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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The New Student

first-time lady-royals 2018-04-20

So by the time the dance was just days away, Becky and Rob had 5 dates and were starting to have stronger feelings for one another. It wasn't long before Becky could feel a sensation of tense pleasure...especially when Rob began to use his finger to push inside her pussy and suck on her erect clit. Becky, to help, pulled open her pussy lips and felt the head of his manhood rubbing all over inside until it finally found the love canal. It hurt at first and Rob noticed the painful face she made, but Becky looked into his eyes and kissed him with such passion that she used her hards to push him in more.

Singles apartment complex has benefits

first-time bufffreak 2018-04-20

I moved in early January and began using the fitness center and indoor pool each evening. One evening as I was entering the pool and women about my age started her workout at the same time. She has a beautiful, firm ass, awesome tan lines and she trims her pussy, just a little patch. Perfect tits, awesome tan lines and her incredible face. This girls knew how and every time I looked at her pretty face sucking me I almost came. I finally slid in all the way and started with long slow strokes. I then rolled her beautiful pink nipples in my fingers as I felt her getting close. I looked down at her awesome tiny ass with my dick in her rectum

Traffic Copter - For the Lovely Jade 38H - An Adul

first-time therealbk 2018-04-20

I can feel my cock getting hard inside my tight white boxer briefs I wore under my cargo shorts. I then smiled as I felt her left hand on the thin white material covering my cock. I put my hand on her red hair as she sucked my cock. I could feel her soft breast rub against my thighs as she pushed on my ass with her small hands. I smelled her sweet hair from my left hand as she put my cock back in her mouth. She pinched her nipples as I used my free hand to go under her body and cup her big left breast. I pulled her hair with my right hand as I slapped her ass with my left.

A Seduction Ch. 01

first-time iowa07 2018-04-20

Keira got along with just about everyone in her grade, but only had a couple really close friends. Her father, Chad, was only in his mid-thirties, and Keira got hot every time she saw him. Every time Keira went over to Candice's house, she got dressed up and tried to show off her best features—her hair, her eyes, her breasts-- she felt guilty doing it, but she couldn't help herself. Keira knew that most people thought she was a boring person, but in reality, she loved to have fun, and she could be a total spaz when she wanted to. So how was tennis?" Chad couldn't help but watch Keira's legs as she climbed the steps to the front door.

Loving You, Making Love to You

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-20

As he gently licks at my neck, a small moan of pleasure escape from my lips as I feel his gentle moist and warm kisses trial down from my ear down to my collarbone. I moan gently, wanting him to touch me, to feel me… I felt my wetness flowing he continues licking my stomach and massaging my thighs. His tongue felt so good… so soft and wet… I feel the warmness building up more and more… I gasp out as I breathe loudly, feeling my body moving without under my control, feeling myself shaking so intensely that I feel his hands gripping onto my thighs so that he wouldn’t lose his place.

hott s****rs friend

first-time hottguy730 2018-04-20

but i still dont know who that chick is! this is my friend katie and i say hi katie and they are coming in from a beach and katie is in this wicked small bikini and i felt my dick getting hard. so then she comes in and says i just came here to get to know you better and she comes in. i felt my cock getting hard again. she lies down and starts sucking on my cock. i sat there licking her tits and going back and forward i start cumming. then i felt our warm juices run over my cock and out of her pussy. she puts my cock her mouth and swallows it all.

True story _ An enchanted night.

first-time 2018-04-20

I could still smell them...we stood there as if nothing had happened.and everything was just normal as we continued with our unfinished sentences....completed only by the silence around us and the sound of the summer breeze...I had just spent about 4 hrs of the most exhilarating time with her and nkw we stood on top of the world with her wrapped in my arms...I slowly lowered my head jhst to add to the extra warmth but mainly because of the intoxicating smell.from her hair which drew me.near to her close so near I could feel her heartbeat from where I stood and the smell of her breath.....and then for a moment there time stood still as she pressed her lips against mine..the soft rosy lips the touch and ber fingers running through my hair.

Consolation Prize

first-time oldrgent 2018-04-20

Watching little Bobby suck on my sister's bare breast reminded me of how our mother would nurse our younger brother. He thought he could pull out in time." That was possibly a little more than I needed to know, but it was a subject that I had never talked to Mary about. Cindy, a close friend of Mary, my older sister, called to ask if it was OK to come over and visit. When I finished washing, Cindy dropped to her knees and said, "Let me check it to be sure you got all the soap off." She took me in her mouth and tasted every inch of my rod.

