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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time bustylover 2018-03-31

I braced myself as she began to squeeze and pump my cock harder and faster, just as the guy pulled back and pointed his dick at Holly's big tits. As it began to drip from her hard pink nipple I groaned and shot a second stream of cum, larger than the first, that completely soaked her entire left breast. She gasped as she looked in the mirror in time to see me point my dick at her chest and shoot a gout of cum directly at one of her nipples. Amanda's eyes widened and her mouth opened wide at the sight and sound of my cum hitting the glass, She squealed as I turned my hose back onto her tits, shooting four more streams of cum across her chest.

The Girl I Snaked

first-time Longstretch 2018-03-31

Since even in spring New Hampshire can be chilly at night, I went back to my room and got my blankets and two windbreakers. I love you.' We took my bag in his room and I thought, 'I am going to make love for the first time right here, tonight.' She was starting to push against my face with her hips, so I slipped beside her and brought my finger in to play with her clit. "Your hair is so long, Carol, so soft, it smells so sweet," I said, and balled it up and buried my face in it. We had to make a run for it when two guys came into the bathroom and saw Carol in my bathrobe with her hair in a towel.

My Teenager Virgin Neigbhor

first-time 2018-03-31

She had been grown completely in body now she had big juicy boobs and any one could do even murder to drink their juice Pooja was a modern girl from inside she wanted to live her life freely like others she also wanted to enjoy her youth and college life with friends but she could not I push once more and my full dick was inside and I remained calm for moment coz she was screaming loudly and her tears also came out but she didn't complain after some time she got relaxed and I started my strokes and increased speed slowly now she was also moving her ass from the down.

Mutual Sex Education

first-time ainu 2018-03-31

In no time the four younger kids come running down noisily, paired as DiDi and I are, boy and girl. "Uh, sure DiDi, whatever you want." She steps close to me again and puts her hand on the side of my cock and sort of strokes it a little, then wraps her fingers around it. She looks at me and grins real big but keeps her hand moving. "DiDi, you are the best looking girl I've ever seen, you have a perfect body," I tell her as I half lay on her and kiss her. As we kiss, I start moving my hands over her body, ending up at her breast.

first time

first-time 2018-03-31

I lead you back so you can sit on the bed in doing so your face is eye level with my breast, you release one of them from confinement and gently lean in to kiss it, my nipple instantly becomes erect wanting more of your touch. I move my way back down your body so I can see your man hood stood proud wanting, demanding my attention, I lean in gently and kiss the very tip and hear you take a sharp intake of breath, every bit of you is feeling so sensitive right now and the slightest touch makes you twitch with pleasure.

First Time with Maria

first-time lovesickfool 2018-03-31

"Hi Dan," said Maria planting a kiss on my cheek. We'll grab something to eat and talk for a while," said Maria pushing away from me as soon as she saw my boss coming out of his office. "Well to be honest I just kept on thinking of you all the time Dan," she said looking in to my eyes. She felt my knee shaking and gently smiled at me kissing my lips softly. She traced her tongue around my lips gently and slowly inserted it inside my mouth. I started kissing her neck and inserted my hand inside her top and felt her right boob. I kissed her hard and used my hands on her ass to push her body closer to mine.

STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease

first-time BadEducation 2018-03-31

A sexually transmitted disease (STD), also known as a sexually transmitted infection (STI), or venereal disease (VD), is an illness that has a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of human sexual behavior, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. The most effective way to prevent sexual transmission of STIs is to avoid contact of body parts or fluids which can lead to transfer with an infected partner. An infected fluid to broken skin borne direct transmission of HIV would not be considered "sexually transmitted", but can still theoretically occur during sexual contact, this can be avoided simply by not engaging in sexual contact when having open bleeding wounds. Other STDs, even viral infections, can be prevented with the use of latex condoms as a barrier.

Skinny Dipper Ch. 02

first-time Ashson 2018-03-31

I said that I'm going to do is touch your breasts and kiss your nipples. I reached out and gently pushed her arm down away from her breasts, letting her see my appreciation. "Ah, so this is OK," I said with satisfaction, head bending to catch a breast, completely forgetting to remove my hand. I started stroking her breasts, hand crossing from one to the other and back again, rubbing them firmly, rolling her nipples around in my palm. "Listen, I'm not sure I want to do this," she muttered, giving me nervous little looks. It was fun holding myself back that little bit while continuing to build Annette's arousal, feeling the passion rising within her.

