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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My daughter's pussy

first-time adel5000 2018-04-06

I shot 4 more smaller loads into my wife's mouth and on her face and chest as she continued to suck and stroke me while I was talking to Riley. "Ok daddy!" Bethany said as she leaned back over to Riley's right tit to resume sucking. "OK, Bethany, I want you to have the first taste of my cock." I said as I put my right hand behind her head. She looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth, her hazel eyes full of lust and passion, as I tenderly brushed some of her jet black hair out of her face before letting my hand come to a rest on the back of her head.

First time getting caught wearing Pantyhose

first-time sissypantyhoseboy90 2018-04-06

She took off her dress, she wasnt wearing and panties or bra, and she was soooo sexy in those stockings, she pushed me back on the bed and got between my pantyhosed legs and started licking my silky cock! I got off the bed and went to her feet, picked them up, held them to my nose, and smelled her sexy sweaty feet, shoved as much of her foot as i could into my mouth, licking and sucking her toes, her other foot wandered to my cock and she started rubbing it all over me, wich felt so fucking good. I started to get nervouse, she went to her dresser, and got something, i didnt move like she said but it took her a minute to get whatever she wanted.

Wife told me you were a Virgin GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2018-04-06

I wasn't sure how you'd react when I moved your mouth down to my tits - there was a lot of cum on them, but when I saw how you lapped it all up, I knew we could try some new things. I could feel the pre-cum streaming from my cock, pooling on my lower stomach, as he moved around my head to concentrate on my shoulder. "Open your mouth and suck my cock...or do you want me to fuck your throat for you?" I was about to answer when he moved the fat shaft to my face. "You have eight inches of cock inside you right know what its' like to be a be feel your man enter you and take his pleasure with you." I felt him start to withdraw.

Hospital Fantasy Fullfilled..

first-time uhoh85 2018-04-06

now at this point, i thought hey, no one will come visit me at this time of the day, and nurses wont sit beside me, it must be sara. judging from the sounds she make, i can tell that sara's getting comfy, arranging her stuff and pulled the chair closer to my bed. sara, then proceed to put my half erected cock inside her mouth and suck it once, but very hard until it made the 'pop' sound when it exits her mouth. while sucking and nibbling my tongue on it, she continues to jerk my hard cock. she continues to suck it until i gave that long exhale (im done cumming), she lets my cum roll down my cock and lick it like a dripping ice cream.



first-time Ashson 2018-04-06

After Alan's parents and the Morgan's had finished their greetings, he and Clare were dragged forward to be patted on the head and admired. "Take Alan up to your room, Clare," said Mrs Morgan. "Yes, Mother," said Clare quietly, leaving the room, Alan trailing along behind. Clare giggled, enjoying the way that Alan was slowly rubbing her mound, his fingers darting inside and teasing her every so often. "Well, this might help you a little," said Alan, and at the same time as he thrust hard against Clare's hymen he pinched both her nipples. At the same time he made a series of harder strokes, releasing himself into her, feeling Clare tighten around his cock, her helpless scream muffled by his hand.

Two Experimenting

first-time Airagone 2018-04-06

While she was learning to kiss I began to explore her body with my right hand, slowly working down from her shoulder, stopping at her sweater covered breast and squeezing a few times. In a fairly fluid motion I slid both my slacks and underwear down to my knees, exposing myself to her view and heard a little intake of breath when she saw my fully engorged member standing at attention, seemingly pointing right at her face, but she remained silent. I quickly unzipped and dropped my pants to the floor as she openly stared at my hardness, finally reaching up and taking hold for the very first time. Her knees slowly slid back to the floor but her eyes remained closed, the wetness continuing to drip down her cheeks.

A to Z Fuckstories - A is for Alex's Ass

first-time jurrjens 2018-04-06

Jenna said hi to me again, and I as I nodded to the pair as I usually do, Alex winked again. Alex shot Jenna a dirty glance, then looked at me and smiled as she returned her phone to it's back-pocket holster. Jenna had texted me a couple times about her douche of a boyfriend, and she had just given my number to Alex. I opened my eyes to see Jess moving my hand out of the way, and dipping her head underneath Alex. Jess pulled my cock out her mouth and pointed it at Alex's face. Jenna grabbed it from Jess's hands, and jacked me off onto her best friend's face.

Clay: A Follow up from Chelsea 3

first-time Submissioness 2018-04-06

For those who don't want to read that chapter, Clay,19, who lives upstairs from Ms Angela Pumley (a 26 yr old curvaceous widow), is caught masturbating in her bedroom when she comes home unexpectedly. Clay boldly placed his hand on Angela's breast and began to play with it as he sucked on Charlie's. Angela brought one hand down and began to teasingly fondle Charlie as Clay set to work. When she gasped, Angela pushed Clay's head away gently with her hand causing the girl to whine in protest. Clay, still slowly pumping in to the older woman, watching in open mouthed amazement as Charlie's nipples thickened as her orgasm approached. Ms. Pumley looked over at Clay who was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Charlie intently as she slowly pushed the dildo into her.

