum. My girlfriend never let me cum in her mouth because she told me that she didn't like the taste of cum, so this was a feeling that I hadn't felt in a very long time.

fantasy scene

first-time redpenpinkpencil 2018-04-22

He started pulling back and giving her a series of long, f***eful thrusts, bumping at the bottom of each stroke as if he was trying to bore deeper into her still, compressing her ass to get just a little more depth. She began tightening up and just as her sore little pussy began squirting, he removed his 4 fingers and began guiding his cock in her ass, matching every timed curl of his hand and her every little spurt with another, slightly deeper thrust, finally leaning in and driving his cock about halfway in her.

My first time with an older man... Part 2

first-time niknak_bbw 2018-04-22

I walked out of the door and went home. We moved towards the sofa and he sat me down, pushed up my dress and put his nose against my panty covered pussy. I sucked & slurped on his cock, and he continued to fuck my mouth and cause me to gag. He seemed to be spent but I wanted to feel that nice big cock inside me. I pulled myself up and positioned his cock at my pussy then I slowly sat down. It felt so good as that big thick cock slid inside me. He pushed me off him, spun me around, and fucked me hard from behind - again, a first for me.

Fiery Heat ch 3

first-time Vectivus 2018-04-22

A small sound escaped Tristan, a needy cry as his cock grew hard with wanting. “I want you.” Tristan moaned making Damon groan even louder. “Tell you what,” Damon said holding Tristan at arm’s length, “Go take a cold shower For someone who claimed he was confused, Damon thought Tristan looked insanely Damon pulled the sweatpants down Tristan’s hips and freed his leaking cock. I can’t think when I’m this hard.” Damon said taking Tristan’s “Fuck Damon.” Tristan moaned and wiggled, spreading his legs wider. Tilting his head, Damon ran his tongue down the pulsing length of Tristan’s cock, "It's so good," Tristan whispered, tangling one hand in Damon's hair. “I’m going to fuck your ass, baby,” Damon told Tristan, shocking him, heating his bl**d


first-time jw1137 2018-04-21

Audrey thought he was rather good looking, though it was hard to tell since the young man had his head down staring at the floor. “Hi Tyrone!” Audrey said cheerfully; the boy did not respond and continued to study his worn sneakers. Audrey rose unsteadily from the edge of the tub; taking the boy’s elbow she said: “Just step right in here. She was trying composing herself for the next stage but when the young man started soaping the python he had hanging between his legs, Audrey felt the throbbing tingle between her legs increase to a nearly unbearable level. Audrey, her mouth still wrapped around the ejaculating organ, was pulled forward when Tyrone wound up sitting on the tile floor still groaning.

Let's Dance

first-time king_andre 2018-04-21

With that both girls leaned into Sarah, Melanie put her hand on Sarah’s thigh while Lucy gently kissed her straight on the lips. Lucy’s tongue worked Melanies clit and she moaned and said “Ooo god yeah, do it, keep going, fuck, keep going” The two girls were now moaning in sync as Sarah continued to fuck Lucy with the vibrator. Lucy feeling it coming continued to flick her tongue back and forth across her clit, as Sarah looked on Melanie came with a loud, “Cumming!” Writhing in ecstasy she held Lucy’s head to her pussy, Lucy enjoying making her cum so hard.

Wife Revenge It's Going to Cost You! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-04-21

He reached his fingers into his pants and slowly pulled the polo shirt over his head and looked over at Tom. He felt like he didn't want to get his clothes off before Tom did. He pulled Tom's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he slowly pressed his hands against Tom's hips and turned him around. Alex felt his head pressed even deeper inside of Tom's ass, his hand still sliding up and down the hard long cock. Alex slowly pulled his head out from between Tom's cheeks, the strong odor and taste spread over his face, and looked at Linda and nodded his head yes.

The Teacher's Classroom

first-time Candypops 2018-04-21

His eyes lit up as he put his book down, erased the other equations, and began a long description of everything there was to know whether it be squared or added, glancing back at her several times to make sure she was listening. Elizabeth tried to brace herself against the wall, but ended up pressing her hand against his chest and she quickly recoiled and fell against his chest instead. He let her relish in the moment for a second longer before grabbing her waist and pushing her away. He let the second load of cum go off inside her and he sat down, watching it all pour from her pussy, and onto his new favorite pants.

