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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

College Coed's First Time

first-time NoName1 2018-04-14

Greg was nervous and excited at touching Lisa's body like this for the first time. Now more emboldened, Greg's hands found their way back to Lisa's breasts but this time he began to explore them. Having a half-naked girl lying snuggled up next to him was too much; soon Greg's hands began to roam Lisa's body under the covers. This time it was Greg thinking, "Please don't stop." Lisa's hand slowly explored down beneath his pants. Her fingers reached the tip of Greg's hard cock which twitched at Lisa's touch. But instead, Lisa took her free hand and rubbed her fingers over her cunt, covering it with her body's own natural lubrication.

Kelly Ch. 05

first-time Balrog 2018-04-14

The days dragged by in school when all I wanted was to spend time with Kelly. I pictured her: a full six feet tall, she was built like a runway model with incredibly long legs, world-class tush, slim waist, and a nice chest. "Amanda Burke, saying that you're only a girl is like calling the Mona Lisa only a painting, or a Ferrari only a car," I said. "Justin," she said, pulling back, "I noticed you long ago, and I have wanted to be with you for a long time. "She never needs to know," Amanda said, "What happens here stays between us." She dropped her terrycloth robe. "I needed to know that you're not a jerk," Kelly said, sobbing.


first-time xtcnymphette 2018-04-14

I had left it far too long before transforming it was true but it had been worth it to meet a man so sweet and loving that I had spent every waking moment with him in the last hours milking his delicious cock day and night and revelling in his closeness. It was this scent and the feel of the satin butterfly panties that urged him to shred his distorted cock and finally cum in huge hot spurts. 'Mmmmmm what a lovely big old cock.' She cooed and reached down cross-armed to the hem of her dress and peeled it over her head leaving her wearing the signature while silk bra and panties with tiny butterflies all over them.


first-time SensualSabrina 2018-04-14

The hunter almost left had he not seen the smile on the man's face as he put out his tongue placing it on the front of the woman's body. The man then took his tongue and lowered his face down her body until he reached between where her legs met. The hunter, continued watching as the other commenced to lick the woman until there was fluid dripping down her legs. He wanted to put something inside of her, he reached up and placed a finger in her. Her thighs tightened, the opening closed on his fingers and her chest came forward. In, out, faster, harder he lost control, he kept sucking on her nipple, he placed both hands on her hips, plunging himself in and out.

Like Clock Work (part 1)

first-time 2018-04-14

I walked over to my window and saw the men working on the apartment, in and out,through the door they went. The man turned and looked towards my door, I wasnt sure if he saw my drooling over his hot rock hard body. Soon a man about her height came out in a black shirt and black pants, She grabbed him and kissed while wrapping one of her legs around him, he was shocked at first but then ,slid his hand to her but and up her skirt. "oh nat" she said grabbing my hair in her hands, began to lick her faster, and slid a finger in and then another one.

Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 01

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-04-14

The way she says it stirs the boy on a primal level as he sits on the bed, his attention fixed on his cock, his mind numbed by the speed of the woman's seduction. "After all, they've all been through it themselves." Bryony kisses his throat, her tongue running up over his jaw until she finds his mouth and, after pressing her lips against Adam's, Bryony asks, "I don't want to rush you, but do you think you'll be taking the room?" Then she chuckles again when all he can do is gawp and let out an inarticulate croak. The image comes to mind of Mrs Baxter's large breasts, her teats long and thick, her eyes gleaming with an intensity Adam has never seen in a woman's expression before.

Sexily Ever After Ch. 02

first-time easyballs 2018-04-14

Simon was watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy and groaned "You look so fucking sexy from where I stand my little slut!" and then momentarily said "I love watching my cock disappear inside your wet cunt!" Jillian was also thinking of the big cum load she wanted to feel being deposited in her pussy and deep inside her womb, she truly loved the feeling of being filled to overflowing. As Simons thrusts to meet Jillian's became more aggressive, he was really ramming it into her welcoming cunt, and in what seemed like seconds later he erupted he pulled Jillian down hard onto his cock, it punched through her cervix and began flooding her womb with shot after shot of his hot fertile cum.

pt4 my niece and friend stay over

first-time 2018-04-14

I position my slicked up cock in the opening of jades tight virgin hole and push forward so the helmet of my cock just enters her hole jade lets out a moan as i do this she is clearly shocked by the intrusion of my big purple end entering her are you ok i ask yes but i don't think its all going to fit inside of me it will i tell her as i push a little deeper just stopping short of her hymen i wait for a couple of seconds so she gets the feel of my cock stretching her before i pull out to tip again i push forward then back building a steady rythum i tell you this girl was very tight even for a virgin she was tight i just hoped i would fully enter her and bring her off before i blow what i knew would be a huge load maybe i should have been wearing a condom but i had not planed to be in the bathroom with my hot niece and her friend and i was to horny to stop now so what ever happens happens now .


