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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adventures in Babysitting

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-04-14

Bobby slid a hand up her thigh and pressed his fingers against her swollen sex through her panties. Sarah knew she needed to stop this insanity, but instead of pull away her fingers curled around his throbbing shaft. When Bobby asked Sarah on a third date she tried to sound firm and said that she would only go out with him if he behaved and didn't push her to do things she wasn't ready to do. Bobby put a hand on the back of Sarah's head and ran his fingers through her hair. The throbbing between her legs was so intense that Sarah slid a hand to her swollen sex and rubbed her love button.

The Double D

first-time hiltonalbert 2018-04-14

Amanda looked me straight in the eyes, and without batting an eyelash she said very quietly and calmly, "I want you to fuck Wendy." And then she sat back with a grin on her face, because she knew exactly what was coming next. After that comment, Amanda looked at me and said, "Okay, Monday at noon is fine." Wendy looked at me and smiled for the first time, I started to squirm in my seat now, looking at that gorgeous creature. Amanda then said to both of us, "Now go and enjoy 'The Double D,' I will see you both back here Monday at noon." And with tears in her eyes she turned and quickly left, leaving Wendy and me to start 'The Double D.'

Gf's s****r

first-time Jonathanlandon209 2018-04-14

So she just starts going to town on me and I could have came just by seeing her titties and pussy let alone her pussy slamming on my dick lol so I pulled out after a minute or two because I'm thinking someone is gunna walk in but she gets up and starts jerking me off and I cam all over her chest and omg it was the best feeling ever so I zipped up my pants and she just changes her shirt and wipes the jizz off her tities then I grab the water jug and go put it on the water dispenser thing and then I just hung low the rest of the day lol now lets just see how tomorrow goes lol hopefully she doesn't try Anything at the New Years shit lol

Becca's Quickie

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-04-14

I turned my back to Claire and stuck my head back under the shower to rinse off the shampoo, continuing to vent off, when I felt her hands on my shoulders, her fingers slowly working their way into the muscles at the tip of my spine. I slid around to face her on the wet tiles, expecting a big s****rly look that told me she knew I was angry, but that I was also very boring, but Claire just stood and smiled at me, her fingers continuing to massage my shoulders as she looked deep into my eyes, almost as if she was looking straight into my mind.

My Friend’s Girlfriend

first-time 2018-04-14

Boob and kissing her left boob and biting it she just moaning and came down to her jeans and then removed it and now she was only in her panty only and then removed her panty also and I also removed my underwear then my monster came out and she was looking at my penis only and asked me in slow voice can I touch it, I told her that its yours only do whatever u want then she put her hand on my penis and moving up n down then I told her to take it in your mouth then she did and she was expert in sucking she sucked my penis and I was feeling like in heaven and then after 5min

Yes Mr. Officer?

first-time NymphoVirgin 2018-04-14

"Yes officer," I said, "Fuck me." Then with that he flipped me around, each hand gripping my ass tightly, and pushed me against the car grinding his manhood against me causing me to moan and squirm. "Then I have to say I love leather jeans even more now," he replied with a grin, "But I'll also have to say that I enjoy them even more that they're off because of this-" and he lowered his head down to the small patch of downy curls between my legs moving my leg on the edge of the seat off to the side. When we made it to the door I reached out a hand to open it and he pushed through kicking it like he had with my car door.

The Horny Goddess

first-time ainu2 2018-04-14

The next date I push it a little further and while I suck on her nipples and she holds my bare cock, I reach down between her legs and get my one hand on her pussy. I get a finger into her vagina again, mostly as a guide to let me know where her pussy is in the dark and I get up as far as I can, kissing along her thighs, and then get my tongue into her and start licking. I just keep licking and fingering her as fast as I can and she screams a little and I can feel her vagina sort of pulsing on my finger and fluid coming so I slide my mouth down, pull out my finger and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth.

She is a Virgin No More

first-time Sexuallyshady 2018-04-14

"I haven't seen anyone yet to go crazy about but there is definitely some potential going on here," Tyler spoke with a wide grin coming across his face as a gorgeous red head strolled by wearing little more then a halter top and what could only be described as an ass cloth. I've got my own room and all that, as far as this stuff we party quite a bit, although we've cut down a lot since our friend Shaun died," Tyler dropped his head as he took Gloria over to a bench by the pool. "Sorry Denise but your to much for me girl, I'm sure Cal will take care of you just fine as soon as we leave which is right now," Tyler stood up and took Gloria's hand who couldn't help but blush and grin at him.

