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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Taste

first-time CuriousNewGirl 2018-04-09

I'm 21 years old and up until that moment, I'd always pulled my mouth away when I thought the guy was going to cum. I pulled my mouth away and told him to beg, then put it back when he said "please" over a dozen times and I sucked his cock a little more. I held him there until I felt his cock start to spasm, then I went to pull my mouth away, but he held me by the head and begged me to keep my lips around his shaft. Both of us felt a little embarrassed the next day (and I couldn't get the taste of two guy's cum out of my mouth all morning) but we figured it was just one of those things.

Neighboring friends become lovers.

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-09

Beth, being so much more organized and intelligent than I am, asked me one day, "So do you think we should go together to the barn dance at the end of the year? I promise I won't look like a troll." She said, laughing. "I don't think you could look like a troll if you tried." I said. More time passed, and I started noticing that Beth was, indeed, a good looking woman. When I looked questioningly at her she laughed and said, "Don't worry, silly boy, I just want you to be on top." Very soon I could feel my orgasm building, and I said, "I'm going to, you know, cum.

First Threesome – MMF

first-time FearlessAddict 2018-04-09

Anyway, I must have got lost in my thoughts as I firmly gripped my shaft, sliding my hands up and down it repeatedly, enjoying every sensation, because suddenly I heard the change room door open. As I felt her up she moved her free hand up to Steve’s head, pulling him into her face more, kissing more deeply. I hadn’t actually thought about what I was doing or even wanted to do, but my hands pulled his cock downwards so that it was now facing me, below Sarah’s pussy. As I slide Steve’s giant beautiful dick out of my throat one last time, I let it spring upwards and touch Sarah’s pussy.

My first orgasm pt 1

first-time rodma 2018-04-09

We walked for a while into some woods and sat down, as we ate and chatted, I could feel his eyes burning thru my flimsy summer dress, onto my naked body, he lent across and kissed my cheek saying thanks, I said what for he said lunch, I turned and kissed him back full on the lips, as I felt his chest we laid down and kissed I run my hand over his trouser front, as I felt a bulge it was huge, I sat up blushing and said sorry, Adam said what for I liked it, I confessed I wanted to see how big you was, Adam laughed and unzipped his trousers pulling his cock out, I gasped in shook it was huge I reached out and held it.

Chris and Kim pt 01

first-time silklust 2018-04-09

After what felt like the longest day ever, Kim sat at home, nervous but ready to spend the night talking and drinking until the sun came up. "Yeah tonight is a get hammered night, want me to make a drink for you too?" Chris asked as he headed to the kitchen. Kim swished back as he brought them both some fresh drinks, handing one to Chris before sliding into the couch. "You look pretty hammered, ready to let off some steam now?" he giggled before his face softened "Seriously though, it sound like you have been dealing with some intense fucked up stuff. "Shit let me get you one, I definitely need another too" Kim said as he bounced up and off tot he kitchen to get new drinks.


first-time kinkykathy 2018-04-09

I turned to face him and said “Thank you.” Our bodies were so close I could smell his body heat. Then, right there in the parking lot, with dozens of windows facing us, he picked me up and set me on the hood of my car. You loved the idea that someone could have been watching you laying on the hood of the car, watching you nipples grow erect as I pinched and nibbled on them.” “I’m glad to hear you say that,” he said as he removed my top, “because you know,” and removed my bra, “my good friend lives in the apartment right over there.” He says that it's fascinating what you see at night when you sit in the dark and look out your window.

Betty and Veronica

first-time mechanicray 2018-04-09

Then Veronica acted like she was going to climb out the steps to get their suits and as I turned to watch her, Betty grabbed my suit and began yanking. Veronica started shaking her head no and Betty told her it would be fun and that the two of them can stare are my little boy pecker. Veronica did her best to cover her tits and pussy, but Betty told her to drop the hands and show it like she was proud of it. She started to lean back and Betty told her it was only fair since she was touching me and Veronica complied and let me feel her titties.

The Night Manager Ch. 02

first-time xtcnymphette 2018-04-09

Stacy wore white, Candice blue and Felicity red each dress held together by shoestring shoulder straps supporting shallow satin cups which held their lovely breasts tenuously filled to overflow smoothly and tightly contouring to their slender waists and erupting in handkerchief skirts that danced sensuously over their curvaceous hips and asses and fell away in layers that parted to reveal their legs. Mayer's eyes nearly popped out of his head Gabriel had become entranced by Stacy's delicious young body wearing a nightie that reminded him of Angel all the memory of their first time c flooded into his mind.

