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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Adventure With Arti Bhabi Continues

first-time funky2003man 2018-04-04

Bhabi opened the door & put her arms around me and gave me a hug, as she hugged me I could feel her breasts pressing against me & could smell the perfume on her neck which instantly turned me on. I wasted no time in answering and moved toward her nipples quickly & began licking, kissing and sucking on them. I continued pleasuring her boobs & after some time she pulled me beside her & said “Come on, lie here, and took me in her arm and started to kiss me and with one hand she started to unbutton my shorts & pushed them down with her feet. Releasing her boobs from my hand & pushing me up, Bhabi slipped down so that my fully erect cock stood up in her face.

Mike's First Time

first-time Coldfinger 2018-04-04

His mouth still working her right breast, Mike dropped his hand down to her stomach, feeling the soft roll of flesh leftover from the pregnancy. Still working his fingers back and forth along the length of her wet pussy, Mike leant over her and mashed his lips hard against the pouting flesh of Rachel's lips, firing his tongue into her mouth. Rachel relished the way Mike's cock filled her pussy and she loved the feel of his balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. The moment had arrived for Mike, quicker than he liked, but he hammered his cock into Rachel's cunt as his balls contracted and cum spewed deep into her pussy and seeped into her womb.

Dry humping

first-time cumulator 2018-04-04

This time it felt even better but my jeans were making it a little awkward because they were stopping me from getting my knees far enough apart to be comfortable. I've never felt so turned on or wanted something to happen so much, the feeling of his hard cock pressed against me, thrusting against & tickling my hole which gave me the most incredible thrill. I thrust back against him, desperate for the enjoyment of what he was doing to me & to feel as much as I could of his ever stiffening cock, then, grunting, he gave a few hard & fast thrusts, & I felt his hot spunk on my back, trickling down my butt crack & dripping off my balls.

My First Time... With A Girl

first-time LouiseFairfax 2018-04-04

''Date hasn't turned up?'' asked the red haired bartender with the handful of breasts she was stacking. As I downed my Vodka, A girl about the same age as me, and a bit taller with light brown hair all the way down her back approached. With that, we kissed I felt her slid something into my back pocket of my shorts, she pulled away, winked and left. I put my hand in my back pocket and felt a piece of paper, I looked at it smiled and giggled, I was the girls number, at the top was her name, and it was Jessica, I picked up my panties, and put them in my bag, and walked out, with what felt like hundreds of eyes looking at me.

wife riding wave pool bumps into a black stud

first-time buckt9 2018-04-04

I noticed the bar tender was stright pooring her drinks, he smiled and told me i was a lucky man to have a wife with such big tits and he guessed since i was ordering doubles, that i was getting her d***k on purpose. I was not disappointed 25 minutes later when i opened our hotel room door, keri was on her back on the bed with her legs over Warrens shoulders, and his big black cock sinking deep into her wide open pussy. With that Warren started fucking her and after several minutes he groaned and slammed his cock deep into her, seeding her pussy with his black baby making seed.

The Weekend on the Farm

first-time whm_kelly 2018-04-04

At the door, you hugged me, kissed my neck, and whispered that I could come to the barn tonight and you would do the same with me instead watching. I tried to shake my head no; however, your hands had tightened in my hair and it was wound around your fingers. I kept my eyes tightly shut and it felt like I wasn't even breathing. You moved my hair with your other hand and pulled my neck down to your mouth. I felt your tongue slide in and out of my mouth and, very slowly, you put your finger back inside me. Deep kisses and I felt the head of your shaft rub against me. I was pushed back down and, this time, you told me to suck on the head.

My First ThreeSome

first-time Gurpz97 2018-04-04

It was obvious that they have been drinking before I arrived and feeling braver then I. I can feel them looking at me, drinking me in. I sit on the bed and he starts to kiss my neck and back. I have never kissed a woman before and it feels strange. She touches me, runs her hands over me, over my breasts and stomach and I kiss her back, my bravery and my passion increasing. His dick is still semi hard; he stands and pulls me towards the edge of the bed so that my legs dangle off the edge. He stands over me, dick in hand, gentle stroking himself while watching his wife lick my nipples and tease me with her tongue.

Nasty Auntie Candy’s Living Sextoy

first-time Rottencrotch 2018-04-04

As Candy heard her low pitched wail from earlier, she heard John roar like a lion, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly against him, the spasms of her orgasm started to quiver, and as John's sore, abused cock exploded, his load pouring hotly into her, it shoved her into her own climax, and she let out a shriek of joy as she felt the glorious burst deep inside, her pleasure rippling through her, her talented inner muscles clamping at her, eager to suck out every drop of her nephew's sperm.

