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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Janine Ch. 01

first-time coldsteel 2018-04-15

John's muscular body was stronger—and his cock far larger-- than those the French boys who had shared my bed, and there were moments that I thought he might crash through my slender 5'5" frame. I must have blushed ten shades of red when I told him that Stephen was the child of an old friend who had arrived in Paris less than 24 hours earlier. The bistro owner came and shared a glass of wine with us, needling me by asking Stephen about all of the girls he must have left behind. Stephen pulled my hips into his face, and I felt my pussy tense with pleasure.

First Timer from the Chat Line

first-time faggyboi 2018-04-15

You sound just like a woman.” The voice chuckled and then continued, “Honestly, I listened to your greeting five or six times and you got my dick on hard. “Oh, I’m pretty good, Daddy. “What do you mean, daddy,” the one who sounded like a woman inquired demurely. Upon hearing the knock, Sage opened up and smiled, “Hello, daddy! “You got a real nice ass,” the older gentleman announced then took a swig. Don smacked Sage’s commodious derriere and ordered, “Go get Daddy another beer and then bend that ass over!” “Yes, daddy,” cooed Sage as he sashayed out the door with his booty bouncing. “Oh, I love it, daddy,” Sage shared exasperated. “I’m your woman, daddy,” Sage reassured his master.

" Patti cake"

first-time nice_n_naughty 2018-04-15

Today I woke up like usual, naked and with my cock hard as steel and horny as all hell. She was moaning more then before licked my fingers with a mixture chocolate frosting and pussy juices on it. Mmm, very tasty, went back to fingering her chocolate covered pussy, then I let her sample her chocolate juices. She sucked more vigorously as I started to lick her sweet chocolately pussy. Mmm, awesome, I moved to the edge of the bed with my legs over the side with feet on floor, she started fucking me. I kissed and licked her ass, then I stuck my cock into her wet pussy.

I Had My First Lesbian Experience

first-time purice 2018-04-15

The two of us kissing, hugging, sl**ping together, taking showers together, or anything else is common. So yes, our relationship was borderline ****** and we did get romantic sometimes; our deep love for each other really paid off on a special night. I rubbed Julia's back and set my head on her shoulder while she rubbed my back and butt and kissed my neck. Julia couldn't stop kissing my neck. When we got in, I pulled Julia in for a passionate kiss. After rolling around the bed for a while, Julia resumed kissing my neck and also licked my nipples. "Good morning, sunshine," she said with a smile on her face.

Merry and the Guards

first-time slapnuts69 2018-04-15

One day I got the sense that Lisa wanted to talk to Merry about other stuff, so I excused myself and did some laps. After about an hour Merry comes out and says, "Ok time for the real thing, we need you in here." I go in and Lisa is on the bed surrounded by a bunch of sex toys, and sucking on one. Merry said "I have been teaching Lisa how to suck cock using these dildos, but there is no replacement for the real thing to get the feedback and directions." "So you need to lose the shorts." Merry told her the signs to look for and right as I was starting blast she took her mouth off and jacked me off onto her tits and face.

Mowing Mrs. Peterson's Lawn

first-time billy69boy 2018-04-15

To make things even more difficult, Mrs. Peterson bent down and took her tongue to the head of my cock each time it popped up above her mounds, and I just couldn't hold back any longer. She felt my legs tense up and heard my breathing turn into gasping, and she continued to pump my stiff manhood and lick my cock head until I exploded on her face, in her mouth and down her sweaty tits. My strokes became faster and more intense, and I felt that familiar clenching up of my legs, and before I knew it, Mrs. Peterson was leaning over the picnic table and wrapping her steaming hot lips around my girth and eagerly swallowing my load as it gushed forth.

Kim and Alex - ch.1

first-time j19 2018-04-15

“Shhh, keep it down, baby, I don’t want anyone to catch us and find out what a little slut you are.” He slipped calling Kim a slut in seamlessly, she was in too much ecstasy to protest, but for good measure, Alex moved his hand from under Kim’s shirt and over her mouth, offering his other middle finger for her to suck on while he continued fucking her little pussy with his now two fingers. You can do it, be a good girl and cum for me, you little slut.” Alex began to furiously fuck Kim’s pussy, even slipping in a third finger now that she was wet and relaxed.


first-time Pri11 2018-04-15

"Wow!" she interrupts, "Yes, I would like that much better." and pours out some of her coffee into the sink. but I need to watch it, uh a bit closer." then turn to walk with her back to the living room, " ... "Oh, yes." I laugh lightly, and notice her slight, 'take charge,' attitude, feeling the pressure of her hand guiding me to my Living room. "Unh hunh." she says, "Isn't that hot?" She hands me my coffee cup, "Now, drink up," indicating that I should drink with a nod of her head, " ... "Would you like another cup of coffee?" I laugh lightly.. I turn my face up to her and lightly laugh, "Yes," while testing the water's heat, " ...

