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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She opens her legs and the sin begins

first-time skyblue7777777 2018-04-16

She told me that despite the alcohol, she did think that she was doing wrong but realiised he was very excited and thought she was to blame for agreeing to the kissing and that she should give him at least a hand job to calm things down and finish the scenario. What happened next was very frantic, a 'quick fuck' she said at first but when I pressed her, she told me more about how he slid his rigid eight inches in to her with her knickers still on and that she came within a dozen or so thrusts, He was telling her how beautiful she was, how he had always wanted to be with her, and how amazing it felt for him to be riding her.

Shemale Summer

first-time freegre 2018-04-16

Screwing her in the "spoon" position allowed me to squeeze her titanic tits and really plunge my newly empowered cock deep into her hot, wet "ass pussy." I still couldn't cum yet, so we tried out a few other positions, including "cowgirl," with her facing away from me on top, "gay missionary," with her laying flat on her stomach and "scissors," with me fucking her while she held her legs up almost behind her ears. That was very sexy because I could see her tits, cock, ass, legs and face all at the same time, but I couldn't go very deep that way, so we went back to missionary.

Snobby Surma Ch. 04

first-time uncannybal 2018-04-16

Rakesh felt like he was swimming in the turbulent flood of Deotima's raging libido in that one look. Rakesh let Deotima hold, squeeze, caress and kiss his cock endlessly as if she was reunited with an old friend. Rakesh stroked her hair like he was a God handing out blessings to the needy, feeling the power of being a man who had something that would bring even the most beautiful, high society girl down to her knees. Deo was sucking his cock and stroking it so vigorously that Rakesh was having a hard time controlling himself. She squeezed his hard cock, feeling his strength, looked hungrily into his eyes, desperate for his approval and masturbated him with her fingers until he exploded into her waiting mouth.

Fucked My Innocent Radha Bhabhi

first-time harryhunk 2018-04-16

I had huge time gap to enjoy her beauty visually and like while she came out of the bathroom in towel I used to peep and try to have a good look at her wet hair neck and tightly packed boobs inside the towel and her thighs and legs which were in solid shape. I said No and I said I wanted to see full nakedness then she smiled and tried to unhook her bra but she was not able to reach it then she asked me to help her as I approached close to Radha bhabhi standing in bra which was holding her busty boobs trying to jump out and her tight panty forming a camel toe at her pussy junction, sweet smell of her skin made my dick raise to unexpected size.

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 01-02

first-time jerseyblue 2018-04-16

Afterwards, her dad told Amy that she was too good for Hank and besides Hank was going nowhere with that career choice of his. As Amy reached Hank, she put her arms around him and gave him a deep long kiss. Hank was impressed with the number of people attending a "family" picnic but then he remember that Amy' dad was a politician so it wasn't all family. As the two walked to the pits, Hank turned towards Amy and gave her a wink. Hank also talked to Jim. He reminded him it was just a game and besides he had faced bigger and tougher opponents on the ball field. Hank offered his hand to Roger, who took one look at and walked away.

First Encounter with E I

first-time coupleofus4coupleofu 2018-04-16

That's where the real fun began because she explained to me that she played the field like a guy (code for women to be sluts and I guess not feel bad about it). She quickly followed suit and removed her shoes, shirt, pants, bra, and panties. She laid back and I crawled between her legs and spread them as I proceeded to suck her clit, lick, and tongue fuck her pussy. So first we went back to missionary and after a few minutes I told her to get on her hands and knees. After I got her into position, I slowly guided my dick into her pussy before going balls deep in one thrust just letting her get used to this new position.

First Time (This is just an old story I found the

first-time 2018-04-16

He began to run the hand that had rested on my hip under the back of my shirt and trailed his fingers along the small of my back. He took his mouth away from my chest, noticing the barrier between us and slid his hands down my stomach so his fingers rested on the button of my jeans. Occasionally he would press his finger upwards and make a "come hither" motion while inside of me, making me moan and thrust my hips into the palm of his hand. He let out another loud moan and buried himself deep within me in one final thrust as he threw his head back and dug his fingers into my hips, pulling me so he could go even deeper inside of my still convulsing sex.

My Initiation Into The World Of Love

first-time rita_aro 2018-04-16

She kissed me again and then straddled me with her legs open and took my cock inside her cunt, helping me in with her hand. She helped me to get my cock hard and erect with her tongue and mouth, kissing and licking it all over in her warm mouth. Indira was making protesting noises, and to shut her up, Nirmala signaled me to kiss her on her lips and mouth, which I did. Indira resisted at first, but under my relentless pressure, soon gave in and opened her mouth to let my tongue in. Nirmala in the meanwhile had got busy down below, burying her head deep between Indira's thighs, who was by now writhing and moaning.

