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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I was Turned

first-time 2018-04-12

One night I went out looking for a prostitute to fuck and met this hot looking girl with very short shorts and a halter. We arrived at her place and when we got in, she started to kiss me. She then turned and we began to French Kiss again, only this time I tasted my cum. When I got hard again, she turned and went down on me again. I felt like I came about a dozen times as she worked on my cock. I watched her muscles work in the mirror as she began to fuck me nice and slow. Found out that most could not get it hard, so I started to fuck them and became a top.

Dinner At Enrique's

first-time ndamood4sum 2018-04-12

I just don’t know how to tell them that I’m really not into this whole school thing and continuing for another three years just isn't what I want to do right now. “I can't believe you sometimes," Kevin said while looking away as the waiter placed full plates of food in front us. Kevin had been gone for almost ten more minutes when the waiter, a broad shouldered Mexican guy circled the table, giving me a strange look. Maybe I could make a run for it while his pants were still down around his ankle, but fear and just a hint of curiosity made me look around the empty kitchen then, follow Javier into his office.

Two For Starters

first-time Rex Siter 2018-04-12

My breathing had stopped and I heard my own gasp as the girl wrapped her hands around each of the penises, and black faces nuzzled at her breasts, flicking the nipples with long pink tongues. Overcome with conflicting flashes of ecstasy and memories of my parents' repression, I gripped Vince's penis the way the girl on the video had, letting my fingers slide up and down feeling the skin move over the shaft, seeing that purple head grow even bigger under my touch. Then a lightening bolt shot though my whole body and I was heaving up to meet his thrusts and I was screaming, grunting, moaning---I was doing and feeling everything and my orgasm brought on Vince so that his cock pounded deeply upwards towards my uterus and fixed there as it pulsed out spurt after spurt of cum into my welcoming abyss.

A Journey with Emily

first-time kanda42 2018-04-12

Thursday was the big night when the whole college went out; Emily and Jamie wanted to stay in. Emily handed me a glass of wine and said "you liar you be got a towel on I thought you were naked" Emily came in naked and stood between us and said she needed a beer- she then stood in between us with an arm around each if us and said that she wanted to thank her boys for a fantastic night. Emily handed us both a coffee and then sat opposite us at the end of the bed, naked, with her legs crossed , her little brown bush barely covering her sex .

The Key to Beginning

first-time were11127 2018-04-12

His hands wandered everywhere, and his kisses starting working lower across her chest and stomach, taking his time on her cleavage. One hand slid between her thighs, and she parted her lips to dip her fingers in the wetness. She began to relax into it, her lips parting and fingers increasing in speed, her free hand rising to massage her own breast. She felt his fingers squeeze her breasts as kissed her throat and neck, chills from his lips joining the sensations of her fingers. Brushing her hand aside, Tom slid a finger across her wet pussy. His fingers moved faster, and she released his cock to grab his hips with both hands.

Sweet Child 'O Mine Ch. 03

first-time SamTaylor 2018-04-12

Steve raised his eyebrow and said: "But Sam takes the bus home. So, I thought she might like to hitch a ride me," he said, his eyes still boring into Anna, who was looking everywhere but meeting his eyes. Do you not have a car?" She asks me, having turned to stare at the sky that housed the dying light from the sun that looked like burnt embers of a flailing fire. "Can we please leave now," I said, almost begging, as I saw the minute needle of my watch inch dangerously close to the departure time of the bus. Did you say something," Anna said, now standing right next to me as I watched the bus turn the corner.


Jenn's First Time

first-time Military Mech 2018-04-12

Glenn knocked on the door and after a few minuets and what sounded like furniture getting moved Willy answered the door. I looked over Glenn's shoulder and saw that Cynthia had moved out of Willy's lap. Cynthia had booth hands wrapped around Willy's cock and she was licking at his mushroom head like it was a lollipop! As Glenn made love to my breasts, I watched as Willy had his meat worked over by Cynthia. I looked up and could see Glenn sawing his black meat in and out of my pale white pussy... Oh my god, I was getting fucked by one black guy, and another was feeling up my chest.

Heaven in an Elevator

first-time naughtywriter2 2018-04-12

Ellie had on a blue dress that matched her eyes with a short flirty skirt and a fitted button down bodice that showed off her perky tits and slender waist. He swallowed hard, his groin twitched as she leaned back to check the hemline on her short dress before turning back to look directly in Eric's eyes. "So, what does Mark need us for in such a hurry?" Eric watched her from the corner of his eye as she carefully glided the lipstick tube sensuously around her open mouth, dragging that creamy pink tip across those perfect plump lips. He leaned back on his heels, his mouth open with a look of complete wonder on his handsome face as he stared at the lovely Ellie, standing naked and beautiful in front of him.

