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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Brotherly Love Ch. 09

first-time Myalyn 2018-04-11

"Yes sir, I don't plan on going anywhere till I know Jaimie is safe in my arms." Mark replied with such determination in his voice I knew it would kill him if Leila got me. "Are you fucking serious?" Mark snarled as he turned to face the officer. There's a reason she's handcuffed and I just can't have any funny business going on ok?" He tried to look tough, but Mark stood a good foot taller than him and was about two feet wider across the shoulders and chest. Mark gave in and went across the hall – a whole six feet away and leaned against the wall beside where the police officer had seated himself again.

Wild Waterpark Fieldtrip

first-time BetweenDuskandDawn 2018-04-11

It was an adorably cute string bikini, white with a green floral design, and probably looked fantastic on Maddie's petite frame, but covered up a lot less on Ms. Centeno's curvy figure. Ms. Centeno caught Simon, the shyest boy in the class, dropping his jaw as he looked her up and down. After a few bumps and sharp turns they dropped into a small pool at the end, but with such force Ms. Centeno went face down in the water with the tube flipping, and Derek launched over her. Simon, who was mesmerized like a kid on Christmas morning, used all his effort to move his eyes to the water in search of the lost bikini.

ZOE - From Virgin to Slut in 3 months

first-time maturemancock 2018-04-11

Thursday came round and I was again in her house as she was ready, her mum said “Have her home by 11pm and she can’t drink on her medication” I nodded and smiled. As she slumped on the seat recovering I took my jeans down and when I pulled my undies down and took my cock out she looked at my 6” and said “Ooooo will it fit” I replied “Don’t worry”. Pulling out I said “Kneel up” as she turned over she knelt on the seat, I spread her legs and slipped in from behind she screamed “Oh God it feels bigger” as I slipped my hands over her tits I banged her harder and stronger, after another minute passed by she was moaning again as I moved my right hand down and rubbed her swollen clitoris.

Part 1

first-time cuke84 2018-04-11

But I never forgot those nights, and seeing her pale skin on her legs as they worked their way up that short black skirt reminded me how hot that was and how much I wanted to pull over, slide my hand along her inner thigh, pull her panties (if she was even wearing any) to the side and lick her clit until she screamed. I could feel the orgasm building up deep inside me, but the second I felt myself getting close, she took it deeper than she ever has before and pushed me right over the edge. I let her guide my head where she wants it as I slide my two fingers inside in just enough time for her to squeeze them tighter than I've ever felt before.

Fall 1970 Ch. 02

first-time davidwatts 2018-04-11

They began licking my cock together, Joni's lips on the left, Doreen's on the right, treating my prick like a ice cream cone. Up and down they went for a time, and then Doreen started sucking on the left side of the head and Joni on the right. With that Doreen started kissing Joni's neck and breasts, sucking the nipples and licking all over. While we passed the beer around, Doreen started looking at me in a coy and seductive way, while she began running her hand gently over my body. I looked down and all I could see were Joni's eyes and the top of her head, the rest of face hidden by Doreen's lush forest.

Loving Eyes

first-time Sir Galahad 2018-04-11

The brothers seated along the long mahogany table in the dining room of the frat house, dressed as usual for the monthly house business meeting in khaki trousers, white shirts, the green, gold and black diagonal stripe ties of the Tri-Sigs, and green blazers with gold buttons and the fraternity patch on the breast pocket quieted down. He looked much better since Warwick had taken him in hand, guided him through buying a new wardrobe, ordering him to see a barber and a nail tech every two weeks without fail, and requiring him to read and be tested on a number of books on manners, but compared to the other Tri-Sigs he was still the resident geek.

Mom’s Alternative

first-time nana414 2018-04-11

So that day night after dinner, Raju went to his room to study not eager about the hand job his mother offered him. Radhika circled her palms around her son’s penis shaft and she slowly started to jerk off for her son. As Raju would mostly be naked in front of his mom, when they lie on bed, Radhika would lie over her son. Therefore, Raju and mom reduced their bed time games to just a kiss and a quick blow job.Whenever each and every examination had more study time in between. After some great time with mother’s ass, Radhika told Raju to take a break. Instinctively Raju started to push in and out his penis inside his mom’s cunt slowly.

Day After Class

first-time ArousedAmy 2018-04-11

I can remember him standing over me, for what felt like the longest time but it was probably only a minute or so. I kept rubbing him while I pretended to do my homework, eventually feeling a bit of wetness coming through his pants. I had little sexual experience so I was not really sure what I was doing, most likely rubbing him too hard. " It was all he could do to restrain himself but me being the little tease I am, I kept rubbing, looking into his eyes, knowing there was no way we could stop. I wasn't sure what to do, so I pulled back, his cum shooting me right in my face and all over my shirt.

