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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Roofer Returns by Theo

first-time tedebear62 2018-04-17

     The cool water felt good against my skin as I stood there imaging what was going to happen when Phil showed up at the door.  Would I just jump on him right there or ease into things?  I could feel my dick begin to lengthen as I soaped my crotch up.  Slowly I slid my soapy hand back and forth over my semi-hard cock, causing it to grow to its full 7 ½ inches.  All I could think about was that massive hairy body rubbing against mine, and that fat uncut Italian sausage.  I had to stop before I shot a load right there on the shower floor.  I didn’t want to waste my cum on my fist today.  I had other plans for it.

The Making Of f****y Slut – Part 3

first-time 2018-04-17

Every man has their mind full of dirty thoughts and ideas that they never say out loud – never to their wife or girl friend, since they don’t want to seem dirty”, she continued with a fond smile, “When a guy gets a whore for a night they know is there just to make them happy, and is a reward for the business deals, they get to unleash it all. He grabbed my face and staring right into my eyes said, “I am going to fucking use your body in every which way I can think and get whatever kind of pleasure I want to, sweta.” he was speaking at the same time squeezing my boobs, slowly moving his hands towards my nipples.

I've Never Done Anything Like This

first-time Joshua94 2018-04-17

"Well yes, but..." interrupting his protest once again she just said "Shhhh, enjoy it, it will start to feel much better." Not really doubting her, he decided to just go with it thinking that he didn't really have to tell his parents what exactly he did at his friends house. I told you it would feel better once you got used to it." Since I am getting naughty on 100% innocent guy why don't you tell me why you haven't masturbated or even looked at porn before?" Marc started looking uncomfortable again even through the intense stimulation he was being given. Sarah started to rub herself using her other hand finding that sweet spot she always touched when she thought of Marc.

The Birthday Club

first-time oldbob68 2018-04-17

One day I came home early from a business trip and found my wife of ten years sucking off the lawn guy. I like the way I taste." She pushed her fingers in her cunt again and then licked them seductively. Will you eat me again while you recover?" I told her that first I wanted to know how she learned to suck like that. "Just pull out in time and finish in my mouth!" It had taken Brenda about seven years and a bunch of booze to comply with that wish from me and here was a young nubile goddess asking me for it! Kelly is with Jeff who is a nice guy and Cassandra's with Bobby." The shock gradually went away.

Closing Time

first-time ukpornfan 2018-04-17

The only person who Rebecca ever confided in, (apart from her friends on the internet), was Vicky, who helped behind the bar several times a week, when Maggie went to the gym. Rebecca thought that her jealousy was well-hidden, but Vicky understood her far better than she realised. While she carried on cleaning the main bar, her daughter & Vicky went to sort out some of the other smaller rooms. Vicky also assured Rebecca that the sedatives wouldn't affect the rest of their bodies. After all this preparation, she could finally get her hands (& pussy!) on a real-life willy – no, wait – cock. Now, all she could think about was 'what will it feel like to finally have my pussy stuffed with this wonderful cock?'.

Love Me 'til Dawn, Chapter 11

first-time nobarriers 2018-04-17

“Good girl!” complimented George thrusting her foot towards Lorraine’s mouth, “Now suck my big toe, and remember, no teeth.” She rested her ankle on the floor, her toes pointing upwards to give Lorraine full access. Alice saw Lorraine’s head being f***ed upwards by her hair and she heard the crack of George’s hand across her face as it echoed around the room. For as soon as she did she felt the pain as her head was f***ed upwards by her hair followed by three hard slaps across her face as George punished her once more for her misdemeanour. George did not reply, she swivelled the chair to face Lorraine, slouched down, opened her thighs wide and began to masturbate in front of her.

First School Experience

first-time goldcloak 2018-04-17

As usual this was a video lesson so as we took our new seats which was not on the seating plan I noticed a girl sat next to me. She looked at me saying "not so high, that was my tit" I told her I didn't notice cause they we so small anyway. We went back to our silly game but she didn't squeeze as hard, instead she moved her hand a little higher. Lucky for me it was last lesson which meant after a quick 20 minute walk home if I avoided my friends I could clean myself up. I could again feel her nipples harden under my fingers through her school shirt.