Valentina's Day

first-time Pornguin 2018-04-14

I have little doubt my existence within her womb cost her money she desperately needed, save that she did something none of the other street whores had ever imagined doing...using her mouth in place of her fleshy scabbard that all men wish to place their swords of flesh within. The only worries I had was during battle, where enemy officers would shout at me, saying they would ensure I was no longer a maiden general by piercing my fleshy scabbard with their sword of flesh, but fortunately the Fates denied them, and to this day no man's sword of the flesh has penetrated me. "HAIL VALENTINA, MAIDEN CONQUEROR OF THE ALASTRIANS!!!", shouted King Ambrose, raising his scepter high, and then lowering it.

Taken... & Pleasured at Nudist Resort

first-time MrsJ 2018-04-14

On our way to breakfast I warned Tegan that it was likely she would be called upon to give me some emergency relief that day, such was the effect that so many attractive young ladies were having on me - some of whom were very obviously barely past puberty, unconcernedly exhibiting the cutest little breasts and the barest wisps of hair that had recently emerged from their now substantially more-prominent pubescent mons'. (I must admit, three girls lining up together to have their bottoms whacked, being watched by your sister and mother or by your two daughters while you are having sex, freely offering your virgin hole to be drilled, having your buttocks taped apart, having your pubic hair completely removed, etc., are 'peculiar proclivities'!)

I Cant Really Remember...

first-time sexihazelswag 2018-04-13

i grab my jacket, lock the door behind me and then im gettin into a limo...i slip inside only to find the limo not empty, but a bad-ass chick is in there, sittin on the other side wit her back 2 the driver, but i dont kno her, never seen her before...she knocks on the window and we drive away. gettin more excited by the minute as i try to control my own flaring desire, she knocks on the window and tells the driver something and then closes the privacy screen once again. she starts to stroke her tongue in my mouth, meeting my tongue wit hers, givin me long deep kisses, taking my breath away...i suddenly draw back, trying to resist but she's got me crowded aginstst the door.

A dream comes true

first-time southwestwarrior 2018-04-13

As I got to her upper thigh I she says "I bet you wanna play with her "she points at her cock.I look at it in amazement kneeling in front of her panties sniffing her lucky 7 inch cock and kiss her pantied cock then tells me slowly to pull them aside then lick her hole and balls til she tells me to deepthroat her rod until she says "I hope you are ready because you are going for wild ride of your life." Then she drags me to the bed to get on all fours to stroke my cock and slap my ass with her cock.

Tutoring Jocks

first-time john1195 2018-04-13

Is Jason around?" Kevin said as he looked around our room. "Sex Education" Kevin said with a straight face. know how to fuck and eat pussy, but never had a blow job from a cock a guy hard and horny like this, would you?" Kevin said as he grabbed his Kevin's cock was sensitive but he enjoyed me licking all the cum from his Just like that." Kevin said as he lay back on the bed to Everything was moving perfectly except Kevin's big cock did hurt me a Let's fuck." Kevin said as he Kevin knew from experience how to move his body while fucking. I lost count of the times Kevin's cock spewed loads of cum in me.

Fantasy come through

first-time oohmesohorny 2018-04-13

We went out for dinner the other day for my birthday had good dinner and wine, after dinner she asked me if I had any fantasys I would like to talk about, I told her that I would like to have a threesome, she said she was okay with that, she told me she can post an add on a dating site and let me know with the responds.

an evening by the fireplace

first-time 2018-04-13

I don't know if it was the wine, the fireplace, the room or her smile, but I was getting very cozy as we laughed at jokes and life. I could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, in a good way, as she began to breathe deeper and heavier. Michelle began moaning ever so softly as I made my way over to her right neckline. To my amazement Michelle had changed into a very sexy black sheer short robe and a red satin bra and panty set underneath. I began to kiss back up her belly till I met her lips and we traded another long passionate one. Michelle giggled and said, "This is a nice way to start the evening.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 10

first-time adjoaq 2018-04-13

So..." Cole drawled, making Lucy laugh loudly and Kayla, flush with embarrassment. "So I'll be expecting you on Sunday." Lucy said and turned to Kayla with a brilliant smile that looked so much like her son's. After giving Lucy Broody kisses on both cheeks, Cole left the two ladies alone to go enjoy their lunch, and went back to his office to call Dean. Cole smiled to himself, imagining Lucy and Kayla's obvious topic for lunch...Dean. After making sure Kayla was full, Lucy had asked her what exactly was going on between her and Dean. Kayla thought Lucy's request was going to be in connection with her and Dean's breakup. "I'm okay." But even as he assured Lucy, Kayla's eyes looked frantically towards the door.

