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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Confessions of a Small Town Girl 4

first-time alliet14 2018-11-13

Ben was working and I knew he was not going to be able to take off, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to go. Ben and I had always used his truck for our play, and it was going to be so nice not to have to worry about someone driving up and not having the broken spring in his seat poking into my butt. He only allowed me a few minutes, before I felt his hands on my arms pulling me up to my feet. Seeing I was going to have to help, I moved my hand down and took him by the cock. Ben had not stopped smiling since we left his room.


Moon Phases

first-time styxx 2018-11-13

His arm, when it came up to ward the dark shadow away, only brushed her flank as her teeth sank into his throat and with a deft twist of her body, tore it wide open. They transformed after a while and after a short sleep, Jack picked up his bike and left them to their slumber to return home and a good meal of raw steak he had taken the trouble to get in. Jack drove to Tenterden with the intention of finding the wild boar that lived in the forest knowing that, even if he missed them, there would be plenty of Red Deer as a stand by.

Best friends.. leads to something more

first-time janedoe19 2018-11-13

"For getting me away and into this beauty," she says, "and also for being my best friend." She kisses my back as she says this and I can't stop the little shudder that passes through my body. "I have a serious question for you, Becky," she says, with a look on her face and in her eyes that tell me she is uncomfortable, but she is going to push on regardless. I want to know because the last few weeks when we have hugged or touched my body has responded in ways I thought it would only respond to a man. I am sorry I had to push you to talk, but I need to know what's going on in that pretty little head of yours."

Happy Birthday Baby

first-time BCboy4878 2018-11-13

Melissa was almost as pretty as Amber, and I'd often come home at night, and find the two of them listening to music, laughing and having a few drinks. As we pulled into the driveway, Melissa called to wish Amber Happy Birthday and judging by the laughter, was equally happy to be going to the spa with her for some pampering. Amber stopped what she was doing and pulled me close to the side of the bed and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Amber stopped sucking my cock and said, I couldn't touch Melissa, but I could do anything else I wanted. I looked over and Melissa was fingering herself, legs wide apart, and watching Amber suck my cock.

Four times,One night, My first/ True story- part 2

first-time angelash1000 2018-11-13

Nick and I sat on the bed recovering from my great first time and our amazing orgasms. Cum still dripping down my leg as he pushed me back onto the bed and tore off my thong in a desire to be inside me again. As I came he could no longer cotrol himself as I clenched around his cock tightly inside me he shot his load into me for a second time as I began to recover from my orgasm. Next I felt his gentle lips brushing gently across the base of by neck slowly getting further down towards my clevage as he pulled me up onto the sofa and found his way once again to my pussy kissing the outside of my thong- with my dress pulled up.

College Loving

first-time YoungBabe 2018-11-13

Jemma did exactly as she was told and rammed my brand new pink vibrator straight up my tight little hole. Jemma through the vibrator on the bed and dug her head deep between my legs, moving her tongue around licking up all my cum. I wanted Jemma to remember this night forever so I moved my hands away from her shoulders and grabbed her pussy. Her breathing was insane and soon enough she came in all over my hand and it ran down her legs to her ass, down my arm which was still stuck in her cunt and my bed was covered in pussy juices.

My First Time With My Best Friend Jackie

first-time BodnAll 2018-11-13

We talked for a bit more and finally at the end she said, "Hey so do you wanna come hang out at my house tonight? "Go ahead, feel free to look" she said, noticing me somewhat staring at her in amazement. "Oh woops, hahaha, well stop staring!" She said trying to cover herself, although she didn't really look like she was trying too hard. "Jackie, I've wanted this for so long" I said as I held her and started to kiss her passionately. "Now baby Lets get that dick hard again so you can fuck me." She said, letting my dick still for a bit and then teasing me by rubbing my hand on her pussy, It's silky warm feeling got me hard again pretty quick.

Finally Getting Fucked

first-time Cutiie208 2018-11-13

I quickly spread my legs, sucked on my finger and began rubbing my clit. "Baby a finger isn't going to satisfy my dripping wet pussy," I whispered slowly. I smiled at him while I rubbed my erect nipples visible through the thin fabric and told him I liked his message and if he wants something, he should get it. Ty lowered his crotch to mine and started rubbing his hard manhood on my pussy. "Baby I'm going down," he started as he pushed one finger into my wanting hole while he kept rubbing my clit. He started sucking on my lips slowly and I decided it was time to kiss him back.