My First Ex Sex

first-time blu3rthanu 2018-03-31

I pushed forward, this made her lay down as we kissed... Her words assured me she knew I was asking her to have sex with me... I pulled her bra down and sucked her nipples... She played with my balls a lil as she sucked me with her head going up and down... A good 3 or 5 minutes later, as her tongue ran around my hard cock... I kissed her and rubbed her breast for a while to let the pain settle... Her tight pussy felt like it was swallowing my dick... My dick was a lil bit hard so before I started to put my clothes on she rubbed my cock and made me lay down...

Younger s****r sits on his cock

first-time jacobjancsurak 2018-03-31

The intensity of their brief encounter spoke directly to my cock, which began to thicken as the man pulled her firmly into a kiss, holding her ass in his hands. Mary's right hand began to move, brushing the curve of her breast as she trailed it down the length of her torso, very slowly, so as to avoid the parents noticing. "I know dad, I don't do it on purpose I..." Mary's hand was back on my cock, I had only a second's warning, when she pulled aside the lace of her underwear, before the hot, slick tightness of her pussy slid over me. Mary continued to twitch for a good five minutes as we sat there in silence, and my cock began to soften within her.

First Step

first-time Thizbee 2018-03-31

The night before Kartha had asked Simon if he wanted to spend the night since it was late, and she was a little too tipsy and tired from all that dancing to drive him home. Then there's this intense heat that spreads out, down my legs, and my feet feel like they're touching hot coals. Her hips began to rock back and forth moving that warm-wonderful-wet-place against her hand. The sounds of Kartha's breathy moans filled the otherwise silent room, as Simon's orgasm came to take him away. The veil of the orgasm overcame her as she felt the fuse ignite, the heat moving down her legs, the hot coals touching her feet.

Lessons from Sadie Ch. 05

first-time Rex Siter 2018-03-31

She felt the bed rock a little, Mike and Craig had moved and she glanced down to see a black hand on her right breast and felt a rough slightly painful squeeze on her left. Then Mike's head moved and his lips and tongue began to trail down over her belly, while his fingers gently stroked along the inside of her spread thighs. "Mm, feels like you're interested." Mike said, and his fingers moved faster, probing through the folded lips until one finger tip rested on some part of her that had her gasping with shock, she felt muscular contractions in her lower body that she had never known. "Like to try this one now, Sadie," a deep voice beside her asked, and sitting up she found the long black erection of Jaz near her face.

Judy: Prom Night

first-time caprine 2018-03-31

Well, the summer my boobs finally matured, saw the boy across the street (David) finally notice; I had become one of 'them,' a girl and I was no longer his tomboy pal of long standing. Finally, at the stroke of twelve and after a long night of erotic dancing, visiting with other couples, and getting each other very sexually excited, it was back into the limo. Not wanting our exotic night to end, David and I plus one other couple agreed to meet with Jim and his date at the cabin of Jim's dad. We got out of the car and David just let his erect cock continue to breathe in the fresh air and lead the way into the cabin.

Fair is Fair

first-time hunglo567 2018-03-31

I was a little disappointed because I had been enjoying the feeling of Amy's soft young body pressed up against mine as we danced and we had just incorporated some kissing into our dance routines. I'm not sure if my efforts worked but suddenly after a particularly slow song that included sever long kisses Amy decided that was enough dancing and that she was going to take a shower. As I continued to explore and tease her sweet young pussy with my tongue I felt her grab my still hard dick and slowly begin to stroke it like she had before, then I felt the most amazing thing that I had ever felt, a hot wetness engulfed the head of my dick as she stroked the length of my shaft.

Anger management

first-time Drsmiley82 2018-03-31

Immediately the anger took over and I stood up to punch the guy, but just then, the strangest thing happened. Now anytime you become angry instead of getting violent you will immediately start to suck cock instead. I will call everyone on your list and tell them of this so that when they anger you, they will know you are going to suck there cocks. Guys at bars would hit on my girlfriend and immediately whip out there dicks and I had no choice but to suck them until they came either down my throat or all over my face. Any time I felt at all angry or scared I dropped to my knees with mouth open for more cock and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

Wife's Idea

first-time 425olds 2018-03-31

We went to a dance club for some drinks and it wasn't long before many of the men inside were eyeing Pam. She gave them her famous 'fuck me' look and a few came by the table and asked graciously if they might dance with my wife. Jordan knelt by Pam's head and seconds later it disappeared between my wife's lips as Mike positioned himself between her spread legs, feasting on her lovely, sweet pussy. I could feel Pam's eyes watching as I sucked Jordan's hard cock right up to his balls. As I continued to suck Jordan's cock, Pam removed herself from Mike's and gently put her hands on my waist and turned me around.

