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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nude Beach in Hawaii

first-time adel5000 2018-04-21

Pretty soon, his wife joined us and the three of us were talking about our trip and KU basketball when Stacey came out of the water and stood with us. Again, nothing sexual, but unbelievably hot watching her get that close to her pussy lips and rubbing it in all over just a couple of feet from Stacey and me. Stacey sat back down with her legs spread and, much like Kathy, applied the sun block to the area where her bikini had been only moments before. Stacey and I looked kind of awkward and more like b*****r and s****r the way we were standing and acting. Stacey moved over close to me and stood where her right breast was on my left arm.

Sahara Ch. 01

first-time Karien3474 2018-04-21

Raising her arms over her head the women began to sponge Xanthe down with soft cloths, making sure to bathe every inch of her skin in the jasmine scented waters. The darkness of her hair and eyes betrayed her as warm living flesh however, as well as the gentle movement of her breasts as she breathed in the cooler air of the morning. Something inside her stopped her mind from reacting however, and as she felt his warm tongue slip between her lips and begin to slide against hers she responded with a zest she hadn't expressed to any man before. Xanthe closed her eyes as she lay the length of the bench, feeling the coolness of the stone against her skin.

Field Trip in My Personal Field

first-time sansar 2018-04-21

After a few moments, I was pleasantly shocked to feel Ajit massaging my hand. Ajit started dry fucking my hand. Ajit by now had turned his attention to the left breast and was literally mauling it. He slipped his hand between my bra and the breast skin and I wriggled with pleasure. He then turned me over onto my stomach and lifted me into a kneeling position -- He wanted to take me Doggy style -- I felt like a real bitch on heat. Immediately I felt Ajit's hand clasping my mouth to prevent more sounds. As Ajit lay over me, he started his fucking with me sleeping. Suddenly he put his hand s under me and held me tightly by my breast and pressed himself into me.

The Sisters

first-time Grouchojim 2018-04-21

Luningning was smarter than I'd thought, and despite all the Tequila and wine had the good sense to ask, "And what is the purpose of this game of kisses?" "Once again, Tala," I said, and suppressing a laugh of her own, she readied herself for the next kiss, which of course reverted to the briefest touch of our lips. Once inside the room I made a point to start in with Luningning, playing a game of touching tongues with her before pulling her tight and Frenching her for a solid two minutes while Tala playfully tied to separate us. I pried my mouth from Tala's succulent saliva-soaked nipples and kissed her gently, Frenching her for a good two minutes while fondling her sister's breasts.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 05

first-time cubalover 2018-04-21

I woke up as soon as I heard mom moving around, and told her Pierre was in the guest room so she steered dad straight down to breakfast and off to work. There was the usual rush: trying to find our new homeroom, checking out books, checking in with the guidance counsellor, figuring out our schedules, meeting new teachers, reuniting with old acquaintances, catching up on summer adventures, realizing that the clique of bitchy girls was in my gym class and I'd have to shower with them, ogling the senior football team jogging around the field, riding the bus home with my best friend Jess, hearing about her summer romance, telling her about the disaster with Danny in Vermont.

First time sex in a moving vehicle.

first-time dgator69 2018-04-21

I kept pounding her and soon I heard her say "OOooooooooooo yesssssss" her cries of pleasure got louder "MMMmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yesssss" . "Hey you are wearing a condom dude right?" he asked.She looked at me and said "Nocondoms I want his cum inside me!!!" We felt the van slow down. As I started to cum she yelled "Oh fuck yes shoot it in me!!" I plunged deep into her cunt with every shot of cum. "Well that was before he made me cum with his tongue, and fucked me doggie." She said. We kissed once more and she handed me a piece of paper "This is my cell number, call me if you want to fuck again." she smiled and got into the van and they drove off.

Tomboy Ch. 03

first-time Slickman 2018-04-21

"Hey you two," she said, "are you taking a break to eat?" She didn't hear anything so she knocked louder and yelled, "I'M COMING IN!" She waited a minute and opened the door. Ellis waited in the parking lot behind a big white van for Tom. He woke up at the party Saturday evening with a large knot on his head and remembered how the new hick boy pulled him off of Jo's body before he could enter her. "Ellis lied to the team about what happened Saturday night," Tom said. For the next thirty minutes Calvin showed Tom how the motion offense worked and told him they always play zone except for when the other team takes the ball out from under their basket.


first-time Ashson 2018-04-21

"Now while it is one thing to spank you on the bottom," reaching around with my other hand to slip it under her dress and start rubbing her bottom, "it would be quite another thing for me to start paddling you here," gently massaging her mound while her face glowed and she spluttered. Jenny finally came out of her shock and started pushing my hands away, probably relieved when they moved easily. That said a slightly surprised Jenny found herself face down, bum up, across my knee. Jenny stood there, watching, looking slightly triumphant that she'd won and would be ravished according to plan.


first-time maanmathan_playboy 2018-04-21

I stand 5'3, petite built, measuring 32-26-34; small, round breasts topped with brown nipples; handful for a man which goes below into a curvy, thin waist; soft and silky to touch; and my legs that are supple. I was writhing in the bed; moaning and thrashing in pleasure, my hands caressing his hair, holding it tight. I was there fully exposed to my husband's eyes, my erect nipples wet with his saliva, my pussy dripping and my lips quivering in anticipation. He removed his cock out of my mouth, breathing hard and baked in the pleasure of my sucking skills. He moved the blankets covering out nude bodies and placed his cock in the entrance of my pussy.

