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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time DrPolaris 2018-04-05

I moved my hands around her body and lift the front of her top over her breasts and I feel for the first time the skin of her soft naked breasts on my chest. I lift her top over her head and off an arm, she is now effectively topless on top of me, we swap positions, Annie laying on her back, whilst I'm at her side, getting to feel her breasts with my hands for the first time. A couple of kisses, a couple of caresses and we were soon stripping off our clothes, flinging back the duvet, and for the first time I was looking upon Annie's naked body.

I finally lose my virginity

first-time 2018-04-05

Freshman year included a season of competitive swimming, where I first met Linda. Following year her boyfriend was gone and Linda and I started hanging out together... I remember her saying I had to stop hanging about with younger girls--Linda was older than I by two or three years. So there's fumbly young me in the apartment with a modestly attractive older girl having had a decent dinner and not having a clue as to what to do next. After a little bit, she said that she wasn't on the pill and that tonight wasn't a good time for us to fuck. By the way, if you know a 63 year old woman by name of Linda M.

my s****r and her collage freinds

first-time waughs 2018-04-05

she looks at my cock and how the two girls are going at it on my cock and how hard its getting, she didn't say it but admitted later on that it was turning her on and she didn't know what to do, she movers closer and the two girls hold my cock out for her moth to reach it, the both glide it gently in her moth and she starts sucking and licking slowly, it feels good i get tingles run up my body i cant believe my little s****r is sucking on my cock and i didn't have to beg or bribe her, Beth grabs Debbie head and pushes down my cock Debbie starts to gag as she takes more and more of my cock in her mouth, Kate says how seeing Debbie doing that is making her horny so she takes over her cloths and undresses Beth, Debbie stares at how both girls are now getting naked with out thinking she puts her hand around my cock and starts rubbing up and down following her mouth getting faster and faster i pull her off and bring in all the girls around my cock, they can see its now so hard its throbbing little bits of precum starts comeing out and they play with it in the fingers rubbing it in on my cock and take turns licking it off ..........

Victoria's Misfortune

first-time RomanCEisdead2 2018-04-05

The lane was following the course of a little stream, so Victoria decided to step off of the road and rest in the shade of the trees by the water for a while. When Victoria lifted her leg and pulled her stocking up, he was afforded a perfect view of her naked thighs and dark bush. Victoria wanted to say, 'But you're not a Doctor!', instead she recalled the cane and said, "Yes, Mrs. Trustworthy." Mrs. Trustworthy then walked behind Victoria and began to check her arms and back for anything unusual. Mrs. Trustworthy then continued her intimate examination by pulling Victoria's cheeks apart and looking at her anus. Before it was too dark, Jenny showed Victoria around the gardens, but had to make a quick detour when she saw some of Sir Robert's guests coming.

Horny 18 yr old and married man

first-time Joneswales 2018-04-05

I was hoping that it was me that caused this and not his wife, but I didn't care I just wanted Dan's hard cock inside me. As I walked in front of Dan down the corridor out of the club I could feel his eyes looking at my tight arse and knowing that he would want to fuck me as soon as possible. As we reached the car Dan opened the passenger door for me and couldn't resist having a good feel of my butt as I got in. I often wondered if he made love to his wife that night and if she could smell and taste me on Dan.

A Young Neighbour's Education Ch. 01

first-time joulie 2018-04-05

My hand was still gripping his cock up the leg of his shorts, he seemed to be getting harder as he played with my tits, he put what I remember of my Bob in the shade, which wasn't bad for a late teen. Anyway, as I say, he was enjoying the feel he was getting of my tits, sort of as a reward, each time he touched my nipple I gave his cock a little squeeze. "Thing is, when we started today, you squeezed my tits and licked them, then you put your hand up my skirt and felt my knickers, then you found how it was wet up there, and you found the soft hole, and then you checked the depth."

Fiancee's s****r

first-time benstevens 2018-04-04

As we had finished our exams, we didn't have to attend school every day, and on this day I got my cycle out and rode over to see Sandra, and maybe go to the park and play tennis. However, when I got there the only person in was Karen, apparently Sandra had been press-ganged into helping her Mum with her younger b*****rs, and had gone off with her Mum and the two boys on a school trip for the day, and Dad was at work. "You might as well come in and have a cup of tea, having cycled all that way." Karen smiled as she stood back and let me into the house.

Coffee Date with Kuwait

first-time PearlRed 2018-04-04

He said "good, bring a bag, you're spending the night." I wasn't so sure about it, but I thought "hey, I think him telling me that I'm staying is kind of sexy in the 'I want you' kind of way, so I guess why not, right?" I packed my bag and headed downstairs to get picked up. I started from his mouth, slowly moved down to his neck, trailing my tongue down over his shoulder and chest, biting gently down his sculpted stomach, and put my hand on his hard cock. Finally, after kissing my neck and mouth, teasing me with his warm rough hands all over my body, and playing with my nipples, he slowly slid a finger inside of me.