first-time b4dbo3 2018-04-14

I know could not hold any longer I screamed I am cumin,,,, she did not stop and started sucking even harder , with in no time I exploded in her mouth I kept on fucking her butt even harder she cum tooo harder than before she sat on my face with her juicy pussy rubbed it all over my face and sucked me dry till the last drop , I was so tired that would not even tell her how it felt she lay beside me all I could do was to hug her curvy body and kiss her beautiful face we both didn’t realize when we fell asl**p

My Very First Pussy

first-time duke0467 2018-04-14

She let me have a really good look as she walked over to me and took hold of my cock and just squeezed it a little. With my mouth over that nubbin and my fingers moving in and out of her honey hole I began to suck and use my lips to nibble on her clit. I may have just fucked a real woman, but just then I was a teenaged boy that knew he was going to have to explain thing somehow when he got home. As I was riding home composing my story for my mother ( I wasn't going to tell her I had been fucking an older woman!) I thought I didn't get to fuck her ass.

My Heart is Beating..

first-time Bisexlover 2018-04-14

Hi, this is not a story. I wish it was a story. its about a girl. A girls who is average looking,but cute. I don't know when my feeling for her turned into love from friendship. It was too painful. But it was much more painful wen that guy cheated on her. Ohh...what a pain i felt. Now I seldom meet her, even occasionally call her..."out of sight, out of mind"...She is again happy with another guy.I am trying to forget her..but believe me whenever I try, I find her story may not be interesting to many people but guys sometimes you just cannot think about ugly sex with the person you love.

Making the First Move

first-time __Lisa__ 2018-04-14

"Just a couple more steps and you're there." Ryan slid his arm around Sophie's waist and nudged the taxi door closed. "I just want it to be with you." She placed soft kisses across his cheek, working her way towards his mouth. She slipped her hands beneath the sheets, closing her eyes as she recalled the way he'd looked at her in the dim light. "I appreciate that." She wanted to laugh at his humour, but the idea of finally being close to him in this way had her fingers trembling as she reached out to unfasten his shirt buttons. I've wanted you from the moment we met and...well..." She looked into his eyes and moistened her lower lip.

Our first leading to many adventures 1

first-time wifeandhim 2018-04-14

His tongue invaded my mouth and I was sucking it loving the new sensation I was receiving, his hands were stroking my breasts and my nipples were on fire, then he stroked my legs, I felt movement to my left and noticed Dave was there kissing my ear saying is that nice darling, I murmured yes, he looked at Alan and said this is our first time be gentle with her, I then felt my legs being pulled apart and I could feel Alan blowing cool air on my wet pussy, I remember saying O god that’s nice as I arched my back wanting contact.


first-time historycup 2018-04-14

Jessica and Chase went to the same high school before he dropped out his sophomore year. Jessica came over almost every week from then on just to talk to my aunt until Chase dropped out, and then they lost connection. By her senior year in high school, Jessica got over her deadbeat father and was prepared to study in college. The next day, my aunt called Jessica and told her that if she ever needed anything that she could call her. The next morning Jessica got up and took a long shower to try and wash away the hangover but most importantly the pain of her dead mother. I got a call from my aunt and she said she wanted to take me to dinner to meet someone.

The Seduction of Keith

first-time pghpa 2018-04-14

I met my wife Megan in church youth group, finally getting the nerve to ask her out my junior year of high school. I tried getting a better response by asking how they liked the leaders, hoping maybe for more information about Kelly but this time all I got were eyes rolling like, "Dad, why are you even bothering to ask?" Even so, I just hoped I wasn't as obvious and looked so pitiful as some of these guys who couldn't help but turn their heads and stare as the best ass in church made its way past them. She wasn't a dumb blonde by any means and I already heard enough griping about how Kelly was dressed that night or what she would wear to church.

The Interview with Eric

first-time loloishorny 2018-04-14

I walk in the very enormous office, look around and see Eric sitting in his chair facing the wall of windows. As I'm standing there with the sun bouncng off my chest, Eric comes behind me, grabs my waist and tells me that I make his office brighter. Touching me gently on my stomach, he turns me around and looks into my eyes, tells me he wants me to lighen his office. Eric, lifts me to my feet, looks in my eyes and says to me, that he wants to take me to the couch and fuck me. I look up to Eric as he smiles and tells me that I have the job to redecorate all his offices.

