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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Virgin's Club

first-time snaillover69 2018-04-06

Kim couldn't believe the size of his cock, she had seen a few in High School, she gave the occasional hand job. Kim continued to stroke and lick at Steve's cock, she even tried to suck his cock into her mouth, but she could only manage about 4 inches. Kim ran her fingers through Steve's hair, letting him know she was enjoying this new way of waking up. Steve position Kim on her hands and knees, he brought his cock up to her pussy and used his fingers to spread her cuntlips apart. When Kim got back from her weekend away, she told the others about Steve and his giant cock.

ceva de neuitat

first-time elenamg 2018-04-06

ii atingeam madularul care din cate simt este tare se pare in stare erecta...stiam ca barbatilor in somn au erectii, am vrut sa profit putin si daca tot s-a ivit aceasta oportunitate ma prefac ca dorm in continuare dar fara sa retrag mana am inceput sa il mangaii usor peste penis ...vreau sa ii simt barbatia..putin .. De ceva minute bune de alint pasional ne managaiem vara nicio jena reciproc organele genitale celuilalt, mana tatalui meu este deja in pizda mea iar eu ii frec pula de zor.. pula lui este aproape toata in mine, dar este prea mare, parca imi impinge uterul in sus...gem usor de durere...cred a simtit si el ca si cum a juns la fund...


Cheerleader's Diary

first-time wife2hotblk 2018-04-06

I don't know how it happened, but the next thing I remember is his fingers in my blonde hair forcing my head down as he lifted his hips off the bed and slammed his cock so far down my throat I thought I would choke. You betta suck that thing good...get it real wet or it gonna hurt like hell in this hole,' he said as his fingers mauled my tender flesh. I think I must have started to moan or whimper, because he said 'You better be quiet, girl, or we'll have company tonight.' I was really shocked when he brushed the side of my face and replied, 'Since Sally May says she thought you were a virgin, I had planned to keep it just the two of us this first time.

BBC for Both of Us! Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-04-06

As Jay's cock softened he slowly withdrew and his cock fell against my lips; I immediately took it into my mouth and gently sucked him clean for a few seconds before Katie sat up, and still above my face, reached down and opened her pussy with her fingers, releasing a torrent of cum into my waiting mouth. As I lay there, watching Jay and Katie kissing over me, with his cum leaking from my stretched ass, it occurred to me that mine and Katie's sex life had moved to a whole new level and that things were going to get very interesting from here on in.



first-time 2018-04-06

After few minutes my wife came inside the bed room and asked me should she buy one or two. After having a good season the salesman wore all his dresses my wife came inside the bedroom and took money and paid him. He asked my wife to remove all the clothes and stay nude all the day till 6.00pm (when I return from office). Ishwar came near my wife and asked her to remove his dress and apply oil on his body. One night my wife said that she wants to be fucked again by Ishwar but I should be inside the house. She opened the door completely with no shame and asked “kya hua.” He was shocked and remained like a statue watching my wife.

Sweet to Eat

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-04-06

I was doing some shopping online one day, looking for some things to keep the flame burning in our relationship, and I found an herbal tea that claimed it would make your bodily fluids taste like a maple cookie. I was working my ass on his face and he started licking my pussy from behind, lapping my free flowing juices. I moaned around his dick and slid my finger between my moist folds of my pussy to give him a little taste. Khari drinks a cup of that special herbal tea every day now and I have to say, I love the taste of my man’s cum.

Mike, Ameel and I in the fort

first-time dusty48180 2018-04-06

after mike got real hard, I went down on him and realized he was bigger then 7 inches, but I couldn't get the image of the other k** from the pool out of my Mike began to cum, he stiffened up and pulled my head down on his cock. Mike helped and Amil was now totally naked and staring at my 4 1/2 inch cock and said damn you are big for 13. I looked at mike and then at him and Amil said I want you under me so Amil can lick my ass as you suck my cock.

I watched daddy fucking, then joined-in

first-time Fridagirl 2018-04-06

We need to be segregated as mother nature exacts revenge on the nearest males within fang and clawing distance, but mother being in her usual pimpish fashion, thought nothing about my building sexuality, and left me in bed with my poor little b*****r, whose cock was within striking distance, and often suckled and licked as I fingered my holes to orgasm. Never one to miss an opportunity I sat down beside him and immediately felt an urge to fuck, so I lay out full, in my towel, now open and revealing my nudity, but that was the aim, as with my head on his crotch, his erection lay along my cheek, where its throbbing was obvious.

