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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first Story (fixed)

first-time SwagonTxD 2018-04-03

I burry my head in the pillow moaning even more, when you think I've had enough you move my panties aside and put a finger inside pull it out and lick my wetness right of of your finger, loving my taste you lift up and tug on my panties. I close my eyes moaning my hands on your head, slightly pushing making you thrust your fingers inside me harder and faster. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wanting you inside me, you bite your lip and climb on top of me, your cock sitting at the entrance of my pussy. I slightly squirm beneath you wanting more, you thrust deep inside me I moan and you smile asking "Is that what you want?" I bite my lip and nod yes.

Being Manipulated

first-time Tgood10 2018-04-03

While he’s fucking you and making you cum on his big dick, I’m going to shove my cock in your mouth and make you suck me dry.” Her hand found my cock and started stroking as I kept talking to her about all the things I wanted to do and all the things I was going to do. When she sat her soaking wet pussy on my hard dick and asked me “Do you want me to tell you how it felt to have that giant cock in my mouth?” I instantly bust a nut and shot my cum deep in her pussy.

The first time 1

first-time 2018-04-03

We were also correspondingly hot together, but we had trusted never to touch us closer to what was also because I had read that you could have sex only with 18, which is why we are wrong occurred, formerly to have intercourse as at eighteen years.However, I was recently turned 18 and somehow we later decided to us directly to Sara's 18th Birthday to deflower. We were both so nervous accordingly, as Sara's 18th Birthday was approaching. Sara's birthday went off as usual, only I gave her her gift only when we were alone. I pulled her to me, I bent down to her and kissed her deeply. During this long kiss she felt no doubt how my penis pressed against her pants.

Dear Diary - Shy Boy

first-time MichelleSissy14 2018-04-03

. I kissed him again and slide my tongue over his lips till he opened his mouth then flicked it in and out. Be the first to suck it Michelle he said and grabbed my head and pressed it in my open mouth. With long strains of thick drool hanging from my lips I kisses the massive head and started blowing him nice and easy as i jerked his shaft with both my hands. This little 90lb wimpy boy with a 5lb cock unloading with more cum then I ever had from a human I mean horse gush. I told him once the news gets out about the size of your cock every girl in school would be after him and half the boys.

The new girl - feet and dragonslaying

first-time Susi_barfuss 2018-04-03

"Be our guest", Gerda said, watching the barefooter standing with white heels and pink soles in front of the b**st, touching the quivering belly. All girls watched Alica, who stumbled on bare feet and very exited in front of the dragon. She just hold the spear tight while the girls carrying her slowly stepped back on her bare foot and giving the dragon the torture of his life. The barefoot girl kneeled on the belly and when she turned the lance around, the long neck of the dragon tried to catch her. Helena took a knife, cut a large piece out of the belly of the moaning dragon, took the bl**d with both hands and put it onto the white, cold feet of Alica.

My pastor's 18 y/o son David

first-time Slave4str8twinks 2018-04-03

Our pastor Smith had an 18 yo teenage son named David and i found him really attractive, he was a very fit, lean, athletic, blond hair & green-blue eyes complexion boy with nordic looks, he was sometimes accompanying his dad in the class and it was hard to keep my eyes off him whenever he attended our class..I was watching him playing football with his friends in my spare time, admiring his muscular strong legs and wondering how it would feel like getting fucked by him with my legs wrapped around his shoulders, those horny thoughts were causing me to get wet and my whole body burning with desire and lust, on the other hand, i knew it was wrong because he was my pastor's son, being a taboo making it even hotter, i was in a great dilemma causing sl**pless nights, lying in my bed, i was touching myself and rubbing my tits until my nipples got rock hard and dreaming of David, his blond hair blowing in the wind, his strong manly legs..

A New Year, A New Perspective

first-time Oryks 2018-04-03

When the teacher announced "you'll be working with the person beside you," I stole a glace to my left at Lui. She did so at the same moment and for the second time that day we saw into each other's eyes. I wanted to laugh but I stole a glance at Lui and saw another thing I would come to notice more and more over the next few months. I would later come to learn that this put things between us a fair way back and should have realised the laugh meant she too had seen something different that day. My erection was held no longer as Lui wasted little time and resting a hand against my well toned stomach and sliding it beneath the waistband of my boxers.

It's Just Amazing

first-time candytales 2018-04-03

He was caressing my breasts and sucking my erect nipples and it felt wonderful but I was aching for him to turn his attention elsewhere so, after a few minutes, I took one of his hands and placed it on my tummy just below my navel. Soon we were kissing passionately and I could feel my legs parting as I worked myself into a position where I could guide the tip of his cock towards the opening of my waiting love hole. I enjoyed the feeling of his tongue licking my clit before sensing the tip of his cock pressing against my vulva and probing for a way into my warm juicy vagina.

