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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ann and Me

first-time badboy005 2018-03-28

That night while at home alone, seeing her shapely legs crossing and uncrossing in my mind, the thought of Ann was consuming my thoughts and I took my cock out and began masturbating to the memory of her auburn pubic hair and hard nipples, straining against her tight blouse. When the class had concluded for the day and all of the other students left Ann walked suggestively up to my desk, leaned over so I could see the natural fall of her perfect breasts asked what was on my mind. Ann agreeing said she would like to have a drink with me and continue our conversation got up from her chair and I believe I saw her look down at my crotch and smile as she left.

My Almost First Time

first-time Pretty_Little_Kitty 2018-03-28

His red boxers shorts were down around his hips and his hand was wrapped around his cock. Then, my eyes followed the path of his hand, from the base to the tip of his rigid cock. He closed his hand over mine and began stroking his cock, slowly and deliberately. His hand slid down to my neck and closed around it as he leaned forward to kiss me. I could feel his cock pushing against my panties as he carried me to the living room. His hands quickly moved to my hips and he began to push my panties down. He reached down, took his cock in his hand and began to push it inside me.

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 04

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-03-28

"Wait until everyone is ready to eat, Stacie." Mrs. Scott says closing the refrigerator. I didn't know about any project." Mr. Scott says not looking away from his plate. "Just...studying the anatomy." Stacie says grabbing my cock through my pants under the table. it really hits the spot, Mrs. Scott." I say as Stacie lightly rubs my cock through my pants. Isn't he a kind young man, Stacie?" Mrs. Scott says smiling at the both of us. "You still haven't picked your fork up off the floor, dear." Mrs. Scott says to me. "Yeah and I do because it's all fucking dumb...but I still wanted you to ask me so I could say 'yeah, I guess I'll go with you to this lame dance.'" Stacie says shamefully.

Fist time Bisexual experience

first-time Gazinlancs 2018-03-28

One night we were having a great time playing with each other and we started talking about the wildest sex scenes imaginable. She went on to say that after she got her first orgasm, that she would like to see me pleasure the other guy with my mouth the same way that she does including to the point of making him cum. I couldn't believe that after all these years of restricting myself to having sex with women, I was actually getting very hot with a hard cock in my mouth while the mouth of the person attached to that cock was sucking my stiff one.

First Time Bi MMF Threesome

first-time bigcplforfun 2018-03-28

Jim was still fingering Stephanie's pussy and used his free hand on the back of my head to guide me down further causing his thick cock to make me gag a little. Stephanie climbed on top of Jim and started to rub her pussy all over his cock. I was stroking my cock while they were fucking and Jim reached over and played with my balls. Jim had started to get a good pace going and was fucking her pussy so hard and deep that he was lifting her up off of the bed. Every now and then they would stop fucking and I would lean over and lick Jim's cock and Stephanie's pussy.

Roomies: Jocks Versus Nerds

first-time patricia51 2018-03-28

"Its going good, and yes," Dennis looked surprised, "We have a big match in the capital the day after tomorrow. "Where did you learn that Pam and can you teach me?" Kim did a little hip swivel and bumped Dennis' friend. "Come here, big boy." She flowed up to Dennis and their arms went around each other as she kissed him, this time with her lips parted and her tongue pushing into his mouth. Did you feel that hard little nubbin?" A muffled groan of possible acknowledgement came from Dennis, his mouth still covering Pam's breast. Whether he had actually done it or only seen it in magazines, Dennis braced himself on his arms, wiggled his body between Pam's legs and began to push.

Virgin Backpacker Pt. 01

first-time howmany_harmony 2018-03-28

His partner looked equally uncomfortable in the heat (Lexie was sure her dreadlocks were not helping with temperature moderation) but they offered a friendly smile as Scott made introductions - the tall guy was called Kenton, his partner Jo. They knew Scott from a volunteer project they had completed together in Cambodia, and had decided to travel to Singapore before returning back to Canada. The group traipsed into the Long Bar, feeling out of place in their flip flops and denim shorts, where other clientele looked like they had stepped out of a gentleman's club in London. Despite similar smells and a multitude of stalls selling exotic fruits, vegetables and Asian "fast food", Lexie felt much more at home here.

Right of First Night

first-time TheHiddenPen 2018-03-28

It was not that Baron York was not a red blooded male, for he was, and he regularly fantasised about taking advantage of his rights over an attractive peasant girl. But now, in just a few days' time; well, Robyn would be eighteen years old, and that meant that she would have to visit the Baron's manor and offer her virginity to the Baron. She reached for the straps over her shoulders and slowly, deliberately, first with the left, then with the right, pulled them down her arms, not all the way off, but enough to let the dress fall forwards a little, drawing the Baron's eyes to her chest.