My Nephew walked in and caught me

first-time 2018-04-12

My ears strained for any sound of my s****r rising from her slumber, a reason to put a stop to this delicious moment I was experiencing, but my body smiled as I watched him stare at my point of release, it was throbbing right before his inexperienced eyes, 'Do you want to touch it', and it took all of my self control to stop myself reaching down and taking his hand and placing it onto my clitoris, something I have done on many occasions to men a lot older than my nephew, I instead eased my dressing gown further up my upper body and opened my legs to let him see the state of sexual arousal I was now entrenched in.

On-line Bi-play turns real – Part 3

first-time JimmyNJenny69 2018-04-12

I was kneading on Randys stick dick again and could feel he was really enjoying it, but he said, “no, you already had me, now I want you” so he pulled me out of the water and sat me down on the edge and put my cock in his mouth, and went at it. Sally laid on the bed and said, “I want both you guys to fuck me.” We were eager to please, and I couldn’t wait to feel Randy’s cock rubbing on mine inside her creamy pussy. Randy was in her and gently pumping her ass soon, and I could feel the head of his cock though her pussy wall.

The Bearing Girl

first-time nckboy 2018-04-12

It was Niki, the one with the long blond hair and big tits She and me have always got on since she started coming to the quarry over a year ago. I kissed her neck and mouth then felt the button on my jeans pop and her hand pushed it way inside my boxers. Pushing the sodden crotch to one side, I slipped a finger inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her while standing. Niki wiped her cum soaked pussy on the blankets and put her knickers back on, as she started to fasten her bra, I said I got the bearing out from the van, the time she straighten herself up, a long kiss goodnight and she was gone.

A Special Good-bye

first-time phoenixsr 2018-04-12

Each of us sitting around the kitchen with coffee cups in hand, glued to our kitchen television, joined by millions of others doing the same thing around the world. I reached over and began playing with his cock under the water, feeling it growing. It felt good in my hand, but I knew that it would feel better somewhere else. His cock found it's way inside of me, and he began pumping up and down like this was his last day on earth! Then Jake began rubbing both of my nipples at the same time. He left a few days later, but not without first coming over and kissing me good-bye.


first-time Ashson 2018-04-12

They were stranded up a mountain in a raging storm and the place where they took shelter contained what probably looked like an unshaven thug with a rather battered face. "Ah, I don't suppose you'd care to step outside while the girls get ready for bed?" suggested Adele. "If it's a choice of them seeing you fucked and letting them relax and get a good night's sleep or seeing you get raped and them panicking and possibly running out into the storm, you'll opt for the fucking. Adele retreated, red-faced, suddenly in a hurry to reach her own sleeping-bag. I wasn't going to make breakfast yet, preferring the girls sleep a little longer.

First Cuckolding Experience

first-time welshcpl05 2018-04-12

I then said Dick was downstairs and wanted to fuck her. Instead of being told “not to be stupid” as I would have expected from her as she had not had the alcohol I had, she said that if he wanted to fuck her, he would have to come up and ask her himself. I told Dick that Nic had said she wanted him to go up to our room straight away. He went straight into the spare room and I went and joined Nic. She had fallen asl**p again and woke when I got into bed. Nic then said she needed a bath and asked Dick if he wanted to share a bath with her.

Friends 2 Lovers

first-time dstebbins 2018-04-12

Stephanie gave a quick, sharp yelp of pain, but mere seconds afterward, she started squeezing her pussy against my cock, which told me that it now felt good for her, so I continued by having intercourse with my dream girl. She sat up as I began to fondle her erect, sweaty tits, and she began riding me like a bunking bronco, squeezing her pussy muscles against my cock all the while. She groans in a combination of pain and pleasure, sort of like a "hurts so good" kind of feeling, as I fuck her in the ass, going in a little farther with every rep, eventually getting to the point where my balls bang against her clit.

Meeting the next door neighbors 18 yr old BBC Thug

first-time choowhee 2018-04-12

He just stared, then said in a sharp tone, “Now show me those videos, you little slut, now!” I told him I really didn’t like to be spoken to that way. cumming in 5 minutes showing him that I squirt which turned him on and kept on sucking my clit until I squirted and took it in his mouth and sucked all my juices off this went on for 45 mins I begged him to stop but he wouldnt he enjoyed watching me beg and shake from orgasms, he told me to get over here and start sucking my big black dick you slut!” I told him again I didn’t like to be spoken to in that tone.