You've Been Chumderstruck

first-time bigguyforyou 2018-04-14

"So before this game thing gets started, you said you have clothes for me?" Chum asked. "I'm afraid not friend, all else I have are compression shorts, and those are on me right now!" Chum was visibly upset with Tylor's choice in underwear, but did not wish to offend his friend, so he picked a pair of briefs that were the most conservative. Tylor was anxious to see what he might look like in his new apparel, but Chum wanted it to be a surprise. Tylor pulled down his compression shorts to reveal his not small, but more average penis, to which Chum knew to put his body on display.

For the Very First Time Ch. 01

first-time PrincessErin 2018-04-14

Amber looked out her bedroom window and saw the big orange moving truck along with movement next door. Amber didn't normally care about what was happening in the neighborhood, but her mother was driving her crazy with all the talk about why the house had remained empty for so long. "So who's the family next door?" Amber sat down at the dinner table and grinned at her father. Amber's mother knew everything that went on in the neighborhood and even though they had only just moved in, father and daughter knew she would have a long detailed story to tell. Quinn walked the few steps to the swing and sat down next to Amber. "I'm coming Dad." Quinn got up quickly and turned to face Amber.

Spanking School #4: Jennifer and Jessica -1

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-04-14

Spanking School is the name my students use for my exclusive Erotic Education Enterprise for fresh well-bred virgins of some social standing. You guess correctly that the next nicely naughty erotic episodes will be all devoted to dear slender sexy sweet tender tasty teens getting spanked severely to prepare them properly to learning love and lust in pain and pleasure. Jessica is first for intimate inspection in front of her future cute classmates, pretty Petra and tasty Tamara. Jessica is indeed still a virgin, but I spank her butt anyway, as a reward for the burning bush she sports to help to hide her hot hymen from bad men trying to take her.

Computer Based Seduction

first-time The_Trouvere 2018-04-14

"I know, as only a wife can, how good that feels, Nancy," Mrs. Henderson said. "Nancy, you looked so beautiful when you had your orgasm," Mrs. Henderson said. Mrs. Henderson opened the package, unwrapped one of the condoms, walked over to her husband, kissed him on the lips, and said, "It's finally happening, Dear. "And I love you too," he said as Mrs. Henderson affectionately covered her husband's penis with the condom. Mrs. Henderson sat on the edge of the bed, took one of my hands in hers, kissed it, looked at me with an expression of kindness and affection, and said, "You're doing very well, Dear. "We trust you enough to know that you will not accuse Ralph of rape, Nancy," Mrs. Henderson said.

Wifes first threesome

first-time Sirpur8675309 2018-04-14

A few months after I returned home a friend of mine happened to get stationed at the same place. I then took her head and placed it in front of his cock. I told her I wanted to fuck her soaked cunt while she sucked him off. I rubbed the head of my cock on her lips and teased her until she pulled me inside her. I suggested he rub his cock on her slit and use her juices for lube. When I returned I seen her on her knees, he was forcing her head back and forth on his cock. I told him to swap and fuck my wifes cunt. Telling him too fuck my wifes pussy. I fucked her again this time cumming inside her pussy.

Kinky girl gets an anal surprise

first-time 2018-04-14

She runs her hand over my now rock hard cock in my pants, she smiles and looks up at me greedily. Yet again I began to slide my cock out but this time it fell out, I quickly grabbed hold of it to put it back in but before I could realise it, it went in the wrong hole. I looked at her, one hand squeezed and back of the couch, to the point that I'm sure she could rip it open and the other I discovered was between her legs as she rubbed and finger fucked her pussy.

Finding Erin

first-time Nellskitchen 2018-04-14

That was months ago and now at long last I was sitting with her and felt, just as Erin did, that our unexpected comfort bathed us like the morning sun streaming in through a window, not only warming our acquaintance but deepening it frighteningly by virtue of the emotional dependency it generated; a dependency based on what each knew of the darkest thoughts and longings of the other. Like school girls hotly exchanging X-rated dreams, she took me ever deeper into her private visions, finally coming to rest one day a week ago when she offhandedly admitted her fascination with double penetration and bondage.

Learning Curve

first-time Sidereal_Void 2018-04-14

It was not long before the moving van returned with more boxes and James left Lana to her room for some time while he helped her parents unload the remainder of their belongings. Before learning that James lived in the village to which she was moving, Lana had been so upset by the prospect of not getting to see her friends any more; she missed them of course, but in her eyes she had found something better. Lana returned to James' room, falling backwards onto the bed as if thrown by her love, all the while rolling her tongue around the cucumber as it passed slowly in and out from between her lips.