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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Way It Should Be - Meeting at Last

first-time 2018-04-01

I move so that I’m on my knees with one leg between yours and my body lightly touching yours as I move slowly down from your lips, now kissing your neck, down your chest, sucking your nipples, biting just a little, causing you to squirm and moan as you move your hips trying so hard to rub your cock against my thigh. I lower my lips to yours, almost panting, moaning at the feeling of the head of your cock brushing back and forth over my swollen clit, and as you kiss me, putting your tongue in my mouth, the first wave of the most intense orgasm I have ever had washes over me, causing me to shake and scream in pleasure.

Courtin' Ain't Easy

first-time D-Cutter 2018-04-01

Usually David went to visit Deanna, and since she was living at home, the presence of her parents put the kibosh on any possibility of their getting carried away with each other. But this time Deanna had hopped the bus and surprised David for the fourth of July weekend, and they had been inseparable, spending a day at the water slides, getting together for a picnic with his extended family, and taking in the spectacular fireworks show earlier that evening. When David asked her to spend the day with him the following Saturday before he went home for Christmas break, she was so relieved that she hadn’t driven him away for good that she vowed to take their relationship to that next step.

Sun Has Mojo

first-time ZeypherValkyrie 2018-04-01

Sun was walking down the school hall heading towards her calculus class, she wore a black miniskirt a tight white shirt that showed off her flat stomach, and accented her chest. He was about 32 years old, he had a light caramel skin complexion that matched his mahogany eyes and short cropped black hair, his wonderful features made Sun's heart flutter and pussy dampen. As all the kids stared and ooohed and ahhhed Skylar said in a loud clear voice, "I'd appreciate if you moved away from my RV." The kids reluctantly dispersed and began to unpack their stuff. Stroking her hair Skylar said, "I think you will be getting an A in my class Miss Lee."

Wedding Day/Night

first-time JazzdBoutU2 2018-04-01

Aside from the obvious of sharing our sex with each other, my dreams included my beautiful new bride going into the bathroom, making me wait far too long as she primps and preens, dresses in sexy lingerie, applies the right amount of makeup and perfume before emerging and presenting herself to me so I can undo everything she just did. After she got the water running, she opened her suitcase and removed a frilly looking bag, looked at me, gave me a cute little "you're gonna love this" look, and disappeared into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She took my face in her hands, pulled me close to her, looked me in the eyes, kissed me with passion beyond description, and, with tears in her eyes, softly said, "Nicky, sweetie, please, be gentle.

fucking my aunt at village lake

first-time 2018-04-01

I have touched her several times before but this time it was a different feeling I put my hand in side her blouse and started applying the soap all over her back. My hand was touching her some part o the puffy boobs but she was comfortable in that position I can feel her ass moving on my cock and that gave me instant erection. She then put some soap on my erected cock also and smiled and said “Oh for this you are getting embarrassed, so you think you have grown up.” I was looking down now due to embracement.

The Train Journey – Part 2

first-time yachtmasteruk 2018-04-01

My fingers are under the elastic of her panties now and I slowly slide them over her thighs, sinking to my knees as I slide them down her legs, my tongue tracing patterns down her breast, over her belly and onto that soft mound, beautifully shaven, with lips already damp from the wetness of her pussy. Leaning over, I start to kiss her again, my fingers caressing her breasts and then on down her belly onto her pussy where they slide slowly along those soft wet lips. I let my lips travel down her neck and onto her breasts, taking each nipple in turn and sucking it into my mouth, my hand sliding down the smooth flesh of her belly until it feels the soft shaven skin on the mound above her pussy.

The business man part 2

first-time LisaTn 2018-04-01

cock was right in my face, which is where I love to be. his cock jerked and twitched in my warm mouth and I heard forward and back into my mouth, fucking my face, which is Bob kept fucking my mouth and after a few minutes abruptly jacked his cock and shot a good stream of hot delicious cum It was Bob and he said he had a great time, and was hard again, He was naked on the bed stroking his cock, and told me to suck it and I immediately got on the bed and He thrust his cock in and out of my mouth all the time like a good slut and took every drop of his cum.

The Education of Lisa Ch. 08

first-time Christian Black 2018-04-01

Then she pulled me aside later and said that she knew Isabel was a little flirt, but she didn't want me to lead her on." "Her Mom eventually saw what was going on and came out to yell at Isabel to come inside and put some clothes on," Will said. "It was Isabel's Mom. God knows how long she'd been standing there watching me huff her daughter's panties. "So, I turned to go and Isabel's Mom says: 'If you like my panties so much, why don't you take them home with you?'" Mrs. Stamper comes to the door and tells me what she wants me to do like any other day I worked there.

