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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Oh, Yes Father John

first-time goodgirlgonebad001 2018-11-13

One afternoon, while sitting down next to Father John to review some school notes, Lolita noticed that Father John was rather close to her, and their legs were almost touching. You have so much to offer the other girls and the world around you,” said Father John, as he gently put his large manly hand on top of her left thigh. As Father John gently squeezed her leg, she felt the warmth growing and feelings going out of control. Lolita closed her eyes as she could feel the sensation building again, then he took his other hand and touched her cheek, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, morning, noon or night.

The Neighbor's Daughter

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-13

It will hurt, but you’ll be fine.” Henry hugged Candy’s nude body, patted her cute little ass, and whispered. Henry inhaled deeply of her pussy’s scent and said to her, “Aaah, there’s nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh, young, virgin pussy.” Repeating the lick several times caused Candy to spread her legs as wide as she could. When Candy had finished her wine, Henry stood, took her hands, and pulled her to her feet and into his arms. Henry asked, “What about your sore pussy, Candy?” He didn’t want to hurt her more than absolutely necessary. H enry thought to himself, ' Damn, this girl just loves to fuck .’ As Henry firmly rammed her ass, Candy reached under her belly and teased her own clit.

The Student Masseuse

first-time Fogticus 2018-11-13

In the short time that it had taken me to read Helen’s note, Elizabeth picked up and put away all the toys that had been scattered about the living room and hung my waterlogged coat to dry in the hall bathroom. More often than not Helen consented when Elizabeth offered a massage and she always enjoyed the experience, while I, on the other hand, never wanted to sit still and allow someone to pound and squeeze my back. I lay along the edge of the bed, my face buried in the pillow as Elizabeth began to dig her fingers into my neck and shoulder muscles. Elizabeth let go of my wrists and began to manipulate the muscles in my legs – working her way from my ankles upward.

Rebecca's First Time

first-time Non__Virgin__Angel 2018-11-13

All my friends ask if I have ever been fucked, or had I ever sucked someone off before. I gasp, feeling his finger go around my hole and touch my clit. I close my eyes, just the feeling of his tongue over my clit makes me want to scream in ecstasy. I reopen my eyes slightly, to see him looking at me whilst sucking on my now swollen clit.  He groaned, placing his hands at the back of my head, gradually pushing me down. Raphael kissed me gently, before pushing the tip into me. I gripped the bed sheets, my pussy aching for more.  He inserted his cock into my pussy again, this time thrusting harder and faster than before.

Out Of Habit

first-time Ping 2018-11-13

Sister Loo stood mere feet away as she watched the young one wrap her lips around the farm boy’s cock. He made sour faces, sampling his first aroused vagina, but the Sister knew it was an acquired taste, one that the young man would seek out the rest of his adult life. Moving quickly, because she did not know how much time they had, she had the girl straddle the boy, while Sister Loo maintained a grip on the erect Rosary wrapped penis. Amused, Sister Lucinda moved behind and inserted the long end of her crucifix in the girl’s tight ass, then wrapped the chain around his balls, limiting the travel between their bodies.

Justin and Me

first-time hornylaurenxoxo 2018-11-13

With this Justin pushed his hips in the air and began to thrust, I continued with my slow motion, and then when I was ready for him to blow his load, I increased the pressure my mouth pressed against his hard cock, and moved my head faster, still stroking his balls with my hands. I was dripping wet now, and I was so horny, I just wanted to orgasm, and as it seemed Justin was intent on teasing me like crazy I took matters into my own hands and traced my fingers down towards my pussy where I began to slowly massage my clit.

The walk.

first-time Dina 2018-11-13

  Each night I went out I walked a little further, till one night I made it all the way down to the boulevard 5 blocks away. My first thought was to run, but I couldn't do that in the heels and tight dress, so I started to walk up a sidewalk to someone's house, when I heard a voice say.   I stopped and turned and there stood a police car and policeman not 15 feet away. Once I agreed he opened his zipper and pulled out his penis, telling me to be a good little girl and suck on till he came.   He told me he did not want me brushing my teeth or washing my mouth out till morning.

My Sister's Keeper

first-time SunshineDaniels 2018-11-13

   I started to walk into the brush and Leo was yelling, “Hey, wait up, where are you going?”   I said, “What’s the matter Jersey boy scared of a little forest?” I ran and he followed and soon I found myself tripping into a chipmunk hole and tangled up in a tree branch, it had pulled my bikini top to the side and left one breast exposed.   Instead, my sister woke me at Midnight to tell me all about the movie and her date with Leo.   She told me that she was trying to kiss him and touch him down there, but she said he was tired and not responding.