Linda's Half Term Holiday Ch. 02

first-time uklil 2018-04-08

Linda pushed a finger inside her wet pussy as she remembered watching Rachel walk up behind Mr Lomax while he was pouring himself a beer and press herself against him, one hand squeezing his butt and the other reaching round his waist and pulling him back hard. Who knew - with luck it might rain even more, and they would have to stay indoors, but when she reached the beach, the clouds had thinned, and a weak sun shone down on the sight of Tony riding his board in skilfully and Kevin's slight and round shouldered frame standing with his back to her looking thoroughly jaded.

A trip to the DVD shop

first-time vvhorny 2018-04-08

I stepped over the door and waited whilst she hurried into the kitchen - I could see instantly all the rooms from the hallway and it looked like a fairly cosy flat. I like watching the DVDs and on the computer, you know, online." She was beginning to talk a little faster now and she suddenly turned to face me. I reached down with both hands and grabbed those beautiful tits, feeling the weight of them and rubbing my warm cum around the hard nipples, whilst she cleaned me off. "He asked me to deliver a couple of DVDs and he'd give me a discount." She looked a little disappointed and we walked to the door and said goodbye.

A Mother and Her Son 4

first-time 2018-04-08

When Tommy stopped laughing, he looked at his mother with that smile of his and said, "How about another date?" Sue just looked at him when she saw his eyes and said, "Behave." However, overall, she was impressed with his control and, strangely, just a little disappointed. "Alright, I guess this is a good time for a lesson then," Sue said taking a quick drink before putting her wine on the table. Finally, Sue felt Tommy's hand on her silk covered breast. Sue held Tommy's face in her hands and looked into his eyes. "Oh God Mom," Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. Sue held her breasts tightly around her son's penis, looking up at his pleasure filled face.

My little s*s takes too long in the shower, I coul

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-08

My little s****r - the consummate tease and the object of so many of my dreams now in my grasp, I wanted to look deep into her eyes as I fucked her. I wanted this act of i****t, which had started out as an accident, to end up with Emma begging for more; now that I was inside of her I wasn't sure my cock would ever feel right anywhere else. I watched my s****r roll her eyes and head back as she started to feel it, my cock pulsing with its first powerful jet of sperm, directly, deeply into my little s****rs pussy.

A Journey with Emily Pt. 02

first-time kanda42 2018-04-08

I would have been happy just to look all night, but no she said, she wanted her lesson and removed my shorts freeing my cock and balls. Emily had also mentioned to Jane about her decision to break with Jamie, and Jane had said if she ever needed anything all she had to do was ask, and had delicately kissed her cheek and seductively whispered "and I mean anything", and had gently patted her arse. Emily said she took great comfort in the fact that I had never had a same sex encounter before Jamie, but he claimed that I had given him an amazing blow job, probably the best he had, so she thought it can't be that tough to fuck someone of the same sex.

Santa Knows

first-time bluechick1976 2018-04-08

A hand grabbed my arm and suddenly I found myself sitting in the lap of a man dressed as Santa. The fingers of his left hand held open my pouting lips as his right index finger ventured into the deep, wet pink they concealed. I ran my right hand up the thigh of his suit, finding my way into the opening by touch. Santa pinned me to the mattress with his cock, holding me firmly in place as his hands roamed my body. Santa cupped my tits briefly, then pinched and pulled at my nipples, bringing me to the edge yet again. A whole new chapter in my life had been opened by the man in the big red suit, and I couldn't wait to enjoy it!

Teaching Tara: Part III - The T-shirt

first-time jessiikt 2018-04-08

My dad had always told me that only my husband should see me naked, but it had felt so good to have Mr Tanner’s mouth and hands touching my breasts. I wanted to go to Mr. Tanner’s house and continue our lessons, but did I have the nerve to wear the 2 year old t-shirt I’d tried on last night? Now that’s better Tara, he said as he moved me to the sofa, on my back, he proceeded to lick and suck my nipples, licking my breasts, stopping only to watch me and pinch them. We wouldn’t want him to see you returning from my house wearing a t-shirt that highlights those huge tits without a bra now would we?”

The Memories of Sirens Part I - How I Met and Fell

first-time 2018-04-08

" But as it seems to appear that you are busy preparing for an event" she turned towards me lightly directing her palm towards my cart " I don't believe you have time for a formal greeting so.." she reaches in her purse and takes out what appears to be a marker and looks up at me in a slightly innocent yet prodominant mischevious glare and she walks ever so lightly with a miniscule strut and writes on my blue t-shirt. When she finished, she didn't speak or even bat the eyelashes that settled so well with her eyes, she simply turned around, dropped the marker in her black, leather, Channel purse and walked away as if to entirely forget my existance or the conversation she had just engaged with me.