First Time Cuckolded; Wife Fucking Neighbor's

first-time rehumanize 2018-04-11

“Oh fuck!” he exclaims as she begins bobbing her head up and down on his cock, coming up for a breath, only to quickly take it right back into her mouth, this time pushing down and taking in as much as she can. “So fucking good,” she says, looking back at me as he quickly takes his shirt off and tosses it onto the couch before wrapping his hands around the base of her shirt and quickly pulling it over her head, making sure to take the sports bra with it in one fell swoop. Jon closes his eyes for a second as he works away at my wife’s pussy, cocking his head back as he tightens his grip and pulls her closer to him, her moaning louder.

My crush turned into to my sex doll pt 1

first-time alwaysfresh 2018-04-11

after class she asked me if i wanted to hang out wit her at her house, which was across from the skool, i said yea sure lets go, her parents were at worked and didn get home til six or six thirty it was one when skool let out, we went to her crib,and she quicly drop off her bags and we headed for the tv, she said she wanted to watch videos, we sat for awhile watching, and remembering old times, i jokingly danced to a few vids it was the rap channel nd she started to dance, she dance for me to the vid like the girls in the vid , i jokingly told her to give me her best booty shake and she laughed and so ok hows this and started shaking that round spandex ass in my face while is sat with a hard dick on the couch, i was so happy she did more moves and we started to talke more, she told how she hated how strict her parents were an dhow she was tired of not having fun like normal k**s, she told me that she had to change clothes cuz her parents wuldnt let her where the clothes she wheres to skool, i told her i loved her class and she hugged me and said thanx while giving me a kiss on the cheek and said thanx.

A 'B' or not a 'B'

first-time tarkatony 2018-04-11

I take my shirt off soon after they do and my pants and underwear and it doesn't matter a tick to me that I look like a dweeb when I'm buck naked, a dweeb with a hard-on, which, I notice, is a head taller than those of the two football studs, Biff and Buck as I think of them, aka John Mason and Billy McLean. I am on my knees, naked, my hard-on throbbing when I turn and look up at the most unappealing girl I have ever known and she is staring down on me with a pursed grimace that, if I'm reading it right, is saying something like: if you so much as touch me I'm going to kick the living shit out of you.

My first "Dom" situation

first-time mj8319 2018-04-11

Jim and I watched the show, staring at her naked breasts (36D if I remember correctly) and eventually her hairy pussy. I have a very clear memory of kissing her and licking her breasts and pulling on her nipples while Jim was making her pussy wet with his fingers. So Jim, fully clothed, led Eva, completely naked, to his room. Back to the story: Eventually, Eva came out of the room, without Jim, and sat with me. I remember telling her to strip again, and when she was naked, I told her to play with herself for a little bit. I kissed her full, and at that point, I realized that Eva had given Jim a blowjob to completion.

Roadside Find

first-time zimabean 2018-04-11

"Well I have thought about it too, something about the clean mountain air, rustic cabin, a few drinks and a good looking young man just makes me want to have sex." Millie said with a smile. "I have always wanted to teach a young man the ways of a woman." Millie said as she stood up and took off her t shirt, her pert little tities were standing proud with hard nipples. The tire showed up late Friday and we got it put on the car but thought Millie should stay the night and leave the next morning plus my dad said he would be home on Sat. Saturday Morning we fucked and Millie showered and got all dressed up to leave.

The Endless Night Ch. 00-01

first-time sexygirl76 2018-04-11

Try sitting in the locker room hearing all the other girls talking about their sexual conquests and the best you can come up with is; I stuck three fingers up my pussy last night. Paul and I talked for a couple of minutes when Sally came back with the most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my life. I came out of the dressing room to show Sally and Paul and Paul almost drooled as his eyes moved over my body. I left the store 20 minutes later with the dress; a pair of black ankle boots that Sally said would go perfect with the dress, as well as two pairs of shorts and a couple of blouses.

For Buff_boi07

first-time 2018-04-11

Beth tugged at it and pulled him round as she danced with Tom. Beth asked Alex to fetch some more drink, and Alex willingly ran to top her up. Tom had his hand discreetly down Beth's leggings and was rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes it became clear that they were more than "gone for drinks", so Tom went to investigate, leaving Abbie to bat off the c***dish endeavours of Dan & Jim. Tom pulled Beth to the corner of the bed, he stepped over her legs and put them together, whilst staying inside her. It didn't take long before Tom exploded masses of cum all down Beth's throat and over her face and breasts, moaning as he did.

Sex in Nana's Attic

first-time louise7033 2018-04-11

And I don't really feel as differently as I thought I would either, except that I do find I am starting to think about sex more since it happened. Anyway, it didn't happen as I thought it would: perhaps after a long courtship and lots of preparatory kissing and cuddling. But the kissing became more urgent now as we lay on the bed, and I felt him unbuttoning my red party blouse and feeling inside for my breasts. I must admit it didn't feel quite right when he started pushing against my opening, but I guess I wanted it so much by now that I wasn't going to tell him to stop. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about what happened on Christmas night ever since.