The Weekend Meeting

first-time WyldBreeze 2018-04-20

By the time dinner was over, Brad was rock hard and Lisa was dripping wet. Brad was jolted from his thoughts when he felt Lisa’s hand slide across the hardness in his pants. Using her right hand, Lisa slid her fingertips into Brad’s pants and boxers, letting her fingers lightly graze across the length of his hard cock. Ever so slowly, Lisa closed her lips around the head of Brad’s cock.....slowly......sliding her lips down his length....inch by inch......swirling her tongue around his cock....sucking lightly. Brad stopped the car and for the first time was able to totally focus on the feeling of Lisa’s lips and tongue devouring his massive cock. As she started to slide her tight pussy onto Brad’s rock-hard cock, Lisa braced herself.


first-time vinvindy1 2018-04-20

I spoke to him the night before and he told me all six would make it and Suzy was none the wiser thinking that she was going to surprise me by having two additional guys join us for my homecoming. Suzy was sitting with a look of awe on her face as this woman took on 6 guys and then she suddenly got this evil smile, I think she realized she was that women and I swear I saw her pussy start dripping. Rob returned at the end of the hour and told me that Suzy was resting and wanted a shower and to make sure nobody left.

Soccer Mom's Big Discovery

first-time 2018-04-19

Mom looked a little smug, “well darling, women like to dress in a way that makes them feel good, especially if they are going out of their comfort zone and I haven’t been up to the sports club for a number of years now” she explained. She then stopped, both hands left the tape measure and she fell back onto her knees, open jawed she looked at me and said “oh my god young man, you have a fucking 11.5 inch cock” I looked a little embarrassed because I knew it was only 9.5, she had just measured it wrong but I wasn’t about to tell her. Mom looked worried and then a voice came from the phone “what about me?” said Dawn “I want to be your big cock slut too, otherwise others will find out”

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 06

first-time BlewWater69 2018-04-19

"I'll miss Gary almost as much as you'll miss Jerry," Dorrie said to Jenny as they walked back inside. "Yeah, I'll miss that big cock," Dorrie said, smiling at Jenny as they walked inside. When they were back on duty later that night, Jenny had gone to see her few remaining patients, saving Brad West for last. As the night shift nurses were walking back to the dorm, several of them noticed Charlotte off in the distance by the doctor's parking lot talking to Doctor Sandler. Viv, Dorrie, and Bea cheered while May looked worried and Jenny wasn't sure how to feel. The only fun Jenny had was pushing Brad to work harder at adapting to his new limbs and fighting off his constantly groping good hand.


first-time 425olds 2018-04-19

After fingering her and licking her for about 5 minutes he said I think you are ready. With that he pulled off his clothes revealing a very hard and big black dick. We all laughed and he said give us a few minutes alone man. When he said take all this black seed bitch and make your husband clean it up! He smiled as he pulled out and said sorry about you little white pussy. About a week later while we were having sex she said you feel good baby but I'm gonna need that monster once in a while. So I was a good boy and 2 weeks later he was wrecking her pussy again...

Diane & John Ch. 04

first-time MathGirl 2018-04-19

John said I looked positively edible in my bikini, and that made me feel good but gave me the giggles. John smiled and said, "Yeah, that tiny little pussy I love to kiss and the big, sensitive clitoris that responds so nicely to my lips and tongue. By the time I had brought my taped diary up to date, my shoulders were starting to feel hot from the sun, like I was getting a little sunburn. John seemed to ponder his answer for a moment, then he said, "I suppose I could do that, but only if I can kiss your lips, suck your nipples, and lick your thighs first. Thinking about those things while talking to the little tape recorder had really gotten me excited, and John's kisses had started me tingling.

The Lonely Office

first-time 2018-04-19

Cheryl’s pussy was already a little moist from looking at all the vibrators and sex toys, but as soon as she started massaging her plump breasts, she really started getting wet and horny. He slowly pressed his hand down to Cheryl’s orange pubic hair, and slid his middle finger into her hot, wet pussy. Rob had pulled his cock out of his pants while he was licking Cheryl’s clit. Cheryl reached down and pulled Rob's pants off, throwing them aside, and immediately took his big cock into her mouth. Rubbing her clit, and having his cock inside her, made Cheryl’s pussy contract like crazy. Cheryl and Rob ended up having several repeat performances in Cheryl’s office, whenever they got the chance.

Television Takes Our Innocence Ch. 02

first-time ohstoney 2018-04-19

Natalie felt her labia begin to pulsate, but was able to pull her hands away from her mound so that she could rip open the buttons of her top. The young couple walked through Natalie's bedroom door, he was naked, having left his pants in the lounge, and she quickly joined him in the nude by dropping her jeans to the floor with her panties inside them. "Put your tongue in my hole, I'm almost there, you're going to make me cum, I want you to lick inside my cunt." Jason was a bit confused, he thought the clitoris was the most sensitive part of a girl's vagina, but as the student he relented to Natalie's wishes and quickly found her entrance with his tongue.