Horny nephew gives rim job to big ass aunty i****t

first-time bava12 2018-11-13

After sometime she was trying to open suitcase… I went near her ass n asked aunty wt r u doing… She replied i’m trying to open d suit case but its not opening.. I went still more near to her ass n touched it as if it was mistake… I was afraid she would turn back n c… But she didn’t got to know.. She kissed me on d cheek with tat even my half of d lip also got kissed..she turned around to cook something for me… My hand was caressing her ass.. N aft cumming i went n slept on pillow..n wen i woke up it was 10am… My aunt was doing pooja… N she was bent i slowly kissed her ass for wonderful night..

Teaching New Position To Young Married Neighbor

first-time bava12 2018-11-13

She said that Mira told her that soon after getting married, husband tried to have sex with her. When I heard this story from my wife, I laughed but thought about one day getting to see this young vagina of this lady who did not know much about sex even after her marriage. I told her that she was a recently married lady, so probably knew about husband wife getting excited frequently and having sex. I told her that she had to position her butt properly so her husband can see the vagina clearly and can insert his penis. I had little bit of fun there, and then told her that it was possible to insert penis in ass hole like this, but she should first try to get penis in her vagina in this position.

My Rookie Evening

first-time jocko85 2018-11-13

Then I went further forward and took his head between my lips and in my mouth and gave it a good hard suck. We continued to fuck missionary style and then, Thomas asked me to move a minute while he lay down on his back then he told me to ride his cock any way I wanted to. I reached up and took his cheeks in my hands and pulled him down and gave him a great big kiss. As I went down the elevator I thought, I could fuck Tom every night of the week and love it but on the other hand If I fell in love with all my clients I would go broke.

English 101

first-time komrad1156 2018-11-12

Since the person I'd most like to meet was the beautiful woman who'd given me the assignment, all I needed was a strategy to put together a paper that would say just the right thing in just the way. She went on to explain that things aren't always what they seem in any marriage and that nearly all of them had periods of rocky times when either the husband or the wife were prone to look elsewhere to meet their needs. Of course, I wouldn't care what she wore but realized I really, really wanted her to look like the teacher I'd described in my essay—a woman who wore her long hair down, cascading around her shoulders.

chapter 1 - Finally getting what I want.

first-time SexyMama19 2018-11-12

We grew closer over the course of around 3 years and eventually I built up the courage to tell him I liked him. My heart sank when I found out he was in a relationship with a girl, who he'd been seeing for around a year, But even still knowing he was taken I couldn't resist the urge to dress up to flatter him and make him notice me more. We sat for a while and then I jumped in the back for a lie down while I waited for my phone to charge enough for me to call out, before I knew it I was asleep. Charlie looked up in amazement, as if to ask for permission to do it again.

Have You Ever

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-12

Well, it did happen, not right away, it even took quite a few years, then he introduced me to a woman, Carol, that he had been seeing and then we both began getting to know her together; then he told me he had asked her to marry him. I knew she might not want my cum in her mouth so I said, "I'm really close, I'm gonna shoot real soon," and, well, she never slowed down, she just kept sucking me, looking up at me, smiling, as my body shook and that exquisite release swept over me as my cum spurted over and over into my stepmother's mouth.

Married Lady

first-time RCPUDGE 2018-11-12

She stood about 5 '3", blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful breasts and thighs that would make anyone take a second look. He pretty  legs spread as wide as possible under the short green skirt she was wearing and she moaned like a mature female who had never been touched. My hand roamed slowly toward her pussy I touched her panties and felt the womanhood wetness. I stood at a distance and looked up her short skirt while she talked. I knelt between her spread legs and licked her still wet hairy pussy. Knowing it may be the last time I would ever see this sex goddess, I unzipped my pants and my already erect cock was in full exposure .I knelt beside her.   She licked her lips and then I entered her mouth.


first-time sexkitten9991 2018-11-12

I was starting to moan as I felt his finger slide into my wet pussy, slowly darting in and out. I asked him," Do you want me to suck your hard cock while you finger fuck me?" I took his rock hard cock in my hand and began to stroke it slowly, beginning to lick up and down his shaft, making my way to his head. He got up and positioned himself between my legs, and started to lick and suck on my swollen clitoris, prepping my pussy for his cock. He came up from between my legs, then started to slowly slide his cock into my tight and wet virgin pussy.

