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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time sucking cock

first-time GQTRADER1971 2018-03-26

I'd imagine what it must have been like to be on the other end of the blowjob; hearing the moans of delight, feeling the hand holding the head tightly as cum is shot and of course, the feeling of being a used slut. As I bobbed my head back and forth, stroking him, swallowing his precum I began moving faster, I WANTED HIS CUM. Before I left, I said 'thank you for letting me suck your cock' We spoke the next day and I said thank you again, we agreed to meet up again and he told me I had done a fantastic job and he wanted me to come over again, anytime I felt the urge and needed it satiated.

Hirsute Indian Princess

first-time bigpop 2018-03-26

One day in class, I was in the middle of an incredible fantasy where I was burying my face deep between her ass cheeks and shoving my tongue up her tight little brown asshole that was surrounded by a thick jungle of twisted black hair. Besides, all I wanted to do was what I'd dreamed of doing from the first time I met her, part her little brown thighs and dive my face into her hairy pussy and lick greedily at her lips, clit and finally her little hair ringed asshole. Following down the cavernous cliffs of her ass crack, a waterfall of thick black hair cascaded down the center, it's only break in total uniformity was how it swirled around her perfectly bare little asshole, which looked like the eye of a hurricane, surrounded by the massive black swirling arms of the the raging storm.

Luke's Transformation Pt. 01

first-time avengerfive 2018-03-26

The ratio of male to female students was something like 30-to-1 in Luke's small engineering school. Luke had never seen any such thing before, and found it hard to look away. "I think you're gonna have to get all the way up on the bed to make this work," Giselle said. It did not occur to the young engineering student until sometime the next day that economic and other considerations did not favor Giselle wanting him to take up the full 30 minutes for which he had paid for the room. So, while, Luke thought everything was going like gangbusters for his first time fucking a woman, Giselle said:

A Good Send Off

first-time Redhanded 2018-03-26

I can feel it all through my body, like being electrocuted, like being washed over wave by wave, like falling during a dream I am awake for.I know it's wrong, I know it's going to cause some awkwardness after but I want it still. My hands are shaking, my nipples are hard, my mouth is wet. I can feel your hardness pressed up against me, and I can't stop myself from making noises of pure desire. I can feel the excitement in your cock, but I like to play it out to make you want more and more and more. I'm moaning with you still in my mouth and you can feel it all the way through your body. Finally you pull out, take yourself in your hand and release all over me.



first-time Ashson 2018-03-26

About an hour later I was getting ready to pack it in and go to bed when Cecelia came wandering into the lounge room. "Bed now," I told her, and Cecelia turned and scurried down the hall towards the girl's bedroom. Cecelia was getting rather restless now, twisting and pressing herself against my hand while holding tight to my hair while I continued to feast on her breasts. Deciding the time was past due to progress things even further I moved up and over Cecelia, settling between her thighs, my cock pressing lightly against her slit. The next time I withdrew I slammed back home hard and fast and Cecelia gave a startled squeal.

My Iraq Deployment Fantasy

first-time 2018-03-26

As the wife began to strip off her clothes my cock began to get so hard, and as Brandon began rubbing my wife’s sexy 36c tits my cock began throbbing. It was so sexy watching another man rubbing, licking, and sucking on my wife’s tits, and I could tell from the look on her face that she was beginning to enjoy the touch of another man. I could hear my wife saying “fuck my pussy, slam that cock deep inside of me.” As he was asking her if she “liked that cock going in our little wet pussy,” and I heard her reply “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy Brandon.” I could tell by the moans and the look on my wife’s face that she was really enjoying his cock being in her wet horny pussy.

I miss you.

first-time 2018-03-26

He put his right hand on my left tits and he started to rub my nipple. He moved his hand from my thigh and placed it on the soft mound of my pussy, which he proceed to rub intensely. My right nipple is being treated with deep kisses and strong sucking, while my small pussy is rubbed all in the right places. Everything felt so good and so hot, my moans got louder and I started to sweat a little. I felt my pussy massaging his thick shaft as he began to stroke his cock in motion. After long consecutive minutes of the slapping between my clit and his pubic bone, our sex nearly hit finale as he told me he was ready to cum.

