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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 03

first-time edstevens94301 2018-04-13

Tony had returned to school, and Ms. Miller remained his calculus teacher. After five days that felt like an eternity, Tony lingered after class on Friday and asked if Ms. Miller wanted to study together again over the weekend. Tony didn't think that Caitlin would understand that, and didn't want to endanger his teacher's job. In short, Ms. Miller looked like a high school prom date, and not a very attractive one at that. Tony couldn't help but compare Ms. Miller and Caitlin while watching them talk side-by-side. Tony had never noticed before tonight, but Caitlin's breasts were even larger than Ms. Miller's. Tony could easily see why the zipper wasn't closed; it appeared to be unable to finish the heroic task of encasing Ms. Miller's overflowing breasts.

Mumbai Story

first-time raj4uall 2018-04-13

After 2-3 days I got a call and he said he had talked to Nethra but he said he only spoke of meeting stranger guy for lunch n shopping movies etc outdoor activities. When we entered the parking of forum koramangala Varun said he has to call office colleague and asked Nethra to continue shopping with me. When they reach home Varun just got started kissing nethra in hall and moved to bed room hugging lip locked position. Varun just did this and started playing surprise biting over her body boobs and licking pussy. Varun signaled by hand that i got a nice cock and nethra will enjoy it. We just moved on this position for 15 min with Nethra excited and biting Varun dick hard twice.

Mom's Friend Helps Me Out

first-time goodnnnight 2018-04-13

"I think you will though, my mum, your husband, I know you'll tell someone if I told you, look lets just go back home," I tried to give the option for us to leave. "Ok, well its like this, I see my mates with girls, some that I would have had a chance with, most of them saying they are doing it, and every time I go back I think I could have met someone back home, but here I cant seem to, the way I feel right now I'd give up everything just to have sex," I sadly declared. I tried to support my weight on my right arm as my left hand felt Julie's naked body, especially her right breast.


first-time DaArrow 2018-04-13

Alicia’s daddy, David, had to sit at the very back of the bus to supervise and most of the long rear seat was taken up by gear bags. Slowly he edged his right hand up under her pleated skirt and with bated breath his fingers touched and lightly caressed the bulging thickly haired pussy of his ** years old daughter. Over the past 4 months Alicia had been driving herself into a sexual frenzy with that huge black imitation cock, every afternoon after school and on the weekends, whenever she got the chance. "Alicia was on the verge of cumming too and she knew the feeling of her father’s erupting cock spraying her with his hot white cream would send her over the edge.

muslim tailor fuck my wife infrnt of me

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-04-13

The senior tailor instructed my wife to enter the shop’s anteroom /trial room.Finally suddenly we found one very small tailoring-shop, run by an old, septuagenarian, poor muslims are tailor who agreed to stitch her dress by two days. And as he did the pressing around the breast, in no moment drops of milk appeared on the nipple, then suddenly it gushed forward in a jet and drenched that open-mouthed boy’s face, who, on the spur of moment, pulled out his eager tongue to grasp the lactic rain over it, while my lactating wife was hissing in pleasure, tinged with a relief. While he was savoring my wife’s breast-milk she again turned excited, and at this moment the old-man entered her with a thrust.

In Control

first-time ZacNeuman 2018-04-13

She arched her back and gave him the best shot at her pussy she could and let him go to town, all the while she coxed him, “Oh yeah, baby, oh your so good, you monster you, Oh yeah.” Then she felt him jam himself into her and she knew he was shooting a stream of hot cum into his condom. He groaned loudly as he pushed himself into her deeply several times and started saying, “Oh shit, Oh yeah, Oh my god that’s good, oh yeah.” She let him finish emptying himself and then she turned around and slid the condom off him and sucked his penis clean of his cum.

Best Time Ever

first-time GiveItTooMeNow 2018-04-13

We make our way to the back seat were she assumes the doggy style position and tells me come take this pussy so I climb in the back seat grip her ass and I stroke her with my fingers first just to feel her wetness then I bring my dick to her pussy she moans I enter her very gently easing in feeling how tight, how wet, to give her all of me slowly she thrust back hard telling me to "fuck that pussy yeah, fuck that pussy yeah" we fuck for an hour and a half, different postions missionary,cowgirl,reversed cowgirl ect.

overnight guest

first-time john1195 2018-04-13

around 9:30am, Jeff got up and upon seeing that Craig was already watching At that moment, Craig was laying between Jeff and Ben and still had his Craig smiled and they took a break, Ben and Jeff swapping place. Yet, Craig knew how much novelty he brought up in Jeff and Ben's 5-year Craig decided to step back for a short moment, while Ben fucked Jeff until As soon as they came, Craig thought he'd give Jeff and Ben a moment to Ben and Jeff headed to their favourite Sunday morning brunch... Given their session together with Craig, Ben didn't expect Jeff to be Jeff came back from a business trip a day before Ben and Craig had offered