The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 1

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-12

She came back over, sat back down and said, "Now, let me welcome our new teacher," as she reached forward and pulled down my zipper and reached inside. "Now, for a proper welcome to Harrisville, Adam, follow me," and I followed this lovely creature down the hall as she reached behind her to pull up the back of her skirt revealing two of the most beautiful half-globes imaginable. "Well, now I can get to see all of you, Adam," she said provocatively and she pulled off her tube top and lowered her skirt as I just started to unbutton my shirt. "Oh, Adam, I'm going to love getting to know you better, lots better," and she pulled the covers back and laid down, her legs parted just enough to hint at things to come.

The True Tale of my First Lover

first-time castlequeen 2018-11-12

The week...FLIES by, and Saturday night finds us enjoying some superb Thai food, with a fair amount of kissing in between bites and so on, we spend 20 minutes outside the car making out, another half hour outside the car near the club making out, and our time on the floor is nearing the edge of PG 13. "Now just let me show you how I like to make you feel good...." He does as each kiss gets me hotter, and he circles my nipples, sucks on them, and gently bites them with his lips. You think you can just be sweet and kind and sexy and cook me a great meal and....make me love my first time and all that, well yeah, we should get multiple orgasms!"

Gail turns it wide open

first-time woreout 2018-11-12

At thirty three years old she looked at her still sexy body in the mirror and decided that she was going to change her Outlook on life. Gail told her husband that she would like to invite another man into their bed and have sex while hubby watched. Gail had offers for sex several times a day from her internet post wearing those tight sexy outfits. Some days while all alone at home Gail would get her favorite dildo out and while reading the comments horny guys had posted about her photographs she would get herself off. The following week her husband had to go out of town on his job for four days and Gail knew it was time for her to get herself fucked but good.

His Senior Project

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-12

“We think you are a very sexy bunch of women in fact.” She liked that he said that and smiled. “Would you like to do this to me too?” he smiled again but he nodded his head at her and looked down at lap as if he was going to do it anyway. “Like right here you mean?” Then she began to rub his crotch hard as she smiled and felt his erection beneath his jeans. I think I’m feeling it,” she said as she smiled. “Uhhh, you are rubbing uh the right spot,” he told her as he moved his body around, “and may I say uhhh I think you have some of the nicest breasts around.

Dear Dawn, I will never forget you

first-time Sirlance 2018-11-12

(She had a wonderful rack just some F.Y.I.) Around 4:30am they started kicking everybody out of the club, gave dawn and some of my coworkers who lived in the area a ride home. I walked her to her apartment (she was a little buzzed) she made some jokes about how she felt my full, firm manhood . Well, she invited me in they said well, let me see it.  Being the heterosexual male that I am I pulled my manhood out, she felt it and gave me my first blow job. I did not see her naked that night, but please believe I jack hammered that perfectly shaped woman named Dawn 100 time after that.

A Night To Remember

first-time Simplicity 2018-11-12

As the night went on, Joe and I, being on the same team, began to talk and smile, getting to know each other a bit more. I told him I was scared but he said he would never hurt me, he just wanted to kiss me and he had liked me for a long time. Back at the dorm, my girlfriends wanted to know what had happened between Joe and me. Joe grasped my hand and, looking at me, said, “You’re beautiful Lizzie. Joe pressed his lips on mine and this time I kissed him back, as fully and completely as I knew how. Joe pulled my shorts down to my knees and began kissing my tummy again.

Tales From Between The Sheets - Chapter 1

first-time phynix11 2018-11-12

We were both virgins so none of the "really good stuff" happened, but the second I felt the squeeze of her tight wet pussy on my dick, I knew I had become addicted to sex. The next day I sent Allycia a text asking if she wanted to try it again, but she told me she already had plans. By the end of that week I asked Allycia if she wanted to fuck again and she told me to come over. I gave one good look around to see if I could see anyone and then told her I wanted to fuck her right there in the dugout. Basically I just wanted to try new pussy.

A Friends Discovery

first-time Hot_momma_46 2018-11-12

“You really like this magazine, huh Sheri?” I asked, sliding my hand along her thigh and leaned in for a better look at the centerfold. I felt Sheri squirm around a little, and then she grabbed the magazine with her one hand while she slid her other hand down to her pussy. Sheri looked up at me with a very naughty smile, as she ran her hands up my legs, sending goosebumps and a shivers over my entire body. My hips and ass lifted off the edge of the hot tub, and then I heard Sheri gag a little as I felt something strange work its way out of me.