The Four Freshmen. Part I: Donna

first-time Jason_NYC 2018-11-13

Instead, I folded Donna in my arms, nestled her cheek against my chest and stroked her hair as her body shuddered with a series of tremors that took nearly a minute to subside. Donna opened her eyes, looking first at my face, then at my shriveling cock, and finally down the front of her own naked body. I tried to pull my mouth away from Donna long enough to warm her of an impending orgasm, but she clamped her thighs against my ears, and pushed my lips back against her vulva. As I came, Donna thrust her hips firmly against my mouth and I felt a spasm building in her body which culminated in a hot liquid release that poured gently across my lips and down the inside of her thighs.

Big Virgins

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-13

Nadine was a tall, large young woman of African and Indian descent. There was also my pal Joey, also known as Big Joe. Joey was a tall, hefty young black man. The next day, we found out that Joey and Nicole had also made love for the first time. Yep, my big and wonderful girlfriend was sucking my cock and licking my balls like there was no tomorrow. I loved Nadine's body. Nadine liked my masculine and buff body too. One time, she surprised the hell out of me by sticking two of her thick fingers up my butt while sucking my cock. Nadine loved getting fingered in the ass. Using the syrup as lubricant, I greased up Nadine's asshole, and pushed my cock into her.

And then there were three

first-time rebus 2018-11-13

Once my eyes had cleared of water, I saw Jeni looking at me with a decidedly wicked grin, looking down as though she could see my still partially hard cock through the rippled surface. This we did and it was during that time Jon said to me, "I've known you've always fancied Jeni and she knows it as well. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of my life but I was so near ejaculation that I simply gripped the sheet with clenched hands and spurted a seemingly endless stream of spunk into Jeni's mouth. Jon was stroking his own erection in time with Jeni's movements. Jeni was on my chest, just her hips pumping, my hips moving in unison as Jon thrust against her buttocks.

My Personal Chef

first-time seemywowzza 2018-11-13

Your hands slowly worked the oil into your tanned body, across your tits and hard nipples...then down your tummy and inside your thighs as you opened your legs. One hand caressed your tits as the other slid between your legs, fingers disappearing into matted pubic hair, then down between your swollen hairy lips. As I moved in between your outstretched legs, you reached down and took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down your wet slit before pushing it inside your dripping wet pussy. As I laid there next to you, listening to you breathe, watching your gorgeous body respond to my light touches, and admiring your beautiful soft lips, I couldn't help but muse.

cuckold lifestyle 57

first-time woreout 2018-11-13

She said you better not go over there and interrupt your wife , she's over there with James getting her cunt serviced with big black cock. Then all of a sudden he fliped her over and started hammering her very hard and fast, Her fishnet covered legs wrapped around his back and she locked her boots together.He fucked her non stop till he came, it took a good ten minutes . He said yeah at the party I just have, but I stopped by your house first to fuck you lovely wife before getting here. It got late and every one stared leaving , we helped Ann clean up some before we headed to our house..we like in me ,my wife, and James.

Gorgeous Next Door Girl A Real Slut

first-time bava12 2018-11-13

Since I don’t have a male company here, I’m getting pretty desperate and this guy looks like a good option, I mean he’s actually handsome. Moreover, he surely has crush on me (Its easy to see bulge in his shorts when he talks to me for more than a minute and it looks like a big and sexy bulge ;)). ” Umm, no” he said excitedly and timidly and removed his shirt, he looked pretty good without shirt for a geek. “Yes, fuck me like I’m your personal whore.” His speed and ferocity increased after listening that. When he was about to cum he asked where I wanted it and I said “On my tits, you dipshit” I’m such a potty mouth while having sex.

Best on Board

first-time blin18 2018-11-13

Vicky felt the delicious gliding friction as Bob began to fuck her, slowly drawing about three-quarters of the way out before running gently but firmly all they back in with a little bump to her pussy and a big one to what she now thought of as her G-Spot, setting off a little shock wave of pleasure and making her want to inhale and exhale at the same time. With his cock pumping and swelling deep inside her, Vicky felt Bob’s hands close under her bottom and lift her up, driving her harder down onto his shaft as she ground her hips, relishing the feel of his cock stirring their combined juices in her pussy as she rained kisses down on his face.

Thalia, the Muse of Comedy

first-time silverdragon 2018-11-13

I sat still for a long time after she was gone, looking at the picture in front of me, a picture of a lovely and lovable young lady by the name of Thalia. We stood in front of our bed for a long time, kissing, holding each other tightly, Then our happiness of the moment overwhelmed her and she started to sob quietly. I gripped the window sill's inside edge with my left hand, while my right was groping for the rope hanging outside. When I told of the rope dropping me Thalia made a serious remark for a change, "Oh my god," she burst out loud and then held me so tight that I thought she was trying to crawl into me.

