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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Taking one for the team

first-time dewdrop 2018-04-16

" Is our secret too just us I love the sneaking and naughtiness of what we're doing it's so wrong and that makes so hot." he said " i could not wait to see his body and feel his man cock inside my teen boy pussy I longed to be fucked properly like a good cock lover. " oh coach please fuck my teen hole please fuck your young teen soccer captain till i shoot a load." I said as I humped and twisted my body eagerly awaiting for him to dip his man cock inside my tight round, firm hairless teen ass.

Asian Wife Goes Black

first-time 2018-04-15

Damon was a handsome black guy in his mid thirties. as I watched Damon chatting up my lovely wife the "Yes, it can also look dark and attractive like Damon's wanton lust and desire in her eyes as she eyed Damon's He began to stroke the big black cock firmly now and it experience his big long black cock in you tight married pussy and I want to watch him fucking you too..." I watched as Damon began to thrust in and out of her Thai girls she enjoyed sex immensely and would cum like I watched as Damon rammed forward, thrust his cock deep I watched quietly, touching my cock, as Damon went on to

My First Time With Rachel

first-time LucOuarm 2018-04-15

"Last semester I was going out with a guy for a long time, and I finally got up enough courage to ask him to stay with me," Rachel told me as she worked my pants down. "He looked at me after he got my bra off and walked out, saying 'get yourself a high school boyfriend, little girl.' He was not in my room ten minutes, and he walked out past my roommates. Rachel was snuggled up against me with her pretty face resting against my chest, her long hair spread out over our bare bodies. Rachel climbed back onto the bed, straddled me, and began pumping my hard dick with both her slippery, wet hands.

My First Time Blowing a Friend!!!!!!

first-time hornyboy2424 2018-04-15

I got down on my knees and told him I wanted to finish him off in my mouth and began to lick the tip of his 7 inch rock hard cock. I then began to take the head in my mouth and moved about half way down his shaft in long slow sucks. After a little bit he said he wanted to try this and was down on his knees sucking my cock. His sucking felt so good, but I really wanted his cock back in my mouth so I pulled him up to make out a little bit more. About a minute later he told me he was about to cum, so I started sucking harder and felt his cum shoot into the back of mouth.

Late Night Movies (chapter 13)

first-time oregazm 2018-04-15

The agreement was that when Robbie was old enough to know then… well you know what the agreement was so no… you DON’T have to worry about hiding any of it anymore.” Daddy finished but Chris had already taken his jersey off, his shoes were already kicked across the room and he was walking toward mommy with a tent pitched in his sweats. A slap caught my attention and when I turned back to look at mommy’s big ass bent over, her pale cheek was already starting to get pink. I didn’t want our afternoon of movies to be interrupted and it was already looking like it was going to be cut short by Chris and his dumbass friends.

How to suck pussy

first-time mrchocolatedick 2018-04-15

now start kissing and sucking her feet, work your way up to her legs, then her thighs, ur building up the tension in her pussy and clit making u want to suck her clit hard so bad, but dont suck her pussy just yet. now move to her neck, start licking, sucking and kissing her neck, females love this. now place ur hands on her tits and play with them, while u kiss ur way down to her pussy.DO NOT SUCK HER PUSSY JUST YET. if u are into licking the ass hole u can start licking her ass hole and work ur way up to her pussy, now gently lick her pussy up to her clit and back down to her ass hole several times.

Man on Fire

first-time AffairOfTheArt 2018-04-15

"Whoa there, you okay?" He asked me, and all I could think was, 'Damn you're cute.' Good looking in a hunky nerd kinda way, so cute it took me a moment to respond and I swear I squeaked a little when I finally answered him. "This." He told me squeezing my hand, "This is solid, real." I nodded slowly, waiting for him to elaborate, determined not to blush as a good looking stranger I'd just met and didn't even the know the name of held my hand. "Look at where I'm pointing, follow the invisible line we're tracing on the piece, I think you'll get it." I nodded, flushed by his nearness and touch, as well as the underlying excitement in his voice, the man liked his art.

Wrong glory hole :(:(

first-time alcapoony 2018-04-15

We only used the glory holes by ourselves, wanting the risk of having sex in there but never wanting anyone else to join in, Between our house and the store I gave Dave a quick blowjob making sure he didn't blow his load to quick, we pulled up in the car park and went into the store, there were a few people in there but it was relatively empty for a Saturday night. As I came down from my orgasm I risked opening the other trap, out popped another cock, this one definitely white, as this processed in my head I felt the penis inside me push deep and stiffen and before I could do anything it emptied the entire contents from his balls into my awaiting womb.

