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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Very First Time Ch. 02

first-time Dirkstimson 2018-04-10

"Yes," she says, sighing." She munches on her cracker for a minute and I'm looking at her lying there with those great legs stretched out and that lower lip that extends just enough to make it sexy. So I'm rubbing and her legs are moving farther apart and she takes my hands and moves them right on top of the little bit of brown pubic hair that she's got. She grabs me with her legs like a wrestling hold and arches her back and says in my ear "now, Jerome Woodley, now!" With that she swings her legs off the lounge chair, takes up the towel, her bikini bottoms and her sweat shirt and motions for me to come inside.

The Babysitter-Part 1

first-time john1195 2018-04-10

weekend together only to find that Jay had left home in what turned out to "I called a couple of friends after he went storming out of the house and We just stood there for what seemed hours kissing. Jay turned and smiled his wicked little grin again and reached for He stood up and pulled off his shorts and bent over and grabbed my raging hardon on and pushed back on my cock and sunk it to the until he stood and faced me that he'd come all over the mirrored wall. off the mirror and put it right in his mouth and licked his shorts. before we pulled up our shorts and pants and he pulled out the stop button.

I fuck my coworker in the back of my car.

first-time 2018-04-10

My dick was so hard I could feel it wanting to rip a hole in my pants to get out. Then I kissed down to her chest and oh my gosh, her tits were nice...she had long nipples and they were hard. I pulled off her pants and pulled her panties to the side and slid my tongue into her pussy as deep as it could go and she gave a deep moan....I was like yes ready...I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue across her pussy lips and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy again and she was going wild, clawing and, Bucking her heads in the headrest .

His Teen Consort Ch. 01

first-time tcwild100 2018-04-10

so Jack, lots of that stuff looked like it might be fun." Leslie began, squirming her backside on the sofa as her fingers gripped his leg. I'm just going to show you what a real orgasm feels like." Jack told her, lowering his head to nibble his way down her neck toward her breasts. Jack closed his eyes and put his hand on the back of her head, not to pull her down but rather to let her know he was enjoying her actions. Leslie's fingers found his balls by accident and gently squeezed them, her mouth still wrapped around the bulbous head of Jack's organ. "Just let him into her mouth a little more honey." Jack suggested, gently holding her head as his hips moved upward.

Fucked on my Wedding Night

first-time greenside80 2018-04-10

I began dancing with my husband and we did a few songs together before he decided to hit the bar. It really didn't bother me because like I said I just wanted to have a good time tonight and wasn't worrying about my d***k husband. We walked off the dance floor and headed over to the bar and of course he ordered a round of shots. After several hours of dancing and drinking, my husband's friend looked at me and noticed that I was sweating. As he kissed me, he quickly pulled the top of my dress back down and went back to work on my tits with his lips and tongue.

First Taste Black Cock PT1

first-time 425olds 2018-04-10

While working/playing online I had discovered all of the free online porn sites and loved looking at white married women sucking and fucking black men. When I told him my wife had left me for a black guy, he hesitated and asked me if I wanted to meet him to kill him. He had really taken control of the chat when I told him I wanted to be a slave to his superior black cock… He told me I would be sucking it all night long. I was sucking a black man's cock in my apartment and I was enjoying it. I was sucking his black cock for the second time tonight, and I was loving it.

My crossdress begining

first-time fanta25 2018-04-10

My Boss told me that I am a nice boy (at that moment my body was very slim so I looked more like a girl. He told me that I have the option to suck his dick for $250 or to Drive his friend for $50 (the problem is that I already drank the wine glass and I wasn't able to drive and I forget that when I started to drink). I confirmed like a shy girl and just told him that I never tried before and I don't know how to start/do it. My boss just left the room and come back with some women clothes and told me that if I will suck his dick in women clothes he will give me extra $50.

First Night together

first-time reaven98 2018-04-10

(I'm 5'10-5'11 170 lbs long brown hair slightly wavy) and as she pinned me she kissed me with an intensedy i never felt before and i loved it my dick was instantly rock solid. I pulled the back of her hair (which drives her crazy) she moans and takes my dick deeper down her throat as i thrust hearing her gag i pull out of her mouth and i begin to stroke my dick as she sucks and licks all over my balls one at a time. I pull her hair again and slams my dick down her throat causing her to gag again and i thrust over and over again hearing her gasp for air.

