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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sally T.

first-time smoothlibra 2018-04-16

"Would you do me a favor John?" Sally asked, setting her wine glass down on a small table. Here I was, making out with my teacher, still a virgin, and Sally was telling me that the next time we met we would have sex. Sally lay back on the Persian rug, and without pulling her pants the rest of the way off, she pulled me down on top of her. "McCartney" I replied, "It just came out!" There was a song on the album called "Kareen-Akrore" that sounded like two lovers making love and then coming together. After making love a second time, Sally told me about her old man. "You better go John," Sally whispered, "P" might come home soon.

My Hot and Horny Mother In-Law

first-time Erocus 2018-04-16

I got home from work called Gloria and told her I was going to jump in the pool. “Don’t forget my lower back this time Mark.” She said as she bent over a little so it would be easier for me to rub it on just above her ass. I watched her do this for a second before she told me, “ Stick it slowly in my ass, I’ve never done this before but it felt so good when you were licking it.” Pumping away at her ass, watching her big cheeks bounce with every thrust, I didn’t last long and told her I was going to cum.

Office Delight

first-time Athena2 2018-04-16

My panted breaths as I felt your body pressed against mine, your arousal apparent, your kisses making their way down my neck, right down to my breasts. I watch as you sit up, your eyes darkened from desire as you take the head of your shaft and slide it against my clit. You smile seductively as you do it more, watching as my back arches off the bed, tugging onto the sheets. You gently push your hard cock into my warmth and I groan, welcoming you, finally fulfilling what I have needed. You start to thrust gently, your hand grasping my breast, my whimpers echoing through the room.

The Picnic

first-time indestructable_f 2018-04-16

stroking the hair away from your neck I move my kisses round and kiss your neck running my tongue slowly and gently blowing across you neck, working my way up until I can suck and nibble your earlobe... I slowly run my hands and tongue down each leg in turn, until I get to your foot and gently suck each toe into my mouth... I slowly start kissing my way back up your legs until my head is between then! all the time I am still kissing and licking you, enjoying your taste as the wetness start to flow... Slowly I pull myself out and plunge deep into you, kissing you passionately, I start to build a rhythm going deeper and harder, faster and deeper, harder and faster.

Cupid's Retirement

first-time the_krazy_one 2018-04-16

As soon as he got close enough he asked, "Have you seen anyone carrying -- Oww!" He felt a stinging sensation in his butt as if he'd been slapped like he'd seen one couple do after getting hit by his arrow last year. Lisa Wilson was sitting on her favorite bench at the park people watching when she saw a tall muscular man walking towards her. By the time they left the diner Mark was rock-hard and wondering how to get her up to his place as they walked back to their apartment building. As he thrust his throbbing cock into her tight, slippery hole he thought, 'Thank god that kid picked today to steal my bow!'

Double-Date with College Boys

first-time sexykitsu 2018-04-16

Without waiting for an answer, Felicia merely squatted down further to get a better angle, taking the nipple all the way into her mouth while she put one hand on Amanda's butt and placed the other one on Amanda's other breast. Amanda felt like it looked sleazy, especially as she saw the sly contentment of Felicia's face and the expectant, joyful look of the two boys as they tried to pop the cork on their champagne. Tony looked away from Jeff and Felicia for the first time in a long while to suddenly remember Amanda was in the room.

Absolute Beginners Pt. 01: The Risk

first-time AB_83 2018-04-16

He could have asked an interesting and sexual question to Patty, Amy or Natasha and he probably wanted to, but he is too shy and asks Thomas. Later after the game when everybody was talking in different corners I went over to Amy. Amy: "Well, you better stop being cautious and risk something, or you will look back at a life of regrets later." After a lot of thinking and gathering guts I went back to Amy. Not wanting Amy to rush me anymore I slid down my pants to take out my by now painful erected cock thinking about which hole I should lose my virginity in to. Then I reached my fingers into her pussy juice well and moistured Amy's ass, when...

Our Night On The Town Part 1

first-time horndoghubby68 2018-04-16

I sort of stumble on my tongue and tell her, "Yes, it is a bit of a turn on to see her dancing with another man..." and just as the last words escape my lips she slides her hand up the inside of my thigh, over my hard cock and gives it a squeeze. I can tell she's d***k and feeling frisky and horny like she gets, when she leans into me again, starting to stroke my cock and pressing her mouth to my ear. She continues, "Tell me honey, do you want to see your lovely bride fucked by another man?" I mouth, "yes" while looking Vicki straight in the eyes.

