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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anal Sunday

first-time xhamporn 2018-03-27

Without a word I felt Timmy pushing a wet finger in my ass as he pummeled my cunt with hard deep strokes and now I was moaning out loud oh god yes uh huh oh god uh huh fuck me fuck me oh god yes fuck me, fuck me just like that uh huh oh god yes I love your cock in my pussy fuck me fuck me. Richard was right behind him fucking me faster and faster with his hard thick cock until I felt his hot scalding sperm shooting into my pussy in huge burning hot gob after gob of cum, filling me to the point it was flowing out of my slippery wet cunt.

stuttering Jeremy -3

first-time stif266 2018-03-27

She was moaning and sucking my tongue so hard I thought she'd suck it right off." Jeremy is practically panting as he tells his story. "Like this?" he asks, momentarily disengaging his mouth from my clit as he continues to finger fuck my pussy. "I promised, didn't I?" I smile, my pussy twitching at the thought of Jeremy's hard cock filling it up. Jeremy lies on his side facing me, his hard cock brushing my thigh and sending shivers through my wet pussy. Don't let her talk you into fucking her until you've given her at least two orgasms with your tongue, understand?" I ask like there's going to be a test.

Best Sleepover Ever

first-time ThothAcolyte 2018-03-27

We played more video games until it got dark out, at which point Brandon's mom entered the living room and proclaimed "Dinner's ready!" We all entered the kitchen and sat around the four-seater table, with Brandon to my left and Mrs. Black across from me. Brandon went into the bathroom to shower, and I stood awkwardly in the living room, covering my half hard cock with a pillow as his mom swished around the room, gathering blankets and pillows. She continued the motion all the way to the head of my penis, still poking out like a groundhog, and softly slid her digit up to my dick hole, and gathered the last remaining drop of cum off of it, and put her finger in her mouth.

The Dare of the Siren

first-time phubby 2018-03-27

It was certainly a stroke of irony that as my constant dabbling in visual temptation without ever having been detected (or so I thought) had ushered me to this false sense of security, what imperiled me at that very moment was the reality that she, my siren, did not need to see me to know I was there. I thought them convenient for the moment; a perfect soundtrack for the forbidden lusts now in full bloom in my mind and throughout my body. Each new melodic measure melted away another layer of my self-defense mechanisms, slowly exposing me much like the many times my mind had slowly slithered over her form, secretly exposing my projection of her body to my mind.

A day out with the supermarket women

first-time griffen1 2018-03-27

The twenty winners, Clare, Wendy and I were to be taken rear of the coach and watched as Wendy went and sat with all the women she came up to Clare and asked if she As Wendy sat down, the skirt split open to show Clare her first orgasm of the day, Clare with her kissing and The other women took my Wendy off to the pool. We saw all the women with Wendy naked in the middle. When Wendy had relaxed again, she was led by the women We counted six women besides Debbie and Wendy crowded pleasures of the girl's mouth and tits while Clare wonderful day," said Clare, "and thank you for giving us

A new relationship

first-time 2018-03-27

There was silence for a moment then she said "Polly, I would really love it if you'd carry on what you were doing and let me watch." I was shocked that she would ask me that and said "No. Go away." but my pussy was aching to be rubbed and I began to wonder if it might be fun. Sarah's hand slowly moved between her legs and she started to rub herself, using her two middle fingers, just gently and externally to begin with, but after a few strokes she started pushing harder, getting both fingers between her outer lips. Oh my, oh yes, push them in a little further." "That's really good, keep your fingers going in and out....a bit faster...lick my clit at the same time.

The Shower

first-time Pegasus_Girl 2018-03-27

My sopping wet pussy seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it opened up and allowed Josie to slide the huge monster cock into me, it seemed like the stretching would never end as slowly, more and more of the knob was pushed past my lips, until finally, I felt my vagina close a little as the knob had made it’s way in. I could feel the dong start to twitch and looked to see her biting her lip and shuddering as a powerful orgasm took hold. I closed my eyes and relaxed, concentrating on the feelings in my pussy with the huge toy and the vibrator, when I heard Josie begin to moan, quietly at first but getting louder as she began to come.

Pouring Love

first-time authorj 2018-03-27

The following day, at evening around 7'o clock, I left my home telling mom that I will return very late as I was going to watch a movie with friends. My clothes were also drenched in water and it got stuck to my body like my skin. The rain and her intense sucking were evoking indescribable pleasure in me and soon I ejaculated my hot cum into her mouth. I was also about to reach my climax by then and soon started shooting my hot cum inside her after getting her permission. I phoned my mom and said that I'm at my friend's home and due to this heavy rain I won't be able to come home that night.

