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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The maid's knickers - part 2.

first-time bobsmart 2018-03-30

And, filled with gloom, whenever she went back to her home village, I used to agonize over whether some horny guy was waiting for her there, ready to fuck her like crazy under the palm trees with Chi-chi moaning in ecstasy as she was relieved of all her frustration. But however horny I felt, I turned to the wall as she came into the shower room, as I thought this is what she would expect of her "sir", although I could feel my cock lengthening and then becoming hard and erect as soon as she stood behind me and touched my back with the sponge.

My Ex Wife Finds A New Lover

first-time pixie1954 2018-03-30

"Chris," he said, "I just haven't found the right girl." I ventured on and said, "Damn, you’re hung like a stallion, seems like the girls would be fighting to climb into bed with that!" He looked down and pulled the robe off his groin and said, "Oh, that...that's part of the problem." Cathie stared in amazement with her mouth open as Mark patted his monster cock in front of us. Cathie looked at me as he released her and said, "Thank you." Her pussy lips were engorged and matted heavily with gobs of Mark's cum.

The Housesitter

first-time RogueSelina 2018-03-30

She wasn't sure how much longer he would have let her just run her hands all over him – but she didn't want him to get too excited too soon. It was all she could stand not to just swallow him down her throat and let him cum in her mouth as soon as he was ready; but she knew she wanted to take her time. She moved her head up and down, slowly at first, gradually gaining a more passionate pace as she worked him with her tongue at the same time. He found her clit with his tongue and began slowly to play with it, caressing it, flicking it softly, and finally rubbing it a little harder and softer, in alternating paces.

our frist time

first-time 2018-03-30

i pull her pants all the way off now turn her on her back i spread her legs exposing her pussy to me i put my mouth on it i suck hard on her clit she arcs her back i can tell she is close to cumming i slide my fingers in her soaking pussy i bite her clit and then and her pussy lips she finnaly cumms in huge waves i stand over her i tell her to get up i take her hand and pull her into bedroom now it my turn i clear her dresser with one swipe of my arm i bend her over it she is out of breath i tell her to open her eyes and look in the mirrori want her to see her self as my cock goes into her pussy, she gasps as i slide it in i hold her hips and start fucking her hard i love watching th expression on her face i tell her to look right into mirror as she cums again .i cant take any more i pull it out and shoot my load all over her ass i lean over her both of us out of breath .nice frist meeting she says

Growing Together... Pt. 05

first-time englander1961 2018-03-30

Jenny began to get butterflies as Len started to undo the buttons down Kath's dress then pulled it wide as she lay passively on her back with just bra and panties to cover her. He wanted to feel between her legs so she moved so to let him get at her slit while she felt Kath's clit and Len's prick as it fucked inside his sister. After that third day she realised she had pleasure from being 'made' to submit; she enjoyed the fact that what they did wasn't her responsibility, it was the boys who 'made her.' They in turn realised that when she protested and struggled as they pulled her down on her back, when she said "I don't want to" as they stripped her, and "no don't do it to me" when her knees were pulled wide and "please don't put it in me" as she felt the hard knob slide up and down in her wet slit, and "take it out of meeeee" as she was impaled ...

My Husband’s Birthday Present

first-time wvwife4u 2018-03-30

Randy asked me to come up to his room but I told him I wanted to dance a little more. Here we were dancing with people all around kissing, I was rubbing his cock he had my dress pulled up and now had 2 fingers in me and my tits were being squeezed and barely inside my dress. The song ended and I took Randy by the hand and walked over to introduce him to Ray. He was nervous but Ray shook his hand and told him it looked like we were having a good time. When we got inside I asked Randy and Ray to sit in a chair, and moved Ray’s chair to the side so he could watch.

Summertime, First Time

first-time kitten1964 2018-03-30

Daniel watched his hand go up to cup Katie's luscious breast, the nipples so hard they stuck out like little pegs from her heavy, large but firm breasts. Thus emboldened, Daniel positioned himself between Katie's legs again, took his hard prick in his hand and slid it up and down her slit. Daniel was so excited at this point, he had a hard time remembering to go gently, but he did, positioning his cock at her entrance and then warning Katie, "I'm going in," he thrust hard in one swift push. Daniel groaned back at her, "It's - ok - it's your - orgasm - ," and then he felt the familiar sensation flooding up his cock from his tightening balls, and he knew he was going to come in Katie.

Humiliating Oscar

first-time nickitaylor 2018-03-30

I tried a finger, but it was too much like Oscar's little cock. "Well, if you felt satisfied sexually and you feel like Oscar is a good father to your daughters... he leaned forward to rinse the shampoo from my hair and I felt the bulge in his trousers brush against my breast. But I felt so hot; my pussy was throbbing, my nipples like they would burst from my bra and my heart was racing. Then I felt Rodrigo's hot breath on my pussy, his nose brushing my pubic hair. My world was spinning, I was lightheaded; visions of Maria's forearm, my hairbrush, Rodrigo's muscular arms and his cock... I never let Oscar fuck me like a bitch, but when Rodrigo did it I felt amazing.