Best Friend Turned Lover

first-time PurpleParadise 2018-03-28

An hour later, the boys eventually turned up, consisting of Isaiah, Jake, his twin brother Sam and Joe number two made up the last of the group...having the same name as me was the reason everyone called me Chuckles, which derived from the fact that the moment I'd speak to a hot girl I'd become possessed by uncontrollable, nervous giggling. She looked up at me with a massive grin across her face then back to my cock and slid the tip between her mesmerizing lips, swirled her tongue around the head and slipped my whole shaft into her mouth...I felt as if I was going to explode any second. I was able to feel her pussy start convulsing around my cock as she orgasmed around my shaft...what was only a few minutes, felt like hours of fucking this goddess and I was nearing the edge.

Mrs. Thompson Gets My Virginity

first-time squarejohn 2018-03-28

Ten minutes later I was sitting on the edge of my bed in the rented house trailer I shared with my roommate Rob. My pants were around my ankles and I was holding Mrs. Thompson's panties with both hands, staring at them, studying every detail. When I turned around the bedroom door, Rob was holding Mrs. Thompson's panties up in both hands, at arms length. And I had licked Rob's semen from the crotch of Mrs. Thompson's panties. If I had not just squirted my usual eleven or twelve ropes of cum-juice, I would have shot it into the air without touching my cock just at the sight of this gorgeous red-head performing oral service on my dark haired Maggie.

Sex Studio Secrets #25: Nadia-1:

first-time petdyke 2018-03-28

Pretty Petra paints her also sexy slip, showing her hairy hot wet twat before she invites her further. Pretty Petra proudly looks at her work of art at the ass of Nadia as she climbs up those steep chairs. Pretty Petra chooses a table close to the kitchen and tells Nadia her place, offering me long side. Nadia has no idea how the cooks at first rank have big eyes and only one hand stirring their woks. Pretty Petra prepares for a 'grand finale', she slides a wet finger into Nadia's tight sphincter. Nadia feels the big anal plug and hears the applause from the public, leaving their sticks and dicks. Pretty Petra tortures her more by inviting the guys come close, leave their loads at her hot big bums.

My fantasy dedicated to pidgebender

first-time marcusp1979 2018-03-28

After a while you look at me and tell me you want to ride me, so sitting back in my chair you begin to straddle my lap with your back to me, lowering yourself down on my cock until its deep inside your now sopping wet pussy, slowly you begin to grind on my cock leaning back against my chest as you do so, i reach round your front with one hand and play with your breast, rubbing and pulling at your nipple, the other is on your hip holding you on me as you ride me harder, i slowly begin to feel my cum rising and as it does so i start to pull your head back by your hair and bite the side of your neck until finally you feel my body tense beneath you, you stop moving as i feel my hot thick cum flood your pussy, i am a heavy creamer, and as we sit there it soon becomes apparent as my cum begins to seep out of you and down onto my thighs, both of us now covered in my thick sticky cum, satisfied i pull your hair to turn your face to the side towards me and i lean up and kiss you on the neck and then lips as i whisper to you how much i have wanted you and how much you turn me on...

Bad Teacher Ch. 04

first-time Itheswag 2018-03-28

As the game began, I instructed my best friend's mother while keeping my hands on top of hers to help her pick the proper buttons at the right times. Once again mother and son played and after some time it was obvious Carmen was going to beat Tony again, so I said, "Let's see, how ticklish you are?" "Keep it up, Mrs. G." I moaned and ran my hand down the side of Carmen's stunning face and she sucked hard on the large head of my cock. Carmen was sucking my cock, sometimes moving her mouth 3-5 inches down my shaft and I continued to squeeze breasts and tease her hard nipples.

The Aunt

first-time stillvoyeur 2018-03-28

A Big haus with lots of rooms etc. One day i was running and playing with my cousin trough the garden and rooms. suddenly we interned to the room where my mom and my aunt were chanching cloths. she had a big body with hard nippels-i could feel it even by watching. we went to the big bathroom where had even a changing room. my aunt hanged half nacked trough the door. her big nippels were hanging trough the door and she told; I am coming too!!! i still remember how her nippels were hanging trough the door as she told that. after a short time, i was finished with my bath and left the bath - i went to the changing room.


first-time evergreen_love 2018-03-28

i was quite not happy with the idea of switching of the tv right at that moment as she requested, coz someone who appeared for the first official exam to get into the colleges, had enough reasons to believe in the freedom of speech and vision - which promotes his status to that of a person popularly known as the adult, and who is free to say and view everything and anything, yet again considering the much abused 18 year old bengali vision as a reference frame. and her eyes were about to glisten, as the little girl was playing pranks with her kid brother for long, and all on a sudden he decided to act like a responsible adult - but she didn't know the reason why she received such a harsh scold?

