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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fair Game

first-time Miss_Amber 2018-04-07

"Take your time, little one," Simon said softly as he looked up at her. Holding her tight as she screamed softly, he teased and taunted her clit with his hot tongue, stroking and lapping her until she was shivering in his hands. Gripping her hips, he leaned down and nuzzled her breasts, his tongue licking and caressing her taught nipples as she stroked and kissed his shoulders and neck. Holding her tight by the hips he worked his tongue hard on her clit, swirling it and stroking it as he followed her gasped instructions. Stroking the backs of her knees softly, he kissed and caressed her as the water ran down her body, mingling with her hot juices on his tongue.

My First Insertion, led to a Human one

first-time 2018-04-07

I stood up having decided to surrender my virginity to my imaginary lover and removed my shorts, but stopped short at removing my knickers, though the thought of doing so drove my imagination making my knees feel weak, and as I sat back down onto the rubberized bumper, the heat felt like I was naked, causing me to react by bring my legs together, and trap the phallus between my thighs, that felt really nice and I hugged it tightly there.

Can You Have Too Much Sex?

first-time ainu 2018-04-07

Which is probably the real reason that society wants girls to stay virgins and believe the glories of sex are somehow tied solely to marriage. I heard my mother and another mother, a friend of hers she met doing laundry, talking and the other lady was saying "This one last night, a real screamer." Apparently the new guy, Jack, lived next door to her. "Jack," I said, "On a teacher's salary, how do you manage to entertain all those beautiful girls I see you with?" There are other ways to entertain them, to leave them liking me and wanting to be with me." And then I asked a couple things that I don't even remember now but I never got much of anything more out of him.


first time

first-time 2018-04-07

My boyfriend was blathering on with Jeff about fixing up cars, leaving Jeff’s new girlfriend Sarah and I time to chat on our own. During the first song of the second set Sarah’s hand brushed against my leg. At first it was an occasionally brush, but by the third song her hand was perched inches above my knee. Sarah looked into my eyes while I soaked up the outline of her C cup tits in a tie-dye shirt. Jeff broke up with Sarah before we ever had a chance to meet again, but since then I’ve met two other cute girls online, and took the plunge at eating pussy for the first time.

A sexy night with my cousin

first-time 2018-04-07

her ass was so sexy.i became so horny.she bent down to take something down i saw her cleavage and i became so horny.we started talking.i thought of touching her boobs so i asked her to write her phone number in my hand so she took my hand to near to her boobs at that time i just tried peep over her and saw her boobs.while she was writing i just acted as taking my hand and touched her was so soft.after that we watched the t.v and we slept.she turned over i saw her ass it was so round and i slightly touched it.if was so soft.then i just tried to open her shirt button.

The Kiss

first-time 2018-04-07

Jamie melted into Jake’s beautiful mouth, aware that he had then pulled back the covers and was working his cock with long, smooth strokes as their lips and tongues intertwined. For the second time that morning Jamie found himself wrapped up in Jake’s strong naked arms, bodies intertwined beneath the duvet which was slowly but surely falling off the end of the bed. Jamie pulled down his shorts at the waistband, releasing his swelling cock from its confines and ran his wet tongue up to the tip all the way from between his morning lover’s smooth shaven balls then sucked his length into his hot mouth. Jamie climbed up his sweat soaked body, removing his own shorts as he did, just wanting to feel skin on skin, and looked Jake in the eyes smiling.

TomBoy's Awakening Ch. 2

first-time Wilrun 2018-04-07

So I gently kissed Missy on the lips and told her I was going upstairs to bed and she could follow if she wanted. As we kissed I could feel her hand starting to explore on her own, seeking out my cock and rubbing it through my pajamas. I kissed my way down and over each of her breasts moving the short nightie up and over her head, leaving only those little panties covering the last part of this girl. My tongue moved in and out like a small cock and I could feel how tight her cunt muscles were. As my cock started moving faster and faster, I felt my balls tightening, as my load of cum was about to shoot deep into this precious cunt.

My life - Chapter 1 & 2

first-time 2018-04-07

I continued to move my fingers in and out of her exploring her inner core pushing them as hard and deep inside her wet pussy as I could, while pressing my lips hard against her slit gently sucking and licking her clit, occasionally moving down and inserting my tongue into her pussy sharing the tight hole with my fingers, absorbing her taste and scent, lost in the full eroticism of what I was doing enjoying the full pleasures of her body, totally forgetting about my swollen cock. Within a couple of minutes I felt Amelia’s body tense and for a brief moment I thought that I had hurt her with my ferocious fucking, she released a loud almost moan almost a scream as her second orgasm hit her, she pushed her hips upwards to take more of my cock, her hand rubbing her clit vigorously.

Donovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 02

first-time Dregun 2018-04-07

"Cool, thanks, I wasn't sure where I was going to put all of it when I saw my room last night" Donovan said as he peered into the closet, examining its crevices quickly before James hid it away from his view. I'm so sorry you have to find out like this, I thought your parents were going to tell you sooner." His statement took Donovan back; he replayed what James said in his head to make sure he heard him correctly. "I've always loved you Donovan, I kept a spot in my heart for you, hoping that one day we would meet, hoping you would know by looking at me that I was your father." James said as he strained to maintain his composure.

The Virgin Desires

first-time Sensitive_Man 2018-04-07

Denise saw what she wanted: Brian's cock, erect in front of her, a fine line of precum dripping from it, which she gathered on her fingertip and let slide along his cock head and down along the shaft. She lay on top of him, kissing him gently, then moving down his body, her tongue caressing his nipples, exploring the hair on his belly, then stopping over his cock. Instead, she lay on top of him again and let her pussy hair glide along his cock a few times before going back down, licking the inside of his thighs again, and jacking him off gently, slowly. Brian began to feel her pussy contract around his cock, which made him harder and brought him close to cumming again.

My Last Summer at Home - 5

first-time stifleurself 2018-04-07

and little miss perfect, Beth Carter. to know Beth away from school, it was even crazier to She had just grabbed Jill's hand and pulled it to her "Jill, are you sure this is cool, me coming over today? Beth is a lot different away from school. school, she looked like a damn model from a beer Beth's clothes in the mud room before going upstairs to perfect little butt was right in front of me, covered by Jill was right; she looked even we went down to eat, Beth sat and smoked the half of a When they stopped Beth looked at me and her eyes almost Beth's fingers moved in and out, as Jill

First gay experience.

first-time jonesingforcum 2018-04-07

It was surprisingly warm enough, and we wanted to spend a bit of time with each other, since nearly all of us would be going different places in the summer, and opportunities to see each other would be scarce. On the way home, my friend and I, (let's call him Max :) ) were talking about sex, and things like that. He made it easy for me though, he gently guided my head to the right position, told me how to make the feeling better by using my lips and my tongue, and I must have mastered it pretty quickly, because he was moaning, and quite rigid. We had a pretty good frot hump going on, but I wanted the real thing.

Father and Daughter Reunited

first-time luke6112 2018-04-07

"Oh yes Daddy - oh we're definitely going to love one another!" said Sandy with a big sexy smile, "As soon as possible!" Oh sweetheart, I'd love to but not just now," I said, my fingers now sliding down her body, feeling her sleek skin, "It won't be fair on my wife if we spend most of your visit locked away in your room!" "It is for me," she said, "I'm off for a long deep bath and I'll see you later - if you've got anything left!" With something of an effort my wife gathered herself together and languidly moved from the room and soon we heard the sound of water running as she filled her bath.

How To Thank Tech Support

first-time geekerotica 2018-04-07

She was immediately standing and beckoning me in, telling me how important the conference was and how she has to make sure the webcam was working. She pulled the chair back towards the window, and I got down on my knees and crawled under the desk to look at the computer. As I turned around and started getting up, I found myself in a position that I was looking right up between her legs and she sat, legs spread, on the chair. Next thing I knew she was right up against me, trapping me on the sill with her legs spread to either side of mine and her hands on my knees.

My Exhibition Fantasy Come True

first-time mamacita23 2018-04-07

Over our cheesecake, she looked at me and asked me "So, what's the one thing you really want for your birthday." I told her that the toy was enough and that I was satisfied with that. It's one of the things I like most about you." I smiled a coy smile and told her of my fantasy about being fucked in a room full of people. Then I told her how I wanted to be strapped deep and hard while remaining unseen by strangers standing near feet away from me. I'll fuck you in a room full of strangers if it's the last thing I do." Her willingness to please me any way that I wanted to be pleased made me wet for her.