Heartbreak Hotel

first-time ElRitmoTropical 2018-04-10

After about a half an hour of motionlessness, I stood from the rocking chair I had sat in and placed my hands on the railing of the rail that surrounded the deck. Would you like to come up and join me on my deck and watch the snow together?" The thought of the opposite hadn't crossed my mind." I said as I opened the sliding glass door for her. "Please sit." I said, motioning to the rocking chair closest to the railing surrounding the deck. She stood up and with one hand pulled down her sweats to reveal a white lace thong, which had my cock feeling like it could allow me to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

My First Time

first-time cameoblue 2018-04-10

He deepened the kiss and ran his hand up and down my arm, then up and down my thigh and hip. I gasped and tried to twist away, but he quickly bent his head down and took my nipple between his lips and began to suckle. I was a bit confused, because I was touching him, so I ran my hands over his chest and arms and back a little harder, kneading his shoulders. Then he took one of my hands and started moving it down his chest and down his stomach and lower still.... His hands were on my breasts again, his palms against them lightly so he could enjoy the sensation of them bouncing and swaying against him, and in turn it teased my nipples.


First Date

first-time loloishorny 2018-04-10

My best friend Diane says her boyfriend has a b*****r that just came home from college and wants a date for tonight. While we are waiting for the guys to come over and pick us up, Diane is telling me to behave myself. Diane told me he went to an all boys college. The movie ended, Jason and I were waiting for Diane and Jim in the hallway. Jason would lie in bed acting like he was asl**p and would watch these guys suck each others dick and fuck in the ass. I started to cum and Jason was ready to put his dick deep in me. I told Jason, that we couldn't tell his b*****r or Diane.


first-time Drsmiley82 2018-04-10

As I slowly inched back over to see what she was doing I saw that she was no longer facing me, she was on her hands and knees looking for the pencil, and for the first time in my life I actually caught myself checking out Courtney’s ass. She then stood up, still facing away from me said, not like that, pull my pants and panties down, and kiss my big, beautiful, bare black ass. Wasting no more time, I dropped to my knees, pressed my lips firmly to one of her cheeks and kissed her big beautiful black ass. I heard her tell Courtney to pull up her pants and put her bra back on, then gave her the screening, came over ,and did the same thing to me, then told me to get dressed and go back to class.

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...

first-time scary_mary 2018-04-10

"Ah, my parents are hardworking, strict protestant types who have saved quite a bit of money and don't want their little daughter mixing with 'the wrong crowd.' They bought this place partly as an investment, and partly to keep me away from the evils of the world," replied Ruth. "Well," said Ruth, "I am 22 years old and have never seen a real naked man, so I used to imagine you taking you clothes off with Amy! Ruth gently took Eric's hand and placed it under her arm and against her chest, letting him feel her breast. As I said, I used to imagine you playing with Amy's breasts," replied Ruth taking her T-shirt off quickly.

Nurse Gives Me 3 Enemas in Preparation for My Bari

first-time AquaManH20 2018-04-10

She explained that this first enema would be two quarts of soapy water which I should hold for about five minutes. When she started the flow again, I could feel the water filling my lower colon until I had another painful cramp. The warm water and the pressure caused me to have another huge erection. She said, “I think you’ll enjoy this one even more than the first two.” Once again she inserted her lubricated finger in my anus, but this time she inserted a second finger so that she could spread them apart inside my rectum and move them around. She said she was going to use an inflatable nozzle so that I could hold the enema more easily.

Under the Moonlight

first-time Owain 2018-04-10

With her other hand, Rachel pulled off my coat and began to undo the buttons of my shirt, placing small kisses in a line down my chest as the skin was exposed. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to stroke the soft skin of her inner thighs, all the while kissing her lips and throat. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked gently, then after a few minutes began to move my hand slowly back and forth, pressing the base of my finger against her clit on the downward stroke and using the tip to tease the entrance to her hole on the way up.

Festive First-Time

first-time LittleMissFart 2018-04-10

As soon as I got back home, I turned the heating on, texted her my address, and quickly ran up to my bedroom, throwing my clothes off, and laid down to replay my encounter with her, both from today, and from the time spent trapped in that lift with her and her farts, After that was done, I had a nice shower, once again I was helpless to resist touching myself over thoughts of her, her gorgeous plump ass, and her amazing hot smelly farts. I felt jealous seeing the white couch cushion contort and get swallowed up under her big gorgeous plump butt as she sat all her weight down on it.