Loving Time

first-time lock696 2018-04-01

Then about 3 months ago I was allowed to place my hand inside her bra, and feel the warm soft firmness of her full breasts for the first time. Allowing me the pleasure of looking at her breasts for the first time, she allowed me to kiss them and suck her large nipples. That night, I’ll remember that night forever, I spent hours, though it seemed only a few minutes, caressing and licking her beautiful tits and kissing her soft mouth. That night for the first time she slid her hand inside my pants and held my hot hard cock in her bare hand. Then I kiss down her body, wanting to examine her, wanting to love her, wanting a look for the first time at her pussy.

Trading Pussy for Dick

first-time 425olds 2018-04-01

After a recent workout, I headed to the locker room for a quick shower as I was planning on hitting the bars on the way home to look for some pussy. With his fat pole filling my mouth, I couldn't answer, instead I gave the thumbs up sign as I reached down and wrapped my hand around my throbbing boner, knowing only a few strokes would make me erupt like a volcano. Here I was, naked, in the gym locker room, my face covered in salty manspunk, licking his asshole, totally submissive to this hard hunk of a stud, ashamed, and yet unable to control the slutty bottom whore that his big cock had unleashed.

First Time - with s****r Lisa

first-time london_lad 2018-04-01

She reached over and took my little cock into her hand and squeezed it gently again and again until it became hard. All the while Lisa was rubbing my boy chest and my soft, unmuscular legs. I was electrified when she took my little cock into her mouth and began to suck it gently. Later, when I was more awake, Lisa encouraged me to explore her body with my hand. Lisa had me kiss them and lick them, and then to nibble gently on the hard nubs on top. We did this many times that weekend and before it was over Lisa taught me to suck her where it gave her so much pleasure.

Caught After Class

first-time Programmer Cat 2018-04-01

Turning to the ginger tabby sunning itself on the kitchen counter, she said, "Hey, Tabasco, I wonder what Matthew would think if he found me naked in his bed?" The cat purred in response, stretching out his forepaws, and Catherine smiled: "My thoughts exactly." She had kissed his mouth just once, on New Year's Eve. It was but a brief brush of lips beneath a sprig of mistletoe, but Catherine wanted to feel Matthew's full coral lips on hers before they set out to explore her body. Since I was thirteen, actually," Catherine said, her voice soft, as she pressed her lips to his and slipped a hand into his hair.

A Submissive little boy

first-time alexkoko 2018-04-01

The one the man had walked in still didn't have the door shut yet, which I wondered about, but the two after his booth looked to be a little bit bigger and I wanted to check them out so I stepped off down the hall past his booth. I knew at that moment that any chance of me becoming a real man had passed as he moved his right hand to my head as well and pulled my lips ever slowly to his cock. The man jerking to the television, the girl sucking a cock with a devilish knowing look in her eye, even Bollman saying "have fun." The boy on his knees was me

Lucky Afternoon Part 5

first-time rcpeters 2018-04-01

Much to my pleasure, Nikki's mother invited me to follow them home and have a cold beer. She pulled me up and we kissed several times and then she got on her knees and took me into her mouth. She whispered, "Do you want to fuck me Honey?" I told her, "I want to fuck you, suck you and everything else we can think of!" She again whispered, "How long has it been since you have cum?" I told her that it had been the last time we were together and she said she wanted me in her mouth. She pulled her lovely cock out so just the head of it was in my hungry mouth and began to jerk off.

My Cowboy

first-time 2018-04-01

We sit and wait for our waiter, making inconsequential conversation, barely glancing at one another, so I was surprised when he reaches for my hand and strokes my palm the way he did when we were madly in love with one another. Holding my breath I anxiously wait for it's release, moaning once again when I feel his hand in my panties playing with the hair on my mound. I am filled with a wanton desire and before I know what I am doing I pull down his boxers and for the first time in my life I am holding a cock in my hand.

The girl from English class

first-time slapnuts69 2018-04-01

When I filled her in on Julie and she told me that any girl that spent that much time on my arm must like me. She took to rubbing my arm and finally she started massaging my neck. After I sat back down and Mrs. Acres had gone over my sentence and told me where I went wrong Julie wrote me a note in her notebook. As we walked out of class Julie asked me to come over to her neighbors house with her for a party on Friday. Julie led me to a love seat and we started to suck face. We started making out again and then Julie took off her top and her bra.