Living with Uncle Jim pt. 3

first-time london-girl 2018-04-21

As Jim moves his body back and forth between my legs I try to kick my legs and to hit whatever I can but I'm held firmly, it feels like I'm being torn and everyone is laughing or touching their private place, I want to be sick I can taste it in the back of my mouth but I’m unable to spit it out Not giving me time to come back down he throws me round and lifts me on my hands and knees “my turn” he says as his hand slides round my waist and presses my clit seconds before his private part fills me again, he rubs me near where he fills me before moving his hand and bringing it round to my bum, I gasp and try to move away as his finger rubs over my little brown hole but his hand hold me tight

With My Best Friend

first-time merp_236 2018-04-21

After a few months of hiding my feelings, Monique finally told me that she had a dream about having lesbian sex with an older woman. She moaned and pressed my head against her breast and I sucked on those huge tits like a baby. Monique dipped her tongue in and out of my pussy and sucked on my clit, I was moaning and shaking, afraid someone might hear us. Smiling, I took a moment to smell her sweet pussy before wrapping my arms around her legs and eating her out, I could feel her pussy juices getting all on my face. When she calmed down we both sat there: grinding against the vibrator and moaning, our pussy juices soaking my lil toy.

Seducing Mr. Johnson

first-time wmpwilson 2018-04-21

I straightened up and turned around with a serious look on my face, and almost pouting I said, "Mr. Johnson, I don't know if I can be a good Daisy Duke!" "Gee, thanks Mr. Johnson," I said, "You're the best!" I could feel his hard cock pressed hard up against my cunt. And then I added, "But, am I a pretty enough Daisy Duke for you to want to fuck?" Before he could answer, I took his face in my hands and began kissing him, sticking my tongue into his mouth. But before he could say anything else, I interrupted and said, "You can call me 'Daisy' from now one Mr. Johnson, and if you don't mind, I would like to leave my costume over here so we can play again soon, okay?"

It's Too Small Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-04-21

Mike paused but a moment, looked at me and said, "I love you, Jen, and I know you need this." And with that he pulled off all his lower clothes and showed all of us his five-inch, thin, caged, but quite stiff hardon. "Fuck no." Mel said, "No way would I give over my gorgeous wife, someone as fine and beautiful as Jen, to get her pussy all stretched out and re-sized by a couple of cocky sons-of-bitches like us! "Rob," Mel said, "You know, Jen is nice-looking and all-and she sure has a great caboose-but I think the girl coming over next is probably going to be hotter.

The Honeymoon Ch. 05

first-time CWatson 2018-04-21

But today they had time for a shower, and Amanda a chance to (try to) use the coffee maker (she had never been the greatest at unfamiliar kitchen appliances), before Winston and Kerri emerged, smiling, from their side of the suite. Patrick said, "Did you guys experiment with making love instead of just... And when Kerri and Winston didn't answer, but just kept gazing at each other, she sneaked a grin at Patrick and took his hand. "We were asking if you managed to try to get at the emotional side of sex," said Amanda, grinning. "I mean, I know you're looking forward to it, but when you're trying to do, like, emotional and loving sex, it's not a surgical strike.

Virgin Sitter Ch. 02

first-time sensualsweety5 2018-04-21

Surprisingly, Leeann brought her hands up to grab Michael's face and pull him in to her. Michael slowly pulled away from Leeann. Leeann rolled over and climbed on top of Michael, her cunt right against his bulge. Using his fingers to part her perfect pussy lips he placed his face between her thighs and began violently sucking and licking her wet cunt. After a few minutes of cock sucking Leeann climbed her way up Michael's body. Michael wasn't at all worried that Leeann may not be a virgin, he knew she was. He began thrusting slowly as he bent his head down to kiss Leeann. Panting, Michael pulled himself out of Leeann's sopping wet cunt. Leeann rolled over onto Michael and kissed him on the lips.

last night

first-time SaltyD 2018-04-21

It is difficult to find the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about my experiences with you last night. I must admit to at first feeling absolutely terrified and somewhat ashamed of my body, as having to strip down and then be blindfolded was not anything I had done before. I was so lost in your command of me that I was able to endure so much more than I thought I would be able to. Having thought it about much of last night and today, I cannot find ample words to describe how incredible it was to be worthy of your cock and to pleasure you. It's a feeling of accomplishment, pride, intense desire, servitude, and gratefulness.