How My Virginity Should've Been Lost

first-time PandoranAngel 2018-04-04

Through out the entire session of love making is scattered a few choice phrases; a few I love you's, he tells me I'm beautiful and I tell him how I love having his hard cock inside of me and that I love being his little slut, and a lot of wows and oh my fucking gods. He lets me eat the strawberry and as I sit up he presses a glass of champagne into my hand, as I sip I notice him smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary and I look past him, to the bathroom, lit up in candles with a good 6 inches of bubbles clearing the top of the tub, which is incidentally about the size of VW bug.

How it started………….Gro

first-time rd40luv 2018-04-04

Timmy and I were riding our bikes around the neighborhood when we decided to head out to a fort we had built down a tree-lined dirt road. I noticed Timmy’s cock was obviously hard like mine from the bulge in his shorts. Timmy asked, “You like my cock?” I shook my head yes. Timmy grabbed my head in his hands and guided his cock into my mouth. Timmy moved my head with his hands and effectively started fucking my mouth. Use your tongue.” I started sucking on his cock and twilling my tongue around it as he moved it in and out of my mouth. “Did you like sucking my cock and swallowing my cum?” I nodded my head yes.

A young Japanese girl Joins an English University

first-time igglepiggle 2018-04-04

It was a going to be a long flight, but Sophie kept my spirits up, she told me, she visited Tokyo many times and loved bringing back Japanese girls to London. Sophie undressed me then she took of all her clothes and we cuddled up together in bed, she looked me in the eye and said she wanted to treat me to one more thing. She moved down my body kissing my breasts and tummy, before parting my legs and putting her tongue in my pussy, she lapped away at it, putting it inside me, tasting my pussy then licking my clit, I felt a build up of an explosion inside me and thought I was going to wet myself, but Sophie kept licking and I had my first orgasm.

The Time Has Come

first-time story_lein 2018-04-04

Micki surprised me as she reached out and unbuttoned my pants and let them fall, my hard member stressing against the fabric of my briefs. I said yes and almost blew my load at her first touch; my fantasy was coming to life. I drove deep and I could feel the tip of my dick hit the surface of her cervix and I could feel the sensation come over me, the tingling mixed through our bodies as I came hard, filling her with my seed. She said she had a lot of studying to do and wanted to commit time to school when I asked when I should come down.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 07

first-time sexy_roland 2018-04-04

That way, the guests could stand around the table and enjoy the delicious food which would surround Jessica as she lay on her back on the table in the middle of the table, naked and coated in a sticky glistening liquid, with her hands and legs tied together and her holes stuffed with apples. The apple would be removed from her stuffed pussy and the guys would enjoy their first of 25 screws on the table, while the other guests watched the action and ate the food. The guests were quite excited, as they entered the room, to see a beautiful Jessica, nude and lying as a centrepiece on the table.

Master's Double Subbing

first-time 2018-04-04

So with that thought and new attitude it rewrote its reply and anxiously sent it to Master for his approval before sending it. It wasn’t too long before it got its reply from Master who approved the email and told it to send it to her. It had told her about how it had been opening its self up to new experiences and lifestyle choices and how that it was letting go of past preconceived notions and trying new things. She told slave that she didn’t want to rush it into anything and wanted to email some more before something like that was decided on or arranged.

The Secretary(Merry Christmas)

first-time 2018-04-04

She loosen her hands from my neck and looked me in the eyes, and drew her lips up to mine and we meet in a very passionate kiss. As my tongue and lips worked her nipple over, I moved my hand down to her legs. She parted them just like Moses did to the red sea, and I started to stroke her inner thighs softly, till I finally got to her outer lips. Suddenly she grabbed my head and brought me up for a hard kiss, and broke the kiss off and held me tightly, as her body start to shake in an orgasm. She relaxed her legs and I got free, she reached down grabbing my head, looking to my eyes, she said put it in me now.

Master's Double Subbing (Part II)

first-time 2018-04-04

The slave didn’t know quite where to begin its search for another woman for its first ffm experience with Master. If it was going to let another woman go down on its pussy then it wanted one who knew what the hell she was doing. After admitting to itself that it didn’t know where to even begin, it decided that maybe it should discuss this with Master. It knew that Master had already figured the last part out about slave but it hated having to admit it to Him though. So with suggestions and advice from Master, the slave began its search for the woman who would help it fulfill this request and desire for Master.

Strap-on Fantasy Discovered by Wife Pegging

first-time 425olds 2018-04-04

As my mouth once again began to suck, this time on a woman’s breasts, I felt the cold lube on my wife’s fingers hit my anus. “Enough loosening, it’s time to get your little ass fucked, slut.” My wife moved into position and placed the head of the dildo at my ass hole. She reached down and stroked my cock a little and the precum that had been slowly flowing out dripped like a leaky faucet. I looked up into the mirror and watched my wife move behind me with the strap-on dildo bobbing from her waist. My wife continued calling me her little slut and a cock whore as she pounded away at my ass.

