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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Keeping a Promise

first-time wordmad 2018-03-27

"Hey, sweetie!" Kathleen said with a smile, pulling him into a tight hug. "It takes a little bit to integrate the person you know online with them in real life, doesn’t it?" Russ said. "It's not so girly, is it?" Kathleen said with a smile as Russ chuckled at the Marvel posters she had framed on her wall. "I love your laugh," she said, looking up at Russ with a smile. Russ looked down at Kathleen, appreciating the curves of her body, the sparkle in her green eyes, and her full lips. He reached up and gently smoothed her hair away from her face and planted a kiss on the cheek. Pulling up his shirt, Kathleen kissed his belly button, then

My Coworker Lily

first-time camay1997 2018-03-27

“Oh. So do you still like have a penis and stuff?” I was so horrified I’d asked this I dropped the beer can in my hand. “You’re just saying that to not go out with me, you’re a liar Lily.” I said thinking about how to change the subject when she stood up and pulled her black skirt down revealing teal cotton panties. With my left hand I stroked the base of her dick and with my right I freed my aching cock from it’s prison of grey boxer briefs and blue sweatpants. My cock was hard again, so I pushed her knees towards her head and started fucking her ass again. Maybe 109 of intense pounding before I pulled out and came all over her cock and balls.

A Bus Journey

first-time Creepysir 2018-03-27

Some of them were wearing sexy and revealing outfits, some were giggling, some were kissing each other or holding hands, even before the bus started its journey. I told her that we would have a great time and she said she is looking forward to it.The bus journey started late at night around 11.30 p.m. We both were excited and almost hot and bothered in anticipation. I continue to suck her nipples and my hand was pressing her clitty, she whispered oh dear I am near my climax, do not stop it faster.....She said her orgasm was fast approaching and she was not able to hold it.

My highschool girlfriend

first-time 2018-03-27

Mouth still on her nipple, I just laughed a little, and rubbed my hand down the length of her cock as I pulled it out, and she went back into the moment. I started to feel up her ass, and she sat up to take off my pants, then rolled over asking for my cock in her ass and said "I wont make you do this just yet baby, just stick it in, I love it, ram it in like I know you want to" so I did, I went all the way down in with one thrust, my cock throbbed at the intense feeling.

Luckiest bastard

first-time bimale73 2018-03-27

I tried to ignore his remark and did my best not to look like the guy with the boner who's having his ass massaged by a spurt of water. Trent's cock is now fully erect, it's long, looks delicious and he's stroking it right in my face. While they're still kissing I feel Trent's cock pushing harder and harder against my asshole. Slowly Trent starts to move his hips back forth and I feel his cock slide in and out of my ass. Jamilla and I are still holding hands while Trent fucks my ass. After the long kiss he slowly increases the speed, each time burying his cock as deep as possible inside my ass.

Kat on the loose again

first-time shotguner 2018-03-27

The two walked talked till 2am and Kat says come with me she unlocks the door and they sit in the living room Kat says close your eyes and with out thinking Tammi does Kat leans in and gently kisses her Tammi's eyes spring open but Kat keeps going soft lite butterfly type kisses mouth neck forehead ears then lips harder more passion in them soon Tammi parted her lips and it was on Kat kissed, licked, and sucked lips ears neck nipples her fingers working overtime in Tammi's panties had her coming in seconds hard strong long cum the kind that leave you breathless and want it to never stop.

In My Bed

first-time Ashson 2018-03-27

Now while I have no objection to having a sweet young thing in my bed I must say I would feel easier in my mind if I'd actually put her there. This was my cue to start tracing small circles on her tummy with the flat of my hand. "Ah, that's not exactly my tummy," came the unsteady reply as my wandering hand glided over her panties (not stopping) and down her leg. She gave a small jump when she found her hand pressed against my cock but didn't say anything. She bit her lip and pressed harder, wincing when her hymen gave and she started settling down onto my cock. We just lay there afterwards, Julie's head resting against me, my hand idly closed over one breast.

