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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The old man who started to turn me into a pussy-bo

first-time 2018-04-09

He responded in a gruff old voice whispering "I know what you want you little faggot, you want to suck my hard cock like the little fag bitch you are." Despite the disrespect, I felt my dick get extremely hard. I felt his cock twitch in time with my slurp and I knew that sound must turn him on, just like I loved to hear porn starts make those sounds. This made him chuckle, "look at you, putting your legs up like a good little slut." I blushed with shame but lifted my legs in higher, staring in fear at his rock hard engorged cock.

Because There's a First Time...

first-time alsgal 2018-04-09

He smiled at her and continued to stroke up and down her soft soles, drawing circular movements with his thumbs as they travelled from heel to foot and then stroking with all four fingers of his right hand as it moved back down, his left hand cradling the ankle and stroking the Achilles tendon. The first time he performed it he moved the ice cube quickly up the soles of her feet before slowly, deliberately licking up all the liquid with his hard tongue before sucking first on her left big toe, and then on the right. Moving his face further along the top of Kay's feet, Dave dropped feather-light kisses all over her silky skin, tracing words with his fingers across her ankles.

My First Bi Experience

first-time dundeetom 2018-04-09

I got to the street where K lived and thought about turning around and going home but I saw a him standing there waiting for me so I walked down and said hi. We walked into his close and he told me that we wouldn't actually be able to do it in his flat as his flatmate was due to return home very soon. I then felt K's hand rubbing my cock through my boxers. He continued this for about 5 minutes until i told him I was close to cumming and that I wanted to try sucking him. What felt like 10 seconds later but was probably about 10 minutes, K told me was going to cum.

Guys for a girl

first-time cheekymandy 2018-04-09

Charlie slid three fingers into her and sucked her clitoris deep into his mouth while flicking it with his tongue, causing her to moan deeply - And at that moment Tom buried his cock deep in her mouth, filling her with his girth, and started to thrust into her. She didn't have to be asked - she wanted him inside her desperately, so she positioned herself on him and started to slowly impale herself on his large cock, riding it deeper with every push, willing it all to go in, leaning her heavy breasts into his face, encouraging him to fondle them, sucking her nipples into his mouth just like she loved it.

The Incentive List Ch. 05

first-time wabbit_season 2018-04-09

James checked his watch; he still had plenty of time to set up. "Bukkake," she managed through her giggles. They shared a naughty giggle. His reputation as a sexual deviant with a pervy older girlfriend would hopefully be left behind too. "David, sweetheart, how are you?" Tellingly, one of the boys who had previously indicated he was in a relationship also had his hand up - a sheepish looking fellow with long ginger hair. "What's your name, sweetheart?" "Your girlfriend is really mean, Ash." "And what's your name," she purred. "Mmmmmmmm," she purred. "What did I say the rules were?" she said purposely.

I Call on Janet & Ashley

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-04-09

When she saw that I was eating Ashley's pussy for the second time, her mother removed her skirt and blouse and lay on the bed beside us, naked except for her panties, and her hands were inside them, massaging her clit. After devouring the harvest of delicious juices in her pussy, I clamped my mouth on Ashley's charming clit, using my lips as a seal, and started gently sucking while my tongue caressed her engorged love toy. After happily devouring all the juices, I started probing the lower edge of her pink love hole, enjoying the feeling of her pussy fucking into my face.

Farm Girl

first-time Iole 2018-04-09

The next night he worked very late, but after he came home he got back in Darla's bed again, and again he kissed her and raised her nightgown to suckle her breasts while poking her belly with the hard thing. After Susan came home from the hospital with the baby Jerry rode Darla less and less often as the months passed. Darla began to understand that being ridden by Jerry was what had put the baby in her belly, and he had ridden Susan to give her a baby too, and maybe he had given her another one because she looked like she was pregnant again, and so did Patty.

Visiting The Girls Of Amsterdam

first-time puppop 2018-04-09

Uncle grinned, and in a serious tone, laid it out."Remember, ya gotta come back in the fall, do good at school. I mean, I grew up with firepower always near at hand, but folks overseas had to settle disagreements or turf wars with bit shit things like knives and fists. I can remember shaking Gil's hand and watching him leave, noticing for the first time he had a bald spot on the back of his head and that now he was shorter than I was. Greta came in and laughed, said we looked like two hungry little boys. I went and got their gifts out of my case, Levis for Pieter, who beamed happily, and a family locket for Greta, along with letters from my mother and Uncle Bart.

