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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Stacia by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-10

With one hand he helped her slide her bra off and with the other he massaged her slightly damp, tight virgin pussy through her cheerleading panties. Stacia slid his boxers down and off and began to work his cock, which was as hard as a rock by now, with her hand. Stacia slid her head up and down on Mike’s cock, taking in as much as she could handle and sucked with all her might. Mike crawled up on top of her and kissed her passionately as he slid the bottom of his cock up and down on her clit. He slowly slid the head of his cock into her pussy and she started to moan. Stacia breathed heavily and looked into Mike’s eyes, trying with her hands to pull him in deeper.

Losing my virginity

first-time tomdelgatto 2018-04-10

I went to the bar and ordered my first drink and went right out to the dance floor where we met some of my cousins friends who had some "party favors" which really got us feeling good. While he was fucking me another patron walked in to use the restroom but he just slowed his rhythm, they couldn't see much because he had just popped his dick out of his zipper on his leather pants and popped it up the one that ran right up my ass. I spent the rest of the night looking for my cousin like a sweaty dirty little whore with a stranger's cum leaking out of my ass all over these leather pants I borrowed.

First, First Times

first-time LitEroCat 2018-04-10

As my sweet Sue squatted, then dropped inelegantly to the floor, her crossed legs exposed her wet spot to Car, me and Maria. But I want you to answer Caroline's question AND tell us about your first time eating pussy!" Car gasped loudly; everyone else laughed. A friend was boasting about his hot new girlfriend, let's call her Barbie, who was somewhere around; telling me about her cute, pristine tits; how she was still a virgin when they met and how he changed that and how great a French kisser she was. "I like the way you think, Mario." My dick was at the edge of my shorts and Maria's hand was helping it peek out, then hide as she gently stroked it.

Leona in Brazil

first-time lonegarif 2018-04-10

But never mind the old couples, married folks, and holiday goers – Mike has already seen a blur of exotic Brazilian beauties who scuttle left and right of his vision, all sporting rather non-conservative clothing, ranging from skimpy bikinis to short dresses that rather teasingly cut off close to their lovely behinds. She began a little dance, still on her knees, swinging her ass slowly and sensuously side to side, to which Mike could only imagine how his cock would feel against such a mass of fine female ass, hypnotized at the sight of such raw sexual signals that expressed the one universal language that man and woman understood.

My first affair

first-time sweet_peach_princess 2018-04-10

As you’re sucking my clit and thrusting your fingers in and out you as you push upward you feel inside me my pussy getting tighter as if a little balloon is starting to fill. You come up to kiss me as your lips touch mine my tongue touches yours allowing my juices to flow into my mouth, I pull you against me tight so my cum that’s on your body gets all over me. So slippery wet my body easily allows you to enter, my heart pounding you start thrusting again with my hair in your hands you begin to pull. I start moaning uncontrollably once again, you’re fucking me so hard the pain is making my body tense, you can feel my pussy get tight around your throbbing dick as you slam into me.

First Date

first-time JerichoX 2018-04-10

AND, because of the nature of how we met, we never actually had a real “first date”, haven gotten to know each other so well by phone and mail long before we met in person. SO… we decided to make this our actual “first date”. Several of the men at the bar, no doubt the two who had been spurned among them, watched in fascination as she moved like sensual fluid right up to me. She held the glass aloft as is to toast, then looked right into my eyes and said, “Make me smile, and I’ll drink with you. I stirred and quietly ordered breakfast from room service - The Monticello – brioche with hard fried egg and cheddar cheese, Virginia ham, sweet rolls and sliced fresh fruit.

Car Breakdown

first-time chef927 2018-04-10

begging me to fuck you i place your legs over my shoulder bury my face into your pert breasts and rub the tip of my cock over your wet aching wanting pussy using your sweet tasting juice as a lube as i enter your tight pussy you moan in pleasure as i slowly fill you with every inch until my balls are brushing your ass. reaching round rubbing your clit with one hand as i pull your hair with the other i feel your muscles tighten and your screaming that you are about to cum, not wanting it to go to waste i move beneath you frantically rubbing your clit as you cum over my face screaming in passion licking up everydrop from your soaking pussy as i grab your ass and bury my head into your dripping pussy no missing a drop of your sweet juice.