Sucking Her Lover's Cock

first-time charlessmythe 2018-04-19

Pushing my head down over his lap, Barbara grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them very hard all the while demanding that I suck his cock. Barbara could tell he was going to cum any time now so as she kept fucking me, she pushed down on my head all the while telling me I was to suck off Bruce and swallow his hot sticky load. When Bruce moved back in the water, Barbara wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and stroke it a few times before she guided his big hard dick into my well lubricated ass. Barbara slowly pulled away from her and then forced me to start sucking Cassandra's strap-on while her husband Bruce energetically fucked my ass.

A Night with Chey

first-time Dominic192 2018-04-19

"Oh my god, your feet feel so good on my cock!" I exclaimed. Then, I laid down onto the bed again, and she leaned down, and licked my cock from base to tip on the underside. Then, she laid down on the bed, and I leaned down to her crotch, and inhaled deeply, she smelt so good, then I began licking her pussy. It felt so good as my cock disappeared all the way into her mouth. I almost came immediately with the feeling of her warm pussy lips spreading over the head of my cock. It felt unbelievably good having my cock deep in her tight little pussy. Then, she got off me, laid down next to me, and took my cock in her mouth.

My Thong wearing Stud is part of a bi-couple

first-time atlsexyguy 2018-04-19

I would catch him changing out of his wet N2N, Cocksox, or Joe Snyder swim suit, and pulling on a skimpy thong, and then some shorts, a tank top or muscle shirt by underarmour, and a cycling cap. I didn’t care what I wore to work out in, but as I started wearing sexier gear, I got more attention from other members, and especially ‘thong-man’ as I started calling him. His name was Brad, and he asked why I asked as he looked me up and down and pulled his wet suit off, standing there nude, with him maleness poking out as he slowly used his swim towel to

Worth the Wait

first-time bustybibbwbabe 2018-04-19

By this time I had a river of juices flowing down my thighs, so I slipped my hand under my pajama pants and thong and began to rub my lips. The next day, Johnny and I went to all our classes and then got in his grey, Range Rover, and began our hour and a half journey to his parent's house on the lake. He pulled my dress the rest of the way off and began to kiss down my stomach, stopping to circle his tongue around my navel.

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 01

first-time sexy_nimph 2018-04-19

"Ohh!" my breath is expelled from my body as your lips capture mine once again, your tongue teasing mine as my eyes close from the intense feeling of lust that rushes through me as I feel your hard cock pressing against me. As we enter you kick the door closed behind us and push me up against the wall, your lips fusing with mine, I arch against you, our tongues entwining, your hands are all over me, teasing my nipples through my clothes, on my ass, pushing me against you. "Ohh Rick please..." I murmur against your lips as I feel your hard cock against me, I push my hands down over your chest, feeling your nipples respond to my long nails as my hands move down, teasing your hard cock.

First Sexual Exposure

first-time londebaaz 2018-04-19

But somehow as they say, the things were falling in place and I was discovering the mammoth joy of playing with my cock and balls because nothing bad ever happened after an extremely pleasing sensation that ran amok my whole body and an overwhelming, overpowering craving to do it again and spew out more of the gooey liquid as the balls churned and tethered together in a huddle and felt so deliciously impressive like a humongous piece of rock supporting the gigantic shaft from under making it swing and sway freely forming a nice bulging outline. What a hard and firm body, deep blue eyes, sweet pinkish juicy lips, nice sized pink nipples on the erect tits, small waist and plum rounded curvy hips, well trimmed tiny hair bush on the top of the pussy slit and long cylinder legs; she displayed all for me with couple of strip tease moves as I sat stunned and not breathing.

The Meeting 2

first-time ukboy07 2018-04-19

I lower my head to your chest, brushing my tongue over your nipples. I squeeze you and I lick my lips and taking the head, draw circles with my tongue over the tip. I swallow your cock as you push it deep into my mouth getting fucked all the way down the back of my throat, pushing deeper as I smell and taste your pre come. You remove your fingers and bury your face in my hot pussy your wondrous tongue touching my sweet swollen clit. As you push your tongue into my hole I climax hard and I cry out in pleasure and shout “I want you inside me now”. I tell you to “come as I want to feel you explode up my arse”.

Mount Erin #5

first-time petdyke 2018-04-19

After they walked down to the truck, Tiger jumped from Erin´s shoulder to the navigator seat, which was warmed by the sun. You wouldn´t want me to sit in the middle on the gear-stick or the handbrake, would you?" Pete laughed and took his seat. Erin mounted him, instead of taking Tiger on her lap. His brain moved down his back-bone to end in his gear-pole, which Erin mounted as soon as it got big enough. Erin applied her freshly discovered milking skills to the fullest and presented Pete her firm tits to suck on. Erin patted her shoulders, after waking up Tiger. What would people down smalltown think, if I would drive you back down Main Street?" Pete grinned.