But a Big Dream - Chapter 2

first-time CoyotlMittens 2018-04-04

She applied two more coats for safety’s sake, kissed him, whispered in his ear, “Do not fucking cum,” and then lowered her ass like a coffee-colored dirigible gracefully approaching the dock, with her hand holding her open with a sort of live long and prosper gesture. She gave him a coquettish smile that pretty much said, “You’re going to do whatever I want, so let’s not kid ourselves,” and took her ass up to the second floor on his cock, paused, but wait, forgot something down at the lobby, down again, got it!, then back up. “Ok. I like cum and everything, adore it actually, but I don’t want your first time to be a bad example.

My Errand

first-time Ardydub 2018-04-04

It took a couple of minutes for the shocking realization to hit me that the woman in the paintings was actually Martie's daughter, Debbie, my brother's girlfriend. I have been looking for a model like you for the longest time!" "Come, let me have a look at you." She started assessing me up and down, turned me this way and that, and seemed quite pleased with her find. After some time Martie said she wanted to draw me without the towel but there was no way in hell I was letting go of it not in my condition! Wonderful!" With my eyes closed and just waiting like that, my mind started drifting and I became less away of the passage of time.


first-time dobler96 2018-04-04

One Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from Mrs. De la Vega as I was doing maintenance on my pool cleaning equipment. With a smile on my face, I replied -“Hello Mrs. De la Vega. Mrs. De la Vega paused momentarily then remarked, “I’m looking at my pond and I noticed something dirty. I was surprised when I saw Mrs. De la Vega by the pond reading a book with her top open, revealing to me her big 32G assets. Then she began rubbing her breasts and pussy right in front of me. “What size bra do you wear, Mrs. De la Vega?” I asked, trying to be casual about it and pretending that I rub women’s tits every day of the week.

A Precious Gift

first-time Enchanting_Lady 2018-04-04

Placing his fingers along the sides of my forehead, he began tracing the outlines of my face, down my temples pausing for a moment then asking me once again, wanting to be certain I knew what I was asking of him, "Sheila, are you sure you are ready for this, this complete expression of love and passion we are about to share, to become one with each other?" I slowly blink yes with my eyes and he realizes the time has finally come. At this moment he stops me speaking in a low husky voice, "This time is for you, for your pleasure my Sweet; my time will come the next time we make love." John's eyes meet mine and I am unable to turn away; he has me in his spell as I lay back against the coolness of the satin sheets.

I Want to Know You

first-time DepthsOfDuality 2018-04-04

Marnie opened the door and turned back, trying to focus on which was the real Sam. Grabbing his collar, she went for it, pulling him closer to her, her waiting lips latching onto his in a long kiss. His breathing becoming rapid, Sam pulled away, frantically removing his shirt, taking in the sight of Marnie's body as she lowered her jeans. Marnie stopped and pulled back, a look of passion in her eyes. Marnie straddled Sam's thighs as he softened, his breathing heavy, his body covered in goosebumps. Marnie looked up to see Sam slide on a condom and line up his head with her dripping hole. They rolled to face each other, and gazed, contented into each other's eyes, Sam playing lazily with Marnie's nipple.

A Prayer for Mercy

first-time kap007 2018-04-04

"Honey, you have a miniature pussy," Connie told her as she gently worked a slender finger into Mercy's hole. "We can't, Dave!" Mercy moaned as she pulled him up against her until his bulbous cock head was perfectly aligned with her eager pussy. Mercy felt the hot, spongy cock head ease its way between her inner lips, stretching her tender hole first gently, then more insistently, and finally quite painfully as its rosy crown popped past the constricted entrance and came to rest against her elastic hymen. Obligingly, Dave thrust more firmly and Mercy felt her maidenhead stretch, absorbing the battering but dilating further with each thrust until at last his fat cock head popped through her hymen, tearing it to shreds.

Hide and Watch Ch. 02

first-time snaillover69 2018-04-04

Debbie said, "It's time for your lesson, I'm going to teach you how to suck a guys cock", Donna was told that she was only going to watch, and than she added, "don't forget, no speaking" Donna watched closely as Debbie opened her mouth wide and sucked Billy's cock inside, still grasping the base of his shaft tightly. Billy started cumming, and Debbie was sucking for all she was worth, not letting a drop escape her talented mouth, she swallowed every drop, milking his shaft with her fingers. Debbie walked behind Billy and untied his hands, and removed the blindfold, Donna hadn't noticed, she was too busy sucking his big cock, deeper, pumping his cock with her fingers, feeding his cock deeper and deeper, trying to deepthroat his cock.