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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amber's Awakening Ch. 03

first-time CarolinaPeach 2018-04-08

Cody, in an off-hand manner that did not fool me, mentioned they had gone to the Miller stadium in a city a few hours away for a concert, and would be staying overnight with some friends. When I started fumbling with his shirt buttons, Cody gently pulled away and led me to the bedroom. I wiggled up so I could kiss his neck, drape one leg over his, pull his mouth to mine. Cody guided his head into the cleft between my sex and my thigh, so close to my wet entrance yet not there. Now I was being assaulted by so many feelings I lost track and it all blended together, one huge coursing river of sensation carrying me away.

I want more

first-time k3v1nb1 2018-04-08

When I was 16 I got a job in a men's clothing store. He went into the store and came back with a new product that had just arrived. He was persuasive though so I finally went into the dressing room, stripped, put on the briefs and came back out. He came over to me and put his arm around me so I couldn't back away and plugged his hand into my briefs. He put his hands behind my head and pulled my down over his cock until I gagged. I'm sure I was not good at this, but within minutes he pulled me forward and shot a load into my mouth and across my face.


first-time maturemancock 2018-04-08

I proceeded to feel her tits which must have been a 44DD, she said "No-one has touched me in a long time", I asked where her husband was and she said he'd gone to a shop and would be a couple of hours at least, I pulled her top over her head and unclipped her white bra, kneeding her large tits in my hands, she replied that that hasn't happened for a few years. I was slowly shagging her when she said she was coming again, I started to move a little quicker and she let out another loud groan and pissed on me again, I carried on shagging her at speed but I knew I was close, I pulled out of her pussy and told her to suck me off, she opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in, she grabbed hold of me and wanked me off, I came inside her mouth.

friends with benefits

first-time lunaranthony 2018-04-08

sure...thanks...we sit on couch as we drink...i had paused the you watchin?....ohh...uhh...a bit embarassed...umm...well...grins...sonce I was all alone ...and just chillin....I stuck a porn in...he it up...lets see what you got...really?! we sit and drink watching....both getting a bit hard...sorry man...its just , with the wife and i both working all the time...its kinda been awhile...ya know...he laughs....ohh hell yea...I know what you mean...I havent got any in like months,...I am so horny...I smile...mmm yesss...Ihear you...gets us more we watch ,,I could really use some...cant help notice the bulge in his my own cock gets hard...we drink more...getting buzzed , horny...the scene cahnges to a bi mmf the guys start to stroke each other...bob gasps and stares...damn!

what happened next

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-04-08

“You’re the real slut.” Meg said “His cock is gonna teats like my pussy and I bet you will still suck him off.” Kim glared at her s*s, but I interrupted before any more words could be exchanged. My brain was telling me that I should use Kim nice and long and hard, making sure her s****r got a good view of me stuffing my cock into every one of her s****r’s tight holes. I got into a sort of sitting position on the bed and she climbed back onto my pole, only this time we were both facing Meg, so the young girl could have the perfect view of my cock going in and out of her s****r’s bald cunt.

Lazy Summer Days

first-time BlackCatWalking 2018-04-08

It was when she saw that he had started to increase the frequency of his hand movements, she told him to stop and he did, taking his hand away from his penis so that it was standing forward from his pubic hair with his balls hanging so naturally below, occasionally giving a little involuntary jerk. Wanting to feel him against her skin she moved away slightly and quickly let her jeans and panties drop to the floor once more pressing herself against him between his open legs. Melanie carried on rubbing her hand up and down his penis as she well knew boys liked it, getting faster in time with his movements against her, until she felt the first pulsations of him starting to come with that final group of strong pulses that forced the sperm out of him onto the floor of the barn.

First Time Pegging

first-time 425olds 2018-04-08

She started to rub her pussy feverishly on me, she was getting so hot and wet, the sweat from her back dripping down to her ass made such a beautiful smell. Still stroking my hard cock she was inserting a smooth thin dildo in my ass. As she starts to stroke my cock again I feel the dildo moving in and out of me again, though, this time it feels different. She keeps stroking me and taking my ass, harder then harder, soon I feel something hot and wet squirting on my own stomach. She straddles me again inserting my bulging erection inside he hot wet pussy riding me hard and fast till I spew what cum I have left inside her.

Danielle Davis

first-time TxRad 2018-04-08

I stood up to rearrange things and had just sat back down when Dave, Danielle's dad walked into the room. I heard him knock on the bathroom door and when Danielle acknowledged it he said, "Don't be using all the hot water, I need a shower before work." Her eyes dropped to the bulge in the leg of my levies and she smiled as she asked, "Are you through updating and straightening up my computer, because if you are I want to show you some pictures that will make that thing explode." Now it was time for Danielle's face to get that deer in the headlight look, her mouth open, and her eyes wide.