Beebe and Petey Ch. 03

first-time Valendon 2018-04-10

Then, when I thought the day was all over, I took the first step toward a delightful lesbian affair with my best friend, Chad's sister Dene. It all came gushing out: "Well, I had a wild, screaming orgasm from tasting Chad's pre-cum while I humped his wrist, jacked him off, had dinner with mom and dad, discovered Chad and I are wildly in love, screwed him and then french-kissed Dene. If you're in love with Chad (which I've known for years, by the way) had a "thundering orgasm" licking his dick and then screwed him (and good for you, by the way) then you're absolutely NOT a lesbian. Oh, Mom" I blurted, "Jan said you've all known Chad and I loved each other even before we did.

My only gay experience (true story) Part 1

first-time kpdenomo 2018-04-10

Even though I had a young wife, I had always had some fantasies unfulfilled from before marriage. However, after an hour or so of work, she was suddenly joined by a group of business co-workers that took her to a table to chat for a few minutes and then walked out. I do remember the TV being on and the news about something happening in the gay world being on. Anyway, before I realized what I was saying, I had said something about always having had a gay fantasy. The bartender cut me off and walked away, but my new buddy just stared at me. While taking a leak at the urinal, I hear the door open and look to see my new buddy.

Terry Ch. 01: Losing Virginity

first-time Harvey_32 2018-04-10

Annette returned and we said our goodnights with a particularly nice hug and sloppy, drunken kiss which got this twenty-two year old shy virgin's pulse racing. Gisl placed her hands behind her head and arched her back against the low padding of the sofa, pulling the coat tight across her breasts but very wide open. Gisl opened her eyes and turned to look at me, ran her hands up over her breasts and back down again to my knees, "What's the matter, never seen a womans tetas before?" "To be honest, I have always been a boob man and love the look of a nice cleavage, but I may have changed my mind about liking big tits after handling your Mums.

she loves my sex

first-time sexis4me11 2018-04-10

she slid a little closer to me in the car and kissed my neck while working my cock with her left hand an playing with my balls with the other. as her hands glided over my shaft and her mouth sucked on the head, i got closer and closer to blowing my load. after swallowing the whole load with out spilling a drop, she put her pants on wrapped my still semi hard cock with her thong. when i got the electronic room key in my hand my cock started to get hard again. i sat her on my fully erect cock and as a slid it in for the first time we both moaned.

My 18 Year Old Niece!!

first-time BIGV977 2018-04-10


First Time Is Best Time

first-time BVRocks 2018-04-10

(She was still fiddling with my cock, and had moved her hand inside my pants and got her fingers wet with my pre-cum). Wearing a latex glove, I gave him a nice hand job almost for an hour playing with his cock and balls while he watched the magazine and told me about the girl he liked in our class. Susan says "Mom, keep the tray down on the floor, I'd like to show rocky, our secret movie - his dick is rock hard already". As Sue continues to squeeze my cock of precum and holding the sticky gel in her other hand, her fingers pull me towards her and she says, "Rocky, this sticky thing in my hand is very warm and similar to what you see on her cunt here.

The Rainstorm

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-04-10

And as I held this scared peeing pet at arms length away from me Poodle Girl rounded the curve, moving faster than I have ever seen her move. Gina smiled, "Farah, like the actress." She looked around at the still pouring rain, "Is it safe to stay here?" Soon the right leg of my shorts was moved over exposing my now very erect cock. My hands reached up, caressed both of her cheeks and guided her beautiful face down so I could kiss her deeply. I moved my body upright, guiding her legs together so they aimed straight up, my left arm holding them at her knee. I turned back at Gina, looking deeply into her warm brown eyes; I leaned down and kissed her softly.

Teri big surprise

first-time fatandnasty 2018-04-10

I told her to open her mouth and suck the sauce off the sausage. Some of the sauce dripped down on her belly and I asked if I could pull off the bottoms to her uniform. I didn't want her grabbing Markus head as she started to moan and jump around pushing her ass into Markus face.Markus had to stop eating her sweet pussy and allow me to put on the hand cuffs. I motioned for him to get up and rub his cock on her breasts.She started to suck on my his cock and suddenly stopped, your dick is so much bigger, she said, and I told her I had got some Viapro from the gas station and it makes my cock big and hard.

Mrs Beattie's Christmas Tree

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-04-10

I dragged the tree out of the van, cursing at the chafing needles abrading my neck, lugging the thing up the drive to the door at the side of the house as per Dave's instructions. There were two pints and five pounds waiting for me in the bar of the Hyde Park, but when she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, cocking one hip while fixing her gaze on my face, I saw her breasts roll under the cardigan and couldn't stop myself from croaking about not having anything else to do. Mrs Beattie let me squeeze her for a few seconds, then took a step back, her eyes set on the jib of my cock poking through the gap in my jeans.