Will I Regret It?

first-time TooTiredToCare 2018-04-06

I looked at him with big eyes, non-verbally asking if I could forgo pleasuring him like this, just this once. I pulled down his boxers, and in my inexperience, felt his dick slap against my face. I pushed his dick deep in my mouth. I felt it slide deep in my mouth, and after a bit of pushing, slip into my throat. After I couldn't hold it anymore, I pulled it out of my mouth and took a few deep breathes. He entered me slowly, no surprises, and I let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream. Eventually, he held me, and realizing what to do, said, "Let it out." I didn't look at him, just cried into him.

Incredible First Time With a Girl Was With my Best

first-time Wilbywon 2018-04-06

I couldn’t help but watch her fit plump ass in those tight shorts and her slightly muscular legs sway side to side as she led Andre to my bedroom. Looking from below, I could see her bright crimson pussy hair, her big breasts with rose-pink nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, her quivering mouth, and her shocked deer-in-the-headlights big eyes. With my own mouth, I dug into her pussy and went to work—licking, sucking, and finger-fucking her like my life depended on it. She also said that even though she just discovered she likes to be bullied sexually, the next time we make love; I may be the one who’s a sobbing mess at the end of it.

A Quiet, Tender First

first-time shy_boy 2018-04-06

The kissing continued and her hands found their way down my back and they brushed the top of my jeans, stroking the top of my butt through the clothes. I felt her butt through her jeans, and then brought my hands to the front and undid them. When I was all the way inside, she kissed me and ran a hand down my back and rested it on one of the cheeks of my butt. She ran her hands from my neck to my butt as her vagina received my full penis on each pump. We both looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, smiling.

How I watch my best friend fuck my wife

first-time 2018-04-06

She was very hesitant being naked in front of my friend for the first time, remember the grew up together but never had anything going on, but with a bit of prodding from my side she got up and slowly walked away from us showing her back and butt, she then stopped hesitated for a second then turned around showing off her 36C and half shaven pussy. I sensed that we were all getting a bit horny with this nakedness so on my wife’s next forfeit I said that she must fondle my friend dick. I was enjoying this so much that I had not noticed that he had got up from the table and was standing behind my bent over wife I could only see his had busy but I knew his fingers was in her wet pussy while she was sucking on my dick.

My First Kiss

first-time georgeakseeking 2018-04-06

She again rested her head on my lap and this time, her other arm slowly freed my thigh and came up to my hardness below my jeans. She let out a loud sound, raised herself and clung on to me hard, her finger nails almost ripping my skin off my back, while she bit me on my neck first and then on my lower lips. She then pulled my head back to her vagina and this time, I parted her vagina lips with my mouth and toughed her wet inside with my tongue. In no time, while I kissed her neck and down to her breasts and nipples, my fingers went deeper into her and again found the hard spot inside her that as suddenly filled with hot liquid again.

Metamorphosis Pt. 01

first-time Mist2Rain 2018-04-06

I no longer wanted to be the guy, having my cock licked and sucked. I wanted to be the girl, licking the man's cock and feeling his hot seed cover my face. I became entirely comfortable with the thought of sucking another man's cock and wanting nothing in return. It was easy to tell him how much I wanted to suck his cock when I knew that in all likelihood it wouldn't happen. When Jason and I had first spoke, I expressed my desire to suck a cock, but had no thoughts of kissing another man. It's strange to tell a guy you want to suck his cock, but its alot stranger coming face to face with him.

18-Year-Old Virgin's First Fuck

first-time Theeeeee1 2018-04-06

Mary soon sat straight up and began to rub her pussy and fuck me at the same time. About the time I shot the last of my load into the condom, Mary stopped rubbing herself, squeezed me tightly with her knees, began pulling on her nipples and started to moan loudly. It really looks like it would be exciting doesn't it?" Mary asked as she snuggled up close to my side and began stroking my growing erection. Now do you understand why guys always want to fuck women in their ass?" Mary wanted to know asking me in a halting strained voice as she continued rocking on my dick. Suddenly the interior of the car lit up as bright as day causing me sit up pulling my dick out of Mary's pussy.

Big Girl by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-06

“Uh, UCLA I think,” she answered, turning her head to look at him, “I’m really not paying much attention, I’m just waiting for my table in the restaurant side, and it’s going to be a good half hour yet.” “Say,” he offered, “if you’re eating alone, why not join me, no use taking up two tables on such a busy night!” Giving him a quick once over, Lois decided, why not, and said,“Sure, that would be nice!” For the next half hour the two of them talked about their jobs and all the other small talk new acquaintances exchange.