Curious and Lucky

first-time blacktopchaser 2018-04-08

That's when I began to stare at D's very big dick. We would talk, my eyes would lock on his big black dick, he would catch me, I would look away, and then I would stare at it again a few seconds later. I know I have a really big dick and to be honest I kind of like it when other guys look at it. Everyone - girls and guys too - is naturally sexually attracted to a big black dick. Sometimes just oral but usually oral followed by a hot fuck - his big black dick in my ass every time. Very happy and a great match in every way for the hottest black on white gay fucking every single time.

Can Carla and Jeff Find Happiness

first-time slinc 2018-04-08

To save my parent's money, I still lived at home, but between college and night work at the local restaurant to help with expenses, time was squat to spend with anything extra-curricular, including Jeff Morrison. "Jump yer bones right here in da restaurant, if ya want." He'd said only the day before yesterday, and I'd even given it a passing thought. His face said nothing, but his eyes told me more than I wanted to know, like he could read my present thoughts like some super alien entity. Actually, if she really wanted to know, I enjoyed the last time they had sex, but she might think I'm perverted, needed analyzing.

Preparing Melissa Pt. 02

first-time MrsJ 2018-04-08

'I've decided I'm going to take every opportunity that uni will offer me, and I've decided it's time I lost my virginity so I can participate that way, and I've decided I really want Luke - who luckily is going to be at the same university - to do the deed...but I really don't know how to best approach him or how to handle it.' 'I wouldn't...but if Luke was to become a regular visitor to your room, I'd be tempted at some time in the future to open the door dressed in something like a maid's uniform, with the uniform skirt and apron hitched so high that there was no way he could avoid noticing your tight, pure white panties – and giving him the unmistakable message that you want him to pull them right down, and then right off.

Bi Curious

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-04-08

It wouldn't come out, but helpful Harry, bless him, with his vested interest and his erect penis, opened the robe and freed up those gorgeous big boobies for us both to play with. Whilst keeping a close eye on my pleasuring of his wife's bottom, Harry took his cock off to be sucked by Jane. He said afterwards it was her little mmf noises felt as vibrations in his cock that had helped him get hard one last time, and the fact that said noises were being caused by a bit of lesbian fibro arse-fucking , if indeed there is such a term. Entertained by his beloved wife licking my shaved little snatch, Harry finally boiled over and shot his load deep inside Jane's arse, collapsing with the effort.

Kerri's Descent Ch. 01

first-time Honey_Bee_16 2018-04-08

I looked up and noticed that Jessie and Ryan were getting heavy in the corner, making out and feeling each other up and down. Here I was, good little Kerri from Farmerville during her first college weekend, kneeling on a frat floor not wearing panties and sucking on the cock of some guy I didn't know while I listened to other people have sex in the same room. After I had cleaned myself up, and Jessie had found all her clothes, we said goodbye to Matt and Ryan. On the way home, Jessie talked about how big Ryan's cock was and how they'd had sex twice, and how next time she wanted him to fuck her ass.

Secret Santa

first-time Saawariya 2018-04-08

Though Emma knew the Secret Santa business was more mild compared to previous projects, she still couldn't stand the thought. Emma wasn't the most popular person at school, but she didn't want to be branded as a geek if it got around that she had seen every episode of 'Star Wars' multiple times (especially IV-VI, the only ones that mattered), knew Zelda cheat codes by heart, and could quote entire scenes from 'The Princess Bride'. As she turned back to watch Raleigh give another present out, she caught Lawrence's eye. Emma hesitated, watching as Lawrence carefully pulled away the tape, leaving the paper intact. Lawrence looked at Emma, emotions flooding his face and eyes.

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 01

first-time CABONE 2018-04-08

She smiled and stuck out her hand and said, "Hi Chris, I'm Mrs. Eva Petrovic, Danny's mom." Mrs. Petrovic had arranged to have the clubhouse and pool for the day and it seemed she invited everybody that she, Danny and Moose had ever known. Suddenly, there was breath in my ear and Mrs. Petrovic said in a whisper, "Chris, you should have told me, I would have made this day about you, too." She kissed my ear and my dick leapt the rest of the way to full erection and right into Joni's fingers. About that time, Mrs. Petrovic walked past our table headed for the kiddy pool with a huge beach ball.

Another glory hole adventure

first-time eaglefree 2018-04-08

Once I had done that I took out my soft cock and slowly started stroking it hoping that someone would come to the next booth. I heard him feed money to the machine and looked through the hole and watched as he pulled out his soft cock. The longer I suck a cock the more pleasure I can get out of it also, especially when he fills my mouth full of warm cum. I immediately licked the pre-cum off his cock head and then took it in my mouth and started bobbing it again. I slowly raised up and started bobbing again and in less than a minute he tapped on the wall.