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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Guy gets some from Victoria Justice after a date w

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-18

"OHGOD...fuck me John...harder...cumming..." she purred as she arched her back a little higher in the air, her body stiffening up as she came all over my dick, flooding it in her juices as she screamed my name and pulled me deeper into her with her legs as I thrust into her one last time and blasted my load into her. "OHGOD...fuck my pussy again John...make me feel like your slut tonight baby..." she whispered as I grabbed her hips again and readjusted my dick as I slid it into her pussy, her velvety walls immediately stretching out for me as I began to fuck her deeper than before.


first-time 2018-04-18

I can remember way back when i was younger. I remember my two niece's an i going into my bedroom and laying in my bed all next to each other, Watching porn on HBO, we weren't that old.. The thought that we could get caught at any moment by are f****y member's and we didn't care. Then my one niece had a little b*****r, By the time he reached 5 he joined in with all of us along with another one of my niece's, We never thought anything wrong about it, i actually enjoyed it. I felt as if it brought us all together, I remember watching my niece make her little b*****r down on her..

Physical Checkup

first-time throwaway_1986 2018-04-18

Combining with the pleasure he already had, Jake finally came, a huge burst of white semen which Laura directed straight at herself, the cum splattering on her glasses, her cheek; then pointing it lower, it continued to spray onto her breasts and stomach, skin and underwear stained by the torrent of white liquid spraying from his cock. I've never had a boyfriend that produced so much, and you treating me like some cum-slut is making me so fucking hot." Laura stood up now, reached for Jake's mouth and kissed him full on in the lips, the taste of his cock still on her tongue.

Back at Jerrys

first-time 1120scott 2018-04-18

I looked at him and smiled, he slid his hand up my leg till he reached my crotch then asked how it was doing. As we exited the freeway and turned on to a dark road heading to his house he reached in my pants and took my soft dick into his hand and ran his thumb over the tip. He told me to hold my hands up and lean forward, I raised my arms bent over. I sat down, he spun me facing forward, wrapped his left arm around my chest, and pushed my legs apart, then taking hold of my dick with the other. Jerry reached down with his free hand took part of the towel and coved my dick head just as I started to cum.

The New Guy

first-time epiphany65 2018-04-18

Ansel thought that the man looked like Charles Bukowski, but knew it couldn't be him. Something else that Ansel had learned years ago was to not ask his father too many questions about his job. She took a quick gulp of pop, then said "Maybe I better not ask any more questions or I'll get a visit from some men in a black SUV with tinted windows tonight." She chuckled, but apprehension showed in her eyes. "Mom and I moved out here a few years ago, just before I turned seventeen" she said, trying to sound cheerful. Ansel looked into her eyes and gave her an understanding nod. The sound of Miles' trumpet cut through the silence and Ansel slid his right arm around Maria's slender shoulders.

My Best Friend's Dad

first-time john1195 2018-04-18

At a young age I began looking at men more than just "guys" as early dreaming of sexual acts with older men, like my fathers age, trying to fill In High School 80% of my friends were female, many of them coming from (Christy's dad) crawled into our tents he mentioned how hot it was (as it way to asking me if I had ever got my dick sucked buy a guy. hesitantly answered "yes a few too" so I asked who, he told me his buddy of me was Christy, my best friends, fathers 7" HARD cock, and his groin was cum, slowly went down on him, licking the head of his cock, then his hairy

Medieval Marriage

first-time pixie_186 2018-04-18

Turning from Caelin, Gemma walked to behind a screen where she slipped out of her gown. Caelin reached out and pulled her close to him, feeling her breasts pressed against his chest. Gemma could feel Caelin's hardness pressed against her stomach and she rubbed lightly against him. Then Caelin laughed to himself as he realized he should not be thinking of his father as a time like this. He moved lower on Gemma's body and took her firm breast in his mouth. With great care Caelin placed he mouth against his bride and began teasing her with his tongue. She knew that Caelin would never hurt her apurpose so she put her trust in him completely. Gemma began to feel the pleasure again; it permeated her entire being.

First Steps

first-time theo_minor 2018-04-18

Of course, I'd grown up with my mom, but Dad and I had been living a pretty Spartan existence for the past few years, and it was different -- in a good way, for sure -- having 'feminine touches' around the house again, and I'd never had a sister before, so that was all new. My eyes got wide with the realization that we were really and truly listening in on our parents having sex -- that Michelle was telling Dad to put his penis into her. "What do you think about listening to my mom and your dad having sex?" Kelly asked.


first-time shotguner 2018-04-18

She laid on the floor covered from head to toe in cum then the guys took turns shoving there cocks in Franks mouth to be cleaned, after wards they had him lick there cum off Cindy who once again had a orgasm that shook her brain. The first black man looked at Cindy panting for air and took pity on her senting his guys home saying she's done. Then without thinking she reached out and rubbed her clients cock, and then hit her knees and took it out the man married but not dead let her have her way and was treated to the best blow job of his life giving her all his money saying he looked forward to his next meeting.

