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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

1st Meet

first-time jinkkme 2018-03-29

Looking down between us, your already erect nipples brushing againstmy chest, you run your hands up and down my waist. You sit back, legs folded under you, facing me from at my feet.Looking down at your breasts, you reach up, holding them up with yourhands, then slowly rubbing your fingers over your nipples. You move faster, I move faster, your arms moving to about my neck, my hands on your shoulders from behind and we slam together, harder and harder and harder and my cock explodes and I shoot come into your pussy and I trigger your orgasm and both our hips tremble from the intensity of it and you collapse onto my chest, my pulsing throbbing-cock still inside you and neither of us can speak.

Windy View Introduction

first-time Tender86 2018-03-29

"The panties feel almost as nice as your cock does." She wraps her tiny fingers around the swollen head and squeezes. I can feel a powerful orgasm building and I don't want to mess in my boxers so I say "I sure would like to see you wearing this silk panties. Yet another weak refusal and before long, "Ok, but just a quick look." With that Debbie slowly lifts her dress until all of her panties are exposed to my lustful eyes. I am sure Debbie likes the idea of me feeling her panties but she has an opportunity now and she is going to use it. Debbie likes to see me lick her panties and she sees a wet spot appear on my briefs at the cock head..

The Backrub

first-time 2018-03-29

She pushes you back flat, face down, and begins to rub your back again, this time trailing down to your ass, kneading and stroking, a finger sliding down the edge, then tracing the curve. Slowly, she starts to fuck your ass with her finger, and her hips rock back and forth, stroking your cock with damp thighs. Now a second finger enters your ass, and you can feel your cock growing unbearably hard, still encased in her thighs. “Good” and she began to pump, slowly, holding your ass with both hands, occasionally running a finger around the edge of your asshole, making your cock jerk uncontrollably.

Old Friend

first-time dufussailor 2018-03-29

She was holding it back as long as she could, using small short strokes and then suddenly her pussy muscles squeezing harder and harder so that the bottle just popped out on its own and she came hard, her come juice squirting out in spurts that ran out of her pussy and slowly covered her asshole and started to trickle onto the edge of the pool. I kissed her neck and shoulder and slowly reached down and started playing with her pussy with one hand while the other I lightly kept touching her stomach and tits and neck.

Uncle Nigel

first-time bitsieblue 2018-03-28

Looking into my face, he reached to rub my clit through my panties until my eyes met his again, and I smiled. He pinched my nipples again, then swirled his fingers over my clit slowly, notching his cock into the entrance of my virgin hole, moving gently against me. I smiled shyly and grasped it in both hands, licking my juices from it, sucking at the head, flicking my tongue along the sides, trying to push my tongue tip into the hole in the tip. I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth as he began fucking my tits, grabbing his ass and running my fingers down into the crack, digging my nails in.


first-time JLovejoy 2018-03-28

He reached down and with both hands; he lifted her hips up off the bed and thrust himself deep into her body ripping through her maiden head. Sir Matthew got a sick feeling in the pit of his belly, had he just kidnapped and raped his own betrothed and left her bound and lying naked in that shack deep in the wood. "I will meet you in the morning, I will go now and ready my men," said Matthew as he turned his horse around and headed back the way he had come. I disgraced my knighthood and I dishonored you, my betrothed, for I am Matthew of Kent," he said as they sat down on the bed beside her and hung his head in shame.

The First Night

first-time mintabal3239 2018-03-28

Arjun lay stretched on the sofa of the hotel room where he was to spend the night with his newly wedded wife. "It was good Arjun," said Minita handsomely. She might not remember the days when she suckled, but the book her mother had given her to read, 'What Young Brides Ought to Know,' devoted a whole paragraph to sucking. How do you know that?" said Arjun. "If they examine the blood," she said, "they would know that meat and eggs are not the only things the barn yard fowls provide for the comfort of men and women." She laughed and hugged him, and he, after a momentary pause, joined in the laughter, and hugged her with equal warmth.

Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – part 1

first-time TreborCox 2018-03-28

So Miley waited until she was sure the bodyguard had finally finish cumming in her mouth before she slowly turned to Selena, parted her lips and stuck out her tongue, Miley feeling oddly proud of herself at the gleeful look that covered Selena's face as a result of her actions. "Try this." Selena said, briefly wrapping her lips back around the cock directly in front of her, reaching out to grab and then stroke the cocks either side of her, working all three for a minute before removing her mouth so she could tell Miley, "Jerk the other two while you're sucking one of them, that way we can take care all six at the same time."