His First Time Almost Wasn't Pt. 02

first-time nortythorts 2018-04-15

Each time she pressed on one or other of the car pedals his eye was drawn to the way the muscle of her leg or thigh tensed. All the time he was painfully conscious that the legs and breasts he had wanted to touch for a long time were just inches from his hand. Nevertheless, he raised his hand once more, and this time he placed his hand just below the hem of her skirt, and stroked her inner thigh, thrilling in the warmth and softness of her skin. She had felt flattered when, the first time she had offered him a lift to college she had noticed his eyes resting on her breasts and on her legs.

The Night My Cherry was Eaten

first-time exploding_grapes 2018-04-15

I turned my head to look at him and he planted one on my lips, running his tongue along mine, I responded and lifted my arm and placed it around his neck to bring his lips fully over mine. I took off the seat belt and leaned over, placing my eager lips over his, he lifted his hand and cupped my face and he slid his delicious tongue into my hot mouth. I suddenly felt a feeling of impatience swoop over me, I grabbed his head and brought it closer to my body placing the nipple fully into his mouth. He started to make those hot little noises when hes getting close, I sensed his body tensing and he quickly pulled me off and kissed me deeply before speaking.

"Off the Planet Sexxxxxx"....

first-time MasterPerv 2018-04-15

the second and third were Always the "Cardio fucks"....Long hard fucking in every position...Fucking each other like we were trying to crawl inside the others body...usually it ended with her legs over my shoulders and me pumping cummmmmm deep inside her tummmy as she gasped begged screammmmmmmed and came hard..... I was fingering her so fucking deep inside her tummy...up past her cervix...on her A spot and she was soaking wett and orgasmmmmming over and over...then I pulled out the black cock (that I bought that day on the way to meet her)... Omg...Omfg....Oh Shit....Oh Fuck....Fuuuuuuck Baby....then.....her eyes rolled back in her head and fluttered like she was possessed!!

A Taste for Christmas Cake

first-time taiyakisoba 2018-04-15

The party was much later than most other Japanese companies', since we have a lot of foreigners at our office, and this year it happened to fall on Christmas eve. I asked the guy locking up the ticket office and he told me there was a little family-run izakaya just down the street open til late. "Oh, but you're not old," he said, taking a long drink of his beer and looking at me over it. I ran my eye over the menu and chose a few things I thought a foreigner might like: a selection of yakitori, fried chicken and a seafood salad. The mama-san smiled and kept pouring until the sake filled the little box as well up to the rim, then did the same for my drink.

The Lake House Lessons 01

first-time JayDavid 2018-04-15

I looked out my window to our pool and could see Sarah, home from college, and three of her friends, Ariel, Beth and Cara, standing outside the pool in their bathing suits, drinking beers and laughing. She was a lot like our mom, and after Mom died a few years before, Sarah really tried to be there for me, even checking in on me regularly from college, which was especially helpful because Dad had reacted to Mom's death by throwing himself into his law practice and rarely was home. I told her that I would do that and texted Fred that I was going to the lake house over the weekend with Sarah, Beth, Cara and Ariel.

Bill & Mousey Ch. 04

first-time FurLove 2018-04-15

Mousey has been claiming the furs of her Mom's that she wants and since the Mausoleum is going to be gifted in the near future she has been tagging and having the staff pack her Mom's things that will be moved to a yet to be determined location. That evening we were on our new couch making out like teenagers that we were only a few short years ago when I finally had Mousey totally nude. I just had these visions of you like this." I put the blindfold back on her fondling her for a moment in the Lynx before going for the full length golden Sable lined tan lambskin leather also with integral hood, red and yellow embroidery.

Wrong Locker Room

first-time Philcollins87 2018-04-15

As he turned around to walk back to the shower, Jessica caught a glimpse of her first black cock in the flesh. As Damien soaped his flawless body, Jessica noticed that he was paying a lot of attention to his cock. His cock continued to grow right before Jessica's eyes, and she could not look away from Damien masturbating. Then she put her finger in her mouth and tasted Damien's spunk.It wasn't as if she fully enjoyed the creamy, salty solution as it coated her tongue, but she felt her pussy stir anxiously as she tasted cum for the first time. As Adam turned and walked toward the showers, Jessica got a perfect view of his narrow tan rear end.

Diary of a New Relationship

first-time animalintros 2018-04-14

I'd logged onto my PC at home, and checked my email, my inbox contained a message telling me that someone was trying to contact me from the personals website I'd registered with a month before, and through which I'd met the girl I'd let down that day. I texted her by way of a thank you for having enjoyed chatting with her, and told her that I was looking forward to seeing her in the flesh, and having received similar sentiment by return, went off to sleep, my head full of very pleasing, very positive thoughts about the week ahead.