Big Cock Bigger Orgasms for Her

first-time 425olds 2018-04-15

I said that my wife had this long time fantasy of being taken by a young man with a huge cock and if anyone wanted to help her out with her fantasy to contact me. A few seconds later he f***ed the head of his big cock against the wet lips of my wife's throbbing pussy. He held tightly onto her ass with his strong hands and began to ram his cock hard up into her causing my wife to scream out again into another powerful orgasm just minutes later. Chris pounded his cock hard into her for the next few minutes sending my wife into another earth shattering orgasm.  Chris now had his cock pointed directly down at my wife's ass and began to stroke hard on it.

Dangerous teen girl, has her ass opened

first-time 2018-04-15

I lay bent across the hard wooden desk, my bare ass high my long legs wide open and my cunt throbbing in anticipation, my crinkly pale pink butt-hole, winking at his cock as it touched it, with the lightest of initial contact, like a heat seeking missile it pressed home, pushing hard against the unyielding entrance, 'Your asshole is stretching', he said, and I could visualise those little soft skin crinkles, being pushed smooth, and I reached back and grabbed my bum cheeks, pulling them apart, and wriggled my bum as he pushed hard into it.

The Lodge with Coby Ch. 02

first-time innocentemily87 2018-04-15

With that, Coby got up from his seat and once again picked up Emma and slung her over his shoulder in the most barbaric way possible. She started to kiss him back and he slowly began rubbing his hands on her arms again, each time bringing him closer to her breasts. He slowly started moving his finger up and down, trying to get her to enjoy the sensation. When he felt that she was now moving her hand along, he slowly took his hand away and rolled off of her. Then, the first day, I had to see you walking towards my locker, looking at me but holding hands with some slut you were with at the time.

Polish cleaner part 1

first-time crbigboy 2018-04-15

I arrived at work this morning very early 6am it was quite thought I d get some work done before the office filled up. Hung up my coat went into the canteen to find the polish cleaner laid on the table with her hand down her jeans . I told her i was in early to catch up on paper work. I asked if she did this often she replied daily I began to tell me how shes always horny and masturbated 3 times a day. Began to undo her jeans and slide out of them she had onsome silky white knickers she pulled them over to one side before begining to ru her clit .

fishing with dad

first-time 2018-04-15

My dad then made his way down to his knees in front of me undoing my trousers then he pulled my trousers and pants down releasing my 7 inch hard cock out to the night air. It stood there rock hard around 9 inches " Son put it in your mouth and suck me" i don't know what came over me but i just dropped to my knees and started to lick and suck my dads cock. Dad then pulled me up and started to lick his cum from my face then kissed me spitting his cum back into my mouth " Swollow it son swollow it" I did what he asked and it tasted hot and salty but i like it.

A Teacher-Pupil Relationship

first-time kate2005blue 2018-04-15

Laura taught the rest of the lesson, Alex seemed to avoid eye contact and the others busied around not realising the disappointed ache their teacher felt. Alex moved across the room until he was standing directly in front of Laura, he put out his hands and slipped them underneath the books to take the load. Laura stood sorting through some work books, her back to the door of the room, her mind deep in thought. The door to the store room was open, Laura could see as she reached the top of the stairs that Alex had already gone in.

Our First Time Ch. 01

first-time allitnil 2018-04-15

Now that she'd heard all about it from him and read about it on-line it didn't take too long before the question, "Have you ever had anal sex?", came floating my way by way of email. Pretty soon we were talking by phone, which is always a bit weird after purely on-line exchanges, but our common ground of extreme horniness served us well and before long we were exchanging pillow talk and I was pounding on my cock with some lube and she was giving her pussy a healthy rubbing too, till her noisy groaning orgasms came over the phone loud and clear. Just like smokers I'd heard rumors about lapsed Catholics and lets just say I was hoping to receive the full force of her reaction to kissing that guilt goodbye and hopefully make full use of the time before guilt came a knock, knock, knocking on the door again.

The First Time I Shared Myself with My Husband and

first-time PornMom 2018-04-15

Having imagined something of the like many times it now hardly seemed real - here I was with half my breasts exposed and my skirt pulled up for Greg to gaze at. Greg then moved both his hands onto my tits and easing the zipper down, pulled on my bra and both tits spilled out and he at once began to lick and suck my nipples. Kneeling up, my husband put his cock in front of my face and at once I took it into my mouth and sucked away while Greg continued to probe every last part of my pussy with his tongue.

