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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Seduced by New Neighbor

first-time jeffrey16 2018-04-12

Which is why I suppose you have a hard on", Jim said reaching down grasping Robby's cock. Didn't like seeing your friend get his cock sucked?", Jim was pumping away with his free hand on Robby's cock. "You liked watching so much lets see if you like he real thing", Jim said as he plunged his mouth over Robby's member. Jim then pulled me in closer to Robby and did something even more crazy; he put both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. I hadn't even really noticed, but while Jim was cumming Robby had been slapping his hard cock against mine lightly. Robby only took his mouth off my dick long enough to say, "Give me that giant fucking load Jeremy!".

Honeymoon Instruction

first-time Recipient 2018-04-12

After unzipping my bride's dress the Stranger began to run the tips of his fingers slowly and gently up and down my bride's back, from the back of her neck to her panties, which he finally entered with his hand. 'Your cleavage is delightful," the Stranger said, kissing the tops of my bride's breasts. The Stranger asked me to run my hands over my bride's breasts, and feel her nipples. You and your husband will be able to experience your love in new and delightful ways." As the stranger spoke soothingly he gently fondled my bride's breasts. "You certainly make me feel like a man," the Stranger said, before pulling my bride's panties all the way down to the floor.

My 20 year old girlfriend and I had our first cuck

first-time MassageForWife 2018-04-12

My girlfriend and I love being wild/creative in bed, so a few months ago I let her know that I was turned on by the thought of another man fucking her. She liked the idea, so now that my birthday's coming up she decided to give me an early birthday present :) About a week ago she told me to look for a man that deserved to fuck her, which I very gladly did.We would go to istanbul Turkey for birthday. While he fucked her with her legs in the air, I lubed up her thin, vibrating dildo and slid it in her ass. For 15 minutes he fucked her mostly in the missionary position with her legs in the air.


first-time CyranoAndersson 2018-04-12

I have wanted to tell the story of Trish for a long time, not so much to brag as to simply honour a great woman from whom I learned so much. So here I was working nights and going through the motions pretending to be a good-lil-christian during the day. She also told me her stories of working in a care home, and an affair with a colleague that she had never been able to explain as she didn't even like the guy. Then I went for the clit with a rhythmic motion and held my mouth in position so that my tongue worked her love button for what felt like ages but could have only been five minutes.

Ex Wife Loved To Swallow Cum

first-time jimbojim 2018-04-12

Because of her small mouth she would suck the first few inches of your cock concentrating on the head of your dick. As she sucked you off she would be jerking the bottom half of your cock with her small hand until you shot your load in her mouth. Years later, I learned from an ambulance driver who knew him that he bragged to all his friends how this gorgeous nurse gave him a blow job every day and loved to “swallow every drop” and then just keep on sucking. I was watching an amateur cum swallow compilation video on another porn channel and low and behold there is my ex sucking a big eight inch cock.

My Wife, My Friend, and I

first-time trumptight85 2018-04-12

Knowing her excitement was getting at a no return point of cumming, I started to open up and talk to her about how erotic are these sex movies and how horny they are making me feel. Knowing that my wife was excited , I initiated the talking and told Nolan that Mona knows about our one time bi oral sex as teen agers and I told him that Mona sucks cocks better than him. He was surprised about me telling Mona about our long years secret, but in the same time he looked excited and hungry for eating Mona’s pussy.

Fucking My Best Friend's Son

first-time 425olds 2018-04-12

As Dan pulled out of me I felt my cervix resist against his cock head briefly before he left my womb. Dan whispered in my ear 'Aren't you a dirty bitch, letting your best friends son fuck you bareback?' I responded my matching his hard thrusts with my own thrusts back against his cock when he was at his deepest. I felt Dan pull back and then plough his bone hard cock all the way into me again, spearing me deep inside my jerking body. It was accentuated by the continual hard thrusting behind me from Dan. I was savouring every moment as he quickly pulled fully out of me then rammed his young hard cock deep into my womb.

Mrs. Harrison Can Teach Everything

first-time fuckaholic100 2018-04-12

At the time I was still a virgin and had never even seen a woman naked before. "Jeff, I can't believe you failed the quiz today. That Saturday I worked hard on her assignments and was finished by lunch time. A great looking young man like you? When she stopped she stood up and pulled off her tee shirt exposing the most beautiful tits I had ever imagined. She hooked her elbows under her knees and with her hands she began to instruct me on her pussy. When you rub the clit it makes a woman get wet. I slowly put my finger on her clit and she sighed as I began to rub on it. "Do you like the way pussy smells?"

