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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

High And Dry: Part 2 – Let It Out

first-time evelynexile 2018-11-14

We both gradually increased our pace, fucking harder and faster as Emma built to a climax; as she tipped over the edge and fell into an orgasmic quiver I felt a sudden urge to come hitting my cock, grunting as I came up into her pussy and continuing to buck upwards until I was done. With her in position I moved in and placed my cock back on her hole, pushing straight in with a bit more force than I did originally; the knob slid straight through quite easily, the shaft followed soon after and Emma showed no discomfort at all.

Lifestyle Parents

first-time NVMii 2018-11-14

Danny's mom, Jill, met Becca's father, Marty, at a “meet a friend” party. I felt Danny's fingers spread my pussy lips and his tongue teased my inner labia. I had a good view of Jill's pussy and Ty's cock as he moved up on the bed. Jill started to move her ass, she was fucking Ty. I saw her pussy pull his cock side to side. When I felt the heat of his cock on my pussy, I begged, “Fuck me Danny, take my virginity and fuck me.” Danny moved his hips forward, I felt the heat of his cock touching my pussy. I wanted to be fucked again, I loved the feel of Danny's cock in me.

My wifes new hobby

first-time woreout 2018-11-14

One wiggle of her hips caused the cotton skirt to fall down her nylon covered legs. I turned her toward the closed bedroom door and said OK miss, go get yourself a tummy full of pecker snot. As I walked pasted the guest bedroom I very carefuly tried turning the knob. As I cleared the table my wife asked me if I felt like having sloppy seconds for dessert? I said yes, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom . I was greeted at the door by a naked wife with a freshly fucked pussy. she said yes and then she thanked me for telling her to try a cock out side the marriage.

Taking Anna's Virginity

first-time seemywowzza 2018-11-14

As my fingers slipped under the folds of her ass cheeks, Anna nodded yes, gasped innocently, and reached for my shoulders to steady herself. "Do you like how I taste Mister?" Anna asked as she dribbled a string of her cum from her lips into my mouth. "Is this far enough Mister?" Anna asked with a soft purr as her hands teasingly caressed her cheeks and hips. I reached under her legs and lifted her off my lap, the head of my throbbing cock pressed between the lips of her tight virginal pussy. Anna giggled as her hand dropped between her open legs, running her top across her pussy and my cock.

The after party

first-time mike3320 2018-11-14

Then before I know it my wife has moved her hot wet pussy up next to my face, I reach over and stuck my finger deep inside and pump in and out few times then I moved my face between her legs and I lick and suck her clit and she started to come then I stuck my tongue as deepest it would go into her opening and lick and suck every drop of wetness from her hot wet sticky pussy, she is having a orgasm like never before .She was so turn on about having her sister and her boy friend in bed with us that she has never been so fucking horny ever in her life before.


An Older Woman

first-time marietv 2018-11-14

She was about five feet four inches tall with lovely blonde hair, big rounded tits, and a trim waist that was exaggerated by her wide belt, which she always wore tight with an above-the-knee blue serge skirt. But this season I noticed that when I saw her there was a different feeling inside me and I couldn't work near her without getting a hard on. "Right!" She said as she looked at me as I blushed and as her head kept nodding. Margaret would now touch my hand, and put her arms across me so that her breast was right in front of my face. It tasted nice and I remembered what I was told and began to suck her clit, I also began to slide my fingers inside her cunt.

I Fuck My Sweety In Bus – Wonderful Experien

first-time sweet1003 2018-11-14

I take this as green signal & put my hand on her lap as accidentally but this time she asked what happen I told nothing hand slipped. I went to bathroom and did my hand job (think I’m fucking her). Finally bus came we get into the bus, the bus started & I’m waiting for my time to fuck. After one hour, I started my job, slowly put my hand on her stomach no reaction. After that I pushed hard full penis went to her pussy. Now I started to take in & out my penis due to bus movement we enjoyed lot. After some time I put my penis in her mouth & started fuck her very hard.

first holiday without my hubby

first-time aelfric 2018-11-14

I took the head of his penis into my mouth and began to lick and suck his massive erection. I could feel Al’s cock pressing against the back of my throat, I had a good six inches in my mouth and there was still three and a bit left. As the door closed behind Al, Jan came over to me and kissed me deep on the mouth. I was about to push Jan away from me but then my pussy started to throb and a new sensation began to sweep through my body. I reached down with my other hand and slipped a couple of fingers into Jan’s wet pussy. Jan began to lick around my pussy lips with me following her like tutor and pupil.