Mrs. Brooks

first-time zimabean 2018-04-21

The next day, I got called into the office for a message from Mr. Bose saying that he would not able to work and that I would be on my own to do the Friday night cleaning and to lock down the building. Mrs. Brooks, the office lady, looked me as I finished reading the note and asked if all was alright and if I would be able to get everything done tonight without Mr. Bose. Now Mrs. Brooks is the office lady, like the school secretary. As we talked Mrs. Brooks kept touching me, and laughing at every little thing I said even if it was not funny. I really liked cumming inside Mrs. Brooks pussy and wanted to do it some more.

department store manager fuck

first-time 2018-04-21

as we left the store,she just kept looking at me with a big smile.i finally mustered up the courage and asked her "um,is it okay if i do this" i got her hand and put on my balls and she started to rub them.she was like "oh my,i can feel you rock hard cock growing"i told her i want to have sex with her.

Cold Outside

first-time mastermcavie 2018-04-21

Her face was flushed, beautiful hair a little tousled, and her eyes were now filled with such an irresistible mix of sweet vulnerability and hungry desire that I couldn't help but move in again, kissing her harder this time, holding her hands down on either side of her head where she'd placed them in a posture of passionate surrender. The sight of the beautiful hue of her hair, the smooth white curve of her back, the tight little puckered hole nestled between her toned cheeks and my hands gripping her sides were the last things i saw before I reached my explosive orgasm, gasping as a pumped spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum into her virgin womb.

Broken Vows

first-time 0131aj 2018-04-21

She smiled again at the thought of Father Thomas walking in unannounced and catching her with her candle between her legs. For a single moment Father Thomas thought the young nun was going to ask him to hear her confession when she sank to her knees before him. As the young woman slowly moved her hand up and down, Father Thomas couldn't believe how soft her hands felt around his hard cock but, then again, no woman had ever touched his cock before so he didn't have anything to go on. His breathing became fast and shallow and when she ran her hands up his legs to his backside, pulling him even closer, pushing his cock even deeper into her mouth, he could feel a stirring in his balls that was so good it had to be bad.

Your Going to Love It GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2018-04-21

I want to watch you kiss another man... and let him slip his tongue deep inside your mouth. You want to know what it's like to kiss him don't you... let him go deep in your mouth and taste cum. You feel his cock slide back and forth against your ass as he forcibly turns your head... You feel it begin to slide inside your ass. You want his cum inside your ass... Feel his seed go deep inside of you...and as he cums... deep, long, and wet as his cum fills your body. You want to give your mouth, and your ass, to a man. You want to kiss a man, taste his mouth. You want to make a man explode, in your mouth...

Lizzie goes Lezzie for the day

first-time scottish-couple 2018-04-21

"You will never guess who I had over to lunch today Mike?" My wife Liz said You know Mike underneath those Dickies and work shirts; she has such a great body." Lizzie said I turned over and I saw Amanda undress, as I said she has a hot body." Soon she was kissing my mouth and driving her tongue deep my mouth." Amanda turned around and sat on my face. "Well I thought your lips tasted a bit different when I kissed you but I thought you were using a new mouth wash Liz." I said "I didn't say anything about having sex with another woman," Amanda said. "Amanda told me that she has many toys at home, from mini vibrators to anal beads.

Heather gets that anal taste in her mouth.

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-21

Earlier that week, we had told him about Heather being a sex-starved little white girl and that we wanted her to take a black cock for the first time. I could see Heather close her eyes before extending her tongue and wiping it up through the crack of Jack's black ass. "I want to feel that tongue licking." He held Heather's head until she began sucking and cleaning the scum from his condom covered cock. Jack pushed again and his big fat black cock started disappearing inch by inch through Heather's lips and down her throat. "That's it, suck it all down, you filthy slut." I can't imagine how vile that must have been tasting Jack's dirty condom after being deep in Heather's ass and filling it with his cum.

Minister & his wife are encourgaed by Jonnie t

first-time Bigyin4u 2018-04-21

"F1 do you want me to lower your knickers?" "Oh yes please." Because F1's feet were wide apart minister was able to bend his knees and they went in between F1's legs. Would that be ok?" "Oh yes I am in your hands." "I need to get some lubrication on your anus and I want to use your love juice for the purpose if thats ok." "Go for it." Reaching between F1's legs minister get his kingers well covered with juice. This time you will remember you fucked me front and back." "I have come so far tonight I want to go all the way." "Ok then I will hold my cock to the opening of your anus.