I Loved This New Genre

first-time 2018-04-10

I don’t know whether to stop him or to enjoy… but finally emotion overtook confusions… I was in heaven… he took my tops off and this is the first time he is watching my breast and he was biting it like anything and meantime he touched my pot-hole…i was in heaven when he did that. She said “ok… then put my undies into your mouth and on saying this she removed his underwear…(she was wearing a long skirt so she removed it easily)and she licked my boobs like anything and after sometime she placed my blouse in its position..but didn’t hook it back.and she went into my petticoat and started to lick my pussy vigorously… I was in heaven.


first-time pussyeater3300 2018-04-10

Now I must admit that I really wanted to visit this club and after several attempts to discuss the visit all of which were turned down by James, I began to scheme ways to bring up the topic of watching other people having sex. One night I remember I had declined to give him a blowjob and asked him if he would like to see a man with a big black cock get a blowjob from a beautiful young white woman, right up close on a stage; just a few feet away. I had not taken any notice of the whispered conversation with my husband, but had woken up with a jolt when a naked woman, one of the pole dancers was taking my hand and pulling me up the two small steps onto the stage.

Teenage interruption

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-04-10

With the other hand I directed the head of my cock between her fleshy pussy lips. With her back to the lounge chair, I propped her ass on the chair back before re-introducing my hard cock back into her tight hot pussy. I shifted my attention from her lips to her tits and nipples - licking and nipping at her nipples until she exploded in a massive cum, with her pussy convulsing all around my cock. “I love it....I love it” she chanted as she continued to spasm on my embedded cock, before she collapsed back onto my chest with my hands clasping her ample tits to keep her from falling off me.

Tutor time turns sexy

first-time coolguy48302 2018-04-10

So, back to the story, I got home after school one really hot day, and decided to use the pool before Ella arrived. We went inside and she helped me with my work, luckily my crotch was under the table, because I got hard during the session and with only boardies on, I could do nothing to hide it. She said it felt like I needed a little extra help down there, dived down and tugged my boardies off, leaving my hard dick in her hand. Let’s just say that tutor sessions were never the same after that day After my schooling was finished, we met up at each other’s houses a few times and screwed all night, but then Ella found a boyfriend and I haven’t heard much from her since.


first-time secretly_submissive25 2018-04-10

But then again I don't want her to think I'm getting work up by a dream and subtleness has never been a forte for Rachel. Most of the guys in the club usually look right past me and lay their sights on Rachel. For a second I turn around to get the drink the bartender says is ready and by the time I look back to where the guy was he's gone. I begin to wonder who he thinks he is when I realize that he a guy who's confident in what he wants and right now it's me so I turn to leave. I leave him and I head for Rachel who by the way she's leaning on that chair I can tell she's had one too many tequila shots.

The Best Sunday Night

first-time dlowe10230 2018-04-10

I decided to pull her hair just to hear her moan. Then I went further feeling her wet panties with my finger tips. She got tired of messing around and said "Put your fingers in me." I went down her panties and felt the warmth of her pussy on my fingers. This went on for a few minutes then she screamed, "Stop!" I questioned her, "Why?" "Because it's not fair for me to get all the pleasure." She lead me to the bed and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled her hair one more time and she let out another giant moan. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hair one more time and I felt her cum at the same time as I did.

First White Chick

first-time Plumppussy 2018-04-10

When I first met her I was about 16 we went to school together. We had been going to school but I never really noticed her then. But anyway we began to notice each other. Then in our 10th grade year thats when I really got to know her. We had English together we thats when I got to know her quickly we became friends just at school at that time. Soon it was talking everyday for hours on the phone talking about any and everything. After a while we became even closer but the question never came up us being together. And the fact she was seeing someone else at the time but we didn't care we were attracted to each other.

Yvonne - Newly Weds

first-time altaff143 2018-04-10

Tony knew that he mustn't push himself too much onto his neighbours, he just called out "hello" if he happened to be working in his garden when he saw Yvonne, and only a couple of times in that first week, talked to her across their boundary wall. Time went on, and Tony began to be happy in the thought that Yvonne must be having a good look at the porno magazine before bringing it back. Going into the bedroom she tipped up the bag and the two glossy magazines slid out to show lovely, wonderful pictures of men with their lovely, big, hard, erect, magnificent cocks fucking mouth and pussy.