Ecstasy Birthday

first-time griffen1 2018-04-13

As soon as mom was out of the room Aunt Karen looked at she could suck and lick the head of my cock, her cunt heaven as mom worked my cock into her mouth each time cockhead and each time it touched mom came, her cunt Mom stopped moving but her cunt continued to suck on my deep inside my mother and she started fucking her with crazy!" I drove my cock deep into her gasping cunt and cervix and fucking her hard while her cunt sucked at my My cock jerked and thickened and then spewed cum deep "Yes, and I loved it," Aunt Karen said and smiled at me. Mom looked at Jade who shrugged and at Karen who nodded

Asian Wife

first-time KingPE 2018-04-13

A week passed i traveled to several states and while coming back home i got a phone call, it was her, lets her call her Debbie, she said hello Sal , i am Kristie mom Debbie, i knew who she was and i also said hello, i ask if she is available for coffee as it was around 4 30 in the afternoon, she agreed, we meet in Starbucks near my office, i must tell you i was nervous and horny at the same time, it was a hot summer afternoon and she was wearing a tight blouse and very short skirt and beautiful high heel saddle showing her beautiful pink feet.

Suzie's Little S*ster 2 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-13

I was slamming my cock into little Nancy's pussy with everything I had. Trying to and finally succeeding in touching Nancy's panties while Suzanne was wearing them. Nancy produced her little white panties and said, "Ready when you are!" I think she might have read a dirty book or two herself. No, Nancy managed to catch my sizable load in her little white panties. We parked down the street from the house to keep from having the headlights wake up the household and I turned to Nancy to try and explain my feelings to her. And Mom and Dad would hate you if you tried to...Oh, you know what I mean." Then, the green eyed beauty looked right up into my soul and said "But, we've got tonight don't we.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 01

first-time Browniepoints 2018-04-13

Shannon smiled at his comment and could tell that Father Elias appreciated a good looking girl just as much as she did, "You know I seem to remember seeing you at church a few times." {And I remember how Brody stared at you. She thought of the delicious young girl she'd just hired to come into her home for the summer and licked her lips thinking about how wonderful she would taste, frustrated knowing that she wouldn't be able to have her. Shannon hugged her kids and reminded Brody to pick up Claudia, "Remember, it's the eighth at seven." She climbed aboard the train and smiled devilishly as the train pulled out of the station.

Hayden Panettiere's Big Mistake

first-time 2018-04-13

Hayden was no close to tears, but she fought them back knowing they wouldn’t help and may actually piss them off more. “Time to show us those pretty tits of yours, white meat,” said the ringleader as he brought his knife out again and flicking his wrist cut it off, catching a bit of skin between her tits opening up a small, but relatively bl**dy gash. As the men got up and began to put their pants back on, Hayden thought, “It’s over. Just then the leader turned around and said, “I like you, white meat but since you can ID us, we’re going to take you out.” With that and a “sorry” he drove his knife between her tits causing the gash to go deeper.

The Hay Trailer and Annie.

first-time 2018-04-13

I sometimes used the trailer as a place to go to on a nice sunny day to look at my porn and jack off onto the bales of hay. She sat on a feed sack on top of a bale of hay just low enough for my cock to be at cunt level. "So are you going to fuck the lady that put the scent in those panties Peter?" I kissed her lips, played with her tits, then slipped the head of my cock into her juicy cunt. When I was moving inside of her Annie pressed the hand with her panties onto my face at my nose.

It's the Real Thing Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-04-13

Now I'd just sucked a guys cock who I barely knew, you wouldn't think I'd be embarrassed, but I was. I think his wife knew what Tom wanted though, because she finished her n off by hand, and aimed him so that his cum went all over my face. Good boy you got my cock all the way to the balls, he fucked me for a good 15 min's until he started to pound my ass and than he stopped and I could feel him cumming deep inside of me. "I think you need a little lubrication bitch boy" he told me, and emptied his cum out of the condom and onto my cock. "It's for your cum you cock sucking slut" said the wife.

Remember The First Time

first-time Kaysome 2018-04-13

Finally throwing away his control, Allen forced himself all the way into me in a single thrust, my body being shocked by the sharp pain that contrasted so greatly to the pleasure just moments before. Grasping me now with one hand behind the knee and the other pressing on my shoulder, Allen moved in me at a violent pace that seemed to shake the earth. I bit into his neck to stifle my cries of pleasure but right as I lost control for yet another time that night, Allen came nearly out of me, only to plunge into the deepest corners of my pussy, growling uncontrollably as I felt our orgasms meet each other.