Ryan's Story Ch. 01

first-time JSmith87 2018-03-28

I was 18 and tall (almost 6ft 2"), I had quite good body; I ate well and went to the gym about 4 times a week, I had a slim, but not skinny body, broad shoulders muscular arms, legs and back, and my six pack was coming along nicely. I went upstairs to my room to light the candles; in preparation for tonight I had gone all out and got these white scented candles, and I had scattered rose petals on the floor and bed, 1 because the candle light made everything sexy, 2 it was romantic and 3 Jenny loves that shit.

MY first time

first-time goodguysam 2018-03-28

Dad use to send money every month it made mom,s life easy. I told mom that I am not good at study it be waist of time going to school. My cousin got her gf on his bed and started kissing her. In the mean time my cousin told me that we should fuck our girl friends. My cousin started to remover his gf,s cloths as he was kissing her. Cousin started to lick Judy,s tits and later licked her pussy. Then I got in her legs and started to lick her pussy and pushed my tongue in her cunt and started to fuck Bero with my tounge. Judy said I like you dick it is very nice long and think.

Making my stepdad cum

first-time 2018-03-28

I then headed down for her pussy and slowly rubbed around it like I moved my Ron’s hands on me. ….I said: (“Oh yes!, lets play that again.”) She spread her legs wide apart and her hand went inside my panties for my pussy as she lay on top of me. stepdad moved one of his hands back and started gently feeling my pussy. I could hear Tiffany moan a little as she joined his fingers in rubbing her pussy. His tongue had Tiffany squirming and moaning steady, that just added to the hot sex stepstep daddy and I were having. Tiffany held his head and fucked his tongue real fast and then she let out a big moan and shook.

Losing It to My Drumline Instructor

first-time thirstygirlll 2018-03-28

The months went on, and Bob and I flirted and talked more, eventually seeing a school choir concert and secretly holding hands the whole time. Instead of just cuddling during our "tutoring", when everyone was out of the band room and school for the night, he leaned closer to me. I felt so exposed to be in the middle of the band room, my classroom, my school, half naked. "Here, try this." Bob unbuckled his pants, pulling them down, and exposing his penis. He also never took off most of his clothes, but we fucked all over the room, including him getting a blow job from me in our band director's chair.

Dawn's First & Only Ch. 02

first-time wizarddriver 2018-03-27

Dawn broke our kiss as she pushed herself up & sat astride my lap and lifted both my hands & placed them inside the now open folds of her robe and onto her firm breasts. Briefly I stopped fondling her breasts and pulled her bum cheeks up my body until her thighs straddled my head & her beautiful pussy slid up against my lips. Our need was too great, we couldn't last, we came in a crescendo of noise and throbbing orgasms as I expended my spunk deep into her hungry pussy and Dawn drenched my prick with her juices as I held her tight & tweaked her clit to keep her orgasm going until she begged me to stop.

Last Night

first-time seantea 2018-03-27

As the drinks flowed, we amused each other and re-discovered all the perfect ways our personalities fit together - it felt like five years prior when we'd both been single. I traced your lips with my fingers and said your name back; it felt like we were trying to ensure that it was not another fantasy but the real thing. My best friend and I had sex a few more times until I started to feel really deep feelings for him and literally cut him off, never seeing or talking to him again - the sad consequence of crossing the line of friendship.


first-time 2018-03-27

I spread her legs and slid my tongue down the inside of her thighs. Pulling my tongue out I teased and licked up her juices till her whole body trembled. Reaching behind her head I grabbed a handful of her curly locks and rubbed my cock across her lips. I let her lips around the head and felt her tongue run along the underside. I slid my cock past her lips and teeth along her wet tongue to the back of her mouth touching the back of her throat. Saliva began falling from her mouth landing on chest as she rubbed it in with both hands. On her back I spread her legs and lifted them up towards her ears her pussy and thighs completely wet and dripping.

Beautiful Scars

first-time BrokenGrace 2018-03-27

My hands were in his hair and his were pushing on my lower back and I felt him pressing into my thigh and all at once, I wanted something completely different than pain. He kept going, knowing exactly what he was doing, until I came down my pussy, and he moved to lick it up, groaning and gripping my hips with his hands. I bit back letting out a moan of pain, and simply wrapped my legs and arms around him while he kissed away the few tears that had spilled over. Then I whispered into his ear how much I wanted him to come inside me, and how much I loved the feeling of his cock and he groaned and pumped me even harder than before.


Favourite Holiday Destination Ch. 01

first-time nkwasi 2018-03-27

Dee then took my hand and said "all over" and slid it beneath her bikini holding my hand and directed it to her wonderful wet pussy. Suddenly I felt her hand slide up my leg and under my costume, she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it all the while looking at my expression of bliss. Dee guided my head up and down over her clitoris, her hips thrusting all the time as she would say put your tongue inside and then with her hands direct my head up and back over her clitoris groaning with pleasure all the time until she burst out in ecstasy as she came violently.