Holly's Grand Tour

first-time Jenny_Jackson 2018-04-08

Holly broke for the opening of the tent to escape, but Mashla jerked the noose then slapped her face. Holly's bare feet again were burned by the super heated sand but, at least, the clothes Mashla gave her did give some shelter from the sun. The tents were pitched next to the oasis as Mashla and Holly watered the horses in the limpid pool at the center of the circle of trees. Holly and Mashla returned to the tents when it was already growing dark and the men sat in a circle around the fire, eating and talking. Mashla push her torch into the soft sand at the waters edge to give them light to work by, then motioned Holly to do the same.

Pias Porn Store Penetrations

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-04-08

her, his eyes never leaving the 15 year old pussy in another finger into her 15 year old pussy as her tongue like toy past her lips, taking an inch inside, came in gasps around the cock-toy in her mouth, and she wall, and she held her head still as the cock in her "Oh my god he's fucking my mouth!" Pia thought in of the wall was her beautiful, wet, 15 year old pussy. from orgasm, and the man in her mouth was close. Pia moaned around the softening cock in her mouth, mouth with a stranger's cock taking her virginity from peak, seeing her open mouth mid-moan and her fingers his cock on her ass, leaving a trail of mixed cum, and

Wish we'd had the chance to ....

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-04-08

I mean like 12 1/2 inches and very thick ..." got between her legs and started to rub that big cock all over Dawn's still quivering cunt lips. Well there were several people/couples watching all this going on and one of the women grabbed her man's throbbing cock and all but pulled him over and shoved the head of his cock into the cunt over Dawn's face and told his she wanted to see him fill that cunt with sperm so she could help Dawn lick it out!!!

Coming of age in the 90's Part 2

first-time dennisthemennis 2018-04-08

Saturday June 6 1998 (my father insisted I have the initials DDE) was my 18th birthday,little did I realize Miss Mueller had been looking foward to it as much as I had. She had her usual V neck but was wearing sweat pants and athletic shoes as it was cool and still damp out, the grass was as high as I had seen in the previos 4 summers. She insisted and told me to go to the basement laundry room and put on an old sweat suit she had in a drawer down there. I must admit, the hot water felt good and I let myself linger too long when I heard the glass door slide open and Miss Mueller stepped inside naked to my dismay, delight and confusion.

Cheerleading Niece

first-time mrlolgg 2018-04-08

My cock grew hard seeing her pussy lips pressed tight against her cheerleading spandex. We get home and I asked her if she wanted some more help stretching because I saw the strain in her face during her routine. Feet together I stare from her toes to her heels down to her long legs to her pussy lips still showing to me. I wasn't really sure what she wanted me to do but she told me to spread her legs as far as possible. 'Uncle...' her breathing became deeper as I realized my thumbs were right next to her pussy lips and my left fingers were underneath her butt.

BBW Cuckold Husband

first-time 2018-04-08

lifting his ass up to help her, his cock was fucking huge Leroy's cock but she said, "Shut the fuck up asshole it's huge tits in Leroy's large black hand looked obscene and "Man I just love fat pussy," said the white guy now "Man, your wife sure loves cock, look at that whore go," your cock is so big, Ooh fuck yeah stretch my pussy give "Give me your big black cock I love it Ooh yeah baby fuck long slim cock into her, she screamed out, "Ooh fuck yes! love my big cock pounding your fat slut cunt don't you pull his slimy cock from my wife's dripping pussy, he was He fucked his cock into my mouth hard for a minute making

my s****rs 1st time part 1

first-time rome537 2018-04-08

she slid off of me and unzipped my pants and pulled me half hard cock out and slide her mouth over it and started to suck on it like she had done it 100 times before! i sat back down on the swing (we are still outside by the way its like 4 am now) i said come here im going to put my cock in that tight pussy s*s... i told her s*s it will stop hurting soon just wait she then started to moved up and down on my cock slow at first and then faster and faster then she started to scream( omg b*****r this feels so good i dont want to stop) dont stop keep going!


first-time ludboy 2018-04-08

Bob had called Cheri and said that Gina and him were going to an overnight marriage retreat and if she could stay the night at the house with the kids the next week. Cheri went over to the Fisher's house on the appointed day for her baby sitting job dressed in a little " naughty " school girl's plaid skirt and a tank top with no bra. Bob lifted himself up a little, took his right hand to his throbbing dick and firmly spread Cheri's tan legs. With that said, Bob kissed Cheri deeply as she felt his swollen cock shoot it's warm, milky payload of sperm into her virgin pussy.

