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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time

first-time 2018-04-05

As for clothes I get hard for the slutty secretary look, a nice tight pencil skirt with some stockings and high heels is sure to make me cum and as for pvc or leather dresses well let's just say it can get messy. I didn't need to be asked twice, I got down on my knees took one of her pvc boots in my hands and started slowly licking the sort material. After giving her dick a good lick clean Sara looked at me and said "I can't belive that was your first time at cock sucking, it was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had".

Cumming In From The Cold

first-time mnmh82 2018-04-05

I opened the door and the cold air hits me in the face. You immediately walk over to me, kneel down in front and start to rub my pants. I start to tell you we don’t have time. You put your hand over my mouth and start to unzip my pants. The sensation combination of the cold air and your hot, wet mouth wrapping around the head is insanely amazing. You immediately start to move your mouth up and down the shaft all the way. You can feel the soft, wet cotton rub against your clit. As soon as you feel that you cum hard in my mouth. We turn on the water and continue our Monday morning sex until the water turns cold, lol.

Straight boy cums for gay gang

first-time stuartmahoney 2018-04-05

Simon was really struggling now and it took a lot of strength to hold him as the masseur picked up a butt-plug vibrator which he liberally coated with KY jelly then he lined it up with Simon's anus opening. The four men then slowly covered Simon with oil and they massaged every part of his exposed body while one of them started pushing the butt plug vibrator in and out of his anus as the main masseur slowly caressed Simon's massive erection. The watching Jenny squealed slightly and was clapping her hands in absolute glee as Simon gave forth a muffled scream of sheer orgasmic ecstasy and there was an enormous jerk as Simon finally erupted with a huge spurt of cum which arced up from his erection and landed on his face.

Wicked Game Ch. 14

first-time velvetpie 2018-04-05

James felt his heart slam in his chest when she aggressively kissed him, bruising his mouth and biting his bottom lip and his cock hardened to life in his pants. There are all kinds of things that a man and woman do together to give each other pleasure." He bent again, this time, pressing kisses along the insides of her thighs and slipping his tongue, snake-like, in the creases where her hips connected to her legs. Still shaking from her last orgasm, Beverly sat up and pulled his mouth to hers, tasting her own essence and loving that it was on his tongue.

Marcy's Playground 11 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-05

"Oral sex," Jean-Luc said. I looked from Jean-Luc, to Evan, to Heather. "There's no real normal when it comes to sex," Evan said. "It's better if you don't," Jean-Luc said. "And maybe you should have sex with more than one person," Evan said. "I'm not ready to share yet," Jean-Luc said. The best thing about the movie by far, was how Jean-Luc put his arm around the back of my seat, and how our hands touched every time we reached into the popcorn bucket at the same time. "Why don't you guys go," Jean-Luc said. Jean-Luc came up a little, kissed my hip, the side of my waist. "Jean-Luc isn't going to want to do that," I said.

It's Always The Quiet Ones Ch. 01

first-time Scott_Free 2018-04-05

Jazz: I sat there in math class thinking about taking those pics in the bathroom for u, and my pussy just kept getting wetter, and wetter. When morning comes, I put on my clothes and leave; but if you fuck that girl, she will fall in love with you, Brian will be pissed, and it will break up the band." "Look, I shouldn't have to tell you that not fucking Jazz is the right thing to do. She sends me pics of her underwear every fucking day." I scrolled through the file that I had of the last two months of her panties so that Candy could see.

Cunnilingus.O school composition (Erotic Story)

first-time mihamilf 2018-04-05

When we in class XII, and was a skinny girl with a pretty back with a pair of breasts little more than shoot, my Romanian teacher gave me the theme, an essay about the most beautiful imaginary random in the summer. When I got home, I lay in bed trying to choose the most beautiful story I'd wanted to lived in the hot summer months. In one day, when they become wet vagina really heavy, I asked in a whisper: "Did you hear about cunnilingus?" "No. What does this mean? Without want, during this, my hands to her breasts indreptasera hot, insatiable my fingers caressing her nipples and tweak them slightly strengthened. Certainly, my pleasure was felt vibrant way kiss of sweet meat.

Old Flames

first-time Usagi-chan 2018-04-05

She threw her arms behind his head and bent it down a little so she could reach, and kissed him on the lips as hard as she could. She started to turn to leave when he said very quietly, "But what if I want to?" "A schoolgirl's crush that made you still want to kiss me after four years?" he asked softly. He finished his second glass of wine, and set it on the floor, then murmured, "I don't know how much of this is the wine talking, but I think I'd like you to kiss me again." When the broke away for breath, he looked at her inquiringly, and asked with a blush spreading across his face and neck, " I an okay kisser?"

