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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My suprise threesome

first-time Rampant26 2018-04-02

I was thinking damn, I'm going to blow real soon if I dont take charge so once we got the bed I pushed Lady into position for me take a good lick of her pussy. Pert then somehow maneuvered her head underneath my cock and manage to lick and suck on my balls as I was fucking Lady. A few kisses, touches and another blow job later, Pert holds onto the end of the bed's railings and wants me to fuck her from behind. At this point i'm throbbing like hell and I take my cock into my own hands and they instinctively place their heads down on the bed side to side rubbing their pussys as I wank furiously over them.

Dance with Me

first-time __Lisa__ 2018-04-02

While his dad took the floor and entertained the crowd with stories from Sarah's past, Owen reached for my hand and slid his fingers between mine, apparently unconcerned with the fact that his girlfriend stood right there beside him. "I used to feel anxious over almost everything when I was younger," I said, looking up to meet Owen's eyes again. "I have to go but I'll talk to you later." Sarah punched Owen lightly on the arm then lifted her brows and sent me the look she always gave me whenever she meant business. I could look him in the eye and tell him exactly how I felt without the pressure of him knowing I was actually talking about him.

My Masters Wish - I wrote this for my master - who

first-time saz123456 2018-04-01

I had to admit that it was like she woke me up with that comment and I couldn't help it...I kissed her back, properly this hand cupped her face and lifted her mouth fully to lips met hers and it went from being something so alien and strange to something completely natural and passionate...her tongue pushed against mine and it became a full on French kiss...her hands moved up into my hair and mine into hers...oh god just remembering it now is making me so turned pussy aches!

Wait For It

first-time kayakkid 2018-04-01

Her friend Marian had told her that they liked having their cocks sucked, even though you didn't actually suck on them but rather made your mouth into a sucky pussy and let them fuck your mouth. Sometimes she told Marian little sex stories will she was rubbing her clit about boys they knew in school, telling her how big their cocks were and how it would feel to be fucked by them. Anne had liked the big dildo inside her and fantasized that she was being fucked by Michael Winter, a boy she liked at school while Marian fingered her with one hand and pushed and pulled the rubber dick with the other. Marian's hands gripped her own breasts squeezing them hard and her hips fucked Anne's fingers.

First time having black guy at my house

first-time ciitm 2018-04-01

He asked me what I wanted and I just blurted out to be bred and I wanted a black baby which drove him nuts and in seconds I felt his cock swell up in me and start feeling me up with his cum. Few minutes later Steve crawled in behind me and Mike got in front of me with his still hard cock that was covered in our cum. Each time Steve pushed his cock in me I went further down on Mike's and that drove Steve wild because in less than two minutes I felt him cumming up my back. After about 30 minutes of this he started asking me where I wanted him to cum and I kept telling him in me that I wanted to be bred and have a black baby.

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 02

first-time discutingperv1 2018-04-01

When we started going out she was so surprised at how good I treated her, introduced her to my friends and helped her pick out better clothes. As I looked at her feeling her nice little tits in my hand, I said, "Shelby, When did you?" Not wanting her to be left out I took off my shirt and she started to kiss my neck and shoulder. I started again at her lips, kissed my way down her chin, her jaw, her neck, shoulders and on to those wonderful orbs on her chest. I told her "Use your legs to hold yourself up and open your pussy lips with your hands, then ease down"

Got Full Marks In My Assignment

first-time 2018-04-01

Next day I went to collage & I went to my class a boy came to call me that the sir is asking me so I went in his office .he said “the show is at 2 o clock… let’s go” I went back to class I said to my friend that I am not feeling well am going home & went to talkies .he was already there waiting for me .I park my scooter in parking & went inside to the mall .It was A grade movie & he had book couple corner ticket So I went to bathroom to change my dress.

Farsans flickvän

first-time johas2 2018-04-01

Pappa och Louise lyckades ha sex när jag inte var hemma så jag kom aldrig på dom att göra "det". Det var Louise som sa att hon skulle gå och lägga sig. Hennes ben var lätt särade och jag kom med mitt ansikte bara några centimeter ifrån Louise fitta. Långsamt förde jag fingret ut och in och det tog bara en liten stund innan jag kände att Louise blev fuktig. Jag fantiserad om att sätta kuken mot hennes mun och runka men det skulle inte gå. Men just som jag skulle trycka in den kom Louise hand bak och hon tog tag i kuken. Jag gjorde så och dagen efter var jag orolig över hur hon skulle bete sig men det var som om det inte hade hänt något.