Sex, Cars, Dinah

first-time Photogen 2018-04-17

Immediately after I do she dives back in with her lips wrapped around my cock, and I'm petting her head and telling her "yeah, that's it" and telling myself to breathe so I don't cum early, my left hand feeling her hard nipples, my right up her skirt, tracing her thong line. Stasy's not thinking about anything else for at least a minute, then I pull my finger out and spank her again with my right hand, grab her head with my left and start fucking her face, shoving her up and down as her lips smacked over my head.

Virginity Gone

first-time Tim Piers 2018-04-17

She slowly raised me again, running her fingernails up and down my cock, whispering in my ear telling me how wet and needy she was how she wanted to feel me pumping my cum into her. The scream that came from her as her body convulsed was so unexpected and yet when combined with the great gush of cum that sluiced from her over me my cock was so right I knew I was going to cum in her and I did – not caring for a second about her – this was for me – my cock spurted and pumped in her cunt, my balls slapping at her ass, my sweat dripping on her face as our bellies stuck together and I came and came into her.

Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses? Part Three

first-time 2018-04-17

Mom watched in awe as I pulled Nancy's head and mouth all the way down my shaft until my balls were dangling under her chin. Mom put her hands down on Nancy's head as her cousin's tongue moved deep inside her. Standing there looking down at her, I asked, "For our first time would you like this fuck to be?" She looked at me with love in her eyes and said, "It's not my favorite position son, but I want to open myself to you while I'm on my back as I was the day you were born." We heard Nancy gasped and didn't need to look to know she was fingering her cunt while she watched me sink into my mother.

My First Time With a Guy - True Story

first-time AlexLionXXX 2018-04-17

I was so horny i wanked my cock as i sucked him like a hoover slobbering over it, before i knew what was happening i began to shoot my load, i had barely touched it but couldnt resist, it landed on the floor and on his foot, he looked down "what the fuck happened there, rule number one Alex, never ever waste cum, yours or anyone elses, not get down and clean that up" i kneeled forward and licked up my cum, licking my hand and his foot, as i did so i felt his hand reach down and touch my ass, he moaned and said "yes that is smooth and tight, when your finished stand up" i licked up the last of it and stoody up sheepishly, he pulled me in and kissed my mouth and said "tastes good, dont ever waste any cum ok" i nodded.


first-time SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-04-17


My First Sexual Experience Ch. 03

first-time googliebare 2018-04-17

And so as we slowly made our way back to the beach, I looked at Henry and approached him slowly, and gave him a short quick kiss on the lips. Watching Dave and Angela last night had given me some tips, so I got on my knees and opened my mouth and stuck Henry's shaft in to it. I lay on the bed, opening my legs wide for Henry to see, and told him that he needed to lick up all my juices, just like both Angela and Dave had done the night before. Angela must have overheard as she came over to me and said, that if Henry wanted to spend the night, it would cost me extra unless, and he face lit up, unless he is willing together with me, to join Dave and her in a special evening tonight.

A First Time Glory Hole Slut

first-time 2018-04-17

The girl, let’s call her Tina, and I went back to the room and waited. favour I lifted Tina's skirt, pulled down her thong and went to work on her pussy, me bending over as she lay down. I was so into getting her off, I didn't notice the door had opened until Steve slid his hard cock into my sopping pussy and gave me a good seeing to. As Steve pulled out, Tina and I smiled at each other and went to lick and suck Steve's still twitching cock clean, receiving a round of applause from the group who had been waiting to see who it had been in the glory hole all along.

How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 8

first-time TerryLovesIt 2018-04-17

He handed me the beer and then said, “Terry let me ask you something. “i don’t know what to call you. i have always been guy you’re an adult and i’m a k**. i figured you’d tell me what to call you.” But you’re not a k** so call me Frank, okay?” “Okay.” “Okay.” What if we watch some porn and you tell me what turns you on and what doesn’t. It might help us to identify what your primary inclination is. I know you say you don’t think you’re gay but lets try this as an experiment just for the hell of it, okay? It might help us rule something out.” “Okay Frank. If you think it will help.

Antidote for Innocence

first-time Timthe 2018-04-17

Soon after graduating from high school and after a few months of Pizza delivery, Ryan's uncle Graham got him an offer to work as a truck driver in a US logistics company in the Middle East. Ryan didn't expect her to come in but to his surprise she gingerly stepped in looking around the room and carefully avoiding looking at his bare chest. Ryan was looking for Sharon Gabriel, his school crush and neighbor and a call to the alumni office said she was in the district and into her own business. She stood with her hands on her hips and Ryan noticed that her breasts were slightly larger looking now and that awesome cleavage accentuated their sexiness.

