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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time samvimes 2018-03-31

Fuck me like a dirty cunted whore, Daddy!” She leaned her head forward and her soft lips pressed a kiss on my knob before she opened her mouth wide and engulfed it, sucking it right to the back of her throat. I could so nothing of my cock it was buried deep in her mouth and she, my daughter, was sucking me like a fucking whore. “Mmmm, Daddy is nicely ready to fuck his little girl I think,” she said, a hint of a lisp in her voice. “I think Daddy ought to slip that nice fate prick into his little girl’s hot, wet virgin cunt and fuck her hard like she wants?”

First time being a sub part 2

first-time bguy_5600 2018-03-31

Mark said oh baby that feels so good and his cock got fully erect. I then slipped Marks cock deep into my mouth rhythmically going up and down slowly as I had learned watching women do it in porns. Once again Mark grabbed the back of my head again forcing that huge cock down my throat pushing his cock deeper and deeper down my throat over and over stating baby you are so good and sexy. So I started to stroke Marks cock spitting on it for lube at the same time slowly going up and down with my lips on the head while licking the tip. At first when he had said to me about taking his load and no turning back I thought that I wanted that but wouldnt totally be thinking that way.

101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN

first-time blackstallion21 2018-03-31

Two days later when I had an open spot to accept Kate into my office, laid back on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups, I proceeded to examine the stench pervading from her pretty pink hot box. Sitting back on the exam table and placing her feet in the stirrups, Clo moved the smock to the side and started rubbing her now swollen pussy lips to try to relieve the sexual tension. Just barely and in the knick of time, Chloe covered herself back up with the paper smock, but as a female, I know the distinct smell of an aroused pussy, and she also gave herself away by wiping her fingers that were glistening with pussy juice on the gown.

Pegging start

first-time malesub01 2018-03-31

Doris had warned me before we were engaged that she liked to be dildo I'd ever seen; actually somewhat less than life-sized, if my that way, and I had thought it must be a hot experience. like face, little hemispherical breasts, and..."something extra," At that thought my muscles opened, a bit. My Ladyboy opening eased a bit more, and I pressed on--or in. eased it further in, it seemed as if I could feel the little "Watch out for the bend," Doris suddenly said. moment Doris gave a little cry of triumph: "All the way in! way in, and it did feel nice. life-like surface veins and irregularities moved over my tissues going to be like when you're doing it, you won't have to ask me.

She was enchanted by the beautiful cock of her son

first-time Arantes10 2018-03-30

In fact, from the top of her 46-year-old divorced, handsome body, she loved seeing those muscular boys, some not so much, having fun in the pool, wearing small, revealing bathing suits. There was a colleague of her son, in particular, who left her drooling from the first time he went there. In an hour when she, distressed by what she had seen, entered the house, on the pretext of getting something in the refrigerator, he went behind, asking her where the bathroom was. Idiotic question, she thought, had seen that he had used the bathroom near the pool. They agreed on the schedule and there he went back to the pool, to the delight of his colleagues.

Summer Camping Ch. 01

first-time Turbidus 2018-03-30

I admit I was a little nervous as the night drew to a close and I was faced with the dilemma of either trying to kiss her good night or skulk away like a total spaz. I pulled my legs up and let my knees fall open as I began to pound my cock, not trying to be quiet, knowing mom would be out getting her hair fixed. Then wanted to know if I was talking to Claire, and how the prom was, did I dance, did I remember to save my boutonnière to press, was the food good, kids weren't drinking or doing dope were they. "Claire's calling back with the movie times," I half mumbled, half shouted around a half chewed wad of Wonder bread and bologna.

I watched them fucking and felt an urge

first-time 2018-03-30

I started to walk when I heard what sounded like a woman's moan drift from a clump of reeds and bushes off to my left. I slipped my two piece back on and backed out of there and up onto the fringe of the beach, purposely walking in direct line, stopping to look down on the huddle of writhing flesh, with the men looking back up at me, still wanking their cocks as I watched from distance, defiantly standing.