New Experiences

first-time Silini 2018-04-01

After a few glorious minutes of being face fucked, Cathal grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up, sensing that I liked it rough. He slowly started to move and I groaned in pure ecstasy at finally having a cock inside me again, we started to move quicker and more urgently, the sound of him pounding into me mixing with my moans, I could feel myself getting close already, which just shows how badly I wanted to be fucked. I run across the road, shouting goodbye to Cathal, and slide into the car, trying my best to keep my skirt close to my ass as to not get any cum on the seat because I was no longer wearing panties, my face flushed as i remembered Cathal tearing them off me.

The Powerful Black man

first-time Kim_J 2018-04-01

When it has began to take over small rural community's such as mine, It will only be a matter of time before Black men become knowingly as powerful as they are. These past 3 years, 3 out of 5 teens are sexually active with black guys. interracial pregnancy has increased 75% (with such a low rating years past, that is about 9 white women, known to bred black k**s) I love the power of a long black cock, but my small white body is hardly any match for them tall husky black men. i can't believe we have allowed this to happen, our town is now blackened, and we never saw it coming, yet us white women crave it daily.

Our first threesome

first-time carguy7 2018-04-01

His hands clutching your ass pulling your wet panties hard against his swollen cock, grinding and pushing until you let out loud moans into his open mouth. Holding each side of your face I slowly thrust my cock to the back of your throat while he wraps his mouth around your pussy. Holding your hips and sliding my cock inside you, I watch as you reach for him with your hand and begin passionately kissing. Pulling down on your shoulders I bury my cock inside you as the stranger continues to thrust his rod deep into your ass. Knowing he is about to cum I pull hard on your shoulders, slamming my cock into your pussy until I feel the orgasm begin to build.

Sitting With the Sitter

first-time 2018-04-01

“Hmm, seems like you are warmed up nicely!” I said then knelt on the edge of the bed and while one hand played with her pussy slit my mouth went right to her tits. I could feel that too familiar feeling in my groin so not wanting to blow my load too soon I pulled back to let my cock slip out of her mouth but she kept trying to suck it back in. I grabbed her and pulled her away and told her, “This time I won’t fucking cum in your mouth … I want your ass!” then flipped her over once more.

she made me watch..

first-time naughtydarksecret 2018-04-01

Sue grabbed a blokes hand and said come on lets go, then another bloke said what about me, you can come if you want is that OK Karl Sue asked, Yes its Ok. we entered a dim lit room and Sue started to strip down and the lads took their clothes off, Sue walked over to the large bed and sat on the end she looked at me and said sit here with me and watch. the 2 lads walked over with 2 swinging dicks hitting the thighs and i could not stop looking at them, Sue held one in her hand and started to wank it, the other lad stood on the bed and placed his bell end in her mouth, i sat back and watched their huge cocks grow, no wonder she likes coming here.


Emily Ch. 01

first-time MizzJizz 2018-04-01

I had pretty decent grades for a rebellious 16-year-old girl, but it was my boyfriend, Braden, who finally convinced me to quit school like he had done and clean his house while he was out drinking. Braden nodded excitedly and positioned his cock in front of my pussy then looked up at me. "Ooooooooh..." I moaned as I felt his thick, huge dick hit the back of my pussy for the first time. There I stood, in the shower with my 20-something year old boyfriend thrusting his rock hard prick into my pussy for the second time ever. Just promise me ya won't go braggin' to ya friends, we don't need da fuzz 'round here." Teeno said with a hearty laugh.

His story about the court house

first-time pornstartony 2018-04-01

You can’t take it and want to cum on my dick so grab another shirt and tie your ankles to the door handles, your pussy is spread as wide as it can go...I run circles around your clit a couple of times before easily gliding my dick inside you, I grab onto your tits as I fuck you nice and smooth, the car is shaking and people are starting to get suspicious, I can tell that your about to cum so I stop and shove two fingers right inside you to your g-spot, it’s so swollen up I rub it for a few seconds before you scream like no other and your squirt all over my face, your legs are shaking, you can barely breath as your whole body became orgasmic...we lay there for a few minutes, I’m finishing up cleaning all the juices before we have to go back in...

All the Way

first-time knabors 2018-04-01

She could feel his cock getting harder as he got close to orgasm. John's cock was just too enormous to fit in Nikki's cunt, and so they had to be satisfied with blowjobs and handjobs. As she stroked herself, John could feel his member growing harder and longer. Thoughts of what his cock would feel like inside her started to get her even more excited, and she started to moan and grind her hips. Finally, he reached back and gave one last hard thrust, pounding all 12 inches of his massive cock inside of her at last. Though she encountered many large cocks throughout college and after, Nikki never had another dick as enormous as John's again.