A Fun Saturday Night

first-time fail1080 2018-03-31

I end up joking that Im just going to drive with my dick out. So I end up pulling my pants off threatening to jerk off with them there. Scarlet ends up telling me to start jerking off, and I did. Despite them messing with me while Im jerking off by making whatever weird noise they could, but after a while, both Scarlet and Tessa started moaning and making sexual noises. Immediately I got a hard on again and I started driving. I started telling her to "Stop", but Tessa then said; "Dont you mean dont stop?" and I couldnt do anything but embrace it. I ended up just pulling my dick out and she just started jerking me off.

Nikki's First

first-time SuperNikki 2018-03-31

"Hey," he said suddenly "I have the new Xbox at my place if you wanna come try it." I thought back to our evenings of video games and how I desperately wanted to fuck him but was too shy to make any moves. Once we got on them, he took a long appreciative look at me and declared "You sure filled out in all the right places." He put his hand on my hip and let it slide across my ass. Raymond groaned softly and said, "come on baby, I know you can take more than that..." I smiled around his massive cock and slowly took more of him into my mouth.

New Beginnings how it started

first-time JeanDauvere 2018-03-31

The girls said that the glory hole was in the local clothing store between the ladies and the gents changing rooms, and I persuaded Eric that we should visit. The cock grew to full length and hardness,it was so firm and I could now feel it throb on my tongue as I slid it into my mouth, sucking gently and swallowing it down further and further. Sliding my lips along the length whilst I rolled my tongue up and down the bottom of his glans, I actually lost account of time and where I was before the touching of my fingers took effect and I started to orgasm myself, soft and warm at first then a rolling wave overcame me, when he shot his come into my mouth.

Aunt Charlene

first-time biiigboy37 2018-03-31

My head was still spinning and I knew that I should try and make it to my own room but I didn't make it past the door before I felt like I was going to pass out again so I just laid down beside Charlene in her bed. He pubic hair was coarse and bristly to my touch and I stroked it gently with just my index finger, back and forth at first then my fingers began to search deeper into her fold and my middle finger slipped into a sudden wetness between the folds in her skin. She was stroking my hair and kissing me softly and then her hand moved slowly, back and forth over my chest, down to my belly button and finally to my waist band.

Blackmailed fiancee 3

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-03-31

The next day after Leon fucked me for the second time my fiancee called and said he was on his way home and that he wasnt going to leave town again until after the wedding,this was a surprise and relief to me that way I wouldnt have to be alone with Leon again. That afternoon my fiancee came over to see me before he went to the house to work I was very scared that he may sense that something was wrong because im not good at hiding things,there was a part of me that wanted to tell him but I knew he wouldnt understand and was afraid he would call off the wedding and that would cause embarrassment to everyone so I decided to keep quite.

time for a change - part 2

first-time red_kate 2018-03-31

i opened my mouth and closed my lips around it´s thickness and slid them down his shaft until i felt the tip touch the back of my throat. i forgot that others had said that dogs don´t like to actually be sucked, so i stopped and gripped his cock firmly behind his knot with my hand as i´d been told, and used my mouth on him like a pussy. my hand went between my legs rubbing my soaking parts, my clit hard to bursting point as he humped my mouth. i swallowed rapidly as his precum filled my mouth, my lips sliding up and down his shaft more willingly than any guys cock i´d ever sucked.

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

first-time sugarRae 2018-03-31

Brad took hold of the kid's wrist and said "Act your age and get back in the game." And what do you know; Billy got up and went snuffling off to join the other boys. At first I just sucked on the portion that was in my mouth, and then I got adventurous and started moving my head back and forth to let his cock slide in and out across my lips and over my tongue, adding a little suction on the outstroke. Hot, salty sour fluid filled my mouth and I wanted to gag again, but more kept coming and I had to swallow it like a good little girl. Once I got in rhythm, Brad let go of my hips and reached up and took hold of my tits, squeezing them like he was trying to milk a cow.

A Long Way Home Ch. 02

first-time dan57 2018-03-31

Naina and Ritu had learned their lesson as they put their arms around their mates' necks while pressing their whole bodies against their chests and offered their mouths, already half open to let their professors French-kiss them at will. Naina was now bobbing her head up and down, sucking Tim's shaft and mimicking with her mouth the moves she had made with her hand along the big cock she loved more and more servicing. The two girls kneeled, Naina in front of Tim and Ritu to the feet of Tom. They opened their mouths in the same movement and swallowed simultaneously the head of their cocks. Tom had soon his cock embedded to the hilt into Ritu's throat while Naina was skewered much deeper than her tonsils by Tim's cock.