My virgin ass first time fuck by pervert man.

first-time littlecubberlang 2018-03-30

"I will need something now, first before I drop you home" as he stopped the car into a deserted area, pulled me out and made me kneel...I did not object, he unbuckled his pants and pulled his dick out..a thick throbbing 7 inch dick, he said "Kiss it" and I kissed it, then he opened my mouth and made me suck it...I sucked it, a cock in my mouth for the first time...I sucked it good hoping he would leave me alone after this...once I was done, he lifted me up...pulled my sweatpants down and started fingering my tight asshole..and spanking me...I whined "owe sir please, what are you doing this is wrong" to which he said "I will fuck you now, then I will take you to my home, I will fuck you again then you don't have to pay me"

Thank You Sarah

first-time unclehans 2018-03-30

Last winter, just before Christmas, when I got home, there was tension in our house as my housemate, Roger, had returned home from work and found that his girlfriend, nineteen year old Sarah, had used her key to let her into the house having come round uninvited as her college had closed for Christmas. Angela let us in and Sarah while she explained that Roger had dumped her and needed a bed for the night. We kissed gently then more passionately as my warmer hands roamed all over her torso until Sarah asked "Are you ready for this?" She felt my cock and said "Well this part is anyway. We made love using my new knowledge until we heard Angela moving about in the flat and Sarah said that I had passed my practical test.

First Time... Sort Of...

first-time Semperfire 2018-03-30

My older brother once told me I was, "hard core but not a hard ass." I never could find a girl who was my kind of adrenaline junkie. I wanted a girl I wouldn't have gone on a second date with before my injury. I thought about it afterword and decided I wouldn't want a girl to date me who didn't find me attractive. I don't know why, maybe it's because they feel comfortable, but the women I date never want to wait. I was still grinding against her but breathed painfully in her ear, "we better stop so you can pick up your girls.." She giggled a little and said she felt bad for not returning the favor.

The Hotel

first-time Bradford817 2018-03-30

When talking to my wife my mind is miles away, back on the plane with my hand buried inside Shannon's pussy. Closing my eyes I feel her wet warm tongue licking the pre-cum from the tip of my hardened cock. I want to feel her throat, but she continues to lick my cock from the base all the way up to the tip licking more pre-cum as if that was her prize. I stand up, push her down to the bed pinning her to the bed using her legs on my shoulders, I slide in her, I can tell Shannon loves my cock from how wet she is. Her moans became screaming, "Fuck me!" This breaks me, one last thrust sends streams of warm cum filling her pussy.

Molly - My First Love

first-time apeion 2018-03-30

Lifting my cock up into the light she lightly ran her fingers the length of the shaft from the balls up to the top of the crown stopping to examine the pre-cum that had formed. As my cock became stiff and fully erect, Molly threw her hand in front of her mouth, "Oh, shit, that's sort of big! Slowly she brought her lips close to my cock, only to pause just short of taking me into her mouth and looked up. Looking up again with those blue eyes, she smiled and plunged my cock back into her waiting mouth as far as her grip would allow. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed back taking her cum in her mouth and across her chin.

Partners in Purity

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-03-30

He would feel so embarrassed and ashamed after his ejaculation dissipated, albeit the orgasm was itself so intensely pleasurable, the image of Miriam in his dream still lingering in his mind: the sight of her receiving a monstrous load on her face; or perhaps in her mouth, cum bursting out through her lips, unable to take it all; or perhaps within her vagina, her arms clinging so tightly against his body as he filled her with his voluminous seed crying with delight as her cunt became engorged and bloated by his spunk; or maybe even up her butt, her mortified face hidden beneath her hands as he gushed and spewed thick sticky globs deep up inside her rectum.

Annemarie #1: All Of Me!

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-03-30

Annemarie is an awesome attractive blonde beauty sexy student of only twenty, when we meet for the first time. Annemarie is hoping for an occasion to show me more of her blonde bare beauties as soon as we reach Denmark. Annemarie is waving a shy sweet kiss for good night with an eye-wink, to make sure I get her sexy secret message. Annemarie is hoping I will slowly seduce her and and make her come for long a lot - to dream dearly all night long! Annemarie is praying I will publish all of our long love sexy story as soon as she can type, while I loudly remember it.

The first time I sucked a cock! (true story)

first-time funemail72 2018-03-30

I'll start by saying I've been dreaming about a hard cock in my mouth since I was a teen! I started looking at guys and wondering what it would be like to have their cocks in my mouth! I met a guy online named nick, he was a couple of years old, and we started sending porn links back and forth. After a couple more strokes, Nick said, I need your cock in my house, got on his knees and wrapped his mouth around my throbbing cock. For a while we stood up next to each other, we put out throbbing hard cocks together and took turns looking down and stroking them.

Adventures with my JC ex-gf

first-time Labouroflove 2018-03-30

With my dick oozing lots of wetness, I slowly circled my finger around her clit, and looked up to see Deb groping her own breasts with her eyes closed, enjoying and savouring the moment as I fingered her sweet young shaven pussy. Deb stripping me naked, me looking at Deb’s firm breasts and shaven pussy, me fingering her clit for the first time, watching her pee into the toilet satisfying one of my most inner curiousity, Deb giving me a BBBJ, and all these resulted in a huge load of cum rushing out of my dick and squirting into Deb’s mouth.