An Indian Princess - Part 4

first-time goinstrong 2018-04-16

While still sucking on her breasts, I slipped a hand between her thighs and found the "sweet spot." Even though she is 42 years old, she was amazingly wet. Stroking for a few moments, to spread her love juice on the external labia, I chose to wait no long - slipping first one, then two fingers inside her. I had never seen a woman flow so much at orgasm, to the point of leaving a wet spot normally from the man seed dripping from a pussy. The difference was that this time, instead of her mouth only, she withdrew slightly and placed her tiny hand at the base of my cock. Sucking and stroking, coupled with the incredible orgasm she'd just had, caused me to completely lose it within a couple of minutes.

Watching her do it

first-time esclaro 2018-04-16

It took just a little maneuvering before the tip of his rock hard cock found the open entrance to Estelle's cunt. My own tension steadily increased with their fucking intensity and when I couldn't hold out any longer, I spewed my seed into Megan's willing cunt. I had witnessed my wife's infidelity in the most graphic manner possible as she took another man's cum into her wanton cunt like a whore. There was no going back and the images in my mind of my wife giving herself to be fucked and used by another man completely would never be erased no matter how much cum I pumped into her afterwards.

Mary Sue in Slut Court

first-time TheWorldSpins 2018-04-16

Mary Sue started to tell me the details of what happened the night she got fucked in the ass, since that's really what the case was about. His thing was pretty big--bigger than Cody's at least--and he told me to strip off my shirt and start...he called it 'slobbin' his knob.' I was glad, 'cause I thought that if he got off that way, he'd leave me and Cody alone. There was no real legal reason to do it, but I told her it was important to see how the things work in case she does end up giving "secret testimony" in the judge's chambers. I was especially happy that the girl looked similar enough to Mary Sue herself--brunette, a bit scrawny, but cute as hell when she's all made up for court.

first time cock sucking

first-time 2018-04-16

.the rain started pelting down and i figured that if i said no he would pull over and let me out and i would get soaking wet and have no chance of being picked up, so i obliged him leaning over and using both hands to unzip,then putting my hand into his opened fly and feeling his warm cock,freeing it from its confines and feeling it getting harder and harder."how old are you boy"he asked , "nearly 14 sir" i replied.

Out on a random persons farm - True Story

first-time 2018-04-16

We came home last week and said they were going out for a ride and did I want to go too? I started laughing and said that someone would see us, but he didnt care. It didnt take long and then there we were, buttnaked in the middle of some random persons farm when any of my partners workmates could arrive. Damn I was dripping wet and just wanted to get fucked so bad I didnt care if they did see. I start making lots of noise (Im quite noisy when I get into it) and he puts his hands by my hips and rolls me to be on the bottom then tells me to get on all fours.

A Brief Encounter (An experience in a new style of

first-time hamstermuddler 2018-04-16

I quickly unbuttoned my short sleeve shirt and slipped it off my teenage torso throwing it over the back of the chair in the corner, keen to know how I looked with my summer tan, I unclipped my trouser waist and pushed down the fly zip with my little finger. Easing my uncut boy dick out through the opening of the Y-fronts I proceeded to wrap my eager fingers around his light pink shaft and wank him, careful not to take him too close to climax as I wanted this 'first time I'd stripped off in a shop' to last. The assistant proceeded to slowly unzip the fly of his suit trousers, and I got a flash of his underwear which were the bright red coloured Jockey Sports briefs with a white contrasting "Y".

Built on a lie.

first-time lofts01 2018-04-16

My cock starts to tingle immediately. Her eyes r closed as I'm rubbing her beautiful feet. Making my way up to her toes were I suck on each toe. SoI place her feet either side & start rubbing up & down my shaft. My hands start to make there way up her thighs towards her pussy. I then start to kiss.up her thigh with my mouth. Making my way with my tongue to her holiest of holes. She starts to writhe & buck against my face.1 hand holding my head against her. I start to fuck her. I've wanted to fuck u for ages Sarah. U like my clock baby? I love u Sarah. I love u too she says back.

The Cleaner

first-time rushman1uk 2018-04-16

I used to work fairly late and often the contract cleaners would begin cleaning the offices while I was still there. I was worried that she might claim that I had sexually harassed her and so, the following day, I waited until everyone else had gone home and found her cleaning in the small kitchen where the executive PAs prepared drinks. Then, one Friday, she said that she would let me have her but, unfortunately, another director was working late and so we agreed to postpone it until the following week, leaving me with an almost permanent erection over the weekend while I imagining doggying her over my desk.