A New Lover in the Next Room

first-time RubberDickie 2018-04-10

Then get over here and show me how bad you want to measure it," I said, still joking. All I could say at that point was, "Man, are you sure you want to suck me?" "You can cum anywhere you want," he said, as he practically dove onto my cock. I couldn't concentrate on anything except how good Chris's mouth and throat felt wrapped around my dick. I came so hard that I grabbed Chris by the back of the head and pumped two or three full loads into his mouth without warning, causing him to choke and gag. He was exceptional at sucking my cock, but what I most enjoyed was fucking him hard and coming in his perfect ass.

Through The Lens

first-time Millsy 2018-04-09

Normally I'd walk the four miles home instead of waiting for the bus, but most people that lived our way either spent the afternoon in the sixth form common room or in the library. I left it five minutes, thumbing my way through the shelves of books, before finally plucking up the courage to sit opposite her at the table as she worked away at an assignment that she had been given while waiting for the bus to pick her up at the end of the day. I kicked off my shoes in the hallway and poked my head through the living room door, saying; " Hello, and goodnight." to my parents who were up watching something on TV, then I careered up the two flights of stairs to the loft, threw the window open, and trained my telescope on Becca's bedroom.

The Shy Kid, Tim

first-time BrandonKav7 2018-04-09

I sat down at my desk and looked over at Tim. Staring at him, I day-dreamed about what it would be like to fuck his tight boy hole. Then I noticed Tim wasn't working on the worksheet, instead he appeared to be drawing or writing in a notebook; maybe like a diary of some sort. I slowly took a deep breath in, and out, then asked him, "Do you like men?" Tim hesitated so I added, "Don't worry, you can tell me anything. As I slid more and more of my cock into Tim's mouth, I went to far and started to choke him. I reached around and grabbed Tim's cock with my huge hand and started to jerk him off.

Ginger Popped

first-time tkinsc 2018-04-09

I started to grind into Doug, and felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh. "Oh, Doug," I moaned as he continued sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. I parted my legs as Doug moved his head between my thighs and began to gently lick up and down my lips. Doug continued eating my pussy and sucking my clit as I began to get a strange feeling deep inside myself. Doug took my right hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. Doug withdrew his cock a little; I could feel my lips being pulled with him as he withdrew. My pussy was wrapped so tightly around Doug's cock, I could feel the veins of his dick, and could feel it throbbing while it tore away my innocence.

Finally fucked Sandy

first-time malibuman79 2018-04-09

She reluctantly told me that he fingered her pussy so she gave him a blow job. I kissed her on the lips and moved my hand down between her legs and stroked her pussy over her satin panties. Sandy moaned and I thought I hurt her so I started to removed my hand. Sandy reached down and gave it a few strokes then said, 'it's your turn'. She said that she didn't want to leave it hard so she pulled off her drenched panties and I laid back on the couch. We both fell asl**p and I woke up and Sandy was still sitting on me and my soft cock was still in her pussy.

My First Threesome

first-time imogencole 2018-04-09

I sat on the bed rubbing his cock as he spoke to another guy, I could tell that they were talking about me; James then turned to me and asked if his friend could join us – I thought about it (for about a second) and said “Yes, of course”. Simon told me to stand up, I did and they both took my blouse and skirt off; Simon started kissing and caressing me, whilst James pulled my thong to one side and released my cock from its tucked position – though my cock is a lot smaller then theirs was, as James put it into his warm begging mouth it soon sprang to attention.

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 03

first-time johnwhoknew 2018-04-09

"Oh I don't even want to hear about cute little asses, girl," I responded, running my right hand down the small of her back onto her behind, pressing the heel of my palm into her crack and curling my fingers up, pressing the fabric of her dress between her cheeks. I met her gaze for a second, then I slowly and seductively wrapped the shoulder strap of her dress around one finger of the hand I had on her breast. It was a delightfully perky little handful, and she looked indescribably sexy laying there with her dress half pulled down, and one breast hanging out. She looked up into my eyes, nodded gently, and whispered, "Yes." I ran my hands up her arms to comfort her, then I stepped to her side.

Stacy in Athens

first-time Longstretch 2018-04-09

Stacy's mother had offered her the chance to take this student cruise, a half-year sailing to 17 ports in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, as a present for her nineteenth birthday. I asked Stacy to take off her shoes and, like me, put them on the newspaper next to the door so that the road dirt didn't overrun the floors, which were seldom cleaned. "Oh, that's nice, scratch harder, you're really good, thank you," I said, and just let her go until she seemed to tire. As I got into position, Stacy reached out for my cock. I moved into position and this time Stacy guided my cock to the entrance.