Out of My League

first-time thuchuprep 2018-04-06

It was a light touch, but I could have sworn your body felt like it melted into my hand a bit. I can feel that cock of yours against my ass and I want you to take me right here." You were facing the wall, with your hands up over your head and your legs spread about three lengths apart. I clenched my ridiculously hard cock and ran my cum-stained fingers along my shaft. Your pussy is so tight." Or "I'm going to fuck you so hard you forget your name" or "I am so deep inside of you. When I felt the appointed time drawing near, I whispered, "You're going to make me cum so hard for you.


Sunkist Love *2

first-time 2018-04-06

I kissed down her jaw to her neck down to her breasts down to her tight toned stomach to her thighs and started kissing her sweet snatch watching her groan and twitch at the pleasure of my tongue on her warm dripping slit. She pushed me down on the bed and dove down to my sweet twat and started licking and twirling her tongue around my clit making me moan with pleasure. Soon after I came In her mouth, I pulled her up and sat her on my face diving my tongue into her pussy making her trash and moan my name until she squirted her sweet love juices down my throat.

Flickerlove's first BDSM experience

first-time 2018-04-06

Jack pulled me close and started squeezing my tits and pulling my nipples before lifting my skirt and stroking my clit. We had talked about getting changed but as Jack opened my blouse and pulled my tits out of my bra, we decided not to bother. I think that Jack sensed that I wanted my tits to be punished more so he asked me if I wanted him to use his tawse on me. I knew I was extremely swollen and I think Jack liked how my pumped cunt looked. I can just imagine how that would feel striking my back and my ass and backs of my thighs, curling round to flick against my cunt, leaving welts and bruises to match the ones on my tits.

Angelique's Offline Encounter

first-time Master_Vassago 2018-04-06

Angelique stopped stirring the pasta sauce and walked over to Xavier she let her hands slide over his smooth bald head and then wrapped her arms around his neck. Angelique slowly slipped her tongue out of her mouth and pressed it against Xavier's lips pushing to gain entrance. Deciding that now would be a good time to move along Angelique stepped away from Xavier and walked to the steps where she had dropped her bag. Finally she couldn't stand it herself, the look on his face and the taste of his cock and cum sent her over the edge and she cupped his ass in her hands and helped him to his feet.

Angel in the Night 01

first-time ReefBeach 2018-04-06

The other hand on their pussies, pushing through the curly dark hairs, opening their lips, fingers going inside... I could see clearly, she was a slim Asian girl, a bit older than me maybe, with long hair and very small breasts. She rubbed harder and harder, her head bobbing slightly, then suddenly held her breath, then I heard the gasp I'd noticed all that time before. The sight of my spurting cock clenched in my hand, its head pointing at her, sent her over and she frantically rubbed herself to orgasm, with the same gasp I had got to know. She stared at her hand on my rod as it gripped my shaft and pulled the skin right over the head, or made smaller strokes that kept my helmet in view.

When i used to babysit

first-time 2018-04-06

"Are you a virgin?" Holly repeated as she finally put her hand on my sweatpants and wrapped her fingers around my erection. "I suppose if this is going to happen I should examine the package." Holly deftly grabbed my sweatpants and pulled them down to expose my erection. "And you liked sticking your tongue in here," Holly slipped her fingers into her wet pussy. "It felt so good," Holly cooed as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. "You like watching me," Holly smiled down at me, she started gyrating her hips to match the rhythm of her hand. Holly wrapped her legs around my waist, arching her hips, she deftly slid towards me, sliding my cock back into her pussy.

First time Bi

first-time Gazinlancs 2018-04-06

He said to start licking his cock through his jockeys and I opened my mouth and started licking his cock and balls inside his underwear. He took my cock all the way inside his mouth and played with the foreskin like a pro. He continued to suck my cock and in a few seconds later I shot a load of hot semen in his mouth and I could feel him swallowing as it shot in. I continued to suck on him and he said he was going to cum and wanted me to stop. He was ready to shoot his load and he said he was going to cum and pushed it all the way in and shot a load deep inside me.

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 03

first-time RichardS50 2018-04-06

Debbie got out of the car and I saw her little white pantied crotch, immediately causing my cock to rise. I began to slide my hands up her legs under her skirt, inching slowly towards her pantied crotch, when she grasped my hand and told me “Not now”. I slid my hand out and went under her waist band of the panties, moving down to cup her crotch, my middle finger deep in her hole, my thumb strumming on her clit. Soon she began to moan into my mouth and I was able to bring her to an orgasm, as she pushed on my hand, her pussy grasping at the two fingers in her hole, cumming all over me.