My Turn

first-time MathGirl 2018-04-18

I asked him what he liked best, and he said there was nothing better than feeling my lips slide up and down as I took him in and out of my mouth. When I took him out of my mouth, I had to wipe away a string of slippery stuff that drooped from my lower lip to the tip of his penis, then I said, 'John, Darling, when you have your climax, isn't that when the sperms and stuff come out?' Considering where it came from and what a good time I had getting it, I decided I liked John's semen a lot, but I wished I had something I could use to wipe it off my face and chin before it dripped onto my nightie or the pillow I was kneeling on.

Moni's first time with new neighbor

first-time 2018-04-18

Let me tell you how it all started with our new neighbor Rick. Marc must have taken that as a cue so he took a small bucket of cold water and threw at me.It made me jump up and i turned around in surprise but Rick had the nicer surprise as my top stayed behing and was q foot away from him and my tits fully in his view. Later I got dressed in just my bottom and t-shirt and said lets go back to eat, much to Rick's disappointment.Later that evening we sat around the fire and drank and everyone was feeling pretty good. Rick began to moan a bit but I was to committed alrady so I just took it in my mouth.

Preparing Melissa Pt. 06

first-time MrsJ 2018-04-18

Things like whether I had previously had sex, whether I masturbated and how often, how I felt about losing my virginity, what sort of sexual dreams I was experiencing. Dr. O'Connor explained to me, thankfully, that this was really a very good sign – the fact that I was having these dreams and having sleep-gasms, as they are evidently called, indicated that I was now totally mature sexually and mentally ready to start an active sex life. In fact, it's probably a shame that I didn't make a few notes about each of my sexual experiences because I know I have had a really interesting sex life so far – thanks largely to you...and I have even thought about recording some of my experiences in a 'Sustaining Melissa Sexually' book.

Black Sons, Adventures pt.6

first-time 2018-04-18

As we started to play, Shelly took off her tennis shirt and show off her monstrous breasts, encased in a white tank top that was stretching beyond limits from her chest. The pillowy feel of her succulent breasts got my huge dick spring to life like Frankenstein. As I started to giggle a little bit, she places her index finger over my mouth, hushing me as she continued to caress my balls and bounce them in her hands. My eyes were staring straight into Shelly's eyes as she expanded her breasts to her sides and smoothing both my ribcages to the sides of my abs, making my incredible hard dick, press against her cleavage.

Hot Visit with Mom, Pt. 2

first-time omnixxx 2018-04-18

When I didn’t answer, I heard her move to the bed then felt a hand grasping my hard dick. I was overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions: my own mother was grabbing my cock; she had just fucked and was ready for more…another young dick from her very own son! I want to fuck you, Mom.” Then I pushed her head back onto my dick and began face-fucking my own mother. Thrusting my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy, watching that big ass shake while I fucked her, watching my wet dick move in and out of her still-tight pussy, her pussy lips grasping onto the sides of my cock.


first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-04-18

So I pigged out a little more…and a little more and then I hit like 200 pounds and all of sudden my belly starts overtaking the tits for size and I got a little paranoid, but then I did a video chat with my husband and he told me he thought I still looked hot…hotter actually, so then I’m like…well what the fuck?! On the far side of the fence, Megan had quietly emerged from her house and was stealthily stepping closer to the wooden wall where a fat cock dangled through the opening she’d drilled. “Oh I know it…I just don’t care right now,” she replied as she began bouncing back and forth against the fence, using him like a stationary dildo.

The Mile-High Headquarters

first-time LolaGo 2018-04-18

As I shamelessly looked him over, it occurred to me that out of all the empty seats, he sat next to me. All the wondering that was going through my mind seized as soon as we made eye contact. This time, with his head, he again motioned to the headquarters. He whispered to wait three minutes then come back and knock three times on the door which says occupied. My mouth eagerly took his cock like a champ. He pulled out his cock and began to rapidly finger fuck me while eating my ass. He shoved his cock into my pussy and a finger into my ass. I like to believe I was part of the magic that happened on that flight.