(not so) Quietly in the Back Bedroom

first-time GamerGirl10 2018-11-14

I was still seventeen, turning eighteen the first day or so into college, but I knew for absolute certain that I wanted my first time having sex to be taken care of before spreading my wings at band camp & college in less than a month. It would be my last time seeing Brian and hanging out with him behind closed bedroom doors, and we knew that tonight was the night. But I'll always have the fondest of memories of Brian, his back bed room, trying not to be the loud moaner that I am, and playing Donnie Darko as we fucked my virginity away in mid-August '06.

Elvira, my Spanish neighbor

first-time marcosurbina 2018-11-14

I was not a dumb to comprehend she had tipped me:  she meant it was a must to peer  through the keyhole, oh yes!  and started to come near the door, easy man, so she knew I already was on the other side.   Suddenly, the door was opened, her wearing only a long shirt; her tits aiming right towards me, with erect nipples; her bush  -Venus Mount-  was too hairy, well trimmed in its contour, shaved to the sides and upper side.  My dick was so hard, fighting to get loose off my pants.  Spaniard Elvira grabbed my hand and said: “Why not take a shower together?

My First Fuck With A Friend

first-time hottiegurl6911 2018-11-14

"Be quick!" I said "I want to watch a movie once you're done" I wasn't able to exit out so when Arthur walked in he saw what I was watching. I didn't know how to respond so I said, " Just watching some porn videos you had on your favorites list. In the video the teacher took out his dick and told the girl that she has been very naughty and needs to be punished. And I'm not prude!" I got up and started walking away. Arthur pushed his hard cock between my tight virgin pussy lips. He flipped me over on my hands and knees as his cock plunged into my soaking wet pussy with ease fucking me doggie style.

Rebellious Teen

first-time KJessica 2018-11-14

Standing naked in front of each other, he kissed her breasts and then started to finger her wet pussy, which was now as wet as her tee-shirt. She continued to wing it until he stopped her as they fell onto his bed and he kissed her again before moving south to give her a good session of oral in return while continuing to finger her pussy. Continuing this sliding motion for a while, she suddenly moved a little too far and his cock slipped back inside her and she began to moan loudly. This was not at all what she had heard or expected to happen as she was in some pain, but she knew that the pleasure she felt through the pain would ease once this first time was over.


first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-14

I felt her hand on my head, pressing downward as she added, "The nipple, silly, kiss the nipple." As my lips came in contact with the dusty rose colored flesh, she hissed, "Yesssss! "I want you to fuck my face!" she said, as her hands caressed my shaft and balls. I brought my free hand up to her left breast, and kneaded the ample flesh, rubbing her nipple against my palm as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. Grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to her waiting lips, she whispered, "Make love to me!" and kissed me as my cock slid effortlessly inside her tight, wet sheath.

A Bisexual Haitian Tale

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-14

He'd won the state championship for Boston University's Men's Wrestling team in the 235-pound weight class last year. I also read a non-fiction novel about a bisexual Black man who came out of the closet and told the world about the duplicitous lifestyle he used to lead back when he was on the down low. Matt, the wrestler from Boston University was BiMan1984, the guy I had been talking to online these past few months. We talked for hours about these things, and things we used to enjoy doing together, like going to the movies or watching sports together, way back in the beginning of the relationship.

Finally it happens

first-time shadowcat 2018-11-14

Stopping and opening the doors I turned around pecked him on the cheek, noticing the tent in his trousers, and wiggled my way off the bus blowing him a kiss. His hand finally reached my left breast and pushed aside my bra baring my nipple, he rolled it around causing it to peak almost instantly poking like a bullet into his hand. He came and lay down at my feet and started to kiss his way up my legs, I knew where this was going and could barely contain my excitement. Laying still he let me get used to the feel of him inside me until he could restrain himself no more and started fucking me hard and fast, on a mission to drive me wild.


Beth's First Massage

first-time Billfrank1955 2018-11-14

She heard him pumping something from the bottle into his hands and then felt him begin to work on her shoulder and back muscles. Even the touch of his hands changed as she began feeling each of his fingers. Her nipples began to stiffen as he continued to toy with them, so he changed his method to massage her breasts by placing them under his palms and moving his hands in circles on them. Brian then straddled one of her legs and began running his fingers and palm up and down from her clit to her ass while pressing down on her lower abdomen with the palm of his other hand.