Bedroom Antics

first-time snoopercharmbrights 2018-04-11

The master of the house, James Robinson was a mill owner, and a very successful one, His guest, John Smith was rather younger, but had lately made a good deal of money in the new-fangled railways. Later, after Martha had withdrawn to her own attic room and Angelica had retired to bed, Arthur knocked at the door and came into the room. Martha was surprised that her mistress was alone at seven o'clock on the morning after her wedding day, but Arthur was indisputably risen from his bed, dressed, and breaking his fast in the morning room. When Martha helped Angelica from her night clothes and into day wear there was no trace of blood in the bed or the night clothes, nor any other evidence of sexual congress having taken place.


first-time 2018-04-11

By this time his hand, that had the soap in it, was wrapped around my back, rubbing my ass, letting one of his fingers trace a hard line up the valley between my cheeks. So I started to lick him harder and more greedily, so then he said if I liked it that much I should suck his cock into my mouth, so once again I just did as I was told. He was sucking me so hard I started moaning loudly with pleasure, so he just pushed his mouth even harder over my cock, forcing the tip of it down his throat. When I took his cock out my mouth I leaned forward and licked the rest of his cum off his balls without him asking.

My Life Sucks Pt 2

first-time jackingjason 2018-04-11

Phil told me to help Calvin get undressed, a job which I did happily, I lifted his t-shirt off, his upper body toned and well defined, he obviously worked out, he pulled my head to his chest and I licked his stiff nipple, my tongue swirling round the hard bud. Phil then offered me his cock, I pulled off Calvin’s long hard cock and using my hand I pumped up and down his stiff shaft, I licked along Phil’s cock before taking him in my slutty mouth; he held my head and pressed his cock all the way into my mouth, just as Calvin had done.

I touched my Hymen for the last time.

first-time 2018-04-11

I was staring and waiting for the explosion of semen, when he reached across and touched my inner thigh, his finger searching higher until I felt him go inside me, and hook his finger behind my pubis, and draw me into the car, by now I was powerless to stop him, as I sat down in the passenger seat, drawn in by the heat, and the smell of sex that was causing my nostril to flare, as my head landed on his lap, and my lips attached to his warm thick veiny shaft like a limpet.

I Want Her to be My First

first-time DiggerDave 2018-04-11

I have been letting my hands rub over my hairy little pussy through my knickers and stroking my nipples making them stand out on my large titties. Jane then placed her hands on each of my thighs and roughly parted my legs wide open, and with one quick movement licked her tongue up the length of my pussy crack. from arse to clit I felt my lips open up as a tongue parted my virgin pussy folds for the first time. I think about Jane all the time I am in bed, and my fingers rub over and play with my pussy.

Making Mom a Slut

first-time 2018-04-11

But one day I came home, and for the second time in recent history I saw my mom's car in the driveway again. We went over to his place today and I eventually got the feeling that he was hiding something from me at a certain point...and...well...I wouldn't let him finish unless he started talking, and so he told me about how you set this whole thing up; the seduction, what you wanted him to do to me, what you expected out of this, everything..." She then turned around and looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my shoulders, "I wish I could give you a big wet kiss right now, but I don't want to have to reapply my make-up this morning."

Marcy's Playground 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-11

"Yeah, but if it's not too busy a desk I could read on the job," I said. They asked me a lot of questions about myself, and of course, when talking about myself, the conversation naturally turned to the two things I love, reading books and watching football. Forget paying for a new car; I need a summer job so I can pay back the money I'm going to have to borrow from my parents to fix the busted air conditioner." It looked pretty easy, scan their card under a scanner thing, let them go through the big double doors. Yeah, I couldn't tell anybody exactly where I worked or what kind of place it was, and it was a 45-minute drive away, but other than that, it was pretty sweet.

Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In Goa

first-time nana414 2018-04-11

She laughed hearing this and replied,”No dear, we can swim in the hotel in privacy.” Raj asked “Mom are we going to stay in a hotel with pool mom?”. Raj replied, “You select the dress for me mom.” Nalini smiled and said “Ok I will select a nice one for you dear.” Then after a few minutes she came back with a blue Jeans pant and a full hand shirt. Raj started, “You were extremely beautiful today in your new lingerie, mom.” Nalini replied, “Thanks dear, and you were also athletic and firm today in the pool”, as she was impressed by her son’s athletic shape and his hard dick.