My first time

first-time 2018-04-16

I followed the man into a vacant stall where after locking the door I turned and saw the man had dropped his trousers, to say I was shocked would be an under statement for he was wearing a full set of ladies undies, stockings held up by suspenders and panties that were so shiny and all in black, he sat down and put his hand out and taking hold of my own he pulled towards him, seconds later my jeans were around my ankles along with my yfronts, he wasted no time as he started to play with my cock again and it felt so nice but after a few more seconds the feeling became even nicer as he slowly lent forward and took my cock into his mouth wrapping his lips tightly around my shaft.

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 01

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-04-16

If you talked to him, thinking now that his fiancé is a cold, frigid bitch instead of a hot, sexy mamma, now he's unsure if he even wants to marry Jessica. If only he knew how lucky he is that I love sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, he'd never call me a bitch again," she said to her two girlfriends. Had he not gotten cold feet, with them having a steady diet of sexual intercourse along with oral sex, they would have been making love and fucking day and night by now. Men may be shocked by the sexual beast they'd unleash if only they gave women what they want and need, an orgasm or two or three with their fingers, their tongue, and their cock.

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 03-04

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-16

Of course the way things have been going, she thought, hanging out in our underwear, half-naked girls running around outside, my flashing Paul last night, we might all be naked by Friday anyway. Then Paul stood in front of Gail, said "Now where was I?" and pulled her t-shirt over her head once again. "You'd better watch it," Gail said, reaching down into Paul's boxers to grab his cock, "you're going to get all big and hard again.. she moved forward, feeling Paul's cock come out of her with a soft pop, and said "Tell me you have condoms in your room." "Yeah, well, when I saw Paul and Gail heading fro the shower together, I had a feeling I'd be banned from my own room tonight.

Wendy's First Time

first-time channellboy 2018-04-16

I couldn't believe he tried to get four fingers inside Wendy's pussy. "When Mark would finger me, he'd tell me to grab his dick and feel how hard it was." I would rub it through his pants, sometimes making him cum in his pants." I asked Wendy if Mark had a nice dick and she eagerly smiled and said yes. I told Wendy I didn't know how much longer I could last after learning she had swallowed Mark's cum. She started sucking my dick and told me she had done the same to Mark after cumming on his lap. That did it, I felt my balls tightened and I emptied a huge load of cum inside Wendy's pussy.

Mature Curvy Step Mom

first-time nckboy 2018-04-16

There was a sudden tensing of her body and a meaningful grunt before I felt the new warmness of her orgasm erupt, then a sudden pull of my head away as she tried to nip her legs tight shut. It felt like my whole groin area was pulsing and tensing with each new squirt and Lisa just kept my cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping on my cum. She kissed with new meaning as I pushed gentle in to her tight hole, spearing and spreading her fat meaty lips apart with my cock. She was moaning and panting at the same time as well as trying to kiss me, our lips touched and it was electric between us, kissing like new lovers, long after the exchange of love juice ended.

Cum. Love at First Taste

first-time tim_likes 2018-04-16

When I got close to the bedroom door I could hear Tina moaning and saying "I am so fucking wet" I put my hand on the door and pushed a little to see if it would open and it did. He then looked over at me and said "Tim if you want to come over here and help me out with this I would really appreciate it." He wsa still rubbing his dick and stroking it some also. I did just like Bill said and he slowly stroked his dick looking down at me and said "here it comes" He placed his dick to my tongue and shot a huge load of cum on my tongue, across my lips, nose, and forehead.

train journey via ecstasy

first-time 2018-04-16

it was hot that day and i'm talking hot,it was like sitting in boiling water. the train rolled on and it seemed to be getting hotter by the minute,maybe i thought the woman with the rack sitting opposite was partially responsible for my sudden fever,by this time the sweat was pouring down her big hooters. she pulled out a flask out of her handbag began to screw the top off gave me a look 'would you like a taste of my orange.....................juice mmmmmmmmm it's tasty,she gave me a little wink. 'thank you i would love a taste of your orange..................juice. 'thankyou for the orange..................................JUICE,i screamed. i collapsed in a heap,my last recollection was of a mass lesbien orgy erupting like a volcano through the train.


first-time chiangku 2018-04-16

A few minutes later, I heard a slight scuffle, and as I poked my head around the corner, saw another customer push her roughly into a shelf, which toppled over, or would have had I not put my back and legs into stopping it, and eased it back into place, losing about two tiers of books onto me in the process. I felt bad about not saying anything, even though the whole incident had happened in less than a minute or so, so I knelt and helped her pick up some books, getting a grateful smile in return for my aid. We had been shopping all day, picking out clothing and other things, and I was very tired, having been up half the night negotiating a business deal with one of my Malay contacts.