Started with a Follow! ;)

first-time bocachula69 2018-04-15

He tells me to walk towards him, i did exactly that But when i saw him standing right there looking so damn sexy. I had this tingling feeling shoot right from my legs all the way up my back and i got so nervous never in my life i felt like that meeting someone. So he gets on top of me again and fucks me then he tells me turn around and I do as i was told. I started grinding while he fucked me and I told him im about to cum and he tells me 'I Love You' that made me climax even more faster so i told him I love him 2 while cumming all of his dick.

The Conception of Salome

first-time 13932956 2018-04-15

They did it in traditional style, tails, white dress, quaint little church, confetti, horseshoes and a reception in the local hotel for family and friends followed by a disco in the village hall for the younger guests; university friends, Richard's rugby team mates and Allison's work colleagues. Propped up on my arms looking down to her navel I saw that she had the most erotic front and pussy I have ever seen, with her little ginger landing strip slick with juice and sweat topping a subtly curved mound, perfectly formed pelvis and hips, girlishly smooth thigh tops and her pussy stretched in a snug fitting circle round my cock.

The Train

first-time little_donna 2018-04-15

I wanted to ask him if he enjoyed my present this morning when he stared into my cabin window, but thought better of it. Ben said it was nice and I asked him if he wanted to come in for a minute. What do you think?" I asked, slowly removing my hands and allowing my breasts to fall free. "Pinch my nipples, Ben." He looked into my eyes and moved his hands to the perky buttons on the end of my breasts. I pushed on his head and told him to eat my cunt as hard as he could and when I felt his teeth scrape my clit I exploded like a volcano that had waited centuries to erupt.

Stranger with sexy Cindy BBW

first-time 2018-04-15

You start thrusting your hips again then I run my mouth down your stomach to your pussy. All the sudden you start shaking again and you cumming hard and I'm licking and sucking you dry.
When you open your eyes again you beg me to fuck you hard. I start by taking the tip of my hard cock and running it along your wet slit. You start kissing me deeply again, I grab your ass with one hand and use my other hand to guide my cock into your dripping pussy. You start shaking again and you collapse on and your pussy starts to milk my cock dry. We start making out again and you break away telling me we will finish this when you get off work later......

What a Bitch!

first-time CamillaHumby 2018-04-15

When she was nude, she frowned at my random piles of clothing and said, "You need to fold your things neatly before you join me", then she turned and walked away, then I heard the shower start. With this, she lay back on the bed and parted her legs and said, "Kiss my pussy and don't stop until I tell you to." This matter-of-factly, not mean or imperious, just taking for granted my compliance. I backed off, but still focused where she'd pointed and she said, "Yes, that's right, use the surface of your tongue, rub, yes, yes, rub, now suck it. She could tell, because suddenly she said goodbye, hung up, and took my cock into her mouth and sucked, hard.

me n my young niece

first-time 2018-04-15

when we got back home me n ellie wnet up stairs n she said are u ready for sex n i said not yet lets wait to my mum n dad go to bed. after my mum n dad went bed me n ellie got naked every quick n started to hav sex for 2 hours i came in her pussy n in her month as well. its been 4 years when i shagged ellie it was coming her 16 birthday i went down to her party and sum drinks n on the night when every one went to bed me n ellie stayed up n started to fuck eachother again we did it for 3 hours n 20minutes n i came in her pussy two twice n on her body.

Too alike to be different

first-time 2018-04-15

For some reason they did via this site , as time went on and our conversations became more diverse I realized that we may talk differently , live differently ,(after all I can't skin a deer ) that we were actually even more similar than I hoped for .we both think we are less than we are , both , have spouses who put us down and both care more about our c***dren than anything else In the world.. As my feelings grow by the day for this girl who is different in so many ways, I sence a feeling we will forever hold a love for each other which can never be told

Terry And Me

first-time espeteroh 2018-04-15

"No, you found the spot and actually it feels good it's just a little sore." As I started rubbing her shoulder again it became apparent that her bikini bra strap was in the way so she reached up and pulled it from her shoulder. "Tastes funny," she said pausing and then continued, "but I kinda like it." She stared at my cock, stroked it a couple of times and then asked, "Would you like me to shave my pussy for you?" As I looked at her naked body beneath me the little hardness my cock had lost was quickly regained as I considered that not only did I have a very young girl wanting to have sex with me but she was a virgin as well.