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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

s****r in Law

first-time fgp54 2018-04-19

As much as I wanted to feel my cock inside of her, I knew a blowjob was gunna be as far as this goes, being that my wife was in room. But Susan stopped me, taking her mouth off to say, "Mikey, I have to feel your cock inside of me. " Oh Mikey, that feels so good, I'm going to cum!!!!" I didn't stop, I licked even faster as I began to feel her juices flowing into my mouth. Just one thing Mikey, don't cum inside of me, I'm not taking anything right now, so cum on my tits or stomach." I agreed and being that I could feel my juices backing up and didn't take it slowly diving into her pussy as fast as I could.

Chris Came to Visit

first-time sweetlike 2018-04-19

I moan a little as he pushed it further, making me suck it as he watched, our eyes locked even as he started to move, gently thrusting his thumb in and out of my mouth. Making my body shiver, I didn't stopped moving my tongue over him until with a grunt he spilled his delicious hot come into my mouth, stroking my head as he watched me swallow it, and lap at his cock and spent balls, cleaning him. Being led by the wrist into my own bedroom, I watched as he moved with purpose, turning to me at the last minute, and pushing me gently to the bed, stroking his hands over my body as he undressed me swiftly.

The Simone Affair

first-time CamScorp 2018-04-19

I was resolved to make it known, by whatever means that were at hand, that her kiss had been like a bolt of lightning going off inside of me. I made sure to at least exchange looks once a day with Simone; usually in the lunch room or in the hallways. Billie stayed outside and was most likely keeping guard as her friend saw through with something that had been pressing on her since that night under the bleachers. My hands were all over her body; trying to touch/take it all in before Billie would surely bring things to a finish with some dramatic declaration of us having to leave the building. I was going to turn her around and look deep into those eyes, when Billie spoke up.

The Ultimate Hand Job

first-time danorth 2018-04-19

You are looking into my eyes again, and seeing my pleasure you smile, bend down, and lick the tip of my cock before sliding it into your mouth. I want to hump your breasts till I cum but you are in control and you slide down between my legs again with your soft warm hand on my cock. You are looking at my face and see my pleasure, but then study my cock as the second contraction sends another stream of thick white cum into your hand. I open my eyes and see you bend forward and you again take my tip into your mouth, cleaning the cum off my cock.

A Night with Steve

first-time isabellejennings 2018-04-19

It didn't take long for Steve to burst inside me as he came I pulled lightly on his hair kissing him softly as he groaned into my mouth. As I licked and sucked Steve's cock back to his harden glory, Eric jerked off has he watched to make himself ready for me to suck and lick and face fuck him too. Meanwhile Eric had entered me from behind and had continued to spank me hard making me groan loud as Steve knelt down to kiss me and taste himself. Eric gripped hard on my hair and pulled my head back as he let out a loud groan, his cum covering my insides making them feel hot.

Strap on lesbian sex in Dublin.

first-time jackelaine 2018-04-19

I called her a dirty bitch and asked her if she really had a dildo.Sure she said,the bottom drawer is full of them.I immediately turned on the bed and reached for the drawer.No she shrieked and literally jumped on me.I could feel her heavy tits on my back as she tried to stop me.If she had been a second quicker she would have.She was heavier than me, a size 18 I suppose,but sort of broad,and strong.She was pretty enough though.We were both about 5 foot 4,but she had long brown hair,while I had long blonde hair,this week anyway.I was a size 14 and my tits were 36dd,hers were,well,huge.

Good Girl Explores Sex Life

first-time CL123 2018-04-19

I wanted the lingerie to be a surprise so, I picked out a typical button front blouse and skirt to wear on top and quickly put on my heels as I heard Tony come in the front door. When I let the skirt fall, Tony saw the thigh high hose, garter and panties. I pulled his pants down and started feeling his hard cock over his boxers. I then reached in and pulled out Tony's hard cock and started to gently kiss and lick the tip and sides as it pulsated. He whispered, "I want you to cum", "close your eyes and focus on how good this feels" ...

A Mothers True Love, The Beggining.

first-time 2018-04-19

That was six hours ago, and the expectation of his arrival, excited me again, so I showered with extreme care, as I was on the very edge and could easily tip over, and perhaps loose the very personal feeling of guiding my son back home to me, my craving to have him back inside me, the perfect love and bonding, and as I dressed in stockings and garter belt, to be his lover, his mother, his tease, his slut all rolled into one sexual adventure, I will have him as he walks through the door, my mind and body were determined.

