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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

testing the waters vol 1

first-time 2018-03-29

Trying not to show that my attention was in between my gf's mom's legs, my cock started to grow. She left the room to get ready, leaving her mom, me, and my hard cock alone. I could still hear the water in the shower, knowing I still had time before I manhandle her daughter.I sat back and pulled my rock hard cock. ShE looked up at me with her best "fuck me" face, licked her lips then swallowed as much of my cock as she could. I didn't want this to end, but she quickly cleaned my cock sucking all of the juices up knowing it would be spreading her daughters pussy lips very shortly.

The Cherry Dare

first-time smysecret 2018-03-29

I thought that if I had to wait very long, I'd simply throw off my clothes and jump all over Sven whether he wanted me or not. "Sven tried to slip his finger between my legs, but I knew that I would never be able to survive with him just touching me. He looked a bit disappointed, but I rubbed my body close to his so that he got the idea that I wasn't thinking of a way to end the evening. "Sven started pushing me onto the couch, but I would not let him I slowly pulled him away through the lounge down the passage to my bedroom, kissing all the way.

First Encounters

first-time SkyBluAngelEyes 2018-03-29

"In my entire life, I cannot imagine I would love someone like I love you," he said, slowly rubbing his hands up her thighs each stroke getting closer to her already wet pussy. "Oh Brett, you feel exactly how I dreamt it would be." He couldn't help but tell her everything he was feeling, "oh babe, ride me like you are never gonna stop." As she slid up and down on his cock he kissed her neck and sucked her hard nipples. She whispered, "Sweetie… I’m gonna cum, I can’t help it." His hand on her lower back he could feel the heat building like she had told him it did, he held her steady on him while he felt her tremble and buried his cock deep within her.

My Latino Concubine Ch. 01

first-time completeexperience 2018-03-29

At that, I took her by her left hand and walked her over to the desk, pulled out the chair, sat down at the edge, looked her deep in the eyes and commanded her "Show me what you can do with it." She slowly but instantly dropped to her knees, took my hard on in her right hand and stared at it from up close for several seconds. As I ran my tongue up and down, back and forth, left to right and in circles, she took a deep and dramatic breath, then screamed her lungs out, and kept repeating the process, sporadically saying "That good!" Her body began trembling very quickly but I held her in place by wrapping my arms around her thighs.

curva curvelor

first-time pleyer24 2018-03-29

am murmurat eu excitat la maxim uitîndu-ma cum Lili încerca sa scoata cât mai mult sloboz.Atunci, a coborât de pe canapea si s-a asezat jos, în fund.Parca stiind ce vrea, câinele a urmat-o .S-a ridicat cu labele din fata pe marginea canapelei ajungînd astfel cu pula exact în dreptul fetei sotiei mele care nu trebuia decît sa deschida gura.I-a mai lins-o putin, cât sa-l faca pe Rex sa dea iarasi din fund.Dupa acest mic "preludiu", Lili a deschis gura cât a putut de mult si a cuprins puloiul care statea gata sa explodeze.Stiind ca nu putea dura mult pîna ca Rex sa ejaculeze , a început sa dea din cap ca o nebuna, încercând sa o bage cât mai mult ,cât mai adînc în gura.Era rosie la fata si respira greu, doar pe nas.Sugea si-l tragea spre ea cu o mâna iar cu cealalta îsi freca pizda cu putere.Atunci mi-a venit o idee.Fara ca ea sa observe am luat camera video si am început sa o filmez.Frecam pula degeaba si nu vroiam sa pierd aceste momente incredibile.

83% lili

Kristie's First Time

first-time tripleflip 2018-03-29

Jenny is, like, STACKED, and I was like, "I don't feel anything, here, feel mine." So she like, felt me, and she was like, "God, Kristie, you're so small, how would you KNOW?" so I like got mad at her, and when I get mad I get REAL mad, so Jenny was like screaming and trying to push me away, and I've taken YEARS of TaiChi for my skating so I'm pretty hard to push, so like the other girls had to pull me off her and word got out Jenny and I were having a LOVER'S spat over Kelly, and if I WERE going to be a lesbian, I'd DEFINITELY do Kelly because she is, like, WAY cute, but everyone knows she's Yvonne's, and Vonnie really kicks ass if anyone fucks around with her bitch, I mean, even the GUYS are scared of her.