Anymore? Ch. 01

first-time Tangledskein 2018-04-14

Opening my mouth wide, I slipped the head between my lips and sucked; my tongue, continuing to play with the bottom part of the shaft. Thoughts that he might be just too large were replaced with; “God get it in me!” Ever more slowly he edged forward as the head of his penis, unguided by human hand, pushed its way between my eager and hungry lips and slid down the very wet cleft into my vagina. As I writhed upon his manhood, he quickly withdrew; my feeling of loss and emptiness immediately replaced by wonder as with a hand on his cock, he rubbed the shaft back and forth for no more than four times before it erupted with white, hot, sticky come.

A Crash Course In Losing Virginity

first-time andros14 2018-04-14

Not wanting to cum to soon, Brandon moved down my body, making me release his throbbing cock. With that, he reached one of his hands down to position his cock at the entrance to my dripping pussy. He lightly kissed me as he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy for the first time. With a quick intake of breath, he closed his eyes and started pistoning his cock in and out of my pussy. Right before my pussy stopped convulsing, Brandon let out a long sigh as he buried his cock deep in my pussy. And since it’s a true story (personal experience with my boyfriend), I really want to know what people think.

Finally, My First Tranny!!!

first-time 2018-04-14

After having my cock and balls fondeled by my doctor and having her shove a finger up my ass, my cock got so hard just talking to this woman. She continued to suck my cock when I reached down her shirt and started to fondle her tits. Juat as I was going to cum I pulled out of her ass, pulled off the rubber and shot my load all over her cock. I pulled out of her mouth and began to suck my own cum off of her cock. She put her small cock in my ass but I felt nothing so I told her to stop. I pumped my cock in and out of her for about 15 minutes when I shot my load deep into her ass.

Chap. III - Bio love - "Pregnant and Hot

first-time 2018-04-14

Back to my beautiful Italian girlfriend, I explain the situation, I told her that number, it's a good whore he's having a desire to decompress, I arrange the matter short, not without some tears and wipe cajoling on my shoulder. I had a hard time understanding the attitude of Thierry because I have always found beauty in pregnancy in a woman, it may be stupid but I think this belly disproportionate lot of beauty. Mikaela is on the couch, naked and sublime with his round belly, his legs slightly apart and her breasts are swollen nipples are erect bistre brown, curly hair cascading down his shoulders. She turned to me smiled at me, she looks at me and gently deposited a kiss on my lips "It was too good, you is love, I never took my foot like that"

Nicky Gets It On His 18th

first-time Cumfusion 2018-04-14

I had never seen him like this before and with Brenda now running her hands over his beautiful big smooth buttocks I was getting dizzy with excitement. "Look Nicky, I know never said this when you were under age but I've always wanted to fuck you and it's partly because I really like you, in fact we both care about you right?" I wasn't going to be derailed by his immature ideas about manhood. "OK Nicky boy here's your birthday present and like it or not you're going to fucking get it!" I said grabbing his ankles and pushing his legs right back. Then I felt Brenda coming up my asshole and right up inside me, she started to pump my bottom with this huge tube like strap-on.


first-time 2018-04-14

“Hey honey, we were just getting started.” the husband pulled his clothes off to expose his tight body and hard cock. I was on my knees and jerking my cock while licking her ass and pussy while she sucked her husbands cock. I wasn't sure what she meant until she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it onto her husbands cock. We bounced his cock back and forth between our mouths and licked eachothers faces in between. Then her husband got up and jerked his cock towards our faces. She leaned back and whispered “I want you to cum in my ass.” this put me over and soon I cried out in extacy as I began to cum inside her sweet asshole.

The Hottest Day Ever

first-time kinkykezzer 2018-04-14

Grabbing my wash and cloth i start to rub my soft skin, circular motions, closing my eyes as i felt my hands sweep across my body. So exotic, the aroma's, the touch, the sensations, moving towards the front i rub smoothly to place my fingers in between my lips to wash. I start to move my fingers in a circular motion as a moan escapes my lip's, tingling and throbbing. His hands moving across my buttock's he lifts me from under the water and plant's a kiss right on my lip's. With a cheeky grin and a wink he slowly inserts his fingers into my turned on pussy, swirling round and round making me grind at his hip's, god i want this man i want him inside me.

The Virgin

first-time Clohi 2018-04-14

Looking down, Joey watched as Professor Marks, gently slid her hand up inside the leg of his shorts. Joey watched, his breathing quick, as Professor Marks opened her lips and her tongue flicked across the tip of his virgin cock. Looking back down, he watched as Professor Marks sucked every last drop of cum from his cock, her mouth red and swollen. Joey stopped sucking her breasts and watched as Professor Marks pushed her skirt up higher. Opening her legs, Professor Marks guided Joey's hard cock to her pussy lips and pushed him inside her. Pushing her breasts back into her bra and buttoning her blouse, Professor Marks looked at Joey and licked her lips.