Dreams Of You

first-time Knot_By_Numbers 2018-04-16

Running the loose ends over her shoulders and down her front he quickly tied a serious of knots, above and below her breasts, one on her belly, one at her panty line and finally one just below her aching clit. Running his fingertips along her back and ass he leaned in close and slipped his cock, full length, inside of her. Her hands pulled at the rope that bound her as she pushed her ass backwards against him, trying to feel every inch of him inside her. Breathing deeply, trying to recover himself, he leaned forward to untie her hands, his cock brushing against her cheek.

Hawaiian Holiday

first-time soverysexxx 2018-04-16

Today me and Dylan planned on spending the day eating musabi and watching crappy movies, to keep us distracted from the fact that our loser selves were alone in a college dorm on Christmas Eve. I got to my door and took off my flip flops at my mat. We had never kissed before, seeing the first date went kind of bad; but my lips pressing against his felt amazing. that feels so good!" I moaned as he pumped his finger slowly in and out of me, my wet pussy letting him glide easier with each gentle thrust. "Fuck me Dylan." I said as I looked into his eyes.

The Last Bus Ride

first-time Lakedamon 2018-04-16

I looked around, and--as usual--the closest person to us was six seats away; as seniors, Anne and I had the back of the bus all to ourselves. "Every day on this bus...the two of us alone back here in the back...I've wanted to do this." Anne began inching her skirt up her legs, and I lost coherent thought. She kissed my cheek and--lips so close to my ear that I felt her breath on them--she whispered, "If this is our last bus ride, then this is my last chance." After a few moments of teasing, she pulled my hand away from her hot mouth, still sucking my fingers until they escaped with an audible "pop."

Love and God

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-16

Nancy was a good girl and she went to CHURCH with her parents every Sunday. Nancy's parents liked the new boy and invited him to dinner. Charly Snow came to Nancy's house for dinner. "That was a thoughtful prayer Charly." Said my father. "Would you like to walk Charly home Nancy?" "Do you like Charly?" My mother ask. "You could not find a nicer Christian boy than Charly." He said. Charly had asked my father if he could take me to his farm and meet his mother. "My boy has told me about you Nancy." She said. Charly drove me back home and when I went inside my parents were waiting.

Step Daughter's Doctor Visit

first-time pornstories4ever 2018-04-16

The man moved through the door with confidence and extended a hand, "Hi Dave, John Perkins" He looked at his chart, then at my daughter and said, "You must be Christine." She nodded her head with a weak smile, but didn't make eye contact. He came around the curtain and whispered to me, "By law another adult has to be able to see what's going on, but if you want to close your eyes or look away that's fine." I nodded my head and with a smile he moved back towards my daughter. He looked me back in the eyes for a moment, then moved his mouth close to my ear and barely audibly said, "So, you wanna fuck your daughter?" His words made me moan out loud, sparking tremors throughout my entire body.

Lost my Virginity in Ireland.

first-time Celtlander 2018-04-16

Lydia had one hand wrapped in a knot of my hair as we moved harder together (I had REALLY long hair then, dead straight & Hip length) I had by now pushed her against the door and was starting to lift her dress at the back. I moved up the steps, and with my hand still between silk & flesh I caressed my way around her hip and down to the soft skin where her thigh met her crotch. I slid the shirt from her shoulders and bent to kiss her breasts through the fabric whilst Lydia moved my jeans over my hips and freed my straining cock.


first-time aguynamedchuck 2018-04-16

Then she had glanced up from my cock in time to see that we were passing a big truck and the trucker was grinning as he watched her bobbing her head up and down and as she had her legs open wide enough for him to see every drop of wetness on her hot pussy. The man looked over and then looked away and then his head snapped back as Jamie smiled and licked her lips...she pumped my cock up and down just a couple of times as she watched the biker's mouth drop open and then she jiggled her shoulders too so her heavy tits swayed just enough to drive him nuts.

Fun With A Straight Jamaican Guy At Macys

first-time SexyVanny 2018-04-16

"how come?" he asked i then suddenly look at him in the eyes with a smirk for like 10 seconds as he replies "aahhhhh i get it i knew it i knew it" he then gets close to me and whispers in my ear "vanny im straight and i never done this with someone like you BUT you have a cute face, , juicy lips and a big sexy ass and i will fuck the shit out of you if you let me" suddenly my whole body was on fire him getting so close to me and doing that just turned me on sooo much, so then nervously i start walking as he follows me i grab the shirt from the table and i walk towards the fitting room as i look around there is absolutly nobody around not even employees, i then give him the look to follow me in to the fitting room my heart racing so fast we get there and i go in to the last booth he follows me inside and he grabs me by my arms and pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me...