First threesome with my ex and bestfriend

first-time Slutl0ver1 2018-04-09

"I just wanna quickly touch it i haven't seen one this big before" Charly places her hand on it for a few seconds and plays around with it in her hand "it's so big" then she wraps her fingers around it looks up at Aaron "i'm just gonna get you hard do you mind?" Aarons to d***k to care by this point "go ahead" they had both completely forgotten i was in the room laying there on the bed next to them Charly starts to stroke Aarons dick slowly as she watch's it get hard which doesn't take long i start to stroke my now aching cock as i watch Charly stroking his now fully erect cock which looks huge in her tiny hands she starts to stroke him faster as she gets lost in her lust and edges her faces closer to his cock as Aaron thrusts his hips forward pushing his cock into her mouth which she eagerly starts to suck trying to get as much of it into her mouth as she can until her gag reflex kicks in and she withdraws off his cock to catch her breath then she grabs his cock with one hand while wrapping her lips around the tip now her head is bobbing up and down on his cock using her tounge to lick the tip while stroking it in rythem.

First Time

first-time DG Hear 2018-04-09

She was like five years older than me and teased me all the time, but she would explain anything to me when I asked her. Back to Kelly, she explained about French kissing and said that's why Sara was trying to put her tongue in my mouth. We began kissing, just the way she had told me and I felt my dick start to get hard. Just take your time and go with the kissing and then gently try touching her breasts, first on the outside of her clothes." I used to just laugh and act like I knew what they were talking about; didn't want to look stupid, you know. When I got to Frank's house he told me Frances was staying home that night because she had a cold.

Sexy Cuckold Vacation

first-time tpgprn 2018-04-09

However, to my surprise and delight, she would on very rare occasions say something during our love making to provoke my fantasies such as "I wish there was another hard cock fucking me in the ass right now" while she was riding me. After the k**s went to bed for the night, she disappeared into the bedroom for a bit and came back out wearing one of her sluttiest lingerie outfits that shows off that perfect ass even more. Your constant pestering about me wearing skimpy clothes and acting like your slut on vacation has gotten me a little worked up. She asked me how slutty it would be if she took two cocks into her pussy at the same time and then stuffed the 7 and 9 inchers in simultaneously.

A Christmas Wish Come True

first-time Alice_Nestleton 2018-04-09

After they hung up, Darrell told his parents he wasn't going let Molly spend Christmas alone and that he'll be over at her house instead of being with them. It's always been a dream of mine and I would love to grant your Christmas wish tonight." And with that, Darrell turned Molly around and planted a loving kiss on her lips. "I love you too," Molly replied as she lifted off the bed a little to allow Darrell to first unclasp her bra and then slowly take it off to reveal her breasts to him. Molly giggled and laid back as Darrell's hands wandered down to once again slowly pull down her panties as he passionately kiss her.

Juicy Jennifers first friend #5

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-04-09

Jennifer suddenly is silent for a few days after weeks of writing daily messages back to me. Jennifer loves my idea to let young Jenny read all about us here. Jennifer puzzles me with the video of an elder gentleman initiating a young lovely looking blonde baby in Europe. Jennifer suddenly seems to love videos without any spanking at all. I know there is much more in love life and lust than having great sex after some proper spanking to warm up. Jennifer apparently wants to wait till the arrival of her and her dear doddie, our young Jenny, in. I know she booked their flight long time in advance, as soon as she knew the day of young Jenny's graduation.

His First Night

first-time humminbean 2018-04-09

The little bit of my penis left inside pulled out too -- but left the condom behind. She had to lift her body a little to reach down, but kept soft pressure on my penis as she shifted. Then, I saw her lift one soft breast with her hand, take the nipple between thumb and forefinger, and ask, "Have you ever seen a girl play with herself?" Vicky sat on me hard, and shifted her hips to create some incredible feeling for me, deep inside. I pulled her shoulders down and her hips close, made some animal sound, and pushed hard again. I felt my erection wilting inside her, and wanted to make sure I didn't repeat that embarrassing moment with the condom.

my anut

first-time elkhodary 2018-04-09

I leaned into Kat's ear and asked, "Are you ready for a big fucking load in that hairy ass of your?" She replied "Yes, it has been so long since someone has filled my fat ass with cum.....cum deep in me....please fuck me good and cum in me....fill me up." I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulled her back towards me and said, "Get ready, hear it cums.......", and with that being said, AJ shoved her candle deep in her bush hard and her fingers deep in my ass and bit my balls and I could feel Kat's ass clench around my hard cock and I let go of a ton of cum in her asshole......AJ's tongue was licking all around my cock and Kat's ass sucking up all the juices all the while she was cumming all over the candle.......


Hard Lessons Learned

first-time sexygirl76 2018-04-09

"I have known Mrs. Jenkins all my life; I've given her plenty of hugs." Jessica whimpered as she spread her pussy lips open and touched her finger against her swollen clit. Jessica worked her fingers faster inside her hot slit, working them in and out furiously as she lifted her hips against her hand. "Ugh, oh god yes, so good." She panted slamming her fingers fast and hard in her hot pussy as she reached up with her free hand and grabbed her tit, twisting it hard. Jessica was panting and humping her pussy tight against Ryan's face as he sucked up her juices from her cum. You're going to make me cum again." Jessica panted pulling hard at her nipples as she humped her body forcefully against his face.