The First Time

first-time Koba 2018-04-13

But as I passed the age of nineteen I really felt that I had missed out. At the front desk the woman asked me my age. I handed over $12 for a ticket for a sauna and a half hour massage. I very nervously asked her if she gave massage. On the way to the room I knew something was going to happen. We went to a small dark room where there was a massage table. Sandy took my ticket and told me to lie face down on the table. I was then told that it was "ten by hand, twenty by mouth." Without hesitation I said "by mouth." Like teenage masturbation, it is not a cool thing to admit.

Club Shume

first-time vettebabe 2018-04-13

We walked up to the club and showed my card to the man at the door, he took a quick look at it and he ushered us in. After another short wait the door opened and five tall muscular men walked into the room, with the woman trailing behind. Bailey gave me a quick kiss on the mouth again then took off my shirt. He kissed his way down my neck and flicked his hot little tongue across my left nipple. He ran a trail of wet kisses across my chest and took my right nipple into his mouth sucking softly while lashing at it with his tongue. My wife smiled at me as I was getting dressed and Bailey left the room.


first-time JOHNFINASMITH 2018-04-13

While watching Nolan taking my wife tits in his hands caressing them and squeezing them, I noticed Mona holding his cock and masturbating him .Nolan’s fingers were wet with the pussy juices. She started to kiss me so hard she could taste Nolan’s cum in her mouth, but I didn’t care this made my dick so hard knowing my wife was into this hot and heavy fucking. Then Mona demanded that it was her time to call the shots, she wanted Nolan to lay down on the bed, Nolan’s cock still hard and hasn’t cum yet, she climbed on top of Nolan’s cock and told me to fuck his mouth.

Decision Night

first-time Highland Fox 2018-04-13

You hold me close, feeling the solidity of my body, your hands sensing the strength behind shoulders accustomed to a rucksack that most people think is heavy. Closing the curtains was meant to be a hint but, with one of my hands caressing a breast and the other stroking a thigh, you decide that it's time to move things forward. You want to know what the rest of me feels like, so you undo the button and clip holding up my trousers, the usual semi-formals I wear everywhere but a muddy footpath or the garden, then unzip me, your hand within millimetres of my hardened cock.

At First Hand

first-time hroy2 2018-04-13

They began to kiss and he started to slids his hands over her body. She had never really touched his penis before but her hand felt drawn to it. He couldn’t believe the way her tiny hand felt as she gripped his shaft. He squeezed a little harder and moved her hand up and down faster, guiding her movements. After a moment he moved his hand away and she continued. She rubbed her hand over the head of his penis, which was still ultra sensitive after cumming. He put his arm around her shoulders and with his other hand he felt between her legs. He was hard again, so turned on by her naked wriggling body and passionate cries out.


first-time AussieJonno 2018-04-13

When he finished he started what felt like massaging my hole and cleaning out the spunk which I thought a bit unusual but acceptable. After that he moved to my cock and sucked that whilst fingering my hole until I exploded in his mouth. I love to have a nice arsehole doggie fashion where I can put my face down between the cheeks and extend my tongue to run around the clean hole and probe and penetrate. You have the benefit of me being able to move between the two; I have never failed making the lady cum whilst I probed her arsehole and pussy with my tongue and sucked her clit to screaming point.

First Time After Few Years Apart mmmmm mmmmm

first-time tigerbiman 2018-04-13

I was there at the airport I thought little early but the plane arrived earlier, so I made my way through the passengers and there he was, my Handsome shaved head guy, and as soon as I was close he turned his head to the side, looked at me and smiled, that reminded me of the very first time we met when he took my virginity, same smile uhhh man, so yes I smiled back, then he was waiting for his suitcases and when ready, we went to the car, I drove first but then I let him drive he is better doing that while touching my legs, over my jeans he felt my hard cock too, yeahh he is that good that my cock gets so hard by just looking at him.

Dee Becomes A Woman

first-time eymach 2018-04-13

Thus in order to live up to their dubious honor a secret ritual had been developed and passed on through the years that involved the defloration of the "golden" pledges. Even though it was common knowledge that the privileged girls would willingly sacrifice their virginity during their first pledge year, nothing existed in writing that described or documented the very secret ritual process. On the other hand the best reason for a young man to keep the secrecy involved their participation in the great sex rituals. Jill welcomed Dee into the sorority and informed her that she was personally responsible for her successful journey through the training planned during her freshman year.