Sasuke's Summer

first-time Cookiz2001 2018-04-13

When our lips touched, Naruko used her hands to grab my head and mash her mouth to mine. Naruko looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked, "So am I a good kisser?" She bit her lower lip as I put both hands on the front of her halter to gently massage her big breasts and pinch her large swollen nipples. I put my hand on the back of Naruko's head and pressed forward until the large head of my cock pushed into her mouth. Sakura, holding on to my shoulder, had moved around to watch Naruko suck my cock. My cock was begging to unload into Naruko's mouth, but I wasn't going to let it.

My first taste of cum, and I love it :)

first-time cuplfun 2018-04-13

I of course obliged and began fucking her tight bald pussy while licking her erect nipples on her DD tits. I began licking her clit but obviously there was a new flavor I had never tasted on her before and that was my cum. I could feel my wife loosing it in what I was doing and she was grabbing my head and bucking her hips into my mouth making me suck up every drop of my cum. After a good fuck I laid on my back, grabbed my wife's pony tail and f***es her head between my legs to lick and suck her juices off of my cock and clean me up.

My first lesbian experience

first-time aln1174 2018-04-13

I glanced in as I passed and saw she was on her bed with her s****r Zoe. That was no surprise, what did surprise me was that the two girls were kissing each other deeply and Sophie’s hand was under her s****r’s dress and obviously fingering her cunt. I stepped back very quietly not wanting to alert the girls to the fact I was there and as I watched so they both toppled back onto the bed still kissing deeply and now with Zoe’s hand fondling Sophie’s tits as she had her cunt felt. She lifted her own dress up and pulled her white panties to one side and knelt across Zoe’s hips so her cunt and her s****r’s were grinding together.

My Sweet Friend & Stuffed Animal

first-time loorslady 2018-04-13

We wanted to face each other and watch as fingers moved across clits and slid into wet pussies as we could feel the pleasure building. Anyway, Andie and I kept exchanging looks and winks all night and I knew once I got home the first thing I was going to do was rub my pussy and remember our little "play time." "I want to taste your pussy; I want to make you come." "Make me squirt and I will lap at your cunt until you scream my name and beg me to stop!" "Let me suck your pussy all night and I will make you feel so fucking good!"

hot mom -5

first-time stif266 2018-04-13

Dane grinned and nodded, and Craig went back to flicking his stiff tongue tip over Jodie's juicy clit. Jodie felt herself creaming uncontrollably, her hot cunt-cream boiling out around Craig's jerking tongue and gushing down her ass-crack. He watched Craig's huge cock slamming in and out of Jodie's cunt, and he moaned softly, recalling how deliciously tight and hot and juicy it was in there. Dane groaned with excitement as he watched his pretty mom take Craig's come-load. Dane crawled between her legs and slipped his stiff cock into her, and mother and son went at each other hard and eagerly, snarling with excitement, hips jerking to the same hot rhythm.


first-time virginblood 2018-04-13

He begged me to cum over so he can just squeeze my tits maybe suck and have me jerk him off. I invited him over, but I told him on I can jerk him he can't touch his dick unless its putting it inside me. He told me he purposely didn't jerk off for 4 days before come over here. He sucked my tits and gently pushed him closer to me he laid me down on the floor he whispered in my ear he want to shot at lease 3 nuts inside me. I pulled off my panties his dick rock hard and ready to cum. I told him to stick Only the head inside I aimed it he pushed down then pulled out.

Slut of the school

first-time altaff143 2018-04-13

Ashok took a long time adjusting himself and as he closed the door, Raja accelerated the car as I was pushed back and plomped on the lap of Papai and Benarasi such that I was like a c***d sl**ping on two persons laps and on me back. We entered the ciname hall and even in dim light I could see that the crowd in the hall was full of our locality ruffians and the people from the nearby slums and all of them were males apart from maybe two or three girls or women who were also sitting in corners with their partners and by the looks of their faces and their postures they were being fucked or fingered or sueezed.

A Story I can Never Tell

first-time MrLucky4u 2018-04-13

Anyways, me in some sort of perverted state decided I wanted to show off her pics and vids in person with another guy. I honestly don't know what came over me but as he was getting worked up and obviously close to cumming I asked him if he wanted me to suck him off. Of course he said yes and I got on my knees in front of him (the same couch I had seen Lexy suck and fuck many guys on) grabbed his cock and slid my mouth over it and stroked it at the same time until he shot his hot load in my mouth. I didn't particularly want to swallow his cum so I let it run out of my mouth as I kept sucking and stroking him slowly.