76% guy

High School Valentine

first-time regularguy13 2018-03-29

Jan groaned every time Ike drove his steely dick into her wet pussy. This feels so good," Ike said. She sat on the bed and said, "It is. You're a great guy. She took a deep breath to settle herself and said, "The whole 'It's not you. "Hello, Mr. White, Mrs. White, Julie," Keith said when he spotted Ike's parents and older sister in the kitchen. "No," Mr. White said. "She's more into football players than the game," Julie said. Mom fell for the guy with the tight end." Ike and Keith went into the den, sat on the sofa, ate, and watched the first game. During a commercial, Ike said, "Jan broke up with me last night." It's over?" Keith said.


Write It Down

first-time JimBob44 2018-03-29

"Damn, Todd, what'd you do this time?" Miss Tripp asked when Mrs. Ortega slammed the door of the principal's office. "Like your hair like that," Todd complimented, even as they could both hear Mrs. Ortega screaming through the thick door of the principal's office. "What'd you write got Ortega so pissed off?" Luanne asked as they walked out of the school into the mid-May Texas sun. Again, Miss Tripp chatted pleasantly with Todd while Mrs. Ortega screamed and ranted behind Adam Hooper's closed office door. During the trip from school to the trailer park where Todd lived, Becky squealed and shrilled in her tiny voice about her excitement. "Got an email from DeGarde!" Becky whooped across the desks to Todd as they sat in their Computer Literacy class.


The First Time

first-time kingwoodcpl 2018-03-29

I heard Kay start to moan I turned to see that she was sitting back and John was standing between her wide spread leg's fucking her with abandoned. It was hard to tell what was turning me on the most the sight of Kay fucking another man or Lee's hot wet pussy sliding up and down on my cock. As they left the hot tub room John reached over and placed his hand on Kay's ass as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. I was enjoying the sight of John and Kay fucking as Lee slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth. She looked into my eyes and then leaned up and whispered I want to eat John's cum out of Kay's pussy while you fuck me from behind.

Sex im Krankenhaus (Unser erstes Mal)

first-time 2018-03-29

Wie gesagt hab mit Schatzi hier viel geschrieben weil er zu dem Zeitpunkt krank zu Hause lag erst mit ner schweren Erkältung und dann hatte er so Probleme mit seiner Bandscheibe und weil die Schmerzen unerträglich für ihn wurden ist er ins Krankenhaus gegangen. Da ich zu dem Zeitpunkt selber ne starke Erkältung hatte und mein Schatz leider 200km von mir weg wohnt hatte ich nicht die Kraft ihn vor der Op zu besuchen.Da es mir aber am Sonntag dann besser ging hab ich mich entschlossen ihn zu besuchen.... ich glaub e war noch keine ganze stunde vergangen und Schatzi wuirde schon wieder geil..Und da sein Bettnachbar wieder unterwegs war hab ich mich mit ins Bett gelegt ihn getreichelt ihn geküsst und ihn mit meiner Zunge total verrückt gemacht.

85% dann

Double or Nothing

first-time SPEN STERLING 2018-03-29

So exactly one week after making the fateful double or nothing bet, at 5 pm on a rainy summer day, the doorbell rang on Melody's house, and there stood Jeff, looking like a kid on Christmas morning, albeit without turkey for dinner. Melody answered the door in a silky short robe, and Jeff was impressed that she hadn't tried to uglify herself in an effort to get him to opt out of the bet. "Look Melody, you've proved your point, I know you are good for paying off the bet, but I'm not going to ask you to do this, it was all in fun." Melody may have been angry about losing the bet, but seeing Jeff in front of her in his boxers practically took her breath away.