First Time

first-time DecayedRose 2018-03-27

As the wind swirled around me, I caught a glimpse of a shadow darting thru the black iron gates of the cemetery. I took in a deep, involuntary breath at the sudden sensation of warm lips on my neck and an arm tight around my waist. He traced my wanting lips with his tongue, making me feel weak and vulnerable, and then kissed me deeply, embracing me so close that for a moment I thought we might melt into one solitary being. He lifted his head to deepen the kiss, but I pulled just out of reach and, instead, lashed at his neck with my tongue.


first-time andrewxx 2018-03-27

When a young woman wants to learn a foreign language, she can find a family where she can live and perform general house duties, and look after the younger members of the family in return for accommodation and food. She took my hand away from her body, reached down and fully undid my jeans and underwear and allowed me the freedom to shuffle out of them. Needless to say, I hadn't felt anything like it and she sucked me and licked around my sensitive head. As the young Frenchwoman worked on my cock, I ran my fingers through her hair and held her head gently but firmly against my body. Angelique opened her arms and her legs to welcome me and I felt her hand guide me into her.

Twitter Follower 1

first-time 2018-03-26

Innocently, I sent a reply to the picture, expressing how much she looked like my wife, and let him know I was a fan. A couple days later, I received a reply from the James, thanking me for being a fan and jokingly asking if I had any pictures of my wife. I got out the vibrator and started working it around her pussy while she laid on her back, I touched the tip on her clit and she came pretty hard, the whole time watching the movie. While we were at breakfast, Hanna got an email on her phone from James, giving her his cell number and asking if she would call him right away.

Adult Theater with girlfriend

first-time mrjmr1050 2018-03-26

As Jan continued to stroke me thru my briefs and I fingered her, a guy sat down right next to me. The guy between our legs had moved into the seat next to Jan. His face was buried in her sweater over her tits. So again, there I was in a dark porn theater except this time I had a cock in my mouth, one in my hand, and my fingers in my girlfriends pussy all at the same time. She swallowed most of it but as she licked her lips, she let some of it drip down her chin onto her sweater and into the hair of the guy with his head on her chest.


first-time Tritondives3 2018-03-26

But she finally arrived; she had changed into a low fitting blouse and tight slacks and let her hair down (very long hair). I’ll come in and give you a soapy massage.” She had her back to me but turned her head a bit to meet my eyes, and a smile lit up her face. Her hand went down between us and found my hard cock and soaped it making it slippery. I kissed her breasts, sucking her nipples, and went down to my knees licking her belly and finally her pussy lips and clit as the shower rained on us. I finally stood up and turned off the water and we kissed and hugged more as my cock pushed against her.

my doctor slave

first-time hendwakeel 2018-03-26

me and hubby w visit my doctor and as normal hubby was fantasy about me w other men and i think to try new man be4 i told him so i select to seduce my docot he is fine man in early 40 and i notice he stare on my legs n feet always so i make sexy feet color and see effect on his eyes wow i touch his dick on cloth accidently and was soo big one he felt scare coz he know my hubby can kill him but i tease him more behind the caravan by my feet and for my surprise he lick it as hell but he afraid to do more so i say to hubby w loud voice hun plz bring me my mobile from car and he say ok bb

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 04

first-time daddymassa 2018-03-26

Jennifer looked at me, and then her eyes darted around me towards the front door of her apartment, they were wild with the sensation of the vibrator against her clit. Her only choice was feeling that orgasm; completely unable to stretch out her legs, move her hips or move her arms, which were still stretched out completely left and right and tied to the bed frame. In an extremely shaken voice, that was more of a whimper, she said "Yes, Master, I'm your little cum slut." Experiencing the sensation of her arms tightly bound, legs bent up and tied to hold them in place, her Master holding her hips down, and the vibrating dildo on her clit.

Runaway Bride Yvonne and Lance

first-time wannabeluver1991 2018-03-26

Yvonne's heart was racing in her chest as she sat up a bit and tried to pull away. I just can't marry this man," she said as she bit her bottom lip and turned her head away. Her wild abandon began to sink in deep as she pulled him up and shoved her tongue into his mouth as her tangled her hands into his light brown hair. "I want you to be able to cum with me, when we make love," he said before going back to sucking her hard as he tugged against her gently with his lips. "Aw!" she moaned as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she kept her one hand on the back of his head.

Doing Eva Ch. 04

first-time fuzzyb2 2018-03-26

Her granddaughter, Kati, was expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and take up residence with Eva and Ray in their home. "What did you tell her exactly?" I wondered as there was a lot Eva might have said that I couldn't believe Kati would be ready for. I wondered if there would be a chance to get naked with Eva, maybe while Ray kept Kati busy. Of course, the trust that Eva had put in me to look after Kati meant nothing was going to happen, but at least I could ogle and fantasize, and yes, masturbate, all with no guilt associated with wanting an underage girl.

Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

first-time DizzyD427 2018-03-26

Then as Davey watched, she reached behind her and began undoing her bra, and as she let it slide down her arms she whispered, “I noticed my areolas were a little too small.” Then as her nephew gazed on her naked breasts for the first time, Abby teased the bright pink circles with her fingers before pinching her nipples, making them hard. With that, Abby slowly rose from the couch, and as she walked towards her nephew she said, “Don’t be embarrassed Davey, I know you’ve liked watching me for a long time, and I think it’s very cute… in fact, you were watching me from the upstairs window earlier, weren’t you.”

More Than You Could Ever Know

first-time Lesbofreak57 2018-03-26

If I wear anything warmer I'll be too hot to snuggle up underneath them." Her logic makes little sense, but I shrug and direct my eyes to the screen. "You know all the words..." She takes her eyes off the screen for two second to look back at me and then continues right on watching it. "Jason, stop!" She attempts to push me away and grab the bottle, but I hold it over my head where she can't reach it. I slowly walk back into her room to see her still lying in bed talking in her sleep about nothing in particular, when I hear something unusual. She follows the line on my happy trail with her finger and stops right at the waistband of my sweatpants.

Suck My Tits Daddy pt.2!

first-time 2018-03-26

One soft hand grasped the base of my cock while her mouth sucked up and down on the fat shaft. I took her pretty head in my hands again, arched my back a little and began to fuck her sweet mouth. I knew, as I watched Callie suck my cock while I fucked her mouth, that it wouldn't be long. Callie let go of my cock with a loud PLOP and moved up until her pussy was just above the bulbous head, then lowered her sweet ass until I was all the way inside of her again. Her face had taken on that feral look again; her eyes were burning with an intense fire and her mouth twisted into an a****l snarl as she began to wildly ride my cock.

Fun Times

first-time BAKelly 2018-03-26

I bring my hand all the way up, my palm grazing his tip, my fingers stroking his shafts. Soon he's thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock through my fingers. A loan moan escapes his lips and I place my mouth over the smooth flesh of his head. My hand pulls his flesh down towards the base of his cock, my mouth follows. After he gets to the last button, his fingers push again the top of my breasts, he pulls my shirt over my shoulder to my elbows and slips it off. He presses harder against me, my hips push against his hand and I cum, again. I feel his hot breath on my cum soaked lips.


It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 03

first-time vastiesmith 2018-03-26

I told her: "No, I just want to go to sleep and lay there thinking about feeling Tommy's cock inside me. I moved my mouth to the top part of her slit and began hitting her clit with my tongue, while my 3 fingers fucked her pussy hole as fast as I could make then go in and out. I said, "I'm going to let Tommy fuck me tomorrow night while I baby-sit. I could feel his hard cock pressing between my legs as I held it in my other hand and moved my body up into his tighter. He smiled down at me in the semi-dark room and began to move his hips as he pushed his cock in and out of my young hot wet pussy slowly and steady!

The Descending of Jessica

first-time Jessie92 2018-03-26

The next day we also spent playing hooky together, this time we began at Dr Anderson's office for a cleaning and a couple of fillings needed from years of neglected dental care, and then to their family doctor for a check up, which was required for school registration anyway. Once school began it was clear that all the years of bouncing around with mom had left me well behind others in my grade, but Brent and the Andersons worked with me and by the winter break I was pretty well caught up. It wasn't that I was a prude, or that I particularly valued my virginity like Allison thought I should, it was that I was focused on school and getting my grades back up to be able to attend college on the scholarships available to foster kids.


first-time shavedsmooth2012 2018-03-26

Greg sealed his mouth around Marks cock and started to suck and pull at the large member, working it faster and faster. Mark gasped as Greg’s figure worked his way inside him the lubricant made the passage easy, and soon Mark could feel Greg sliding his figure in and out at speed. Mark loved the feeling of the strong cock penetrating his very being; Greg slowly started to thrust in and out of the hole, with each stroke Mark rose to a higher level than he had ever been before. She jumped on top of him, still face down, she started to lick and lap at him, smacking his arse hard as Greg quietly left the room puling his clothes on as he went.

I Demand A Do Over!

first-time JFry 2018-03-26

This is the story about how I lost my virginity. Some of my f****y live in small towns and we i go to visit them, we party (btw, this story is one the main reasons i don't drink anymore). Here I am, enjoying myself, and then all of a sudden, Bam! So, were talking and all off a sudden she wanted to dance. I remember kissing, and getting sucked off then. So the next morning, I wake up with a loaded condom on and a girl,(who btw, did not get more attractive, mad at me. I went in for a kiss and she said, I didn't know what to say.I paused, then replied with