The Bunny Hop Pt. 01

first-time charliewilder 2018-04-19

Marco was about to bring us another round when Kory held up a giant hand and said "That's enough for me. When we walked in the lobby, Kory again pulled out his phone, but this time he was texting. "My name Helen, and this my friend Boo." She said putting the quiet one in a headlock. "She Rain" Helen said, pointing over her shoulder at the lady in the corner. "Mr. Kory is many wonderful things." She said "However I don't think that "a really good guy" is a term that I would use to describe him." She took a sip of her drink and motioned to Helen and Boo, who were laying on the bed together looking at their phones.

living with my cousins

first-time xxshadowxxx 2018-04-19

Before I could think about anything, she told me that if my pecker got hard looking at her naked body, I would be punished. As much as I was hurting, I couldn’t help but feel her naked pussy against my deflated cock, and it started to throb and grow. I told her that I was still hurting, but her beautiful pussy was making my cock hard, and I couldn’t control it. She said that she felt as if she had to help with the pain, so she got between my legs and began licking and sucking on my cock, for real this time. I felt as if some liquid had oozed from my cock, because she pulled away and asked me if I came in her mouth.

Weapons of Math Instruction #3

first-time petdyke 2018-04-19

Professor Peter erotically entertains juicy Jenny, young mom of his pupil and new love sweet Sarah Professor Peter and jolly Jenny are interrupted by the early arrival of sexy Sarah, who gets furious Professor Peter proposes sexy Sara "Sit at my left leg love! Professor Peter whispers seductively in her right ear: "How about hard punishment for your mom love?" Professor Peter proposes tasty teen sweet sexy Sarah to pick her choice for first proper punishment Professor Peter proposes sweet sexy Sarah to try his cat-o-nine-tails herself, so she knows the impact Professor Peter caresses her virgin love lips with the nine leather tails of the cat and hits it hard! Professor Peter perfectly likes this tasty teaching sex situation with sexy subbies: dear dod and mom

First Threesome with My Ex-Wife

first-time Instacram 2018-04-19

Ike must have made her cum, because she pulled my cock out of her mouth and just yelled a bit. I got ready to fuck my wife and looked over as she took the head of Ike's cock in her mouth. Her pussy full of wet stickiness, maybe leaked cum, another cock recently in her hole, Ike's cock in my wife's mouth, I just pounded away until I blew an enormous load of cum. He said 'No, I'm fine!' I am pretty sure he blew his load in Gwen's mouth, and she greedily gulped down his cum, because she is really good at doing that. 'Do you want me and Ike to take turns fucking your pussy and mouth?' I said, pumping my cock into her.

Pussy Boy

first-time keripinkpanty 2018-04-19

The pressure of Trevor's hand over Nathan's cock was causing it to stir to life. Trevor held this cock at the base and pointed it toward Nathan. "Looking at a big cock like this makes your little pathetic white dick hard doesn't it? Trevor put his hand behind Nathan's head and pulled him against is cock. You love big black cock because you are a pussy boy." "Pussy boys worship big black cock." "Pussy boys worship big black cock." "Pussy boys worship big black cock." You are going to crave my cock because its big and its black and you are a pussy boy. You are going to listen to the recording and stroke that little pussy boy cock."

Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-1

first-time petdyke 2018-04-19

Jennifer rings at the door of our erotic shop at exactly ten and Petra invites Jenny inside Really long lasting first kiss is the first lesson in love to Jenny of many to follow this weekend Petra takes her time to lick the tasty love lips behind bits of blonde bush very delicately Extremely curious to watch a wet hymen from close Petra opens the love lips for a good view Jenny comes second time as Petra keeps her mount Venus in her mouth, tickling her clit a bit She gives a little kiss at its head and suddenly Petra wets all of Jennifer's face from coming hard Right time to make my entrance to that sexy scene for two tasty teens so I present myself to Jenny

Master and Apprentice E.1: Introduction. WoW Gnome

first-time rivvit 2018-04-19

After a minute of that, she'd pull a bit back, slouching forward enough to be face-first against her breasts, hands squeezing both as she kissed deeply at her left nipple, covering as much of her breast as she could with tongue and lips, sucking hard and then switching to the other, moving back and forth as she continued to grope, massage and squeeze at her bust, with her thumb rubbing roughly against whichever nipple wasn't being tended to by her tongue, and gently nipping at the sensitive skin between suckles. Blastboltrix-MoonGuard > insides being filled with cum, Triss shot ropes of her own cum it splattering onto the floor as the apprentice gnome felt herself being filled up with her teachers cum, her belly bulging, getting nice and round.

His First Time

first-time jenniflower 2018-04-19

he continued to run the lather over her body up to her ample and soft breasts, he could feel the piercings in them, and he began to play with her now very slick and hard nipples, she took the bar of soap from him and rubbed it in her hands then took his hard dick in her hands and allowed the soap to act as a lubricant as she moved her hand up and down his cock. She began to moan louder and louder and breathing was coming in short gasps as he pulled hips firmly against his, and he came deep inside her.

