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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

the blow job

first-time mpp0381 2018-04-01

she stopped to say 'I want to feel your cock throbbing cum in my mouth" I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed down but push my hand back so I let her do the work.I held on for as long time and she put her hand on my stomach and the site and feel of that made me start to cum she moaned and that was it I feel a thick rope of cum going into her mouth and swallow that one but I was still cuming in her mouth so she kept going and swallow most of my come I seen some trickle down my cock shaft but she was persistent sucked into here mouth and swallow it.


first-time 2018-04-01

The voice of experience – how much I didn't know – Cookie was laying on her right side, her left leg pulled up and her fingers toying with her recently-fucked pussy as she watched me deflower her friend. I looked up to see Candy, spread out on the table top, with Cookie sitting between her legs, her mouth attached to her young friend's pussy like a pilot fish on the side of a shark. Looking up past Angie's writhing body, I had a perfect view of Cookie's tight little ass with her friend's tongue buried deep between the almost hairless lips of her pussy. Even as Angie lay panting before me and Cookie and Candy climbed down from the table, I stood between Angie's limp legs, aiming my cock at her dripping, hairless pussy.

What some men will do for pussy.

first-time ilyporn0 2018-04-01

Like most teenage guys he wanted to go again soon, he kissed me, and started feelin my tits, then my pussy, trying to get me to let his cock in me. I wasnt letting him, I said for a blowjob, you get a finger, for pussy, you get a real hard, throbbing, cock inside you, to shoot its load in your ass. Remember, nothing you do here will leave this room." He rolled over onto his back, and yelled "FUCK ME HARDER, I WANT IT!" My b*****r quickened his pace, slamming him so hard, it was making them both bounce on the bed a little bit, and the boy tilted his head back and began moaning.

Nurse's Aide

first-time WHEELLOVE 2018-04-01

I'm holding back my orgasm, I start saying; oh god Ally, oh yes oh yes squeeze my balls & suck me faster. She stood licking her lips saying boy you taste great now her pussy was so wet, her juices were dripping on my leg she puts a dab on her finger & lets me lick it. This put Ally over the edge, she started screaming, OH YES OH YES MIKE KEEP SUCKING I'M GOING TO CUM! We rolled so we faced each other, we were kissing, and rubbing each other's chest & Ally's hand slid down my body then started rubbing her hand in my pubic hair and grabbed my manhood. Ally said, yes & hopefully even after this weekend we'll continue to have great times too.

Pilar's first gangbang.

first-time rogue-1966 2018-04-01

Mr bi, sitting on the floor sucking mr black, Pilar's doggie, face deep in his chocolate ass, she is reaching between his legs jerking off Mr bi cock and now Mr big is fucking Pilar hard now. Mr big stands over Pilar's head and she grabs his hips and pulls her face into his ass and starts eating his ass out while he stares at her pussy stroking his cock. I grab the camera and zoom in on Pilars ass, Mr black straddles Mr bigs legs, holding the base of his cock, I hand him lube but he say he doesn't need any.

Are You A Cop? If So, Would You Tell?

first-time eroticjuggalo 2018-04-01

On December 26th 2007, My best friend and I had decided to go strip club hopping. The place was so cheap, that the dancers had to put quarters into a juke box to get songs to dance to rather then a DJ spinning the music. I sat there with my best friend, just watching the girls dance back and forth and coming around to collect their dollars. Him and I waited for what seemed like an hour or so, and every time the black girl came to me she'd keep saying. My best friend told me that he'd be out in the truck waiting for me. My best friend and I hit up another strip club before going home, but sadly, nothing happened at that one.

My first sexual encounter

first-time 2018-04-01

I watched with facination as Tricia started to slide her finger between her labia and eventually sliding her middle finger in and out of her vagina. Tricia pulled my fingers away and started to caress my slippery slit. Tricia told me to start rubbing my clit with my fingers, the whole time I was thinking about how she was using the same finger in me that she used in herself - it was so exciting. When I asked Tricia how she felt she said she was frustrated. Patricia and I still had sex together our last year in school although less frequently but she ended up getting a serious boyfriend which ate up a lot of her time.

My Dirty Little Boy Gets Pegged

first-time 425olds 2018-04-01

"I know," my wife Casey said softly as her hands caressed my naked body beneath the covers of our king sized bed. I opened my mouth wide and Casey slid her long latex cock into my mouth. "You look good with my cock in your mouth Piggy," Casey mused as her hips started to jog slowly fore and aft. Casey pushed me off her latex cock and ordered me to turn around with my ass in the air. "Good piggy," Casey said as she eased her long thick latex cock into my virgin ass. "I wasn't k**ding about selling your body in the meat packing district you know," Casey said as she slapped my ass hard.