Hotwife peste noapte

first-time pleyer24 2018-04-11

Dupa care am iesit din masina, am facut un ocol si am ajuns la geamul lui. Am iesit din masina si i-am spus ca ma grabesc dar mi-a pus mana in gat si m-a aruncat in masina. Din cauza faptului ca inca imi tinea mana in gat mi-am dat drumul de doua ori in 3 minute. In timp ce imi spune toate astea, sotioara mea ajunge deja in genunchi si cu mana pe pantalonii mei. Din pacate el nu prea stie sa danseze asa ca a stat mai tot timpul cu mainile pe fundul meu. Sotia mea ma priveste aproape crucis si imi povesteste cum a fost fututa toata noaptea de diferiti barbati. Doar doua intrebari mai raman: Cum a ajuns sotioara mea acasa si cum de avea machiajul intact?


Luanne Ch. 07

first-time maadmaax 2018-04-11

He fucked me for several minutes and then said, 'Oh shit, baby, I have to get a rubber on.' Then he pulled his cock out of me and, while he was putting on the condom, I lay down on the bench to watch and, as soon as he was covered, he pushed his cock right into me. "It didn't dawn on me what he was really saying until he pulled back on my hips, thrust himself deep inside me, and started pouring a stream of cum into my pussy." She reached over, stroked my hand, and said, "Oh, Al, it was so nice because I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and I could actually feel the cum squirting into me.

My First Time As An e****t

first-time 2018-04-11

My other hand comes up to Pauls neck and I kiss him again, hard on the mouth while his mouth gratefully accepts my tongue and sucks on it. Paul pushed me, his little slut, up onto the pillow a bit higher, then moved down upon the bed and placed his head between my creamy thighs, his tongue licking the silky soft flesh and trailing around my sweet cunt. I moaned and tried to turn over, not awake and not asl**p, then became more alert, "oh, I am not dreaming, there really are hands on my arm!" I opened both my eyes and saw that Paul was there, waking me up.

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 06

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-04-11

The trappings of a fine lifestyle with a caring couple in Jacques and Josette in their luxurious French decor bungalow, the excellent wages and bonuses she can earn, the importance of finding herself in life in a good situation after so many years of orphanage uncertainty has her thankful for this change of direction yet the strict virgin that she is makes her fear she will be seen by the worldly Frenchman as a comparative child after his 30 years of work surrounded by sexy models. He wishes he could lustfully pull her onto the bed alongside of him and have his way with her, her body so seductively appealing to a man who's had many women but is trying to recapture his long lost youth, wanting one more of the age when he started enjoying sex 30 years earlier.


first-time slinc 2018-04-11

"I heard the radio," she said, her tone admonishing."Said the storm would last days." Carla was quiet then, seemed to be thinking, made up her mind and added in a calm voice, "Dad made sure we all had survival training, so I'm not particularly worried. "Didn't know I'd like it this much," she said, coming up for air. "All women do it," Carla's friend said, "including our respective mothers, they just don't mention that in their little sex talks." Then came the explanation of the very first time Misty went down on her boyfriend. This hadn't actually been an endorsement, and Misty had said it tasted like poor man's Okra, thick and slippery.

An Open Letter to All Women

first-time TheCyberPoet 2018-04-11

The conversation resumes, but now I am partially preoccupied in my mind, my hands pulling you to me, my mouth seeking out your skin, feeling the overwhelming sensations of being close to you, of enjoying you in a way far more delicate than just some mindless thrusting. I pull you close, to lend support, to feel you against me, woman borne by man, and now, finally, my mouth seeks out your neck, my nose inhales your scent truly, and my mind begins to imagine how the sensations of pressure against me from your body will taste, feel to my mouth as I make your skin my playground.

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 01

first-time HiddenDevil_ 2018-04-11

Trisha's hand eagerly guided the dildo further in, and each inch felt like a mile, the way that the pleasure grew; new, untouched flesh was being stretched and prodded and penetrated by the slick toy. Her entire body was thrown into fucking the dildo, her hands pounding it into her pussy with powerful thrusts, her hips jamming herself onto it, trying to engulf as much as possible, feeling it slide in and out of her aching pussy. Her hands kept fucking and rubbing, and her pussy was seizing and shuddering, clenching desperately down on the dildo, the powerful sensations radiating throughout the cheerleader's trembling body.

A Night Of Passion

first-time dalespeer 2018-04-11

But deep in her heart, she was captivated by the way he sat upright, encouraged by his grades and saw how the others envied him- for while they drove home in sports cars, pickups and SUVs, he was getting picked up everyday in a black stretch Limousine. Taking her over to a secure area, Robert said, "Glenda was saying that she was going to study at home- but she's here, and with the rich boy who dresses plain in school. When the ladies got back from shopping, a foursome broke out in the Master Bedroom- and Glenda told Mike an incredible secret- that she had a passion for him that she couldn't keep locked up inside herself.