Le foto di Gaia

first-time giessestory 2018-04-09

Con la scusa di prendersi cura del suo riposo, Ciro, la aiutò a mettersi più comoda, ponendole un cuscino sotto la testa, però, nel frattempo, fece in modo che la gonna salisse e un capezzolo facesse capolino da una spallina troppo tesata. L’avvocato faceva del suo meglio per non lasciarsi coinvolgere dal racconto di Gaia, non era facile res****re; il membro tendeva a farsi duro e lui accavallava sempre più spesso le gambe, per cercare di controllare l’erezione inopportuna. L'altro era restio, un po’ indeciso ma poi, una volta che Ciro gli aveva abbassato i pantaloni, si eccitò e partecipò, senza più problemi, a quella evidente "seduta" omosessuale.



first-time ladyroxanne21 2018-04-09

I figure if things don't turn out the way we've agreed they will, then my parents will have a starting point, and the police'll know who to look for after reviewing the footage here." you did agree to let me do anything I wanted to do, so..." His face turned red, and I started to wonder if this good looking 30 or 40 year old man was a virgin too. He gave me that slightly evil grin again, and I realized that he wouldn't actually stop because I hadn't said the safe word. After several minutes of kissing – in which I felt like I was getting rather good at it – he started to thrust once more.

18 year old Marissa loses her virginity

first-time chrisdelrey 2018-04-09

She regained her composure and said it was "her turn", she then had me lay back in a dry area of the bed as she griped my cock in her right hand and began moving her tongue over the head of my dick. She then said she wanted to ride me I pulled out and laid back on the bed still as she took off the condom to my surprise and began to suck my dick for about a minute. She said she didn't like the feeling and she slid my dick inside her as she closed her eyes and clinched her teeth on her bottom lip.

My First Time {fictional}

first-time youngandready16 2018-04-09

I began to notice that she was eyeing my breast, and I began to feel my pussy getting warm. Dawn moved close and began to touch my breast, she then leaned in an kissed me. I slid off the couch and dropped to my knees and with one long lick she grabbed my head and said "yes, yes, eat me"" I have waited so long for you" As I lick her hot dripping wet cunt, nibbling on her clit from time to time. As she licked my ass and fucked my pussy with her finger’s, I felt the build up coming from my toes, as I lay there screaming , and begging for her not to stop....

College Pals

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-09

good high school students, Joan and Bill had promised to help and Joan, her neck and head cradled in Bill’s Joan wrapped both of her arms around Bill’s neck and kissed his As Bill cradled Joan in his right arm, his mouth continued to minister Bill enjoyed gently stroking Joan’s pussy through her panties as though Slowly, Joan spread her legs giving Bill greater access to her pussy. Pulling her panties aside, Bill stroked Joan's extremely wet pussy. thrust, Bill’s cock head spread Joan’s outer lips and popped into the Joan got out of bed first and headed for her bathroom. As Bill continued to lower her, Joan raised her legs and wrapped them

Breaking in a virgin

first-time smallcock 2018-04-09

I gently rubbed him and he was moaning, unbuttoning his jeans he lifted up as I pulled them down and off his legs, there stood his bulge, it looked massive in his undies, as I continued to run my finger over him he moved in and kissed me again. I said “Right your turn” as I stood up and kissed him full on the lips, I then sat on the floor and opened my legs, “Come on fuck me”, well his eyes lit up and he got down on his knees, parted my thighs, licked his finger and caressed it over my ass, soon he was fingering me and his cock was twitching, he opened my legs and poked the tip of his cock against my asshole.

Winter Break

first-time jake1969 2018-04-09

Sheila stood in front of me, grabbed the waist of my jeans with both hands and pushed them down to just above my knees. Taking my shaft in one hand, Sheila placed the condom on top of the head and pushed down. Sheila opened her eyes and smiled, "You feel great." I stood up, careful not to hit my head on the upper bunk, and turned around so that I was facing the bed again. Sheila laid there for another moment, then slid her legs around to the edge of the bed. She took my cock in her hand, studying the underside as she slowly stroked it and considering how to remove the condom.

Late Blooming: A Vignette

first-time Ariel_Emms 2018-04-09

Anyway, I did hang out with a group, and there was a guy in it, who for all you know was actually named Gordon, and I kind of had a crush on him, and thought that maybe he felt the same. And one of those times, as we were still watching TV and talking, he took his hand off my shoulder for a moment, and then when he put it back, it wasn't on my shoulder anymore: he'd reached lower and across and his hand was now resting on my left breast. After a moment frozen in time, his hand slowly slipped inside my bra, sliding downward, gently caressing its way across the curvature of my flesh, coming to rest in its familiar cupped position.