My First Job (1st Day)

first-time DiamondLife 2018-03-27

with a bit of careful non stretching I got through my first morning,Four inch heels were probably not the best thing to work in, but did make my booty look delish bending over to fill the machines with junk snacks, my fishnet stockings were popular with the male workf***e too. I found it hot in the factory and probably black bra and panties wasn't the best choice underneath my uniform. "Tomorrow you will not wear black undies, you will wear no bra or panties, but keep the stockings and heels" He said demandingly.

First Time at Best Friend's House

first-time passionwriter101 2018-03-27

I picked up Ian and plonked him into the king sized bed and said goodnight to Jason as he went into his room. Ian's eyes opened, he gave me his handsome half smile and pulled me closer to him putting his hands onto my ass and rubbing my thighs. She closed the door behind her as she entered the room, she knew what she saw, I had always had a crush on Rebecca, she was tall, a bit chubby but it wasn't noticeable but it added to her big DD breasts, she had dirty blonde hair than rested on her shoulders. Rebecca demanded Ian to come to her side of the room and bend onto the bed, she then ordered me over and felt my cock as I walked past.

Four Hills High School Ch. 01

first-time TWervas39 2018-03-27

Robert sat with Jackie on the floor of her bedroom, and for the hundredth time let his eyes wander over her; over the jeans which hugged her hips tightly, the pleasant swell of her breasts under the pink t-shirt, and the wavy, dark blond hair which fell about her shoulders. As they kissed, Robert ground his pelvis into Jackie's, feeling her hips rise up to meet his gratefully. Robert then moved to her right breast, licking the nipple several times before taking it into his mouth and sucking it in turn. Supporting himself with his left hand, he moved his right to Jackie's other breast, and felt it as he sucked her nipple. This time, Robert's desire and impatience combined to push aside his guilt at causing Jackie pain.

After the funtime, before she went to work.(bi)

first-time musclecock 2018-03-27

"Did you like the way my son's asshole felt, wrapped around this thick cock?" Mrs. Thompson said while squezzing my raging hardon as she hissed, "cock" I was speechless. "Answer me boy, did you like fucking my son up his tight little ass?" She said more f***efully, though still jerking me off. "I need to leave for work in an hour, so hurry up and fuck me Stevie." She said as she bent over the sink, hiked up her skirt and pulled down her soaked panties. "Good thing for you stevie..." She said as she turned around bent over and spread her ample asscheeks, looking over her right shoulder she finished "...I'm the biggest whore on the block."

The exchage program..

first-time Iraqi_ 2018-03-27

During the 18 hour flight, I could not help but think about Alicia. I went to a local restaurant to try the local food, however Alicia decided to eat at the cafe in the lobby. I moved my hands under her top, feeling her semi-erect nipples. I instantly seized that opportunity and slowly and erotically removed the dress, feeling her soft and supple skin at the same time. I could also see her clit, apparently semi-aroused by my subconscious erection that was sticking out of the water. We started to shower together, with me seizing the opportunity and slowly massaging and touching Alicia’s body while helping her bath. While I was preparing the tub, Alicia walked in and caught my hard-on erection.

David's First Time

first-time Claudia Bones 2018-03-27

I can't tutor her, alone in my room, if I can't even think about her without getting a hard-on!" David said. Kerri's eyes were as round as saucers as David tried to shove his rapidly shrinking dick back into his pants. Kerri took one last look at David, then said, "I'll give you a moment." She shut the door. you've got a huge dick." Kerri's hand moved higher on David's thigh. "Well, get ready!" With that, Kerri got on her knees and put her hot tongue on the tip of David's cock. A little cum was left on David's slit, which Kerri promptly licked off. "David, I want you to fuck me now," Kerri said raggedly.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 07

first-time adjoaq 2018-03-27

Use the office to your right." Dean said taking in Kayla's confused look. Kayla laughed and reached up to turn Dean's head, with her hand on his cheek, to face the road. Kayla nodded, then realizing Dean wasn't looking at her, answered in a soft voice, "yes I'm okay." Kayla turned to look at Dean, too shocked to be embarrassed by the kissing comment Jean had made. Which is it brother?" Jean finally turned to look at Dean, whose eyes remained on Kayla like all the others, taking in her reaction. I've never seen Dean care so much about any one woman in his life." Jean had no doubt when he looked at his brother that he loved Kayla.

Her First Blowjob Goes Awry

first-time viejopelon 2018-03-27

"No," Beth answered, "but I do not let people know I do not either." Briana and Beth then commiserated on the facts that no matter what the girl did or did not do, if a boy said she had sex with him, there would be no one who stand up for her. As Briana sat half-listening the droning voice of Professor Latimer, the cute girl thought back to a conversation with her Godfather, Nathan, several years ago. An overachiever since the age of twelve, Briana knew that sucking this young man's cock may not the best thing she had ever done, but as far as the pleasure she was both giving and receiving, it was not so very bad.