My wife and young Blacks

first-time proudman2 2018-04-05

We role play in the bedroom all the time and it always seems to make her cum harder but she says its because she knows how much it excites me. She has started watching interracial porn with me and I think it makes her hornier than I've ever seen her. She of course as always tells me that she will try to make this time the one that I get to watch her fuck another man. We had flashed a few truckers on the trip so I was already horny and I knew that she was aroused also by the time we got to town. We got in and started to play around and I found that her pussy was extremely wet.


first-time 2018-04-05

I was horny, I was bored as they gave me graphic stories I just couldn’t help but unzip my jeans slip my hand down inside my panties and work my hungry pussy. She continued to tell that as she sucked on my nips she slipped her hand down into my panties and work my pussy. I told her that I would slip my hand down into her panties and finger her wet pussy and pull and twist her clit like she did mind. As I drove home I thought about how much l liked sucking on her big dark brown nips and when she came in my mouth it tasted great and it trigger an orgasm.


first-time Gwoutattenk 2018-04-05

So I got up and grabbed a hustler mag I had snagged from my Uncle James and was once again going to get off with my hand and then door opened Kathy came in and closed it behind her and once again all I could was stare she wore a small night pink blue with thin straps over here shoulders she looked amazing I dropped mag and said I did not think you were going to come she said take off your PJ'S I started with my top she walked over and sat on the bed and told me don’t stop I want to see that big dick of yours I moved as fast as I could finally I stood naked in front of her!!


first-time somewherealong97 2018-04-05

The senior waitress on that shift, Kathy, is an older woman, probably in her mid to late 50s, tall, dark haired, and with a pretty good figure for her age. You always have a big smile, you are always hustling, I don't think I have ever seen you walking through the dining room, you always get the orders right, you have a great personality, you've learned my preferences and in record time, you have a great attitude, and besides you're waaay cuter than Jeff.". Dick got out of the car, came around to the passenger side, opened the front and back doors, took my hand, and helped me out. The bra disappeared along with the shirt and Dick's hands briefly caressed my breasts before moving to the waistband of my jeans.

Detention Ch. 02

first-time Ashson 2018-04-05

Pretty little cheerleader, Beverly Sender, had heard certain rumours, told to her on the quiet by some members of the team who were trying to talk her into bed. "Um, Coach, how come you now take detentions?" asked Beverly, innocence glowing in her voice. Coach eased forward, his erection suddenly pressing against Beverly's slit. Moving slowly, Coach pressed steadily forward, starting to stretch Beverly's entrance. With Coach slowly moving inside her while he played with her breasts, Beverly found herself restlessly trying to get closer to him. They stayed that way for a while, Coach moving slowly back and forth while Beverly clung like a limpet, trying to keep him deep inside of her.

To The Woods

first-time 2018-04-05

I placed my newly found tools on the floor beside her feet, picking up a large handful of fresh nettles and thorn branches I placed them against the trunk so when I pressed her body to it she felt them all down her front from her neck ,breasts , stomach and a few in her groin area. I then picked up a nice bendy hazel branch I had collected and proceeded to cane her body every bit I could starting at her feet working up to the shoulders and all along her back and bottom. At the count of fifteen I heard a branch snap behind me, looking round I saw a man leaning against a tree some thirty yards away, so engrossed in my work I had never heard him before so had no idea how long he had been watching.

backseat blow jobs

first-time 2018-04-05

Her Mom or Dad would usually end up driving me home late at night and my Gf who we will call Jane would always ride with me to spend more time together. Then one night while her Mom was driving she looked at me smiled and whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck my cock. The ride home was only 15 minutes so time was limited but between her skill and the thrill of her mom being right there (who was a milf also) it only took about 5 minutes for me to be ready to cum. Jane had never let me cum in her mouth yet but when I gave her the normal signal by tapping her on the head that I was ready to cum she just went deeper on my cock and sucked harder.

Best Friends

first-time Patrick2380 2018-04-05

As I watched the blonde get fucked up her ass, I couldn't help to wonder what Jeremy's dick looked like under that pillow. Later that night as we were laying in his bedroom, Jeremy in his bed, me on the floor in a sleeping bag, I couldn't get over how horny I felt, cum built up without a release. I also couldn't stop wondering what Jeremy's cock looked like. And I felt his cock begin to shrink in my mouth and I opened wide, finally releasing his spent dick. Not to be outdone by what I had done for him, I felt Jeremy try to take more and more of my dick his mouth with each stroke.