Alissa's First Time Ch. 01

first-time JayParm 2018-03-30

Alissa took my cock in her hand, brought the head to her lips and kissed it, all the while looking deep into my eyes. After her lips were an inch or so past the head she took the rest of my cock into one hand, and cupped my balls with the other. Now she really went to work - sucking on the head of my cock, running her tongue all over the head, and sliding me in and out of her mouth. But I want you now!" With that she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me. "Alissa, I'm gonna cum!" Her pussy began contracting around my cock, She smiled and moaned, "Mmmm, that feels good." Now she got a serious look on her face.

Panama Ch. 01: The First Stop

first-time mikey2much 2018-03-30

The young man took up his heavy trash can and walked to the fantail of the ship, ignoring the cries of the gulls he dumped the trash into one of the large drums beyond the rail and hurried back to the galley before the second cook got pissed. "That the pussy, you be right there, that be the pussy that I am going to let you play with now." The clean looking little man in his white coat was grinning, pleased with his joke, as he took out a big stainless steel bowl which was covered with a towel, he then reached back into the fridge and came out with a large tube of liverwurst, he turned to the boy.


first-time OregonDavid 2018-03-30

For the next six years I dabbled with my ability from time to time, but for the most part I limited my wandering to short adventures like places I was reading about in school. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that I discovered I could wander into time itself. I had such a strong desire to enter her mind and find out if she liked me in the same way I like her, but my fear of a finding out she didn't kept me from looking. I loved the feeling of being in the surf, riding the power of the ocean, taming the faces of big waves. "Sure Ellie, whatever you want." I had always longed for some kind of sign from her that she might be interested in me.

Craiglist virgin

first-time sexy420 2018-03-30

My balls then he started licking up the shaft of my dick and kissed the tip to tease me. He licked inside and around my tight asshole for 20 min until he stuck his whole I put lube all over my dick and inside his tight ass. He gave a loud moan and told me to take it slow so I starting with the head and added a little at a time until I had all 7in deep inside his tight ass. I told him to clean my dick and so he sucked it clean but while in the middle of sucking let out a wet fart and ally cum came shooting out of his ass hole.


first-time Kirk482002 2018-03-30

"Hey, let me catch up to you later, Wayne," she said, as she grabbed her crutches and wondered off to meet some newcomers to the party. There are other girls here that came solo like you," said Lisa, as she turned to talk to others. "Maybe if you think real hard, you'll remember something," she said, as she leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I called Stacey a few times and she said that she wanted to go to a drive-in movie on Friday night (if you were born after 1980, you probably never were at one). She broke off the kiss and said, "I'll be back in a few minutes." She got off the bed, grabbed her purse and went into the bathroom.

The Subliminal Tape

first-time cumcannon1977 2018-03-30

Matt turned to look and two beautiful blonde girls were now in the bench behind him & Mandy. Either you're hard or you stuffed something in your pants!" Amy looked smug, like she thought she knew all there was to know about dicks and she must be right. I can't see!" said Amy. Matt reached in and pulled the band of his briefs outward so that Mandy could look down and into his briefs. Normally Matt was shy and would never have found the courage to speak to a girl like Mandy, let alone look her in the eye while she asked to see and touch his cock.

Sharing- The Fishing Trip

first-time sexy_sindy 2018-03-30

I was so “in heaven” but did not want hub to catch us knowing he could not leave the boat I pushed Joe up and pulled his cutoffs down and licked and sucked for just a minute, enough to get him hard enough he had trouble getting the shorts back up! Once we got back in the boat hubby told Joe to pull up the anchor and we went further down the cove to a lake lot that my hubby said he knew the owner. We heard the cabin door open and jumped up Joe slid his shorts back on and went into the kitchen to get some drinks, the boys got a beer and hubby made me a 7&7.

My initiation

first-time Srcdcs 2018-03-30

Ronda and Eli told me there are many things you know about Jamie. The machine fucked me at various speeds for at least an hour while everyone In the audience was told they were welcome to come up and get thier cock sucked. The machine was slowed down and I was told it's time for me to get all 20 of the men hard again smother can fuck me and fill me with their seed. Finally arter the last man fucked me and shoved the biggest butt plug ever into my ass I was told they were going to make me cum. Jamie you are welcome to cum back any time you want.