My UPS Man Picnic

first-time xhamporn 2018-03-27

He reached down and found my clit with his fingers and started rubbing it and shouting out behind me oh god Anna cum with me I can’t hold off any longer I knew as soon as I felt his hot cum shooting into my ass I would orgasm anyway so I started pushing back on his cock like a woman possessed and screaming out yes, yes oh George yes now you sweet wonderful man do it George fill my ass with your hot thick cum yes oh god yes fuck me, fuck me so hard and fast George shoot it in me yes shoot it in my ass.

The First Big Time Ch. 03

first-time msxxl 2018-03-27

I remembered all the times I had seen Kim in tank tops that were super snug and I got hot just listening to her, I told her I would love to see her in the tights, a super tight tank top and a little tight mini skirt that was so tight she could barely sit in it. I had never fucked Kim's face, I had always let her control the blow job but I knew that she wanted me to take charge and fuck her beautiful mouth the way I had Jody's. I knew what she wanted, I wanted it too, so I dug my fingers into the crotch of the tights and pulled until they gave way, ripping a hole in them big enough to expose her bare pussy.

Mom's Panties Runneth Over!

first-time 2018-03-27

She knew it was wrong to watch him but since that louse of a husband and father had left her a year ago, it seemed that she always needed to cum and the sight of her son thoroughly enjoying her dirty panties made her already swollen pussy begin to leak into the panties she now wore. You using my dirty panties on your big dripping cock made me so hot that I just had to rub myself and I came so hard, look," she said as she stood up and moved closer to her startled son. Erik watched his mother licking her hand clean of his pre-nut and began to pump his engorged cock once more in earnest.

“Raw Sex, For The First Time” (Part 1)

first-time 2018-03-27

I need to go to more parties like that, Chris thought as he rolled over onto his side, lazily looking over at his television to see the news. "You like my tight little ass, right?" The stripper said as she turned around and squatted to push the d***k mans penis in her mouth. Chris licked his lips and watched as the d***k man turned the stripper around and pushed her up against the wall, driving his penis into her anus. "If you're looking for the strip club, you need to go around to the front" the stripper said as she took a drag from her cigarette and looked Chris up and down. "That was quick but I liked it" The stripper said as she turned around to smile and kiss Chris on his cheek.


first-time Dannineels 2018-03-27

I am moving closer & closer to you on the couch, practically begging for help, please, please, please sir, surely you must know a way I can get smarter! Actually Danni the ancient Chinese elder men used to share their seeds of knowledge with students in need. Oh yes, that's it Danni, taste from my tree of knowledge, lick it, take as much of my tree as you can, mmmmmm, very good. Now Danni you will need to suck the seeds of knowledge out of my tree and I' ll let you know when my seeds are getting close to flowing into your mouth. Oh my god Danni, get ready, keep sucking, I can feel my seeds stirring, oh yes, fuck yes, here it comes.

Keiko's Adventure

first-time buttyninja 2018-03-27

Keiko looked out across the fields, her father and brothers had travelled to the town to sell the rice crop, and she was left alone in the house. Keiko saw an arrow sticking out of the man's back; the rest of the bandits started to shout and ran to grab their weapons. Keiko didn't know if she could trust this man, but as they rode further away from the bandits, who were still in chaos, she felt it would be easier to fight him than the many men back at the camp. Keiko was filled with a need to be as close to Ryou as she could, she ran her hands across his firm chest onto his broad shoulders.

Erica's Sexual Transition

first-time Skinnyredles 2018-03-27

Tara told me that sex had actually strengthened her relationship and that it felt amazing. I told Mike that he was going to take me out dinner and Tara arranged to spend the night with her boyfriend so I would have the room all to myself. Tara had told me how George liked it bald and Mike had mentioned he just didn’t like bushy. I got into bed with him and he pulled off boxers and laid there with his penis rock hard and his hands behind his head. He kissed me good bye, told me he loved me and that he had a great time.

Tied to Each Other Ch. 02

first-time ZacNeuman 2018-03-27

“Honey,” I said in a mildly sweet voice, “what are we doing?” She removed the step stool from the living room and answered me, “Oh, what ever I want, dear.” “Ahh, not that’s what I like to see,” she stood and was pleased with the effect this had on my penis, “a hard man is good to find.” She left the room for a moment and returned with the dildo in one hand and a bottle of lubricant designed for sexual intercourse. “Ahhhhhh,” and the movements became more rapid, “AHHHH,” she was swaying on the stool, “AHHHHHHHHH,” and the dildo was all the way in her and she was rubbing herself fiercely and then she seemed to grab herself as her knees clamped shut around her hands, “Uhhhhhhhhhh,” the knees opened and closed several times and I thought she was about to fall off the stool.