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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The nudist beach and me : A true story by Erotic

first-time erotic7 2018-04-02

So there I was sitting stark naked on a beach, the gentle breeze blowing all over me and the sun beating down on my vigin nudist body. As I write this I've made seven visits to the nudist beach, and every time it feels better and better. On some days there are quite a few people dotted about in various locations along that quite considerable stretch of beach, but there is always plenty of space. This is it, nows the perfect time to do this, so I stripped off and stood there on my blanket stark bollock naked with the breeze blowing around my ass, fantastic. During this visit I wandered down to the sea for a second time, and also had a couple of little walks on the beach.

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 01

first-time rexspaulding 2018-04-02

I mean, I knew I wasn't hideous looking or anything, but cute was not a way I thought I would describe myself, let alone hear a beautiful woman say about me. "Oh, look, it's starting to snow," she said, breaking me out of my thoughts. "I can't believe no one caught it!" she giggled, "I mean, two hydrogen, one oxygen, H-2-O, right?" I couldn't believe I was making a girl laugh, let alone one as beautiful as Katherine. I didn't feel as nervous anymore, so we chatted like we were long-time friends, rather than strangers, until we reached the sign welcoming us to town.

Ms H. - My Teacher.

first-time manGina97 2018-04-02

I stood her up, moved my hands to her hips, and leaned in close behind her, breathing warm on the side of her neck. Released her right hip and moved her hair from behind her ear and nuzzled up close into her, kissing, moving my lips and warm breath along the length of her neck, up in behind her ear. She sat back onto the desk with me leaning over her, my hand down the front of her tights, kissing me, eyes closed, focused completely on her pleasure. Very suddenly, as I was dry humping my teacher's ass against her desk, she turned around and advanced on me, in one motion she reached into my boxers and grabbed my dick hard, and pushed me back up against the chalkboard kissing me hard again.

The Piano Teacher's Pussy

first-time lickursquirt 2018-04-02

My lesson went as usual and at the end just before I got up to leave, Miss Miller handed me another piece of sheet music. Miss Miller went so far as to touch her breasts, stroke them and pinch her nipples, but her bra never came off. Over the next hour Miss Miller taught me how to play with a pussy, how to lick a pussy (or eat as she liked to say), how to lick a woman’s legs (I never would have even THOUGHT of that one). Even though I was thousands of miles away, Miss Miller and I stayed in contact and I saw her most times I went home.

Peter Plucks #1: Chinese Cherry

first-time petdyke 2018-04-02

Peter caresses her hot hairy horny love lips first through her slip, but soon his hand slips inside Peter offers Pei to take it in her hand to feel how hot and strong it got from longing for her pussy Peter loves the taste of Pei's pretty pussy, his first fresh foreign virgin to offer her flower to him Peter feels Pei has hot tasty talents as she starts to bang her hips back at him in increasing speed Peter bangs his big bent banana deep inside Pei's pretty pussy which starts to milk his mighty member Peter enormously enjoys the ecstasy Pei learns to love from first time banging a man, many to follow

Pussy pounded for the first time

first-time 2018-04-02

I was alone at home while my parents were at work and i was on summer break,i was not allowed to have anyone at my house when i was alone especially not boys.I had a boyfriend at the time that was 2 years older than me.We started out going to the movies and i would wear a skirt with no panties and he would finger fuck me while i would jerk his big hard cock until i came all over his hand and the theater floors,then he would spray his load all over my lap and legs and i would love to rub his cum all over myself and rub it in and all over my pretty tight young pussy.On my next birthday we slid away from my night time birthday party to go behind Chuck E Cheese right next to a freeway so he could finally tear into my tight un-fucked cunt.

My First Confession

first-time 2018-04-02

I started too unbutton his shirt I got to the bottom and started to undo his shorts I pulled them open and pulled out his cock I sucked it for a while until he threw me on my bed and pulled my maxi dress off my tit were out for him and I just had my knickers one pulled them off and began fingering me I was already wet so then he picked me up turned me over to face the mirrors at the end of the beds and he went in me doggy style he didn’t last long and even shouted his wife’s name out when he came!

Gabby looses her virginity.

first-time SFS 2018-04-02

Helen had re assured her, and had then persuaded Brian that he could do a shoot with her, after all, it was just her legs that didn’t work. She might be inexperienced, but she’d given a guy a blow job before, even if the bastard wouldn’t fuck her afterwards, because she was in a wheelchair, his girlfriend had f***ed Gabby lick her cunt, holding her face in place with her hair. Gabby didn’t care, she’d enjoyed both cock and cunt. Gabby was no longer a virgin, she felt the guy between her legs, she felt his hands gripping her waist, as he pounded in and out of her wet slippery cunt.