Camping with Stepdaughter 3

first-time 2018-04-16

She told me that it really got her hot when the man in the bushes had seen her and watched her getting fucked. I told her that I would like to watch her down by the little stream cleaning the sex from her body. Just up stream I saw the man setting on a rock watching her every move. Lesly splashed water on her breasts and her nipples instantly got hard. I saw her look up on the bank and behind a tree was another man watching her. When she got in the van she told me about the other man that had seen her. On about the fourth or fifth time the one man had come by I asked if he would like a beer.

My siZ i fuck

first-time malibogko 2018-04-16

As she was starting to get up to put her pants back on, I grabbed her and asked if we could try some other things that would make us feel good, now that she knew she couldn’t get pregnant. Because the girls said their boyfriends went wild when their cocks got sucked it must have felt really good, so she wanted to give me a blowjob, for making her feel so special. She stopped me and asked if she could suck any remaining cum from my cock so she wouldn’t get pregnant, She also said not to cum inside her pussy, but to pull out and cum in her mouth. The feeling of my cock moving against her cum filled pussy made him start throbbing again, and before I knew it he was fully hard.

The Candy Club

first-time hotdoll 2018-04-16

She felt tight, and good, she bent her knees onto the bed, and ran her fingers through her hair, as she began to ride me, I pulled her dress up over her tits again, and took her nipples one at a time in my mouth. She screamed out as I fucked her, she lifted her booted leg up on a stool that was next to her dressing table, she then went backwards and forwards on me, as I pumped into her, I then stopped and turned her around, wrapping her boots around my waist, I drew back slightly and she leant back against the wall, I fucked her slowly at first, the sensation of her pussy in this position was blowing my mind.

First Time

first-time RossoDiavolo 2018-04-16

I started chatting with this guy by the name of Ted. We messaged back and forth about what we liked and how we both wanted to experience being with another guy sexually. He also brought a bottle of lube (but we never got that far and it would be some time before I'd let a guy fuck me, but that's a story for another day). We then both laid on the bed next to each other and then I reached out and started stroking his cock. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. Then it was his turn so I laid back on the bed and he took my cock into his mouth and sucked slowly.

The New Doctor - Part 1 -

first-time john1195 2018-04-16

I looked at this body and said, I have got his parents and said he wanted to see me in his office after rounds tomorrow The nurse came in and Ken said, "What are damn good doctor." As I walked back into the room, Ken We came back inside the hospital, and I said to myself, I need coffee. cards in her fat little hand and said, "Nurse, when you need a doctor give me a " I finally said, Nurse Rachet, if you don't like the way I do said, "Nurse let me do it my way." I went back inside, and she left me alone I said guys, so that I don't fuck Nurse Rachet's papers up here, I

I love you, too

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-16

he sat her down and said, "I really think I love you, Kelsay, I wanted to tell you a while back, but I didn't know how you'd react..." Then Tim says, "Ya know, Kelsay, you're making me so hott right now, I wanna fuck you so hard and so fast." And Kelsay didn't seem to have a problem with that at all, she grabbed his already hard cock and started to move her hand up and down, slowly at first the quicker while she kissed his chest and stomach. Tim pushed her down so his cock was in her face, Kelsay, still holding it firmly in her hand, lightly kissed the head then gently took it into her mouth.

Introducing Jessica (part 2)

first-time Want2BeTrans 2018-04-16

My tongue also picked up its pace, short little licks and flicks to the head while my hand worked the shaft, before finally my level of arousal and confidence was so high that my mouth opened and took half his cock inside. Just feeling the head against me was driving me wild, it was only when he pushed the tip inside that I moaned with pain and pleasure at the same time. Once he was fully inside, he gently pulled out to half way and would slowly pull a little out and push back in, teasing my ass with just a bit of his cock. It wasn't long before his grunts got louder and he let out a "fuck yeah" as his own cock twitched and began shooting hot streams of cum inside my ass.

My Neighbor-Chapter 6

first-time dig420 2018-04-16

All the other guys started to howl and cheer as Christy was now sitting on a foot rest in front of Seth as she slowly started to rub his big hard cock all over her face. Christy let Seth's cock fall out of her mouth as she looked up at him and said, "Yes, but you have to promise not to try to put it in me and you have to leave my panties on, ok?" Seth started to then slam his big cock into my wife's wide open pussy hard and fast, giving her the fucking of her life as she screamed with appreciation! Seth guided his hard cock to my wife's pussy and then he grabbed her hips and slowly started to sink it deep inside of her.