A Taste of Being Bad

first-time LeighOsmond 2018-04-21

She looked in his eyes to see if he was lying, then she said, "Seven inches? "Yeah whatever," Devina said, "Move your shrivelled white self along." Then she sat across from Jonathan at his table. Devina smiled and said, "I don't want you to go bankrupt, so I'll buy my own meal." He thought for a moment then said, "Well although I am surely going to enjoy showing you what I can do with my seven inches. Jonathan was sure that had he been alone, the waitress would have explained the impact that those particular fruits are said to have on the taste of sperms and vaginal secretions. "That was definitely not what I had in mind when I said 'taste her peas soup'," Jonathan thought.

Indian Paradise

first-time hardrubber1 2018-04-21

I caressed her shoulder a little and moved my hand down on to right breast lightly and let it lay there without any movement. Slowly I moved my fingers on to her blouse hooks and started unhooking them one by one the last one was tight and it took me a little more time finally I unhooked it and put my palm on her bare breast and started caressing it first the right and then the left. After some time she relented her grip on my hand and slowly I started rubbing her pussy lip gently. Slowly she released her grip on my hand and I started moving my finger in and out of her hot pussy.

Costumes, Drinks, and My Foreskin

first-time TakeEight 2018-04-20

My friend Lynn, who had been one of my closest girl friends for a few years, began talking to me. Lynn asked if I wanted to go watch some TV in the guest bedroom in Peg's house. (As a side note, I am very self-conscious about my penis because I am not circumcised, and I didn't really want Lynn to know). Lynn pulled my foreskin all the way back and began to lick the head of my penis, and finally started sucking the entirety of my penis. We were in a sort of sideways 69 position so Lynn was servicing my penis while I tried desperately to finger her in a pleasurable way. Lynn knew I was a virgin and asked if I wanted to have sex.

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 03

first-time Mr. Chuckles 2018-04-20

“Well, my mom and my brothers are gonna be gone for a couple of weeks, and I wanted to know, and was hoping, you wanted to come over?” I said. I set the game up for the rumble feature, and got back on the sofa and turned my attention to Rachel. I bent forward and started to lick my way up her leg, knowing that this use to make her squirm. Rachel started squirming again, but I was not about to let her close her long, slim legs. “Y’know, Rachel, we have all night to do this.” I said, making small circles on her back with my fingers. The next morning, Rachel called her parents, and asked if she could stay with her friend for another night.

New Kid on the Block Ch. 01

first-time phyrecat27 2018-04-20

That was when he was tackled sideways by what looked like a stick with blue hair as a cherry red motorcycle tore by. The original school colors were going to be pink and black. Bryan introduced him to Danny, Rob, Andre, Kristi, Chris, and Bianca. "Kyle decided to welcome Jason with the bike." Bryan, playing mediator. Jason turned to see a group of letter jackets yelling angrily and surrounding what looked like a fallen companion. As she turned back and jogged towards the group, Jason watched as her firm breasts bounced up and down slightly in her tight black t-shirt. He saw Andre and Chris together as he made his way through the parking lot (in the middle of the road this time).

H in 1989

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-04-20

We went up to my room and as I started to take off her top I got a strange response which was that she told me not to be surprised as she wasn’t wearing a bra. I soon had her stood naked in front of me as she stripped me off and my hard cock was pointing at her – due to our height difference it didn’t take much for her to have my knob in her moth and her tongue working on it. To my surprise she got into the 69 position and licked my cock clean as her cum filled pussy hovered above my nose. She carried on sucking me until I was hard and we fucked again, this time in the missionary position and again I emptied my balls deep inside her.

Work Experience

first-time Pencil_sharpene 2018-04-20

"Doesn't she look lovely today," Yvonne said as Clare carried a tray of drinks into the meeting room. "Oh Nick, you know I can't resist when you beg like a puppy." Yvonne stroked my cheek, "I'll have a chat with her. If he isn't I will make him pay a heavy price." Yvonne kissed Clare on the cheek and sent her from the room. I wasn't really listening, just enjoying Yvonne's expert touch handling my cock through my trousers. Lucky old Uncle Tony, a man I'd never met but who Yvonne described as a "dirty old pervert with a big cock and a fat wallet". "Taking tomorrow off, given Clare the day off too." Curt, business like, no kisses or smiley faces on the end.