Plain Porn

first-time Wetcrow3000 2018-04-01

It started when a friend Amber came over. It felt so good. I started to moan. She started pulling down her pants revealing her sexy long legs. She sat on me with her hairy clit hanging out. I licked her outside then inside. She started to lick my pussy. She humped my face. Then I decided I was done with her and I wanted to her to lick me. She came closer and practicly attacked my clit. She went wild going further and further into my pussy. She licked up every last drop. We humped eachother licked eachoters tits after that. We put on our clothes then went to sl**p and decided to meet at my house again later.

Storm of Love

first-time kevklein 2018-04-01

Skye went rigid at his bold assault, but Storm went on teasing, coaxing, playing, exploring, showing her that he found her mouth special. Skye inhaled a sharp breath as her fingers closed around his hardness, feeling him pulse and leap at her touch. His hands left her breasts and tangled in her hair, holding her head as his lips kiss the underside of her throat before moving over her jaw to her cheekbone. Skye burned where his lips pressed, but she went rigid when his hands gently held her legs apart, exposing her to his touch. "I won't hurt you." Then he set his lips on her soft flesh, kissing her feminine center, making Skye gasp. intend to do more?" Skye asked, wanting him to continue.

Spied upon

first-time 2018-03-31

And lay down to take her wet hole into my mouth, folding my lips around her hard little clit, then pushing my tong into her hole and closed my moth over her completely Karen had taken my hard cock into her mouth and started to wank it with her teeth and wet lips, but as she did I could hear her moaning and a muffled scream but she could not let go as she had a mouthful… Again she shuddered and filled my moth with her cum and tightened her legs around my head, letting go of my cock much to my relief she grabbed my head and pushed it further into her cum filled wet pussy.

Selected for Sport Ch. 07

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-03-31

He held her gaze as his calloused hand slid gently over her cheek, thumb brushing away the moisture trembling at the corner of her eye, lingering to stroke soothingly over her delicate cheekbone, a warm touch of calm. She took in a deep breath, eyes still closed, starkly reminded of that contrast as even while his thumb continued to stroke the cheek he held cupped in one hand, the other pushed inexorably between her clenched knees and twisted, forcing them apart. The pulse in her neck was throbbing in time to the stroke of her hands, the deep tremble within her belly tightening again as his fingers in her hair guided her lips to run gently against the moist tip facing her.

Little Miss No-Bod

first-time barnabus 2018-03-31

She appeared almost waif-like with green Bambi eyes wide in a pale white face crowned with long, luxurious, rebellious waves of hair and a single ruby red earring in one ear. She reached up with her hand and pulled my very erect member to the side so she could continue talking, turning her head to the side to give me a purposefully sideward glance and again flashing that fabulous smile out of the side of her green eyes. She devoured me so rapidly, it almost took my breath away as I simultaneously felt two waves of pleasure: 1) the chattering stopped, and, 2) a wonderful warmth surrounded my member as she began sucking me with a vengeance!

Are You a Virgin?

first-time Ashson 2018-03-31

Helen gasped but didn't try to move away from my touch, standing there feeling my hand resting lightly on her pussy. Helen gasped when I started sucking gently on her breasts, and her delight at the familiar made her temporarily overlook the fact that my hand had gone back downstairs. You won't lie there like a log, but when I do this," I gave a gentle push, "you should use your hips to meet me, and when I do this," I slowly started to withdraw, "you can let me go or you can hang on and get a better friction inside you." All my playing with her, especially the teasing of her clitoris, meant that Helen had a head start when it came to reaching an orgasm.

The Perfect Gift Under The Tree!

first-time mnmh82 2018-03-31

When I was a k** I used to love to lay on my back under the Christmas tree and look up in to it. OK, it sounds cheesy but all I could think is this is the most amazing gift I’ve ever had under my tree, lol. With my arms inside your shirt I slide it off over your head and outstretched arms. I was moving slowly, kissing and licking your upper body as the shirt worked its way over your arms. Then I laid down on the floor moving my face between your legs. Whether this was real or fantasy it was still an amazing gift left for me under the tree wrapped in my thoughts of you.

Watching the Spanish Sun

first-time Pitbullricky 2018-03-31

Anne was feeling very relaxed and a bit horny so she moved one hand out and released her bikini top and let it fall to the sand and she looked over her shoulder to Richard and saw him shocked. "I didn't." they both laughed lightly and kissed again this time softer and slower in small breaks in between Anne felt like every ounce of her body wanted Richard. It felt like a slice of heaven had been given to her when Richard's tongue first touched the bottom of her slit, he moved slowly up being careful to avoid her clit instead sending her wild with anticipation for when he would touch her erect clit he carried on up and down and the penetrated a bit of his tongue as Anne moaned for more.