First Rites Pt. 02

first-time joelafayette 2018-03-28

"I've grown to like your silly rules, and I agree I've benefited from delaying sex until I'm more ready, even though you've had me suck off most of the single men in a ten mile radius." I laughed, and she felt confident to tell me more. If you don't return my love, then no other man will be able to truly satisfy me." I was moved by her words and was starting to feel the same way, but I was still refusing to go down that path while her coach. Becky continued her story with a dreamy look on her face, really taking her time so I could digest each word of her adventure.

Teacher's Pet

first-time Many Feathers 2018-03-28

And to make matters worse, it became obvious during my senior year of high school that I wasn't going to have enough credits to graduate for having failed or performed miserably in too many of my classes. If anything, it was getting uncomfortably worse as I took brief glances up from the book I was supposedly reading to take in this new image of Ms. Jenkins that I was suddenly seeing for the first time. In moments, she was kneeling down in front of me having placed both of her hands on each side of my face ensuring that I had no where to look but into her more than serious eyes.

Confessions of an Addict Ch. 02

first-time LucidlyConfused 2018-03-28

"Nice to meet you Amber, the name is Chris, are you new I don't think I have ever seen you around before?" Bending forward to plant a small kiss on my hand like he was the most charming person in the world I wanted to gag but I chuckled and pulled my hand away quickly when I looked down and noticed his keys on the floor. "Mmmhmm Yes sir Mr. President I will do exactly as you say, your bad girl will be a good slut for you." His dick jumped slightly while I let those words roll off my tongue and leaned forward to him crawling on the bed my mouth already open to receive his cock.

Caitlyn and Jared

first-time markuscad 2018-03-28

For the next few weeks, Jared walked Caitlyn home from school. They made out passionately on the couch for a bit and then Caitlyn lifted up and pulled her shorts off and started to unzip Jared's pants. Caitlyn waited for Jared to call but days went by and he never did and he avoided her at school. That night Jared came to her place and Caitlyn explained how she went from shy girl to party girl. Then she told him about how things started to go down hill with the booze and dope, waking up not knowing what had happened, the occasional violent dates and the terrible arguments with her parents and the final night in the hospital with her badly beaten up friend.

A Prayer for Mercy

first-time jacktar48 2018-03-28

Guys would drool all over her, feel up her firm little titties, put their hands into her hot pants and rub her clitty, but sooner or later they would try to slip a finger into her steamy little hole and the embarrassment would begin. Before Connie came explosively, smearing Mercy's pretty face with second-hand spunk, Mercy had thoroughly explored Connie's pussy with two fingers and was considering trying to work in a third as well. "Honey, you have a miniature pussy," Connie told her as she gently worked a slender finger into Mercy's hole.

In Step Ch. 02

first-time RonCabo 2018-03-28

Kendall then leaned forward to massage her mother's tits, and as an added benefit, though not intentional, the girl's pussy rubbed against Donna's scalp. But lately, the teen seemed to be dating boys less and less, and the parent feared that the combination of her own many failed relationships and their mother-daughter sex was pushing the girl exclusively toward women. Back to the present, Kendall was anxious for her mother to arrive home from work on Monday evening, eager to know if she and George saw each other and talked during the day. "How about you tell Kendall what I told you about Mark taking care of his mother and that maybe she could help him get comfortable being around a girl?"

Woman Enough

first-time AuburnErotica 2018-03-28

Ryan threaded his fingers through Claire's smooth, thick hair as he pulled her against him, deepening their kiss. She jumped a little at first when she felt Ryan moving inside her mouth, but she trusted him not to push it too far. Ryan took a deep breath and buried his face in her musky folds, using all of his strength and skill to show Claire how wonderful their love could feel. Ryan smiled, "Sounds good to me." He unlaced his hands and turned to face Claire as he wrapped her leg around his thigh. In one powerful moment, Claire became a woman and knew what it felt like to be connected to Ryan in the most intimate way.

Lessons from Julie

first-time Scotsman69 2018-03-28

Sandy liked the rawness of the Stones, knew they drew heavily on an R&B tradition that went back to Lightning Hopkins and the folk roots of the blues. Papa has a Mark Ten. But -- he drew his mouth close to Sandy's ear -- she fancies you rotten. His right hand moved almost by instinct to her thighs, fingers inching upwards over her tights, under the rumpled wee skirt. He raised his head from the tit to watch her face, amber irises rolling up, felt his balls tighten as his fingers played her cunt more firmly. But Sandy, you need to wipe yourself off me, otherwise it'll stain Bill's bed -- her head rose and she looked down -- there's rather a lot.