After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 4

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-04-02

When the doorbell rang out Magee went to the door and seen that it was the pizza delivery man, she opened the door and when the guy saw her, he stuttered for a moment over the ticket, trying to see if he had the right address, and when she confirmed that he did, he managed to say how much the pizza cost without stuttering, which Magee then turned and stepped over to the coffee table, bent over and picked up the money, giving the guy a show just as Sandy Ann came out to join us for supper, wearing a pair of short shorts that showed off the lower half of her butt cheeks when she was standing, with a T-shirt on, and her belly showing out from under the T-shirt, showing that she was pregnant.

Indian Maid Service

first-time AsheelRajput 2018-04-02

After coming back from the gym I went straight to my room and called Eva. She came in my room, “Eva you need to wash all my gym clothes everyday as I only have a pair. I went to her and said, “As I had mentioned I take cleanliness very seriously so you need to wear good clothes when you are working for me. Eva was a bit shocked to see Nikita with her in the dressing room but she thought it might be common thing in malls and avoided any protest to blend in. As Nikita entered into the changing room for the final time she hugged Eva and said, “Dont worry you are looking fabulous.” She then grabbed Eva’s buttocks and gave them a squeeze, “these babies are awesome!”

Black cock school for girls

first-time musclecock 2018-04-02

With her eyes locked on the young stud's pecker, Marion Scott watched in stunned awe while Jamal quickly ripped off her daughter's panties before shoving her face first onto the large desk as he lined up his huge hammer with her now bulging little hair pie! "I feel so full, I just can't explain it!!!" Just when poor Marion thought she couldn't stand it another second Carla Elder offered, "Try this, Mrs. Scott, "it's an exact duplicate of Jamal's erect penis!" Marion turned her gaze to the headmistress only to find that she had handed her a huge black dildo that exactly replicated Jamal's monster pecker!

My First Threesomes

first-time yourextraguy 2018-04-02

All three of us sat in the back and I watched my girlfriend kiss another man for the first time. It took us a couple of hours to exhaust ourselves completely, but it was an experience that embedded the threesome in my sexual soul. As soon as they answered the call I knew they'd put me on speaker and she started sucking his cock while I told them how sexy it looked and how horny I was. After playing together online like that a few times they invited me round on Friday night. Having booked a room at a nearby hotel, I answered the door exactly on time with a nice bottle of wine in hand. She was soon stroking both our cocks through our trousers, alternately kissing me and her husband.

Studying with Sarah

first-time Jimmy45 2018-04-02

There on the bed lay Sarah, surrounded by stuffed animals and lying on her purple duvet, with one hand on her crotch, playing with herself, and the other on her breast, gently massaging. In all her beauty, a naked Sarah began to walk towards me, a few water droplets still clinging to her skin and freshly clean. And then, as though the situation was perfectly normal, Sarah sat down on a chair, crossed her legs, picked up my notes, and began to quiz me on our last history lesson. The feeling of her soft lips and hot, wet mouth on the length of my shaft was too much, and I began to come. The door was open, and I walked in to see Sarah in the shower, smiling and soapy.


first-time john1195 2018-04-02

"Brian." Scott said, smiling for the first time. "Maybe we don't have to do that." Scott said, stopping him with a hand "I mean, maybe we can take care of it right here." Scott said. "Let me find out if I like it or not." Scott said and his hand let go Brian goggled at Scott's hand on his crotch. "Can I find out with you, Brian?" Scott said, that face piercing bulge and Brian managed the first words he'd had since Scott had first Brian felt the bottom of his glans touch Scott's lower lip and "So do I." Scott said and sank his mouth over Brian's prick again. he thought of Suzette coming down that aisle and taking Scott's arm, and

In Bed With My Soulmate

first-time TitianaPeaks 2018-04-02

I watched him lay back, eyes closed in pleasure, his hands still on my hips, rocking with my movements. 'Fuck me baby, I'm about to cum!' I dug my hands into his chest and held on for the ride. He reached up to the back of my head, and drew me down for a deep kiss as his cum shot into me. He kissed me again, as I slid myself down the length of his body, to his half-hard cock. I sucked his balls, one at a time, until he was gasping for breath, then took his cock, to the base, into my throat. Body totally spent, emotions going crazy for what I felt for this man, I lay back down on the mattress exhausted, and appetite sated.