My Bi Fantasy Part One

first-time 2018-03-29

It began to dawn on me that I actually liked some of the cocks that I was watching and was it such a bad thing if I did? I wasnt too hot and bothered by this time, just glowing nicely, I stopped behind a tree, making sure no one was about and took my cock out for a piss. My cock felt good and after finishing my leak and it began to grow stiff in my hand, almost demanding a wank! My testicies were hanging out of my shorts and a cool breeze blew around them and it felt fantastic. For a short time I felt oblivious to my surroudings, enjoying the pleasure my rock hard meat was giving me.

Splash Week 01

first-time pcummins376 2018-03-29

The water did not feel as cold as it did before and after she rested a bit more in the shallow end that was warmer anyway, she did a few laps of the pool, slowly getting back her confidence, remembering the swimming lessons from a year ago. Fully dressed she felt warm, protected and safe, but her body was still tingling from the cold of the pool and the massive orgasm that she experienced there. She quickly got out of bed and stood by the window, watching Mr Kelly swim laps in his pool. After breakfast, she decided to get dressed, but instead of heading back to her bedroom, she undressed in the kitchen and completely naked walked through the house.

Silky Friction

first-time Alex_Erotic 2018-03-29

I grabbed her hips with one hand and ground myself as hard as I could into her, my dick pushed into her ass crack, her panties sending shockwaves along my head, and my cock shot spasm after spasm of hot, white cum into the small of her back as we both screamed "Oh! She collapsed under me, pinning my hand between her legs, making small grinding movements and still whimpering slightly, and I lay on top of her, the tip of my cock rubbing the pool of cum into her skin as we both gasped for air and the sweat dripped into the sheets.

Lucky Alan Ch. 03

first-time TLMorgan 2018-03-29

After several minutes of the intense, wet sloppy blow-job by Bessie, Alan felt himself on the verge of busting his three load of the night and perhaps his biggest when she abruptly pulled her mouth away from his saliva-glistened shaft, stood up, and removed her pink g-string to reveal her hairless, pink wet pussy. Both Tiffany and Selma had bewildered looks on their faces yet were hugely turned on by this nerd with the biggest cock they had ever seen fucking their good friend right before their eyes. Seeing their huge naked tits in addition to his swollen cock still moving deep inside Bessie's soaked pussy and her insatiable moaning, send Alan closer and closer on the verge to cum.

Gina´s Gyno Club - part one

first-time petdyke 2018-03-29

Of course, Gina became a student at the small but very prestigeous and long time liberal - maybe even libertine - famous university in Ohio, where Leslie after her MA with honours, immediately was appointed as an assistent professor. When the lovers discussed the situation the evening before the arrival of Connie over a good glass of Bordeaux, Gina felt, the situation would resolve it self. Although she only knew her from some stories, which Lesley had told about her c***dhood and that little shy brat ten years younger. She´d never experienced the feminine charm of girls like Gina. Next started back at her breasts, which already felt they started to grow until Gina kissed her flower below, which started to glow.

Oliva and I Collapsing Ttogether

first-time Irishman85 2018-03-29

One hand holds her face to mine as we continue our deep penetrating kisses while the other searches every curve of her body, reaching down until I grasp her wonderful slutty ass in my grip. Her moans are more urgent now, wanting to feel my finger push into her ass, but I resist the temptation I feel as well, content to tease her for now, even as I fill her cunt with my hard cock. Olivia lets her head roll back on her shoulders and moans towards the ceiling as my finger pushes deeper into her. I slip my cock past the tight hole of her ass and let the head slip inside the warm and tight confines of her pussy again.

My First Time Ch. 03

first-time isadore 2018-03-29

The crowd had thinned out and there was only Levis, the great looking stud, the fellow with his arm up my ass and one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen, attached to a very hairy body. It took a bit of doing, but they had gotten a rhythm going where one was pushing and the other was pulling out of my ass; when their hands met at my sphincter, I could feel a tug on my insides. Let me tell you, that when two large fists work a virgin ass for two or three hours, the feelings you are left with are beyond words. I felt them let go of each other's hand and slowly the stud pulled his arm out, leaving with a popping sound.