The Healing Tree

first-time gwennytrewin 2018-04-06

I'm down by my tree again, Beth is collecting India and her boys from playgroup and I've got until five pm to make a start on a new sketch. I didn't much like the tunnels but I loved it in the trees, but I never went up that far 'cos of India. I saw all the contacts and work prints on Monday night and I had all the kids for two days when Beth went back to the darkroom to make the big prints. When Beth went to the kitchen to make coffee last night, Farmer John said how pleased he was that she had found her work again because she has taken on a new lease of life, then he winked at me!


first-time jennifer1969 2018-04-05

Stephen always seemed to try hard but I began noticing he would roll onto his back more than I was placing him there into the pinned position. So, instead of pinning Stephen in the usual way, I would work my hands up his arms to his wrists and hold him under me that way. He was sitting on the floor, leaning back on his palms, legs akimbo, wearing his skimpy gym shorts and nothing else ( yes, we were wrestling, previously ), with a small, trembling smile. We continued this way, tongues seeking each other out, grinding and hands exploring, for a long time. Stephen and I did this several more times over the days before we took it further.

Eighteen Ch. 05

first-time SelenaKing 2018-04-05

"Now, Missy's going to tongue fuck me on the bed," I said. "Why, Scott, are you saying you don't want to watch Missy lick me to an orgasm before you get your turn?" My hips shot up and down like they were on hydraulics, and Missy, to her credit, clung to me for dear life as her tongue plunged in and out, in and out, again and again as she rode the tidal wave of my orgasm. "Um, if I don't do something soon, I'm going to cum all over Missy's ass," said Scott miserably. As soon as she grabbed my hair and yanked my face into herself, Scott began to shoot white-hot streams of liquid deep inside me.

As if it was yesterday...

first-time d4david 2018-04-05

whimpering I tried to twist myself free only to hear Charlie say '....yeah baby, I know you want my dick just be patient or I'll rip your ass hole apart....' Bruce and Charlie both begin to laugh as I cried in agony and humiliation. It felt like hours a Charlie sawed back and forth in my ass hole till the door opened to where Daniel had went and I could see a pair of naked feet walk up behind Bruce and stand to our side. I heard Daniel say to Bruce and Charlie, you guys got that pussy open ed up for me...' Charlie started to saw back and forth in my ass hole frantically as he said '...Yeah man, let me cum up this niggas ass so you can get in easy...'

Explorations Ch. 05

first-time Manny2314 2018-04-05

He said how good I was, how much he enjoyed the sex, and I thought maybe it would get better, You know how they say the first time hurts. I pushed my tongue into her hole as far as I could, and felt Emily's hands on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter. I pulled and pushed, each time going a little further inside, each time feeling more like that wet cavern was swallowing me up, each time hearing the same long moan coming from Emily. Meanwhile, Laura was smiling dreamily, her hand softly rubbing Emily's breast and nipple. Emily laughed, and pulled Laura's hand back to her breast. Emily said, "But when you're ready, I know a guy that can rock your world for you."

A Passionate Farewell

first-time Chicklet 2018-04-05

Gently, he kissed me there, his soft tongue rubbing against my mouth as I reached my arms around him, hugging his warm body close t mine. Reaching for Logan, I smiled, enjoying the smooth feel of the water on all the parts of my body. Guiltily, I took a couple of steps towards him, parting the water in front of me with my hands as I made my way towards his dejected body. My legs spread again, slightly, and I felt the water around my pussy lips, the skin around me easily peeling open. “Catch me,” I said, pulling my lips away from him and pushing off of his body with my legs as I darted out of his arms.

Tara's First Time

first-time prettypussy 2018-04-05

Chad asked Tara if she would like to join them at the school pub after dinner for some drinks and to shoot some pool. Before Tara could realize what was going on, she looked around and saw Chad, Peter, and Ryan still in their boxers. Tara began to scream, but Peter put his hand over her mouth and whispered, “This is the only way that we can show you how aroused we were when we all first met.” Peter felt a little left out so while she was drinking Chad’s cum, he began to lick her pussy and her asshole. Chad climbed on top of Tara and slipped his cock into her cum-filled pussy.

My first time cucking the hubby The wife's

first-time fistncider 2018-04-05

1= "Yay!!" And 2 = "wait....whats he trying to pull?" It took me a long time to come around to the idea that he actually wanted this to happen and it wasnt some excuse for him to sl**p with other women. but in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong ( I didnt know hubby's fantacy at the time) He wanted to fuck me but i had to turn him down. I took down my pants and he grabbed my ass and wripped off my panties exposing my wet tight pussy. He wanted to feel the pleasure of my tight wet pussy for as long as possible.