First Time

first-time Hypnotic_22 2018-04-02

I on the other hand was of dark complexion as Angie's boyfriend, 5ft 2" in height- really short; weight approximately 125, long black hair to the nape of my neck; my eyes dark brown and for a dark person considering my mother being a white red head I had a lot of light freckles- all over my body. "Now now, is that how you treat your best friend's boyfriend?" he chanted as he close the distance between us "be a good girl and let me in," he took my chin in his hands and drawing my face closer to him blew in my ear.

The Donor

first-time brainfade 2018-04-02

While I drove to the hospital, Kim argued with Trudi, who said that we were already doing too much, and that there was no way she could move in with us. Sure enough, when I returned to our room after my shower I saw that Kim had placed the newly bought pyjamas on the bed, together with a dressing gown. I wish I had seen the look on Trudi's face when I heard Kim suggest, "You scrub my back, and ..." From the way the duvet, and Trudi, was moving, I suspected that Kim was doing something similar at the other side of the bed. Trudi watched as Kim took a couple of potatoes, split them open, and knifed generous knobs of butter onto each.

John & Tracey

first-time PAUL C 2018-04-02

"Come on John." Tracey said almost pulling him from the house. The film proper was starting as they broke their kiss and they watched the opening title with John resting his head on top of Tracey's. Tracey pulled John's hand from her tit and rapidly fastened the buttons on her blouse. Tracey stepped into the lift at work the following morning and slipped her hand into John's. "Would you like to come around tonight?" Tracey asked as John concentrated on giving her tit a good massage. John pulled his hand from her knickers and sat looking at Tracey with a worried look upon his face.

Angie's Education, Ch. 3

first-time CNDPhD 2018-04-02

Draping the shawl back around her, Jon said, “You must be cold, here, walk beside me, its only a little ways.” His arm wrapped around her slim shoulders protectively and she immediately felt the warmth of his body press against her side. Angie extended her right hand but was shocked as Allison pulled her into the hug she was sharing with Jon. Allison was a large girl, not heavy, but tall and very full figured. Unsure of what to do with her hands, Angie found that she had unconsciously wrapped her left arm around Allison’s waste and her fingers were softly grasping the full softness of the girl's ample hip.

Debt of 1000 BlowJobs

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-04-02

"I'm sorry, Tammy," Greg said to his wife before he crawled over and knelt in front of make him cum." Greg held the big cock in both hands and raised it so that his bulging balls She took Jake's cock from her mouth long enough to turn around and say, "Not in my pussy, I out." He called to Bruce, who withdrew his cock from Tammy's ass and said, "Yeah, Boss?" Bruce watched him with amusement as Greg went through the house and took in the changes that screen was the movie Jake had made of his wife, Tammy, and Greg. "We're going to see Jake," he said, "Get back in the car." Once again, Greg ran naked to

Super Sex with SM #1: First Fingering

first-time petdyke 2018-04-02

I make sure to lay down next to Stella Maris in the warm sand to chat a bit with her and get a good look from close at her beauties. She soon lets me discover our tasty daily ritual to wake up with well timed mutual orgasms from fucking her hard from behind while she lays at her belly, so she can play with her love lips to help her coming. Next hot memories are her practising ballet naked in my small dorm room and our first long Summer holiday, camping out for free behind the beach at the isle of Corsica in the South of France, where we were naked most of the day.

First time with Jon Ch. 01

first-time jennahale 2018-04-02

please it hurts!" I continued crying, the pain mounting in my pussy as he took his cock out again and again, slamming in harder and harder, stretching out my no-longer-virgin cunt. But nothing could stop it from arriving as I let out a shrill shriek of "Jon, I'm cumming!" as my hips bucked and rose to meet his thrusts. "Of course I did, baby," Jon leaned down to kiss me on the lips, pulling my hips back towards him and his cock back into me, letting the rest of his cum fill my tight pussy up, "and I will continue to creampie your tight pussy as long as you are under my employment.