Doctor Peters

first-time jw1137 2018-04-20

Doctor Peters stepped forward and placed the metal disc of her scope on the patient’s chest under her collar bone on the left side. With a look of sly delight the nurse placed her small hand on under the pliant flesh and gently lifted it up and away from their patient’s rib cage. Reaching forward, but still able to stand nearly straight because of the height of the table, she put her right hand under the outside of Angela’s left breast, which had naturally pan caked to the side of her chest under it’s own substantial weight. Jennifer, her faithful nurse and often times sex partner, was massaging their patient’s breasts and squeezing the prominent nipples.

My first gay expierence

first-time shooterdude33 2018-04-20

It took a long time for him to come out but when he did all I noticed was a skinny little Mexican boy running down the stairs with short jean shorts, a tight shirt, and an odd looking beanie with his long hair curling out the sides. After minutes of sucking and loving the taste of his precum in the back of my throat he pulled off my shirt and quickly maneuvering behind me he aggressively pulled away my pants he spread apart by ass and stuck his tongue deep into my asshole. As I kept putting my dick in his ass and quickly pulling out to hold in the massive amount of cum I was about to spray, he looked back at me and said "I want to cum".

All in the mind Control

first-time 2018-04-20

I slowly began to realize that I was in touch with my mother's emotions and could influence them with my thoughts. As time went on I could sense more and more of Elizabeth impulses and feelings. I mean, when is a dork like me ever going to date, fall in love, or have sex with someone?" she continued. I could feel her nervousness as I saw her pull her skirt up toward her waist, spreading her legs just a little, and then leaning back on her elbows. "What you're doing feels really good," I continued as I tried my best to fill her with the desire to touch and please me. That's my mother," Elizabeth said after we heard a car pull up in the driveway.

First Gay Sexual Experience at 18

first-time 2018-04-20

Also, public swimming was my way of showing off my body, especially with swimming trunks that were a size smaller. Playing with myself by jacking off and shoving an index finger up my ass was a way of killing time for me because I could hear if the change room door opened which would give me time to stop and act natural. I heard the wet slaps of barefoot right behind and aproaching me so I quickly pulled my finger out of my ass and acted like I was washing my hair. A couple minutes passed and I noticed by my peripheral vision that he started to shampoo his hair so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a look at his junk...

My First Sex in Female Undies

first-time 2018-04-20

I would dress up and get into bed at night and wank my self silly, fantasising that I was a woman and men wanted to fuck me. When I got to the toilets there were about 5 or 6 men standing at the urinal and I could see that there was wanking and groping taking place. He turned away from the urinal and faced my door still wanking his cock. The groping, kissing, sexy feel of the female underwear had me in sexual heaven. Imagine the scene, a group of men sexually m*****ing a young teenager of 18 dressed in female undies , stockings and heels, and doing everything they could think of, except fuck me.

One for the road

first-time dwarf1661 2018-04-20

then she stood up took my hand and walked to the back of the bus, laying back on the bench seat she lifted her skirt to reveal her little panties "dont stop now" she said i moved in and began to rub her through her panties she started to get really damp as she moved her hips to the movement of my hand then she lossened my pants and took hold of my throbbing cock working it up and down slowly and gently, i pulled her pants to one side and slid a finger into her moist gash touching her clit she bucked, i moved down and pushed my finger into her she was hot and very moist and so tight i could feel her gripping my finger, i moved round so i was over her and she pulled me towards her guiding me to the opening of her cunt as i lowered i felt myself entering her forcing her tight pussy to open, i could have screamed with the sensation we moved our bodies together at every thrust.

Mr. Rhodes

first-time CitrusBlossom 2018-04-20

A hand landed on my hip for just a second and I started to turn around to see what hormone fueled freshman was getting grope-y, but before I caught sight of the boy in question, I smelled him and it wasn't a freshman. My eyes were trained on his face and I still couldn't figure out if he'd let me keep going or make me stop, but when I unzipped his pants, his put his hand on the side of my head and tangled it in my dark hair. Every groan from him only turned me on more and by the time he pulled my head back from his cock I was so wet I could feel it dripping down my thighs.

Cumming of Age in Nude America

first-time sirhugs 2018-04-20

Focusing on the mental image of Patience playing nude volleyball (a regular feature of phys ed class at Paradise High), Peter slowly stroked his pulsating shaft, wrapping his hand around it with practiced familiarity, starting at the base, fingers grazing his scrotum. Returning to the task at hand, Peter was distressed that instead of Patience's perfection, he had images of his naked mom stuck in his brain. Peter ran for a washcloth, returning in time to see Mom hoisting herself onto Dad's lap, grasping his still hard cock. Patience gently stroked Peter's pole as she rubbed it across her ripe melon like tits, teasing his tip with her nipples. Here I cummmmm." Patience just captured the head of Peter's cock in her mouth in time to swallow his offering.