Facetime Accident With Mother In Law

first-time mrlolgg 2018-03-28

When I made contact with her eyes I said “..Sorry but I..” before I could finish she put her finger to her lips and pulled out her out her breasts squeezed it tightly playing with her nipples.. She knew now that I was stroking and getting more turned off to her than my seeing my girlfriend. She was licking her own juices off the iPad. It was driving my crazy and I knew I had to cum. It was difficult cause I never imagined cumming for my girlfriends mom. Gotta cum quick baby before she comes back home.” I saw her face.. I let it out and came all over my iPad. More cum than what my girlfriend ever made me want to give.

Lucky Horny Bath

first-time 2018-03-28

After a moment of this she took my hand away from her pussy, leaving me to briefly wonder if she had somehow changed her mind about the situation…but she merely stood and turned around, and slid back down, carefully angling her legs behind me as she slid closer against me…she smiled as her hand reached down to take my aching hard cock…even the mere touch of her fingers wrapping around my pole was an amazing and exquisite sensation, but positioned the tip against the lips of her pussy and slowly slid down on it, impaling herself on my cock. One hand went up behind her neck, another slid down to her hips, then slowly, lightly across her ass, pulling her tighter against me, letting her feel my hard cock pressing against her tummy.

Diamond Head

first-time JakeRivers 2018-03-28

When he walked back past where I was, I impulsively stepped out on the beach and called to him (I could see the silver bars on his soldiers), "Sir! He looked doubtful, and started to walk on down the beach. He walked over, and with a sad smile, said, "Hi, I'm Steven. Stevie said mysterious words for a farm girl: the wonder of a place called Brooklyn, the magic of Coney Island; it seemed so strange to a girl from the hinterlands of Kansas! His buddy had a room at the hotel but he had turned sick so Steven had the key. Stevie told me what wonderful parents you are: full of life and love.

First Lick

first-time yowser 2018-03-28

So one Friday night in bed, fierce with desire, after getting Marla good and worked up with my fingers, her quim slippery, swollen and excited, I nestled my way down between her thighs, the infernal book inciting me to action. Finally one Friday night, after several weekends of quim-licking, to my great pleasure and unexpressed hope, while we were busy kissing, Marla abruptly left off and moved down my body. By this time I had learned that if I kept my mouth clamped on Marla after she came and continued to lick gently, I often could coax another climax out of her, sometimes two or three in a row.

Tall Dark & Handsome

first-time Ryan283 2018-03-28

Her body moved seemly with a mind of its own, her lips moving wordlessly to nibble at his neck and her hips rising gently with each soft caress of those wonderful fingers. He looked into her eyes with his piercing gaze, placing his hands on her shoulders, whispering softly with his lips almost touching hers. He let the shirt fall somewhere on the grass and smiled at the sight before him, drawing another blush from her as he traced his finger down the strap and along the edge of the material of her bra, gliding lightly over the gentle swell of her breast. She tangled her fingers in his hair as his lips and tongue teased her skin, eventually wrapping around one strap and slowly pulling it down her shoulder, then doing the same to the other.

A Mutually Pleasing Deal

first-time saphrina_00 2018-03-28

The deal is this: You get to fulfill your biggest fantasies with me until tomorrow at 9:00am, and I will do and wear whatever you want me, inside and out," I could feel myself tightening in my jeans, my dick already straining towards her untouched pussy, "All I ask in return is that you fuck me so hard that I can't walk tomorrow," She looked at me expectantly, almost challenging me to turn her down. Our hips slamming together, a squelching sound coming from the friction of my dick and her pussy, my balls slapping her ass every time I thrust into her, her hot, young body all drove me to the edge as I could feel my balls boiling, the biggest load of cum that I was about to shoot into my virgin slut.

Lacy's Crush on Her Teacher

first-time LazyDays1221 2018-03-28

"Please, Mr. Gibson, tell me I can have that big hard throbbing cock shoved deep into my tight wet hot pussy?" Suddenly, his fingers tried to pull my cunt open wide and I felt his cock crash almost savagely into my hot wetness again. "Jesus Christ - I've never fucked so much at one time before -- you've got such a tight cunt my cock almost hurts from the grip of your sweet young pussy." He kissed me fiercely again. A long slow lick starting almost at my ass hole and lapping eagerly to the top outside edge of my pussy, a deep penetrating thrust of his tongue into my cunt, then a light teasing flick of my red swollen clit.

Writer's Block

first-time BuckyDuckman 2018-03-28

The white page of a new Word document stared back at Karen in defiance, daring her to write something, anything. I fucking love to fuck big hard cocks and tiny hard cocks because I like to feel a fucking hard cock fucking my fucking pussy. She was tired of not writing, tired of staring at a blank page, and fucking tired of wiggling her mouse around the screen. She skimmed over her description of Tommy's cock and smiled every time she had written "cock" or "prick." Her fingers weren't accustomed to writing such strong language. I like feeling big, hard pricks inside my pussy, as long as he doesn't have a dick that's too big because that hurts.