Doing My Mom

first-time zimabean 2018-04-12

I told her she needed to work things out with dad. I told mom this was best as she could get even with dad, be safe, and teach me a thing or two. I could feel the ropes of cum flow up my dick and spew deep into mom's cunt. Mom seemed to like me filling her cunt full of my sticky cum. Each time I came deep inside mom's sweet pussy. Mom later told me she was glad that she fucked me and not a stranger and I told dad that nothing wierd happened. Mom tells me she likes having two men fuck her, she thinks it makes her feel younger.



first-time 2018-04-12

Any time her tongue darted out I was delerious and felt the erection pulsating and straining against the confines of my pants and imagine that lovely mouth consuming my cock. I began fucking her with a greater intensity now, our bodies slapping against one another, her moans getting deeper until I elt the great and wonderful surge of come flow deep into her body, but resumed pumping my hip for a while afterwards until finally I began feeling my cock shrinking, but I remained inside her for as long as possible. When I slipped a hand into her panties and began to rub her cock she looked up at me with big tearfilled eyes.

Doing My Neighbor

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-12

like the feeling of my cock spreading tight wet pussy lips and I continued to work my cock head up and down Lisa's tight pussy and then I wedged the head of my cock right at the mouth of her pussy and began Ride me, honey, give me all of your horny cock deep in my pussy," Lisa and I pistoned my cock in and out of Lisa's very wet clasping pussy for I leaned over and kissed Lisa's soft moist lips and then pulled my cock the only thing remaining inside Lisa's pussy was my cock head. "Oh yeah, fucking work my cock, Lisa, you hot sexy woman. hot juices deep up inside Lisa, splattering hard against the mouth of

Summer at School Ch. 01 Pt. 02

first-time jdocubs 2018-04-12

And these three things he remembered most clearly: looking up from her pussy to see the underside of her beautiful breasts, small round, standing straight out pushing her stiff nipples out even further; how wet the paper on the examining table had become just beneath her ass and his chin; and how the room and his world roared in silence when she squeezed her legs around his head, covering his ears, and burying his face and mouth into her pussy. He wanted to feel the way he felt yesterday when Beth was watching him. Beth took her mouth off his cock and got off the couch, sliding down on her knees so she was between his legs.

I'll Take Care of You

first-time astridkodex 2018-04-12

She began to rub down his body from his chest rubbing on his nipples letting them get hard as she continued to feel down to this belt buckle. Sliding her hand down the front side of his boxers rubbing the bulge in his underwear, he continued to suck on her hard nipples. He touched beneath him to remove her hand from his swollen cock hard and on fire as he slowly slide inside her tight small hole. She leaned back hear arms supporting her as she continued to rock her body quickly, thrusting her pussy walls back and forth on him rubbing her clit in front of him as he watched her pleasure herself it sent him closer than he could hold back any longer.

His First Time

first-time songtothesirens 2018-04-12

he continued to run the lather over her body up to her ample and soft breasts, he could feel the piercings in them, and he began to play with her now very slick and hard nipples, she took the bar of soap from him and rubbed it in her hands then took his hard dick in her hands and allowed the soap to act as a lubricant as she moved her hand up and down his cock. She began to moan louder and louder and breathing was coming in short gasps as he pulled hips firmly against his, and he came deep inside her.

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2018-04-12

"They probably had the guys pulled out like last time," Jenny said. "Of course, little Jenny here, they'd all want a piece of your sweet pussy," Dorrie said, with a wicked smile. Besides from the last time I helped you with the bedpan, I have to say you still have all the right equipment," Jenny stated, with a big smile as she walked to the door. It's embarrassing," Jenny stated, suddenly too shy herself to tell Ben that Mary wanted to suck his cock. Like Dorrie says, 'all these sailors are horny as hell'," Jenny said. "I think you are trying to get me to look at something else besides your leg," Jenny said. "I know where you're trying to take this, Brad," Jenny said.

My Best Friend

first-time Shaeshaeb 2018-04-12

"Do you want me to try?" I said smiling at those big gorgeous eyes. I popped a quarter into the machine and sure enough a red gumball came spinning down the slide and into his hand. I felt his hands slide over my bra, undoing the three hooks that held my D sized breasts in place. "I'm going to cum." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I gave him a questionable look. Than with one thrust at a different angle I felt him push something in me and made me cringe, gasp and slightly loose my breath. I felt him slowly entering and leaving and I couldn't help but to cum.