Mature Storage Room Fuck

first-time Justal 2018-04-04

There I was standing there in this storage room naked except for my dress wrapped around my waist, Tyrell behind me playing with my Tits and Belly we moved out from behind the shelves I was looking for my panties when Tyrell grabbed me pushed me back on the sk**, I said No we need to get out of here, but again he was having none of it as he took hold of my dress all crumpled up around my waist slid it down off me, still protesting he grabbed my legs slid me down to the edge, took his Cock in hand to start feeding back into my HOT WET CUNT.It wasn't fully Hard as he pushed it back into me I could feel it getting bigger inside me.

Story By Fragman73 Fantasy of Us

first-time 2018-04-04

I didn’t really need the details, we’d done a million of these gigs over the years, and while I hadn’t been the person on-site the last three, I worked closely enough with the field to know what had changed and what hadn’t. Of course it didn’t help that all I could think was in a few short hours I would be less than hour’s drive from Laurie, the hottest, nastiest, horniest, sex freak I had the pleasure of knowing and who seemed to want nothing more than to spend the weekend with me fulfilling whatever fantasies we could in the time that we had.

Woman of My Dreams - True Sex Story

first-time salahgabr 2018-04-04

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean off my face.When I got back,she was under the covers.I climbed in and we started making out.She asked me, "are you ready yet?" I grabbed her hand and put it on my rock hard cock, Saying "what do you think?" She got on top and guided my cock to her hole.Slowly she eased down onto it.When she reached the bottom we just stayed like that,enjoying the feeling.I put my hands on her knees then worked my way up.I caressed her thighs,her hips and her waist.I cupped both breasts,moved up to the shoulders,down the arms and interlocked our fingers.

My Cousin's Gymnastics Trainer

first-time HappyBanana 2018-04-04

Brianna stood with her back toward me and started to lean over backward until she fell onto her hands, her back arched in a letter 'n' and the tight strain on her outfit pulling more breast flesh from beneath the material. I like to walk." Seeing her beautiful freckled cheeks that I was crazy about and wearing that outfit all this time, especially seeing that beautiful mound so close had worked me up quite a bit. By the time I was walking home, I had heard Brianna referred to as my girl so often that day even I was starting to believe it. I was just about to walk out the front door again and run home to hide under my bed forever when Brianna came out of her bedroom wearing an outfit very similar to the day before.

Labor Day

first-time rjm2374 2018-04-04

When I was 16 I obtained my drivers license and got a car and some times she would ask me for a ride home, instead of making her husband come all the way to work and pick her up. This one year, Labor Day 1970, she asked me to come in and stay with her as she was a little afraid of being alone in the house. At that time her son, my older brother's friend came home and when she heard him at the door she swung her feet down and we were sitting there watching TV. Her legs opened a little more and I got to rub my whole hand up and down her panty clad pussy.


Bob the Snob & the Corporate Virgin

first-time zenmackie 2018-04-04

And he didn't look like he spent any more time at the gym than Marie did, although he wasn't fat, just a little soft around the edges. Then the slightest hint of a smile flickered into his expression and he said, "And, for starters, I think you want someone to admire those lovely breasts of yours." He glanced down at them and back up again before continuing, "At least, judging by the lingerie." She looked directly into his eyes and said, "Please let me put my hand on your cock." But he stood, not as if he thought he was something special to look at, but as if he knew he wasn't and didn't care.

Jerk Ch. 02

first-time RejectReality 2018-04-04

"I promise," he said, and then gasped when she licked the head of his cock while looking up into his eyes. Tim brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean of her milky nectar — the taste and scent of her making him feel light-headed. "Feel good?" Val asked, her hot breath washing over his cock before she gave it another lick. When he tried to move close enough to fill her pussy full of his fingers, she shook her head and tugged on his hand, pulling it toward her breasts. He discovered that he could get his tongue moving even faster with just the tip stroking her, and the way her fingers tightened into his hair certainly seemed to indicate that she liked it.

I WANTED TO Be JIMAHL's Big Black Cock Whor

first-time satinexinhose 2018-04-04

"Open ya bitch mouth ."said JIMAHL as i pulled his 9" black cock out of his boxers. I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it as JIMAHL stepped onto the bed and shoved his cock deep in my wife's throat. He pulled out his cock and this time Tracey went for his balls with her mouth, she sucked them like the whore I knew she would become. She pulled JIMAHL's cock to her opening and with my cock still in the left side of her mouth she put the big black cock-head to the right side.