They'll Never Forget

first-time KissyLilGirl07 2018-04-18

I held up my hand and motioned for him to come to me, he did and when he got to me I ran my hand down his chest, over his stomach and grabbed his dick, running my hand up and down it a few times, before I dropped to my knees in front of him. His hands started to explore my body as he kept kissing me, they ran down over my ass, squeezing my cheeks and back up and around my back, then he brought them to the front and cupped my breasts, running his thumb back and forth across my nipples, causing me to again, moan into his mouth.

The Sunset

first-time 2018-04-18

Next thing I knew, Riley was jumping out of his seat, lunging towards me, grabbing my hands and pushing all of his weight onto my body. Before I could ask what on earth he was doing, a hand reached around the side of my face from behind me with a cloth, put it to my nose and mouth and the sunset started to fade to black as I passed out. In the heat of the moment, I straightened up a bit making Riley's grasp on my hands lose it's grip, but it made his body be fully against mine. I murmured under my breath, but I must have said it loud enough that when I looked at Riley again he had a big grin on his face and was dangling a few straps in the air.

Virgin Irish Exchange Student

first-time captjim51 2018-04-18

Then one day I was watching her “practice” and she began dancing like a pole dancer in a strip club using the basement support beam as her “pole”. Maureen was soon topless from the waist up as she continued to dance seductively around the pole. I knew Maureen was a beautiful redhead, but I had no idea how a dancers body was like a chiseled sculpture, she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She began moaning as my cock went deeper inside her, opening her love canal wider with each stroke. Maureen began moving her hips back and forth as only a dancer could do, as she rode my cock, her head thrust backwards as her dancer’s movements took over.

First Love

first-time rdmaddog 2018-04-18

I feel every part of her touching, the walls of her pussy closing, pulsating, absorbing my desire, as I move smoothly down deeply into her womanhood, settling down on her gently, my torso, hips, and pelvis weight compressing down against her soft black silkiness as I compress her body against the silkiness of the white sheets. I am still inside of her, feeling the pulsating of her heart against my chest in synchronistic rhythm with the small contractions of her pussy, the stirring of her breathe in my hair, the vague smell of orchids in the air, maybe her perfume, the duel wet mingled perspiration, sliding, dripping off of our bodies.

Nina is taught a lesbian lesson

first-time 2018-04-18

Sally immediately recognised three of them as Jodie, Teri and Bev, who she'd got to know intimately in a lesbian porn film a few weeks previously. Bev took both of Nina's stiff nipples in each hand and tweaked them as they looked back at Angie and she smiled because she knew this girl was really ready. The girls, who had been joined by Sally, David and the other guys gathered around as they slowly and gently released Nina from her bondage and David picked up her wracked naked body and carried her easily to a bed in the next room where he laid her on her back.

Sex in the 5th Dimension

first-time MindOverMania 2018-04-18

In my mind I picture that moment ahead when my cock will erupt inside of her mouth and send all of my long-pent-up juices of desire cascading down into her throat in a torrent. Just then Ruth begins to convulse as she loses control over her orgasm and allows her pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seems like minutes. I begin by slowly and deliberately using my tongue to lap up every drop of her heavenly juices from her pussy, sucking her still-swollen cunt lips into my mouth to clean them properly. I know that soon she will come again, and like before, she will open her orgasmic floodgates and unleash a torrent of hot, sticky juices against my nose and literally drown me.

The Peeping Cuckold

first-time magas911 2018-04-18

All three cocks now dripped generously with the sauce of pleasure – Gary in lust of his mother, Mike in his voyeuristic perversion, and Andy in anticipation that Mrs. Darnell at long last was going to fulfill his number one fantasy and suck his cock. As they watched this wanton cunt in her unbridled lust prepare Andy for sucking, the comprehension that she was wife to Mike and mother to Gary set fire to them both. As the Darnell boys listened to wife and mother choke and gag while being rammed with cock, Gary wondered if his father would now finally step in. Andy, now spent, was reduced to soft grunts and groans, while Gary proudly watched as Mrs. Darnell, his mother, sucked and milked him for his final offering.

First Encounter With a Virgin

first-time like_it_hot 2018-04-17

I hardly control myself after looking her in such dress. She hesitate but after some time she undress her quickly and started to suck my cock. I was enjoying that moment and I also suck her boobs. She lay down herself on the bed and ask me to play with her body. I push my penis into her pussy. She pushed me away but I enter the whole length of my penis into her wet pussy. Now I push my whole penis into her pussy and started to give jerks quickly. Now she sat on my penis in her juicy pussy and started to move up and down. After that day we have enjoyed such moments many times.