Without Love

first-time styxx 2018-11-14

Michelle, somewhat overawed by the sudden change, kissed Sonia back, only to find that her lips had parted and a tongue sought entrance to her mouth.   Without breaking the kiss, Michelle pulled her duvet aside to reveal her naked body under the cover and as an invitation for Sonia to get in.   Sonia removed her fist carefully, twisting gentle as she prised it out and lay alongside Michelle, cradling her head in the crook of her arm while the shudders of climax gradually diminished.   Alan shifted position, turning and breaking the umbilical connection of cock and mouth to kiss her lips and take her breasts in his hands.

A little excitement

first-time Shug01 2018-11-14

In a cool and calm voice the woman asked two questions "what does the card say and what is the pass word"? Their was a bteif moment of silence,then the womansaid in a cool and calm voice "on Thursday evening, go back to the bar, give the card to the bartender and wait for instructions".        All week Katherine had butterflies in her stomach, thinking about the woman with that cool and calm voice. It's Thursday and her nerves are jumping as her work day comes to an end. Her first instinct was to panic until the stranger began rubbing her breasts and whispered "I am Excitment, put your hands on the glass and spread your legs".

The Farmer's Daughter (Part 1)

first-time JohnCuster 2018-11-13

Moving slowly towards her I could see she was slightly nervous and I wanted her to feel at ease, so I placed both hands lightly on her buttocks, drew her hips towards me and began a slow grind as we kissed deeply. A slim girl with fabulous little breasts, lovely girl hips, and between these and her long luscious legs, her most private part covered in skimpy white panties with a pronounced stain at the front. She kept her eyes closed but raised the level of her groaning so I leaned over and started to suck on her little breasts and within seconds it felt like she was wetting herself and then she raised herself off the bed, screamed simply “Yes”, and had what was the first orgasm of her life.


first-time Safire 2018-11-13

“You must be hot in this skirt too,” he whispered as he slowly pulled my skirt down, exposing my panties, “Let me take it off Rose.” “Do you know how female virginity is lost, Rose?” he whispered into my ear while he caressed my breasts. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re gonna feel so good, baby, and you’re gonna come for me,” he flattened me back onto the couch and positioned himself above me, “It’ll only hurt for a little bit, Rose, then it will start to feel really good. Then, I will fuck your brains out and make you come all over my big, wet cock inside your tight little cunt, baby.” his words made me moan in anticipation, and I nodded my head.

The Girlfriend Experience

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-11-13

It’s nice to know that you want to look and that I’m turning you on,” she said, “but It’s annoying if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and they spend all of the time staring at my tits.” I actually felt your cum shooting into me.” I held her ass as she rode up and down my length again, “Your cock also feels nicer, there is more sensation without the condom.” She rose up until only my cock head was in her pussy and then slid all the way back down, “I’m loving how full your long cock is making me feel.” She stopped riding me and held my cock deep in her pussy.

Wife's First Threesome

first-time cdoug 2018-11-13

As I continued, Linda climbed on top of me and fucked my chest with her wet pussy, leaving a trail of white creamy juice, as she lowered her head on my pulsating rigid cock. I paced my fuck-strokes so when John was pulling his cock out, I was shoving mine deep into Linda’s ass. When I came back into the bedroom, I was greeted by the sight of Linda kneeling over John draining the last drop of cum from his spent cock. Linda rocked her pussy over John's tongue until she squirted her load into his mouth and covered his body with her creamy pussy juice. After John left, Linda promised me that it wouldn’t be the last time I get to watch her get fucked.

The Ethan Blake Story: Home Alone

first-time clum 2018-11-13

Ethan leaned in to touch her lips softly with his own, running strong hands down her pale arms as she let out a low purr of contentment and grazed his thigh. At first taken aback, she quickly grew to love the flick of his tongue and his light suckling, closing her eyes whilst enjoying this new pleasure, letting out a low moan as he gave a slight nibble. Without breaking the contact between his lips and her flesh, he released the button of her shorts, his wandering hand sliding down over her pubic mound and lightly touching her inner thigh. Ethan's desk drawer, in his haste not fully closed, caught his eye and he could not suppress the feeling of guilt that came with keeping his ongoing relationship with Aurélie secret from his now-lover.


Truth is Better than Fiction - Part II

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-13

As much as I liked Riley, I couldn’t get Samantha out of my head, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an unexpected call from Riley’s cell a couple of days later and heard Samantha’s voice. “I had one, but all he wanted to do know,” Samantha replied, taking a sip from her beer. I slipped over to the side of the pool and stretched out my arms on the edge of the pool deck, facing Samantha, who stood chest deep in the pool water about arm’s reach from me. Samantha rolled on to her side and slipped a leg over mine, her head and hand resting on my chest.