Accidents Happen Ch. 01

first-time regularguy13 2018-03-29

"Wait here," JR said to Bee as her teeth began to chatter. JR put his blade away, returned to Bee and brought her to her feet saying, "Bee, to get warm, we've got to get dry," JR said as he went into the bathroom. "Don't be ridiculous farm boy," Bee mocked as she reached a hand back and pulled his hips into hers. Maybe it was because of their life threatening situation or the nude cuddling, something caused JR to open up to Bee. He felt the need to explain his frequent blushes and his constant erection. JR and Bee had been in the sleeping bag a while; the shared body heat was making each of them feel better.

Wife exposed throught the hotel window

first-time yanknc 2018-03-29

While she was in the shower, I thought to myself, "If anyone comes to the end of the hotel, hoping for a view, I'm going to make sure they get it!" I told her that they would see her big D cup tits bouncing all around with every thrust of my cock in her pussy. I said that "I'll bet they'd pull their cocks out and start stroking to the sight of her being fucked. All of the talk of the voyeurs and the knowledge that they were actually right there watching, pushed me over the edge as I came deep inside her pussy. I made sure we gave the guests a chance to finish themselves, so I kept fondling my wife's tits and playing with her pussy with my cock.

Mrs. Kelly

first-time Kirk482002 2018-03-29

“Yes, Mrs. Kelly,” I said, sticking my head inside the steam room. Mrs. Kelly is okay, but I’m not your school teacher,” she said, sternly. “Are you okay, Mrs. Kelly?” I asked, still rubbing her calf. “It’s starting to hurt further up, Terry,” she said, as she slipped lower into the water to allow me better access to her thigh. Surely you must have done some things with girls,” she asked as she tried to look at my face, but I had it turned down to the bubbles. I slid my hand over her womanhood a few times, she opened her eyes and looked at me with a look of helplessness, as she tilted her head back and uttered a laugh or a cry.

Staying at a friend;s house

first-time hornyholland71 2018-03-29

'Finally, I lick your balls.' The next moment he takes my dick out of my girlfriend's pussy and puts it into his mouth. So my girlfriend is still sucking my dick, that's getting harder and harder and my friend is licking... My girlfriend, by now soaking wet, stops sucking my dick and asks my friend 'Are you really going to fuck him?' 'Oh yes', he says. 'I think he's ready', my friend says and my girl takes his dick out of her mouth, spits on it once more and puts his big knob against my virgin asshole. I turn her around so she faces my friend and press my knob against her wet asshole, slowly my dick enters her tight asshole.

A video shoot - Part 1 of 2

first-time nobodywashere 2018-03-29

And since then, I have help people with their sexy shots. I could help them get nice focused well light sexy pics. Tina was one I helped. Tina had me take several photo shoots and then moved on into true porno. I had not heard from Tina for quite some time. Tina is doing a video and he wants my help, maybe do a photo shoot first. Tina being sexy and such and eventually shedding her clothes. She starts jacking off and I am shooting pics like mad. A couple of the guys have unzipped their pants and are jacking off too. But there is video shoot to follow, so I keep my pants zipped in misery.


first-time shotguner 2018-03-29

Gail looks into Donna's room and there on the bed is a very pretty young woman the sheets pulled away and her 34D tits in full view her long brown hair in her face, frame her tits maker them seem even bigger then they are. The two sat on a long furry couch and talked for about an hour then Donna looked that Kat stood up and turned saying is this what you want dropping her clothes to the floor. The next morning about 6:30 Donna walked in the door Gail had sat up all night Donna looked at her mom mouthed the word thanks blew her a kiss and went to her room.

A few of my sexual encounters.

first-time mytabbyanne 2018-03-29

A good friend of mine and I used to have what we called "d***k Tuesdays." Basically it was our way of making a simple "weekend style drinking" acceptable for a Tuesday. We fucked 2 or 3 more times that night, and I had to take the liberty of sucking his dick (every girl wants to play with a huge one) and letting him cum all over my tits. At the time I was drinking a place full of naked people, tits, beer and sex didn't sound like a bad idea. We made our way up and he flirted his pants off (and soon, mine.) I didn't mind, he was a decent enough looking guy and I was drinking, so I ate up the attention.