My horny neighbor's daughter (part one)

first-time Heading4Hell 2018-04-05

I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, sitting back down my erection was now free and I had locked my door a long time ago, I put my hand around my cock and closed my eyes. I moaned as I imaged Julie swap places with Mrs. West, now Julie was sucking my cock and her mother was playing with sexy daughter's perky breasts. I just wanted to tease you longer." I kissed her cheek and whispered again, "Just make sure I don't cum on you, of your dad sees anything that even looks like cum he will rip my head off with his teeth."

Caught Cross-dressing by my wife

first-time norma69 2018-04-05

One day I was home from a trip early and found my wife was doing the laundry. All too soon I was shooting the results of my rubbing into my pants… a nice warm sticky mess… well I tossed her knickers back on top of the laundry pile and went to change my very wet underwear! It was several days later that when I went to get fresh pair of under ware it was when I opened my drawer that there on top of my white boxers was a pair of her panties. It was a couple weeks later when I found out I needed to go out of town that night that I asked her to pack a bag for me.

At Last

first-time Blackarrow2 2018-04-05

Her limbs momentarily turned to jelly, and he used that moment to pull her in close in a hug, pressing his rock hard cock into her wet cunt. After a few moments, the pain subsided and Janice let go of his neck to fall back on the table. Janice let out a soft groan of pleasure just as he pulled out slightly and slammed his cock all the way in. He felt her slick but virginally tight cunt squeezing his cock, trying to bring him to climax. Gavin ran his hand through her long, smooth, black hair and when he went over the edge, he yanked on it firmly, causing Janice to scream.

Out of Town Adventure

first-time joyce46 2018-04-05

As the game went on, both men would look down Joyce's dress top as she leaned over the pool table to shoot. But as the drinks went on and the game, this got to be very obvious and even Joyce was aware they were looking. As they both went to the far side of the table away from the bar I could tell by Joyce's eyes and look, she let him slide his fingers or even maybe cock in her pussy. After a few flashes of her tits to the guys in the bar we walked back to our hotel room, and had some very crazy wild sex a few times that night.

Princess and the Perv

first-time IsmashChristainGrey 2018-04-05

He asked if I wanted to go and I eagerly gestured yes by placing my hand on his groan and squeezing his cock hard then rubbing it up and down his length. My nipples were already swollen and as he began to pluck at them he started to pull his long cock out of me until only head was left inside me then with one big thrust he forced his huge cock back deep inside me making me moan and groan with pleasure. He wasted no time in pushing it into my mouth and began to thrust it in with long deep strokes until he felt the head of his cock at the back of my throat.

Me and Eleanor part 2

first-time kingdong1990 2018-04-05

this is a follow on from part one Eleanor said Joe, to my suprise she was standing there nude, her C cup tits looked so nice with her nippels pointing out.. she said i have wanted you for such a long time, i got up walked over to her, we started to kiss, i put my fingers on her pussy she was so fucking wet. then she said i wannna see the master that is your cock (I had sex with a ew of her friends), it was hard as fuck, her mouth dropped at the size, she said i am gonna enjoy this, she took it in her mouth. that was the best feeling in the world.....

Shy Girls

first-time Ashson 2018-04-05

"Ah, Ann," I said, speaking mildly as I placed my hands next to her on her pants, "it would be the height of bad manners to refuse to let me pull these down when Kay is already naked. I started pressing my hand between Ann's legs, not hard, but firmly enough to give the message that I wanted entry. "Ann has a point," Kay said, grandly ignoring my complaint. "Ann, why don't you spread Kay's lips a little and steer me into position?" I suggested, and with a hypnotised look on her face she did so, one hand moving Kay's lips apart and the other hand taking my erection between two fingers and pressing the head into the space she created.

How I found the joys of BBC

first-time princess4bbc 2018-04-05

Then I felt his other hand pull my thong to its side and insert his meaty fingers in already dripping pussy, I just melted into him, he was working my pussy hard, I became over come with it all, he whispered in ear, your my slut now, and for first time, I had an orgasm, I couldn't control myself, I wanted it, I needed it. Hands we're teasing my poor clit, then I felt something I've never felt before, slowly my pussy gave up and he was in, I came so hard, my body was shaking all over, now I knew why they tied me up, I couldn't take the intensity of BBC,still culvusing, he drove in more, harder n harder, I vaguely remember the rest of the day, it was a blur of intense orgasm after another, I knew one thing, I was a bbc slut.