After School Adventures Ch. 06

first-time Slash_Raptor 2018-04-05

"Didn't I tell you?" said Eric, "There's a big party tonight celebrating the new football team and the new cheerleading squad." "You'll still be on the team, but the other guys will treat the newcomers like crap," said Eric, as we approached his van, "Now, come on, let's head over to my place, I'll, uh... "Sorry," said Vivian, taking my hands off her shoulders and sitting nicely, "Well, ever since my cheerleader initiation, I've been trying to find a suitable guy to help me with something." As fascinating as it was to watch Vivian explore, I did have a time limit for the test, so, without actually rushing her, I pulled my pants all the way off.

Movie with My Sweetheart

first-time Falkenhayn 2018-04-05

I ran my hand quickly but lightly up and down her thigh, and then moved closer to her, and using my index finger I traced the outline of her perfect 18yr old pussy lips from bottom to top, before sliding back down top to bottom. "I want you too..." and I felt her bite me softly as my fingers slipped in and out of her gorgeous tight pussy, seeking out her g-spot, feeling my fingers coated with a fresh rush of her juice. Not a second too soon, and as the guys came back in, she was still nuzzled against me, eyes closed, with her pussy pulsing and dripping over my fingers underneath the blanket, running all over my hand.

Highschool party hookup (revised, rewritten, still

first-time cuschnei616 2018-04-05

i stepped out of the car and closed the door when i was flagged down immediately by a bouncing pair of tits vigorously jiggling around this tiny frame of a girl jumping and waving her hand excitedly to get my attention. i walked toward the porch making eye contact and nodding my head and saying hey to the guys and girls i recognized from school and introducing myself to the ones i didnt know. just above the rim of the cup i can see teresa playing with her shirt and bending over the table letting me peak her insane cleavage again as her tits hang forward. squeezing one of her perfect tits with one hand and reaching under her skirt and fingering her pussy with my other i heard her moaning again and my dick getting even harder than before.

My first Crossdresser - Part Three

first-time 2018-04-05

She walked in front of me, holding my hand and leading us through the maze of people. Just when I thought I might cum in my paints, she pulled away, tossed her hair and giggled, took my hand and led me down the strip. In the middle of the bridge she stopped me and we kissed again; this time she cupped my ass with her hands and pulled me tight against her. We boarded the monorail at Excalibur for the short ride to Mandalay Bay. We sat tightly against each other, her head on my shoulder and holding hands. Holding hands all the way up, off and into the hall, we walk to her room.

The Making Of A Nymphomaniac

first-time 2018-04-05

As we kissed I kept playing with her tits through her through her blouse and soon I was toying with the buttons, waiting for her reaction. I pulled my hand out from under her bra and slipped her blouse off her shoulders, her bra went next and my mouth was soon fastened to one of her nipples, sucking and nibbling on it. It took me completely by surprise and before I knew what was happening she had her hand down over my stomach and was groping for my cock. From her speed jumping into bed with me and the willingness that she accepted my cock, I thought that there was no way she was a virgin. From that day on though Noreen completely changed, every chance she got she was in my bed.

First Time for All Things

first-time Something_More 2018-04-05

She kept her eyes pinched closed as she opened her mouth tentatively, first tasting him, feeling his soft head against her tongue. Watching those scenes, now in her mind, she felt heat flood her body, small sounds escaping her lips without her control. Breathing heavily, her body started to move without her, her thighs tightening around his head, her hand crushing his, as her pleasure flooded her in waves. It was at that moment she wished for music, or some other noise to fill the room, as it was soon occupied only by their guttural moans, and their bodies, skin moving together and pulling apart. Every time he moved to pull their bodies apart, she tried to keep him inside her just a few seconds more.

Step Mum ( True Story and needed to tell someone!!

first-time ddavid987 2018-04-05

going to keep this short about what happened as id like to know your thoughts and comments. my step mum and me have always got along for years and often at parties and get togethers if tipsy we have flirted, nothing serious or heavy just comments to each other and once she pinched my bum and ive done the same to her all light hearted stuff. please comment and ill add the next part

How I became bisexual

first-time fortworthfitness 2018-04-05

Jerry asked if I wanted a beer and I said, "sure." We finished our first round of beer and began changing channels on the TV, looking for something good to watch. I guess Jerry decided that my groans meant "yes, I do want it." I felt him remove his fingers from my mouth as I laid there on his couch, laying on my back. I'm about to cum right now." He asked me if I wanted his load on my lips and when I tried to reply by saying yes, my mouth was in the open position as he thrusted himself forward, impaling my mouth with about half of the length of his swollen dick as he completely flooded my tonsils with a mouthful of his cum.