87% ass

The babysitter fucked by big b*****r

first-time 2018-03-29

The young skinny blonde wanted to cum and rubber her clit like crazy when I pounded her… so I felt her cum and shake while I wasn’t done yet. Then I took the decision to go for the asshole… after like 10 deep thrusts in her pussy I pulled out… pointed the head of my dick to her asshole, She asked what was going on… but before she could end the question I pushed myself inside her virgin ass. I kept going harder and as deep as I could… both our bodies were sweaty… and I wanted to cum inside her… as suddenly I felt her shake and cum under me while fucking her ass.

party in the Caribbean

first-time adel5000 2018-03-29

My last night and I had given up hope of getting a wild island fuck when my host, Aunt smile on my face ready to be as friendly as the islanders even though I was a bit goddess smile and lowered to gather my cock in her mouth. had been given blow jobs before but her mouth gave the sensation of fucking a pussy. She held my buttocks and began pulling my cock deeper into her throat. saliva began to build around my cock as her throat made wet fucking sounds. tongue slipped inside her clean sweet pussy and began to fuck her. continued to pleasure her until her sweet wet cum slide slowly down my fingers.

An older guy gets much closer to his young twin si

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-29

"So know you just need to decide which of us you are going to fuck first." Audrey said started to stoke his cock that was somehow still hard. Audrey and Rachel watched as Peter sat and smoked and did the work he needed to for the night. "Seeing that Audrey was first last night I think it only fair you are first tonight" He said to Rachel, and pushed her down on the bed, her feet not reaching the floor. "I am going to fuck your little ass now." He said taking hold of Rachel's wrist and pulling her hand out of the way.

Unexpected surprise

first-time 2018-03-29

Katie moans louder starting to wake a little, but she might think she is dreaming, I slide her panties aside as I need to feel her pussy, as I do I feel her hot slick shaven wetness it is amazing, it sends a sexual rush through me like never before, as I have never felt another womans pussy before. I can’t believe im doing this, holding my husband’s hard cock against our friend Katie’s wet pussy as am feeling it and rubbing it. I lick Craig’s balls as he fucks Katie as I feel hands on my curvy ass and they are soft, they are Katie’s, as I lick and suck her clit, she’s rubbing my now exposed pussy as she pulls aside my wet lace thong.

My first masturbation for strangers

first-time Penny4ivor 2018-03-29

I was nervous but also aroused and began to chat to our driver who was reassuring me that it would be warm, dry and I could do whatever I felt comfortable with. I nodded and said I was feeling nervous but also aroused now and how much I dreamed of seeing men masturbate for me. He said that my well spoken English accent would excite everyone invited but some of the men would want to use dirty talk to me. My partner said he was hard and it was obvious now how large and hard our driver had become; I asked if he would like to be the first to masturbate for me and he nodded.

The Cheerleaders

first-time 2018-03-29

As Ashley began moaning louder, Jim moved back to kissing her, swallowing her cries of ecstasy as his tongue once again finding hers, his hands continuing their assault on her breasts. Ashley lay back on the towels as Jim began to kiss down her throat, moving ever downwards, kissing all around her tits, the nipples, between them, and paying very close attention to the area beneath her tits. While Diane’s tongue toyed with her clit, Lisa began to rub her tits, moaning as her friend caused spasm after spasm of pleasure to rock through her. Letting his other hand take over for his mouth, Jon began to kiss his way down her body, running his tongue over her flat stomach.

Discipline on The Croft 1

first-time strapped4cash 2018-03-29

Back in May the club has hosted a major regional competition and like many of the younger members, I’d been asked to be a line judge and collect the balls etc. The decision was taken for me, but Mrs MacDonald stood staring at me, then the umpire, then me again, shaking her head as she did so. “You’ll come to my house tomorrow morning Angus, where you’ll explain why you did what you did, and how you’re going to make amends. I’d just have to wait until I got home but I could then fire up my computer and stroke myself to a big cum, watching pictures of tennis players bent over and thinking about Morag MacDonald.

Consequences Of Getting Caught

first-time sexozingguy 2018-03-29

Rodney laughed again while still rubbing my wife’s tummy and told her, “this little white belly will be growing black babies’ from now on!” I saw my wife respond by pushing her little ass back toward her lover’s cock. Once Rodney was lodged back inside, he reached around and took hold of Sue’s little ass and told Sue to wrap her arms around his shoulders as he lifted her up in the air keeping his cock lodged inside her. Sue lifted her legs back and kept them high in the air with her hands as Rodney slowly pulled out of her with a plop and a big trail of sperm followed the head on the way out.

First Detention

first-time OzmanA 2018-03-29

Instinctively I lifted my arms up around his neck and undulated my hips against his as he kissed me, lips closed at first, then thrusting an exploring tongue into my mouth to thrill me with the intimate feeling it generated in knowing it had earlier penetrated my pussy. I used my legs to pull his hips to mine, finding that having my cunt positioned in that way actually heightened the erotic sensations I was experiencing, very aware of the wetness on my inner thighs as my love juices cooled in the air having the strange thought that it was a good thing my mater had put plenty of tissues in my backpack.