Roni and Monse come at uncle #2

first-time petdyke 2018-04-19

Veronica feels my hands caress her bottom - how I part her cheeks and let a bit of spit drip Veronica loves my caresses after each set of spanks - ease the burning feeling at her hot ass Veronica loves it when I next spread her big bums every time - to inspect how wet her slit is Veronica loves to feel four hands to take care of her hot naughty needs now - starts to sweat Veronica feels how my hot hands spread her heated cheeks - my thumbs massage her tighest hole Veronica feels how I finally insert my little finger and slowly start to fuck her ass a bit Veronica loves how I finger her hot hole - but beyond her butt, she longs for other insertions

The Divine One

first-time Dorianray 2018-04-19

Sorry!' I said, feeling quite bad that I had fallen on top of a man that had just been squashed by a ton of ketchup and all manner of other things," Christine paused for a moment to smile, "he just looked at me for a second, face covered in ketchup, and kissed me! I told her so and now the naughty smile came out, with a 'sure.' I took the condom I carried in my wallet out and," I stopped for a moment, looking around the room. The kiss continued for what felt like seconds, but I looked at my watch (I was caught up in the moment, but it came to me that we were still at work) and realized we had been experiencing Divinity for over twenty minutes, doing nothing more than kissing and holding.


first-time chrisukbishare 2018-04-19

A manly hug to Pete, a big kiss from Kay and I had the chance to see Beth properly for the first time. Kay and I worked gently on your back and you put out your legs, rested back in our arms, and Pete took first one foot and then the other for a gentle massage. As Pete penetrated deeper Kay took a gentle lick at his balls, and I stayed with your clitoris, then...just for fun...we swapped. Kay and I stroked you gently and then without any change of pace you hugged us, you began to touch us, you explored our bodies to see what happened.

The right person to give your virginity to...

first-time Izekyu 2018-04-18

There is this girl/boy who you might want to give your virginity to. Do you love her/he so much that she/he is engraved in your heart.. You should never take your virginity to someone who's not special for you... That your heart is racing at top speed at this special moment... Not someone who you just met 5 times and known for just a couple of months.... you've known him for a couple of months.... Are you sure that you're making the right choice... Are you really sure that you want to give your virginity to a lot more older guy and who's maybe did it with several girls before..? Are you sure if you want to give it to this person..?

Hot MILF gets a surprise!

first-time cumsquirter 2018-04-18

I was surprised to hear her open up to me, but she asked for advice, I told her that she needed a real hard cock in her pussy to make her cum, and that sucking a hot cock first would get her pussy wet. so we went back to my place, where we got naked in bed, and she sucked my cock and swallowed my jizz, thentold me to fuck her wet pussy and make her cum. the moment that i blasted my jizz in her wet pussy, she began to cum, and i mean CUM, for at least a minute she was shaking and fucking my cock til she came again.

GFS bestfriend

first-time 2018-04-18

Danny slid his hand down Liz's body and placed it between her thighs. Danny slid his hand out of her silk panties, to her disappointment, and he pushed her shirt up her body, trailing wetness on her white skin as his finger was coated with her juices. Liz raised her ass and allowed Danny to pull her jeans off her ass and down her thighs, exposing her skimpy black panties. He began to fuck her as hard as he could, just jamming his cock into Liz's helpless body, not noticing how loud the bed was, or how loud he was making her moan. Danny washed all traces of Liz's pussy off his face, fingers and cock before climbing into bed with his sl**ping girlfriend.

Gym Friends Pt. 04

first-time eroticwriter00 2018-04-18

We kissed until my head swirled and the temperature felt it had risen by ten degrees. The desire to kiss his balls was so powerful and I felt them draw me closer, like the opposite ends of two magnets. It wasn't a conscious thought, and I moaned with the knowledge that some of his sperm was alive in my mouth. I exposed his cock head and slid my lips down, treasuring the feel of his precious head in my mouth. My head hit the pillow and the taste of Kyle was still in my mouth. My orgasms are so intense when she allows me to cumm in her mouth, but most times she stops sucking before I cum and it becomes a prelude to intercourse.

strong beginings

first-time 2018-04-18

Jon started to pump header and more erratically Rachel knowing he was close told him to pull out and blow on her face he pulled out and started stroking over her face after a second he let out a moan and shot a huge load all over her face when he stopped stoking she took him in her mouth and cleaned all of his and her cul off his cock. When she had finished she started to clean her face I told her not to bother and to just suck my Dick with her face all covered in jons cum flashing me that devils grin she took my cock into her mouth.