Old street walker and young student

first-time 2018-04-02

I was a student and it was a rainy day in edinburgh and i was walking around feeling horny and looking at the dirty mags in the bookshops when i saw this old woman begging near greyfriars church. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was, because she knelt down and took me into her mouth and wanked me as she sucked me off, moaning and reaching down to play with her cunt. her cunt was very smelly - dirty and horny and definitely unwashed - but i knelt down and stuck my face into it and sucked on her clit and felt her lips over my face.

sex with tition teacher

first-time manzila 2018-04-02

She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because it was me she was behaving so close and casual with me thinking I was a good mannered boy. She told even though she talked harsh to me when she found I was looking at her cleavage she felt sorry for me afterwards since she knew I am a good mannered boy and slowly she felt like helping me in sex. Telling this I just took her in my arms and kissed her so passionately which she never expected and I told to remove all of her guilty feelings for the last time we will have sex once again.

For obm_cd - Part 1

first-time Sensuality121 2018-04-02

About an halve an inch taller than me he could have been a buddy I have know my whole life, a guy I use to play rugby with, a stranger, but he wasn’t and that filled me with excitement.”Please come in” I said making some strange brushing gesture towards the room. I walked over to my drink, lifted it and knocked the remainder of my whisky back and with the other hand I wrapped my palm around his thick cock and said “I am really looking forward to tonight”. Whilst staring him in the eyes I cupped my fingertips under the base of his sack, running my hand up his stem and curling is my palm around his thick cock, I could almost feel the bl**d pulsing.

Introducing Susan

first-time 0131aj 2018-04-02

Marie knew the delights the girl's five foot three, slim body had in store for her because she had lusted after Susan for a couple of months now, watching her changing for gym, but had known she couldn't afford to make her move before now. You just took me by surprise." Susan didn't want to seem like she was the innocent young girl that she was but she couldn't take her eyes off Marie's gorgeous body. Susan caught her breath in surprise but, as her teacher swirled her tongue around her nipples once more, she aided in her own seduction by lifting her bottom off the bed, making it easier for the older woman to slide her school skirt down over her hips.

Virgin Departure

first-time R. Richard 2018-04-02

I studied hard enough that I won the kind of grades I needed for a scholarship and was all set to attend State University. In the course of time [actually quite a lot of time] Michelle finally works her way around to her area of concern. The need for that particular experience is why Michelle wants to drive me to State. I don't know how much pressure to use, but Michelle solves that little problem for me as she begins to gently buck her hips into my probing hand. I begin to feel the same tingling I felt when I climaxed before only this time Michelle beats me to it! Michelle finally says that the second time has been a lot better.

Fucking her teen Ass for the first time

first-time 2018-04-02

Oh sure, she’d let me finger her tight little ass a couple times. But she’d never let me fuck her ass. I grasped my cock tightly in my fist, and pushed it against her little hole. I rubbed my head of my cock around her tight little butt hole. Feeling my cock begin to slip inside her ass. Loving the feeling of her hot tight asshole. I’m going to fuck your tight little ass.” I slowly pulled back, letting my cock slid out of her. Her tight little ass feeling so good. My softening cock made a slight pop as it slid out of her tight asshole. That was the first time I fucked her ass. That was the first time I fucked her ass.

Student Rider

first-time pyroranger 2018-04-02

“The first way we use them is so that we can focus on one thing at a time.” She inserted her key into the ignition and started the engine when she further explained, “I’ll steer while you just accelerate, or brake so you get used to knowing how much f***e you need to apply to do either.” Susan released the parking brake and then put the Volvo into drive before continuing, “Then we’ll switch, and all you will do is steering.” She turned on her left turn single and finished, “After a while, we’ll put the two together for you.” “No, really; I’m serious.” After they stopped, Susan looked Brian in his eyes and continued, “So many other people would have taken the easy way, and done a lot of harm in the process just to get what they want. Susan started to close her bedroom door before she told him, “I’ll be right back.” Smiling, Brian modestly waved as he, once again, stood there by himself, looking around.

Pretending to be Straight - First time!

first-time incantation 2018-04-02

One guy in particular was very very cute, 20 year old University student, quite short, slim, pretty face with bright eyes; and he wanted to meet me, because he liked the idea of possibly being my "first guy", since I had told him that I had only ever been with girls and recently split up with my long-term girlfriend - but that I may consider trying it with a guy if it feels right. I felt somewhat awful for lying to him, but then I thought to myself that over the years I had slept with quite a few guys who really didn't want to know or care about my past, life, or even my name, so whether I tell them the truth or lies, it doesn't actually matter to them, they just want to fuck at the end of the day.

First time out as a girl!!

first-time Echoes90 2018-04-02

I just walk and run for few minutes each time I wanted to bend I couldn't do it and just thinking every body now watching me and I didn't want to anyone see me like that. After few times bending and playing with my self I just went and seat in car and told him I'm tired and want to go home. He told me to have a look at my self and grabbed my hair and with a bit f***e bend me and unzip his trousers , his big cock jumped out and he just put in in my mouth , Im shocked and just with open mouth following his hands movement.