A Knight's Tale

first-time sparkle8 2018-04-17

The other nuns scattered, and Mother Superior turned to me, "Ophelia and Alma will take you to your quarters, where you may bathe and then join us for evening suppers." I knew I would not be able to sleep in this state of arousal, so I lay on the bed, raised the night shirt up above my waist, and began to stroke my turgid shaft. I heard a small noise, looked up and saw Alma and Ophelia by my bed, staring at my stroking hand. Alma said "I dearly hope that we have met your needs, kind knight, and that you will say good words about us to Mother Superior in the morning."


first-time hotRobertXX 2018-04-17

He gagged a little so I took my hand away so he could get air and the he went down gain and sucked all the remaining cum up and swallowed it. James removed his clothes and pushed me back on the bed and started working on my cock again " I want it big and hard again so you can fuck me" he said. James them asked me if i had any lube as he wanted my huge cock in his ass. He got on the bed on his knees and I rubbed the tip of my cock over his tight little hole, then slowly pressed it's head in.

my first time part 1

first-time super_fucker 2018-04-17

my b*o is have a cute wife 35 old .. with big butt.. it was a summer time and come back to my b*o home here big butt tech me .. and my dick grow up and she fell it .. she told me i want u for i long time .. she told me don't wory it's oky ... after move heere hand into my dick and she move here hend after she put my dick in here moth for me i want to eat here pussy i tell here i want to eat your pussy she : it's oky bb i give my secret how u eat my pussy and i eat lick lick lick lick

how she got turned out

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-04-17

Then he said my money was in the drawer with my clothes. He told me to write my phone number down for him, which of course I did. called me up the next night and told me to come downtown and meet him. We had sex 4 or 5 times each month and he paid Somewhere along the way, he started paying me before we had sex. One night he gave me $200 and when we got in bed, he wanted anal sex. Then he told me he had a friend he'd like for me to meet and he was going These guys gave my phone number to their friends. Before the end of that school year, I was having sex almost every night,

Buffy and her friends confront a Halloween foe

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-17

"Oh really, like what call 1-800-rent a Slayer and ask for my substitute, oh and make sure to have them throw in a side order of best friend to spare these guys as well" Buffy said looking over the top of her gaudy pink sun glasses. When the demon arrived Buffy, Willow and Giles would attack. Across the flames Buffy and Willow exchanged worried glances as they watched Cordelia make out with Giles. Noooo, fuck me stick your long demon tongue up my ass " said Willow in throaty voice. It looked through yellow eyes as Cordelia pulled back from Giles throbbing cock, a string of saliva and precum stretched between her mouth and the tip of his dick.

Clipping Her Wings

first-time TrueNorth1969 2018-04-17

Her eyes were the centerpiece of a genuinely caring face framed by flowing dark honey locks that at one moment could be hanging down past her shoulders, and the next curled up properly in a neat bun behind her head, only wispy strands that casually dangled down to her neck saving her from looking at all matronly. Clara slapped him in the arm with her clipboard and said in her most officially polite tone, "But next time we would very much appreciate it if you people in stocks would inform us of your adjustments in the shipping schedule. "Well, great," Damon said trying to sound excited but he found the expression on her face to be more of concern than enthusiasm, "I'll pick you up at your place after work?

How I fuck wife and her husband

first-time GujjuHotBoy 2018-04-17

She ask to me to come to her home. She has ask me to wait, she come after change cloth. While drinking tea, she started her story, how she is still virgin and she want to have k**s blah blah… Suddenly she requested me to fuck her. I ask her to give me blow job, she put my huge dick in her mouth, and she can hardly take half in her mouth. I fuck her around 1 hour like this and told I am about to cum. So I ask her husband now onwards daily you going to be give me blow job bitch. Now daily her husband suck my dick in girl’s cloths and then I fuck her wife.

My Teacher, My Prey

first-time frisk_me_baby 2018-04-17

We pulled up to the school at about 7 am and were greeted by 1 other woman and a man, the assistant headmaster, Mrs. Beverly Jones, and the school administrator, Mr. Paul Corson. I looked back to his crotch and noticed the big bulge starting to rise in his pants, and smiled at him. While Paul starting talking about what we were gunna be learning about over the year I stared him in the eyes and started opening and closing my legs for him. He started mumbling all his words when he looked down to see my exposed panty clad pussy. I was so wet I could feel my juices dripping down my legs, as his hands started working their way up my thighs.