Wife's first time threesome...

first-time johna2436 2018-04-08

I could see Sue liked the idea but she also did not really want to leave with with a tall leggy blond, so I suggested we all had a dance.....soon we all swayed and did a bit of a gig...I could see Sue relaxing once again and watched as they got gradually closer on the dance floor to hear each other talk...this inevitably lead to to points of contact between their bodies.....Sue's nipples over his chest...his hands on her hips and brushing her bare arms..they were getting close and I can see Sue getting somewhat worked up...and a little horny.

83 Avis`s first suck

first-time alibodge 2018-04-07

Dad reached down, took my hand and moved it over to mom, placed it on one of her tits and "Go ahead" he added, "Play with it" He kept his hand over mine as I hesitatingly started to caress moms tit, squeezing it softly, rubbing her nipple and despite her desire not to let this happen, even I could see she was beginning to feel the pleasure of her tit being caressed. "Suck it" he said, "Suck her tit" and guiding my face next to her tit, i opened my mouth and took her tit in it and began to suck on it, feeling it warmth and softness and her hard nipple caressing my tongue. I touched my face and looking up at dad, heard him say, "Suck my cock baby" as he moved it back towards my mouth.

Jill's First Time

first-time dustybeard 2018-04-07

I have felt his cock through his trousers, it is always big and hard, though he usually stops me from going any further when I try to slide my hand inside his trousers. We stopped kissing and I sat up, removing the blouse which was now hanging from my shoulders, as I did he reached behind me and unclasped my bra, I felt the pressure around my chest release as it fell forward from my body, I blushed brightly as I revealed my bare tits to someone for the first time. I thought about Kyle briefly as I felt Jeff's cock on my legs before he moved it to my pussy.

First Time

first-time kbking70 2018-04-07

He looked down at me, ran his hands through my hair, cupped the back of my head and gently pulled my face towards his rock solid member. I savoured the feeling for a few seconds then withdrew it, licked the length of the shaft and round the head before devouring his cock. He had a look of desire in his eyes, smiled sweetly at me and stroked my cheek as he gently started to thrust his cock into my mouth in time with my head movements. Once he had finished cumming I released his cock from my mouth and licked the head to clean up every last drop of juice.

Tricked Sluts pt.3

first-time 2018-04-07

"So really you guys just want to see some natural large breasts and have your way with them," said Casey looking at both Shawn and Josh. They were treated to a nice tattoo of a bat just above her right breasts and her bra was visible so both Josh and Shawn saw a little bit of her massive areolas and which looked to be rings on the ends of both nipples. Josh got up close, slowly filming Casey taking more and more of Shawn's huge cock into her wide mouth and finally reach the base of his dick. After a few minutes of sucking, slurping, and gagging on Shawn's dick, Casey took it out of her mouth and lifted it up massive right breasts and started rubbing her nipple into Shawn's dick.

Vacation with friend's fa**ily

first-time Ticlem69 2018-04-07

She didn't even reply, she started playing with her nipples and I started stroking my dick in my bathing suit and in no time, this thing was peeking out of it. Here eyes were glued to my shaft when she took her hand to her slit, opened her legs a little and started stroking, very slowly, while playing with her nipples over her negligee. "I'm going to cum honey", I said as she stroked me faster and faster "Cuming in 5 seconds" and to my surprise, she took my dick in her mouth as I came and she kept pumping me with her hand and mouth, I thought I would get a heart attack.

The Old Man and His Wife

first-time woolgatherer 2018-04-07

I took a quick look around to see if the place was deserted enough for me to try a little masturbation. We reached the trees and, after a quick look around he got his dick out. A few weeks later, as we lay down on the grass in the woods where we had found a very private spot, and, on an impulse, I took his dick in my mouth. My dick got hard and he told her to hold it. I fondled the little flat breasts she had and felt her hand squeeze my dick a little bit harder as she rubbed it, and I knew she could feel me get really hard.

Special School Pt. 04

first-time neutrona 2018-04-07

We were put in those rooms where we'd learned ourselves and got our pussies touched, caressed, rubbed, licked and were made to come but we were not penetrated by anything, not even fingers. We were given wedges and told that if we wanted to be given some relief, we only had to lay on our stomachs, face inside our rooms, have our bare bottoms proped up on the wedges and we'd have someone come and caress us and finger fuck us to orgasm so we could have some relief from all the sexual tension built up during the day. He, in turn, pulled me to the edge of the massage table and soon, I felt his hardness against my vulva.