Happy Accident

first-time grandpoobah 2018-03-29

For example she would suck my cock and then I would pee on he chin and chest letting it flow over her breasts and run down to her pussy and drip off her bottom. We used to like 69 she would lay on top of me and suck my dick and I would lick her but when she was near to cuming she would move forward slightly and start to pee letting it run down over my chest and neck then when she was done she would move back and I would finish her off The only difference was that I would let a little squirt of pee go while I was just inside her and she would have an immediate small orgasm.

Wife's First swap

first-time jaybird13 2018-03-29

We were just getting started in our career so money for entertainment was tight and we spent most of our time playing cards and other games with a few couples that were our age and circumstances who lived in out neighborhood. While my wife was fast T* was faster to cum and in just a short time her butt was bouncing on the floor and she was having a good orgasm. As we watched J* finger fuck my wife and she playing with his dick and balls I noticed T* beginning to breath harder and faster. I continued fucking T* and as I had came once already and had a few drinks I know I brought her to at least two orgasms before I finally shot off in her.

Night out

first-time peejay68 2018-03-29

We meet outside the restaurant and give each other a long embrace, standing there holding each other for at least about 5 minutes You enjoy so much the feeling of the warmth that my arms around you has, and wish it could never end. We talk about fantasies and things like that, when I feel your hand rub slowly along my leg, until it brushes my inner thigh. The side of my hand now rubs fully along your groin now, and you almost feel like collapsing in a heap in my arms. You lean back and let yourself become lost in my kisses, and feel so much pleasure and I push my tongue along your pussy lips.

First BJ I Gave (M2M)

first-time 2018-03-29

My boss said lets check out how kinky these guys are, and we started to page through different magazines. He said “look at me and keep eye contact with me” with that he started to rub his cock at my lips, and commanded “open your mouth and let me put it in”. “Also, when I do cum, keep your mouth on my cock until I finish, “ he said sternly. As he pulled out more cum escaped my mouth and he pushed my head back to look at my cum drippy face. He made a comment that “wow, you must have loved that because you stayed hard the entire time.” I gazed at my cum covered face then down at my dick, soon I was convulsing and shooting tons of cum in the sink.

Backstage with Hannah Montana

first-time FelicityWaters73 2018-03-29

One day when I came home, my s!ster ran up to me and yelled in my face, "I'm going to see Hannah Montana!" I tried to calm her down to get more details but she was so hyper. She stood there signing autographs and when my s!ster brought Miley her book to sign, she look up at her and said, "I love you Hannah Montana! After my s!ster was done trying on the makeup, Miley told her to go wash it off in the bathroom just across the hallway. She asked me what I was going to do, I said I was going to stick my cock inside her butt hole.

First Time

first-time BlowNRock 2018-03-29

I was slamming my cock in her soaked pussy over and over.....harder and harder....I felt by load rising.....legs began to tingle....balls slapping her ass over and over..........and about then a group of guys broke down the bedroom door.....They had been listening and decided to join us....Dick were everywhere.....I pulled out and got out of there....Dick Dicks Dicks......She was moaning and loving it...I kinda freaked out and left the party....Never climaxed but wow it was hot...I understand the gangbang went on for a hour and cum was everywhere...Bill and Nat loved it...said it was like a porno...Made me proud...Lisa and I never saw each other or spoke afterward...She never knew it was my first time...My Dick was sore for a week....I will never forget her ...but I think I was just another big dick to her....2 weeks later my GF let me fuck her....she was soooooo hot and tight....unfortunately I came in 30 seconds or less...LOL....It was her first time.....Do you think Lisa told her and she wanted to ride the bull or was it just time after 3 yrs of being her boyfriend...Anyway I managed to control myself later and the sex was GREAT...We later got married....and life has been good...Currently married 34 yrs and still Love each other very much........But I will always remember my first time...Thank you Lisa for the memory..:)