Eager to Lose My Virginity

first-time amateurqueen 2018-11-13

I touched his arm while we talked, complimented him, held eye contact, bit my lip, flipped my hair, everything. Ron worked his fingers harder and faster as he sucked my clit, using his other hand to reach up and squeeze my tits. "Yes, Ron, fuck me harder!" I grabbed the edge of the table, my eyes rolling back into my head. "You're so fucking right, babe." He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, pumping in and out of me harder and faster. "Yes, Ron, please fuck me harder." I could no longer control my moans, my orgasm fast approaching. Ron gripped my waist harder, fucking me so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Maddie's Awakening: Chapter Two

first-time beccamurr 2018-11-13

Once inside, I took off my sexy little skirt that I had so daringly worn, slipped under the light summer sheet in my bed and began to spend some time enjoying feeling sorry for myself, envisioning Paul and Heather together, trying to convince myself that I’d never find anyone for me. “I know Paul works tomorrow and Diana’s got soccer camp again, so maybe we can do this again or something,” I said with a knowing smile, then walked over to Danny and gave him a big kiss, before helping him back out my window.

Women 'as likely as men to enjoy casual sex

first-time jpjai007 2018-11-13

A Deakin University researcher has said that women are as likely as men to enjoy casual sexual arrangements, but for different reasons. Kylie McCardle, who has been looking for 400 'friends with benefits' to take part in a survey, said the women who took part in an initial study said these arrangements gave them sexual confidence. The initial study was based on in-depth interviews with 15 couples, or 30 'friends with benefits'. The study identified two kinds of relationships -- 'sex buddies' who had little contact outside the bedroom, and those who were friends before and after the sexual relationship. While many of the respondents were in their 20s, McCardle also interviewed several Generation X divorcees who preferred sex with a friend to emotional involvement.

How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 1

first-time MissScarlet 2018-11-13

" I don't fucking care Scarlet, looking down into your eyes and at your body is making me want to blow right now and i'm trying to control myself so maybe you shouldn't" 'you came baby you came' he said as he pulled his head back and placed his hands on my breasts rubbing them and looking into my eyes. I took a deep breath and he grabbed my head, stared me in the eyes as he pushed himself into me, my moans echoing throughout the locker room, on top of his loud swearing and heavy gasping...

Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

first-time Mysteria27 2018-11-13

Jerry liked working at the ice cream store. She'd come to the shop right before closing and would order a strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. Jerry couldn’t believe the girl was talking to him. He couldn’t believe this hot babe wanted to suck his cock. Jerry couldn’t believe this little witch was going to let him fuck her. Jerry got on his knees and just looked at her neat and tidy pussy. Candy was squeezing her tits together while Jerry licked her neat pussy flower. Candy was coming and screaming while her pussy dripped her hot juices. He was stroking his cock while he licked her sweet and tangy juices from her warm pussy pocket. Candy bent over the counter and Jerry got behind her.

A treasured memory

first-time oceanrunner 2018-11-13

When Tim and Amy announce one morning that they're going on a day hike, I'm surprised at how pleased I am that I'll be left alone with Beth. I know I shouldn't but her hand feels so good, but I want more. My finger getting deeper every time in her pussy, while I sort of hold her up with my other arm, since her legs are wobbly. When was it?" My finger is putting more pressure and attention on her clit, and I can tell she's getting close. My other hand playing with one of her breasts gently rubbing and pulling on her nipple. I can tell she wants to cover her ass with her hands but her desire to seem grown up wins over.

A first touch in the shower

first-time Ghost 2018-11-13

"I know you were staring at my ass all day today." I must have started, because she put up her hands. "How come looking at my rear gets you going?" she asked placing her hands on her hips. My semi erect penis came into view and Erika stared. "We need a shower," she said sliding her panties down to the floor, "stop that and come with me." I leaned into her and rubbed my erect penis against her soft cool ass. "It feels like a hot poker," she laughed, playfully grinding her ass against me, "we better cool it off in the shower." Erika stepped back and looked down at my erect penis and smiled.

24 hours with Jake

first-time Lexy 2018-11-13

To tease myself I would stop, pinch my clit then rub my nipples, but when I could feel myself getting close to the edge: I sat down on the rim of the bath tub reached up and unhooked the shower, not before setting on high pressure cold.  He didn't say anything to me just kept looking down at me, so hands shaking and in a rush for things to happen I pulled down his board swimming trunks; his manhood released into the cooling afternoon air. I tried to pull back some more, so he grabbed my hair and started to grind himself into my face, thus face fucking me, while he was doing this one of my free hand went to wet pussy the other back and forth between his balls and my nipples.