Dad taught me how to SUCK COCK

first-time bifun4u 2018-04-07

Dad told me that it was now time to learn how to suck cock so he had me get on my knee's and had those guys kinda line up around me in a semi circle. Dad finally stood up and pulled me onto this big mattress right in the middle of the room and he bent over in front of me and told me to fuck his ass while his friends all watched. All in all, we had a blast and we even went to the glory hole room and sucked some more dick and we took turns fucking a couple of guys and their son's who were with them.


first-time chucky252 2018-04-06

Well Ms. Gilbert ...wait she said you can call melissa and then ask me mine name ...Well Melissa my name is chuck and as far as eating pussy i think that's a very good idea ...I like fur pie !!!! I thought you would never ask Chuck ...go for it....after almost any hour of eating pussy she was ready for a nap....well she woke me up giving me a mind blowing blowjob i every had....she told me that Bruce said she gives lousy head....that's the reason he would eat my pussy......i must have done something right as he would cum in my mouth and all over my face !!!

Teacher's Pet

first-time thelimeyfromhell 2018-04-06

Thinking I was safe, as I could still hear the music coming up the stairs, I tip-toed into Sue's room and over to the hamper. Sue looked up at me and said "I take it you like?" "Yes, that is it, I am cumming!" Sue started to grind my head and tongue into her pussy. "Wow, for a first time you are good." Sue said as she stood up a pulled of her top. Sue got up and said "How about that tea, hell I will even make you a bacon sarnie?" I looked up at her and smiled. Sue looked up and said "Hi Tom" with the same smile she had 29 years ago.

Good girl gone bad, my first masturbation.

first-time bunnyboothang 2018-04-06

On a Friday night, after watching some porn movies, my pantie was so wet I couldn't resist touching my slippery pussy. There I take out a cold bottle of water, then rub it against my wet pussy, wet on wet. I didn't want my roommate to see me on our kitchen's floor...While I was tip toeing back, it felt as if the bottle is moving on its own, that makes me want to squirt. It felt as if someone is tickling my pussy. So I burst out laughing and my roommate yell across the room:" Get a boyfriend weirdo !"... Later on that night, I had a weird wet dream about my roommate and I.

Sweet Sex

first-time inkquisitive 2018-04-06

She slides her hands under his shirt, slowly running her fingers up and through the hair from his jeans to his belly button. He stops rolling her nipple and slides his hand under her waistband and slips one long, thick finger deep inside her soaking wet pussy. When she finally comes down, she presses his still thrusting hand away and kisses him deeply, she loves that he still has all his clothes on, even though she only has her panties. Despite the fact that they now chat online with him shirtless nearly all the time, seeing him now, seeing his dark skin and thick, curly hair, it feels like the first time and she bends down to kiss each of his nipples, just once, softly on each.

Whiskey Road 6

first-time samfreak 2018-04-06

He felt so warm, smelled so good, and he looked even better. "I am okay Aden," I said, not wanting to erase any of the experience I had last night. I watched as the head of my cock pressed against his tiny hole, I shoved and smooshed it in until I felt the heavenly silky warmth of his insides. I slid slowly back and forth inside Aden's creamy hole, feeling the sensation of him backing into me and his fleshy buttocks padding against my hips. Aden loved working with his hands, and I decided that I would move my company here. We stayed up all night without meaning to, talking about how we never knew we could love another man this way.

A Young Man's Memorable First

first-time pure_lust 2018-04-06

Two of the hands gently spread his ass open while a third set of fingers touched his small entrance for the first time. Hands were still holding his ass open as the finger inside of him began to slide back out again. After a moment, the man pulled his softening cock out with a 'plop', and he could feel warm cum slipping out of his hole. This time the young man could actually feel his prostate being worked over by the new, thicker cock. He was moaning now, in time with each wonderful long-dicking stroke, and he was disappointed when he felt a new volley of cum entering his ass after only five minutes or so.

A New Experience

first-time slyfox4 2018-04-06

I make her cum until her pussy can't take anymore. We spend the following time holding each other and occasionally I will rub her cum filled pussy. She has told me that it won't do any good because her pussy is numb. I started kissing her tits and began to work down her body. I got to her pussy and saw my cum starting to dribble out. I don't know what came over me but I began to lick her swollen pussy. Our combined juices tasted pleasant. She came harder than I have ever seen her cum. I certainly am not gay nor want any other guys cum. But the combination of our juices was an awesome surprise!

First Time in Newquay

first-time stawri 2018-04-06

She gasped and Jack flicked out at her nipple once more before raising his head back up to meet the gaze of her blue eyes, which Alec noted with a small hint of satisfaction, looked further gone than he had ever seen them on any of their previous make out sessions. Finally when Jack could take it no more he looked up into Lauren's eyes and slowly entered her, pushing his length fully inside of her. Gently he began to rock his hips forward and backwards revelling in the warm feeling that surrounded his member like never before and the little moans that Lauren gave every time he moved fully inside her.