0046 Catwalk Models -- Daisy

first-time tankengine123 2018-04-04

Daisy walked to the end of the catwalk, paused, and then inserted the tip end of the flute slowly into her pussy… but just the very tip… virgins had to be very careful. She had a bit between her teeth and leather straps led from her mouth to the top of her head where her red hair had been formed into a beautiful mane. Pete had a colored head band around his long hair and wore tall leather boots. Two men carried a small drum to the end of the catwalk and the announcer opened a door and reached in. Later that night, mommy removed her tongue from her daughter’s wet pussy and helped her dad position his stiff cock against Daisy’s virgin hole.


first-time hotrod111 2018-04-04

'Come on Ashley, that perverted neighbor of ours is looking right at you!' Ashley wasn't making things any easier as she stretched her arms like she just woke up. It looked like she was simply adjusting her bikini, but if I didn't know any better, I'd say she was doing it out of pleasure. "You sound like you know a thing or two about other exhibitionists," I said with an eyebrow raised. Even on a day as hot as this, I felt like my muscles turned into ice for a split second and my jaw nearly dropped. Before either of us could satisfy our urges, Ashley got up and used a towel to cover her breasts before heading back inside the house

Cum Test

first-time 2018-04-04

10 - Approximately how many times have you "swallowed" sperm? - do you like to swallow multiple loads of sperm from other men? 17 - After how many times of swallowing cum did you start to enjoy it without pretending? 21 - Have you ever swallowed a load of cum from a stranger in a public place like a bar, restaurant, or nightclub? 22 - If yes, have you ever swallowed a load of cum from a stranger and then went back to dancing or drinking with your friends? 36 - If yes, would you swallow one load at a time, or all in a single big gulp ?

Midnight Pool Party 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-04-04

She was swimming with long easy slow strokes, more for fun than for fitness, her chocolate curves parting the cool blue water like a whisper. I guess so." My brain was trying to tell me, one last time, like my mother did when I was little, to get the hell back inside the house, now. Finally she pulled back and said, "Now let's get you back over to the steps so can I suck that very impressive dick of yours." But that was getting really hard, just like my dick, especially since Danielle wasn't going for a long slow scenic blow job. Finally, after a long pause, she slowly pulled back to suck my cock one last time, before she released it from her mouth, licking her lips.

Our First Foursome

first-time withmyfeetup 2018-04-04

I stayed downstairs to give them some time so I am fuzzy on the details but I apparently Sela administered some oral attention to Deanne while Len fingered her sopping pussy. As Sela slurped and sucked on Len's cock, I got up and went outside. Deanne moved over beside her husband and massaged his cock and balls as Sela resumed her oral ministrations. As I finished glazing her, Sela gave leaned in and gave me a quick suck and then proceeded to lick and suck the cum off of Deanne's tanned and toned body. According to Sela's account told to me later, Len grabbed her as soon as Deanne and I left the room.

Back for More

first-time Scheherazade73 2018-04-04

Somehow this shy virgin had fumbled with the clasp of my bra successfully enough to remove it -- and my tank top -- by pulling both in a jumble over my head, leaving me in only jeans, my hair tumbling around his face while he continued to lick and suck and pinch and nip my sensitive breasts. And he was watching my face as I writhed on his bed, panting, tossing my head back and forth, gasping, "Oh, Joe...Joe...oh, fuck...right there, just like that, don't stop." My orgasm was surging and he picked up speed, pounding into me now, nice and deep, whispering my name in my ear, fucking me faster, urging me to cum, the only thing outside of my body that I was aware of anymore.

A Fantasy

first-time mobi_dick 2018-04-03

He stared kissing her neck and she took both his hands and directed them to her tights, arching her back she started rubbing her ass over his pants feeling his hard dick. "fuck this, I want to come deep in your throat" she said and continued to push her cock in his mouth even more f***efully, locking his head onto her cock with both her hands. She gives a hard fast thrust and stays deep in ass his while he feels the warm cum filling him inside, with one hand she quickly frees his cock ring, a second later he cums all over.


first-time 2018-04-03

The first time I ever had sex I was 17. One night, he came to my window. He'd said he'd been thinking about me all day, and I the same for him. He started to kiss me, and I pushed my body close to his. He started to play with the elastic on my pajama shorts, and asked me if it was okay. He slowly slid my shorts off...and started to finger me. He slowly went down to my wet pussy, licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. He came back up to me, taking my shirt off and sucking my nipples. I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me.