Travelers Aide

first-time baresrus 2018-04-11

Irma asked me why I had not sought help from her or the other ladies at Travelers Aid as they were there for just such help, I told her that I didn't like to ask for help and would be alright when I got to WV the next day, I was not completely broke, but needed some funds for my leave, I planned on buying breakfast the next day before boarding the train. It may never go down with you sucking it and holding it I told her but I wanted to pleasure her as well, we pulled off the rest of our pajamas and scrambled to get into position, imagine my surprise when she got on top, and lowered her beautiful pussy onto my cock, another first for me, and as she was sliding down on it she cood, like a bird, Uh, Oh, Ah, till she was fully seated on my raging hard on.


"Getting Pregnant By My Uncle Todd"

first-time kicknbounce 2018-04-11

“He noticed!; how embarrassing!” I felt a little ashamed as I stood there naked in front of my masculine Uncle having to admit that yes, I do indeed shave my pubes, cock and balls. "Well…” Uncle Todd began to unbutton his denim jeans, "Take a look" He chuckled as he pulled his waistband open to reveal his bare pubic mound. The bathroon echoed with the sounds of hot male sex as I grunted and chortled and almost lost it, but Uncle Todd withdrew his rigid slab in one long, slick pull. I pulled my face off of his big horse cock, pre-cum and saliva forming a ropy string between my lips and his shaft.


first-time Guesde 2018-04-11

I was thinking about what my Ma had said one Friday afternoon when Mrs. Shaw came up to me after work and asked me whether I'd mind coming around the next day to fix her back tree for her. Just like Floyd had a mind for fixing cars and Mrs. Shaw for numbers. When Mrs. Shaw came back in the room with the coffee I was standing in front of the seat she'd told me to sit in. 'Do you have a sweetheart Sullivan?' Mrs. Shaw said it in just the way she'd asked me whether I wanted another cup of coffee - I'd said no since one seemed enough trouble and two too much. I'd thought but not spoken those things I said to Mrs. Shaw as she stood before me.

Silly young girl in the porn cinema

first-time 2018-04-11

The film was showing and it was a girl being ass fucked by two men, she was screaming all sorts of obsenities, of course enjoying the experience as all porn dictates, and I decided to move up towards the second back row, suddenly realising as went closer and closeer to the men there, my smell was distinctly feminine, I was wearing my 'Knowing' perfume, and as if to confirm this I noted each man was staring at me as their faces came into focus, illuminated by the porn on the screen. At one point both my legs were pulled up behind my ears and held there by the guy who throat fucked me, and at this point he removed my last shoe, and suddenly the pain shot through me like a bolt of lightening, this man had just torn my ass wide open.

My First Asian Girl

first-time john960 2018-04-11

I am way more excited about my first Asian girl than I am about it being on vacation so I put it here. We were fooling around pretty heavy in the cab and she was rubbing my cock through my pants and i had my hand up her skirt feeling her wet bald little pussy. She got down on her knees in front of me and pulled my dick out of my pants. she was gagging a little, but she really seemed to like it, and I have to say it was pretty hot watching her work my dick that hard. I have always heard about tiny wild asian girls that can ride a dick like nobodies business.

Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -3

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-04-11

Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours. Sexy Shae is sometimes at Schphol for a short stop-over, but never ever came at coffee meeting me there. Sexy Shae is commuting up and down in her hot long hauls across the Atlantic Ocean to me in Amsterdam. Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, "real time": Sexy Shae shares her lookalike on video: Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red ass halfway": Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red real end": I smile in my mind, knowing I will quote quite some lines from our little talk". Sexy shae, I count cute quatrains to measure the length.

Oddball Ch. 05

first-time JimBob44 2018-04-11

John Ridgelow made Mary laugh as he quickly sat down next to her, preventing Thomas from sitting next to her. Mary was agreeing with Britney's evaluation of Kenneth Prejean; the man was an a** hole. "Um, hey Mom, I uh, you think I could bring Mary over here one night, you know, for dinner?" Thomas asked. "Well, I got to ask my Momma, but I'll let you know, okay?" Mary said and hung up. Britney laughed at that and asked if Mary was home. "Well, I got to ask my Momma, Mary said when Britney asked her if she wanted to spend the night on Friday night. "Like making love in the rain," Britney whispered into Mary's ear as she lay down next to her lover.

3 weeks in Thailand

first-time jimtheman699 2018-04-11

It was now 3pm - so she got dressed (she took ages) and came down the stairs with a lovely short skirt and a flowered top- and it was time to pay the bar fine so went back to Lamai to pay the fine (for 5 days – because I really wanted to fuck her) and popped into the local sex shop where got 3 butt plugs (v small, small and medium (Vibrating)) and loads of lube. When we got up about 11 am, I started to do breakfast naked as always and she put her arms around me and grabbed my cock and said “ I want you in me now” and so I took her doggy there and then on the sofa – she was really tight but soon relaxed and this time I fucked her good and hard - first doggy and then missionary with her holding her balls out of the way.