Gray Matter

first-time Precursor 2018-04-02

Victoria smiled and looked up at him." Sure Mr. Gray. Victoria tried her hardest to look Dave in the eye, but it was hard for her. Victoria smiled at him and moved her hand over to his thigh and started rubbing it. Dave sat down on the floor on his knees and started to gently rub her pussy and knew she wasn't lying. Mr. Gray that feels so good." Victoria reached her hand down and rubbed his cheek as he licked her all over. I'm getting close." After a few more minutes of passionate lovemaking, Dave leaned down and kissed her one more time before thrusting his dick deep inside her pussy and releasing his torrent of cum.

first time sex with s****r in law

first-time rajjmanhotra 2018-04-02

My s****r in law Sony, whose age is not much to me, looks very cool and playful and the range seems to be even more beautiful. Did come a little later - in law, the milk is over, did not. I got water in shame, I did not understand what's going to answer. Then I started kissing her cheek and around and put his hand on her tit harder to Mslta. b*****r came and said to come in the evening - I do office work to Bangalore, will be back in 4-5 days. I immediately asked without arms around her and said - the border, do not stop me now! Then I took my vest and opened his lungi and asked her sucking.

the Night Whispers Index -2

first-time stif266 2018-04-02

I grudgingly agreed I'd give it a shot, but I felt dread in my stomach, nervous that I'd have to interact with boys I didn't know while my hot s****r stole the show and made me look like the little girl in the group. She smiled and looked into boys' eyes, leaned in when appropriate, and made it known that she liked to talk about sex whenever she could. Jackie was quiet a moment, then said softly, "I really liked last night ... I felt her push against my hymen and I flinched automatically, my thighs squeezing, her hand trapped a moment between my legs, "no!" I said strongly, breathing hard, "please don't break my cherry..."

BabySitter's Modesty

first-time Ashson 2018-04-02

The men were insisting that women are naturally modest but Mrs Ferdand was having none of that. "Ah, a couple of quick questions before you do get dressed and hide that delectable body again," Mr Ferdand said quickly. It was only a slight change of angle, but combined with the way my lips had been dragged apart it meant that his cock, instead of rubbing against my mound, was pushing into it. I saw him move his hands away from my mound, saw my lips closing again, saw and felt them wrapping around his erection, closing upon it, holding it inside me. Jacob gave another little push and I could feel him going deeper into me.

Fourth of July picnic

first-time 1120scott 2018-04-02

David started to breathe faster and I knew he was about to cum, we kept a towel under the pillow to clean up after playing, So I reached under my pillow and grabbed the towel getting ready to catch it. My butt felt funny walking to the bathroom, after peeing I wiped the cum out of my crack and leg. I told David I never got a turn putting my dick in his butt. Mrs. Scott came down and told us it was time for lunch, so we went to eat. He mom said we couldn't go swimming for at least an hour after eating so we went walking around.


first-time Gehld 2018-04-02

The head of my cock was sneaking out of my loose cotton shorts and Steve said shit Megan is asl**p and I can't get a bj until morning. this was so awesome having my female friends mom sit on my face. As I eat her sloppy pussy and feeling her rock hard nipples rub my stomach I blow a major load of cum on her titties. Kristy's mom is a freak she is licking my cum off her tits and gives me a snow ball. He is a very large bear and I feel like 10 foot tall walking pass him with his wife's cum on my face. The next morning I wake up to Kristy riding my cock and rubbing her large natural titties in my face.

wife tell husband stories

first-time lookstoshowife 2018-04-02

"I swear," I said, caressing her again, "if we could be transported back there right now, one minute before he asked you to go for a walk, I would have grabbed you and told you I wanted to hear later about you making out with him. That's probably what that little feel at the end of the night was all about - to let you know that if your tits ever need a good massage, there's a pair of hands ready and waiting." "Honey, the way he keeps looking me up and down, like he knows I'm not wearing anything underneath, or like he knows it's for him…… if you want me to stop this, you have to tell me right now, because I think when I go out to the car, he's going to make a move."

Dear Diary

first-time primipatchouli 2018-04-02

Last night, as I lay in bed, I couldn't stop thinking about Steve and his hands on me. I'll get warmed up in bed and then sneak over to Steve's window once I know my mom is asleep. This unashamed display excited Steve (although I think he may have already been excited as he had a moisturizer bottle in his bed and he was already rock hard...which I didn't mind one bit!). I spread my legs wide apart so that he could get in easily and he slid in slowly, I moaned and then stopped myself, because I knew I should be quiet, but it was really hard to keep quiet with the realization that Steve's penis was actually inside my vagina!


first-time jack582 2018-04-02

Kiko kept increasing the pressure, still it started to pain her each time she hit her ass. Kiko was still lying flat on her stomach on the saddle when Carlos returned with a six inch plastic dildo that was blue in color. 'Do it now,' said Carols, so she reached out with her right hand and started massaging it through his pant. Kiko reached back with her right hand and started pumping the dildo in and out of her own pussy as Carlos started spanking her ass. She started to draw back, but he said, 'Swallow it, it's ok.' So she kept her head on his spurting dick and swallowed all the cum that he spewed.