The History of Kim, Part 17

first-time sandlicker 2018-04-01

In honor of our wedding day, Kim and I made the first trip, with EVERYONE coming along to observe our first time as man and wife. Kim had also said that they had watched each other masturbate when they watched, so she had seen Houng cum several times, and knew what Lien would have inside her at the finish. She wasn't shy around Houng as they had grown up seeing each other naked, and, tonight, for the first time, he had seen Kim getting fucked. Houng had been away when Kim went to get her papers at home, and they hadn't seen each other since she ran away. Kim had gone inside to get us more beers, and when she had put them down, leaned over and kissed Houng on the cheek.

Older Women Pt 2

first-time j-birds 2018-04-01

Jean looked up at me and said “I want you to do me now” and laid back on the bed and raised her legs up, bent her knees to expose her bare wet and dripping pussy. “AAAAAHHHH” Jean moaned “Don’t stop, suck my clit harder!!” I obliged as Jean’s hands grabbed my head pulling it into crotch and at the same time pushing her hips upward and screamed “ I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!!!!” Her body shuttered and I reached down to her asshole and scooped up some of her pussy juice and pushed my finger up her asshole. As her orgasm subsided, I got up off my knees, my cock was stiffer that what I ever knew and I looked down at Jean and said.

Taking the Lead

first-time piedpiper59 2018-04-01

I took my time and hoped that she wanted me to continue. For I knew that she was as nervous as I was and I wanted her to have fond memories of her first time. Looking down at her small, firm breasts made me wander about my own body. I poised over her for a long time before I realized that I needed to retrieve the condom. She leaned in, kissing me softly and rubbing her pointed tits on my chest. Just go slow," she told me as she began to gently roll her hips forward. I knew what that feeling meant and wanted to prolong the end as much as possible. My orgasm began in my guts and flowed like a river through my body.

The Hostage Chapter One

first-time john1195 2018-04-01

small population of the town was just awakening when Trevor and Ahmed got "Rot in hell," Trevor said, and he turned his head from Martin's. Trevor realized that he hadn't really looked carefully at Martin since he Trevor could see Martin's black pubic hair through a small gap in "There are two things that are a must," Trevor informed Martin. they got behind the rocks, Trevor saw a beautiful mountain stream running Martin just smiled, and he walked behind Trevor. Trevor got stiff again and leaned back into Martin, who Unable to restrain himself, Trevor was able to grab Martin's cock with his what you are doing." But Martin did stop, leaving Trevor with a severe

The Coming of Age Ceremony

first-time TheHiddenPen 2018-04-01

She was a very attractive girl who looked to be around Jess' age, and to Jess' relief was wrapped in the tribe's traditional robes, not naked like her older peers. During a short break, Sigma explained to Jess that dancing was a very important part of tribal life, and that traditionally this part of the ceremony was designed to help participants test potential partner's dancing ability, to help them make their final decision as to why they wished to spend the rest of their life with. Given that those who had not come of age yet would never be naked in public within the village however, nobody had any idea as to whether Chi's penis really was as impressively sized as was believed, and Jess thought it rather farfetched.


first-time shyguy31280 2018-04-01

She finally showed up, saying,"If you're not the asshole you acted like the other day, I'd like to make you lunch before you leave Friday. I knew I wouldn't last long once I finally got my cock in those perfect lips, so I wanted to make sure that she wouldn't forget me. It seemed like an eternity watching her lower those perfect lips onto my cock. We rocked liek that for what seemed like an age before finally my balls started to tighten. I can feel it cumming!" Immediately, her own body started convulsing and I felt her juices run down my balls. In a surprise move (again!), Amy licked the leftover cum off and immediately reached for another condom.

My Friend's Dad

first-time fotisampini 2018-04-01

The real reason was that I had spotted the hard on that Paul had gotten I got real horny and started to fantasize about Paul. talking to Carla I knew that he hadn't started looking at women yet. After a little bit the party started to break into two groups. bit and looked at me and asked "Are you sure you want this to continue, managed to massage me to orgasm before, but Paul's sure touch made what I guess I started to scream, but Paul was then A little while later I woke up with Paul already in me, thrusting away weeks later Carla told me that her dad had started going out again, with A year later they told Carla that they were

Loving Mrs. Scarlett

first-time crichtondog 2018-04-01

Bite your lip and be confident that I am only trying to teach you about the ways of life and love. I set the apples on the kitchen counter and slowly entered Scarlett's darkened bedroom where she lay there all pretty and perfect, so delicious I could eat her sweet pussy with a spoon! I gulped, "Why, yes, Mrs. Scarlett, I did like that dress very much indeed, and you are absolutely stunning today, if I may say so myself. Never in my entire life has anything felt so good, lying there, still pulsing inside of Scarlett's body and happily nestled between her breasts and wishing that this moment would never end. "I've fallen in love with you, Mrs. Scarlett, and want you for my wife. I love you, Mrs. Scarlett Travis