It's Better with Love

first-time meg1 2018-03-31

"Matt, there is something I have to tell you." Sophie was afraid to tell him because she didn't want him to change his mind and leave, on the other hand, she did know how sex was done, and she knew that he had a right to know before they went any farther. "Well, something as big as losing your virginity, you would have told Matt, and he would have told me, so I guess since he never told me you had, then I knew you hadn't ever had sex." Matt felt a little smile as he watched her blow out a huge sigh and roll her eyes. Geez, isn't anything private?" Sophie started to roll over and away from Matt, but his hand on her hip stopped her.

Covet Thy Neighbor's Son Ch. 03

first-time Jaymal 2018-03-31

Brandon's cock pressed like a rising drawbridge to the crack of Janice's plump ass, as he carried her down the hallway. "I'll blow your mind, Mrs fucking Cooper, you watch me." As he ascended the staircase with his hot naked bitch, damn-near half the blood in his body pumped to his cock, swelling it hard against the cushion of her cheeks. "Like what you see, big boy?" Janice pushed back, ass lifting seductively, thighs spread, pussy lips opening like a blossoming flower. "Ohhh God, Janice, ohhh fuck!" The jamming of his hips against her ass turned involuntary as his balls clenched tight and emptied, firing a huge hard load deep inside Mr Cooper's hot wife.

The Unplanned Vegas Gangbang

first-time MIKEBBCBULL 2018-03-31

I sat back down at a nearby slot machine and I texted the couple that they needed to come down and get me. I entered the room to see the couple sitting on one of the beds and four other guys sitting in chairs. The husband got off the bed and asked the guy sitting next to me if he could see him in the hallway. The husband said, "Hey guys, thanks for coming. Finally, one of the guys just got up and went over to the wife and started taking of her sweater. When I got up, the first guy switched places with me and started fucking the wife missionary. At the same time, the first guys head was close to my cock.

Girl Asks Friend to take Virginity

first-time nikkilamkins1738 2018-03-31

I looked back to see if Beth was watching us fuck, and sure enough, she was standing half way into the room, her hand down her short school uniform skirt. Beth then began to work her way down Alexandra's body, stopping to suck on each of her tiny nipples. I played in and around her sweet pussy, hearing her moans coming from inside Alexandra's tight cunt. Beth moved toward Alexandra, lied down in front of her, and began playing with her own pussy. "Let's make a deal," Alexandra said, "We do this first, and then we will both suck your cock until you spew all over us. Alexandra took he mouth off of my cock and Beth stopped sucking on my balls.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 02

first-time jallen944 2018-03-31

Instead, Ethan kissed Carrie good night and laid out on the couch under some heavy quilts for a very comfortable sleep, although he was not the least bit tired. He luxuriated in the feel of Carrie's warm, wet, inviting mouth around the end of his cock like it was a deep massage or a warm bath after a hard workout. Ethan curled his right arm around Carrie's left thigh to lift her up a little and held his cock in his left hand. Carrie held the refrigerator door tightly while Ethan inserted the swollen head of his cock between the moist, tender lips of her pussy. Ethan's left hand came up and squeezed Carrie's right breast.

kate 3

first-time sissychris 2018-03-31

Chris she called , I turned she got up off the bed came over a kissed me on the cheek , thanks she said We had dinner dad said he was away for a week in Italy, he was a long distance driver, and he was going to bed for a early start and asked me to walk the dog Well me and Paul started wanking each day by ourselves to see who could cum first, his b*****r had told him just keep going past the point of the nice feeling we got when we did it normally, Her hips started to move down my shaft again, when I exploded, I cum , she lifted off me and stood looking at me, I grabbed my cock to finish myself off,

The Oakwood Academy: Rachel

first-time BigMeanie 2018-03-31

If you're willing to spend some extra time to lend some assistance, I think I can find some time, too." I knew Ms. Rose would want to help me educate this innocent young girl in the ways of sex, but wanted Rachel to think that we'd both be going out of our way for her. Giving Rachel's breasts a squeeze while pretending to help her with her bra, she told her, "If you have some time today after classes, I can help you with pussy eating and maybe get you started on stretching yourself so you can take Mr. Dickers' cock sometime in the not too distant future.

First time in her home, her bedroom & her bed.

first-time n2oral 2018-03-31

I made the acquaintance of Socks, her 65 lb boxer, and Killer, her 4.5 lb terrier, and Guido, her bearded dragon lizard (Jesse, the female lizard, had just died and she buried her that morning.) She showed me through the house she shares with her daughter, and we kissed a few times enough to make me hard. She said that she felt herself oozing cum all day and her bed that night smelled like me and sex - she called the mussed sheets "our work of art...."