The girl from school

first-time 2018-04-01

This one time while I was up on a chair fixing a sign for the Christmas evening in the class room, she just reached out and put her hand in my pants in front of everybody. I felt embarassed and strangely aroused at the same time. I grabbed her hands just in time before everybody could see what was happening. In about five minutes I took her clothes off and started licking her small perky tits and my tongue slipped to her small pussy. We started doing the same move for five or so minutes but I couldn't hold it in me so I ejaculated all over her tits right after I pulled my dick out of her pussy.

My New Sex Life Ch. 01

first-time Marissa101 2018-04-01

Brian pulls me to him, and I marvel at the feel of my skin against his. He kisses me softly, and starts to kiss my neck, making me moan. "Spread those legs, I want to get a good look at that cunt of yours." he growls. He starts to stoke my swollen lips with has hand, making me moan. He leans in, and feeling his warm breath against my mound makes me moan again. Suddenly, I feel his tongue, going up and down my cunt, ravishing it like a starving man at a feast. He pushes two fingers into my tight cunt, and starts to slowly finger fuck me. "That's right, cum for me," he says, pumping into me like his life depends on me.

My First Girl - Part 3

first-time GothicLover 2018-04-01

I thread my arms though her waist and held her, like she held me in the shower, one hand groping a boob and the other, lifting her towel so i could get to her pussy. I was still finger fucking Sharon when I saw her dildo under her bed... I rubbed her dildo on my pussy to get it all juicy, I couldnt resist putting it in me a few times. Sharon started to shift her body in rhythm to me dildo fucking her, we were a little out of sync at times, but eventually we got it right.

Tingle's The Word!

first-time Frederick Carol 2018-04-01

“Now,” I said, “if you think you got turned on, how about me?” I took Lisa’s finger and put it between my legs, pushing it up into the entrance to my pussy and sliding it forward and over my clitoris, and free again. “I’m enjoying it, too,” said Lisa huskily, temporarily diverting her mouth from its work, then resuming her gentle suction as her hand moved down and stroked my thigh. This time I let one finger trail over Lisa’s pussy, moving from anus to apex the way Lisa had done to me, enjoying watching the expressions on what I could see of my friend’s face.

mother had to work late

first-time 2018-04-01

One afternoon many years ago, my mother had to work a few hours late at the hair salon, so what en her boyfriend arrived to pick her up at the usual time on his motorcycle, she told him to wait at our apartment where I was home doing my homework. He looked me in the eyes like he seriously meant business, and boldly asked "have you ever seen a guys thing before?" I felt nervous and didn't know what to say. Then he smiled at me and said "now I'm gonna teach you what guys like." He shoved his powerful cock back Into my mouth, leaned slightly further back on the couch and Grabbed my hand, pulling it down toward him.


first-time RoseBrn 2018-04-01

Just knowing he was exposed like that under his coat bothered me, still I didn't move and soon he was creeping my hand back over to touch it, I knew I didn't want to say no, so my resistance was weak as he placed my hand over his cock again and pressing my hand against his flesh, I touched it with my fingers. Finally I took hold of it and I liked the feel of it, warm yet so soft and rigid, and kind of just played with it and soon I felt his hot spunk spurt all over my wrist and hand.


Finger Fun

first-time LunarMelody 2018-04-01

Yet the female body is still fairly mysterious to me, since I've never taken the time to explore my own and, sadly, neither have most guys. I spent some time rubbing my breasts and stroking my nipples, and I felt them grown even harder beneath my touch. I rubbed my breasts and nipples with both hands, moaning slightly at the sensation. The lubrication made it easy, and I began to touch myself once more while rubbing my still-hard nipple with my other hand. I started rubbing the entire length of my pussy, groaning and bucking my hips. Ben has always tried to get me to masturbate, and he especially wants me to explore my own body before we have sex.

Educating Stan Part 1

first-time ondrae74 2018-04-01

Now let's see what we can get into next." Pulling his hand down to his cock, forcing him to hold of it, I began moving his hand up and down, making him stroke himself, I whispered huskily " Yeah baby, make it nice and hard for me." Sliding my panties off, I ran my fingers down thru my thick bush, dipping two of them into my slit as he stared at my pussy. I maneuvered my hand between my legs and massaged his ball sack with my finger tips, moaning out " Oh yeah baby, fuck that pussy good." That was all it took as I felt his dick swell and stiffen even more inside of me as he began to cum, flooding my cunt with warm streams of his thick semen.