Satisfied Ch. 01

first-time Itz_Fine_White_Wine 2018-03-26

Another moan, louder this time, comes out of her mouth as he slowly fingers her. He slows down his fingers as her pussy convulses around them until she collapses, her tits moving up and down hard as she tries to get her breathing under control. "Now it's your turn," she says, letting her hand glide over his hard dick through his pants. He guides her head to take more in her mouth until she gets in a rhythm and then he fists his hands in her hair, his head laying against the seat enjoying the feel of her warm wet mouth. She sucks his now limp shaft a couple times to get the cum off then lets it slide from her mouth.

my first time ( translate from ilk seferim )

first-time 2018-03-26

His voiced hoarse and his began the self control a fem times drived with my lips very slowly on then i begin to move hardly push on back on hardly and hardly i drived two minutes after he lost self control he was move cum attack inside my mouth with yellin first shot came inside my mouth it was so warm i throught my nails his ass for instincly he came so much and i tried to get out his cock from my mouth but i cant second shoot came my mouth really loaded also i made a orgasm my asshole get spasm attack and my ass start to vibration out of my control then his back andd his cock out but my mouth still open and his cum was leached my mouth side and third shoot came inside my mouth from out again his filled my mouth and fourth fifth shoot attack came in succession my face my hair my neck my tits filled his cum.

Two Captives Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2018-03-26

It was obvious to Sarah that many of these same women sought out Two Bears and Red Fox. In the last month, Red Fox had been spending time with a pretty girl named Summer Wind. At one point, when they were sitting together and no one else was around, Sarah asked about her and Red Fox. Summer Wind indicated they were to be married. Running Water was no help but Summer Wind told her to confront Gray Cloud. On the third day, she went to pick roots again with Summer Wind and she brought up the talk with Gray Cloud. Like before Red Fox and Summer Wind were soon gone off somewhere leaving Two Bears and Sarah alone.

When daddy caught me watching

first-time naughtyfuckslut 2018-03-26

These thoughts would tempt me into picturing mummy and daddy together and would suggest that it was ok to listen to them. I thought back to when I would sl**p in bed with mummy and daddy because of nightmares. Despite the room being dark I could vaguely make out mummy and daddy. I stood, shaking uncontrollably inside as I watched daddy fuck mummy from behind. I watched daddy fuck mummy harder and faster knowing that every stroke he took was one he had wished was inside me. He wanted to spunk a huge load over mummy - whilst looking into his little girls eyes. As I made my way back to bed, I realised that daddy never once forgot about his little girl next door.

Sisterly Love

first-time deeps 2018-03-26

Lin looked up into my eyes and asked 'did I enjoy fucking her sister earlier?' My cock must have wilted faster than a melting snow cone and Lin laughed saying that seeing Kym tonight she saw the way that she looked at me and the glow on her face explained it all. I was visibly shocked and tried to explain myself but Lin laughed and said she didn't mind as she knew that I loved her and hoped that I had made Kym's first time memorable. After a few strokes Lin started coming hard, moaning loudly, with the thought of Kym lying up stairs fingering herself whilst listening to this my cock burst inside Lin and we both came hard.

The Exotic Feel Of Cock

first-time milli214 2018-03-26

"Don't be a perve." I said and he followed me down the bleachers and as I stepped off the last stair, I turned to walk inbetween both bleachers into the gap and I ducked under the bars that held the bleachers up and I walked under them as I heard Jovanne follow and as soon as we walked past all the tight bars that we had to slip under and over, we reached the wall and were completely hidden from anyone else and I leaned against the wall toward Jovanne who looked completely hot in his black hoodie and low jeans.


first-time 2018-03-26

I left the path and skirted around behind the bushes to get a better view and not be seen, I could now see there were two of them, the other person being a girl also in school uniform.The girl had a firm grip on his cock and was wanking him furiously, I could feel my cock hardening and hear my heart thumping as I watched the scene unfold no more than a few yards away.I am unsure how long this had been going on before I had arrived but within a matter of a couple of minutes I heard the boy groan and shoot two streams of sperm over the leaves of the nearby bushes.

My cum filled spring break

first-time vibrator3735 2018-03-26

Finally she made it to my pussy, she started licking it and pulling it open, the sensation was amazing, her tongue thrashing around mixed with the hot water made me feel like I was in heaven. "Did you like your surprise at dinner" she said as she reached into my pussy and pulled out the egg. She took the giant dildo and started thrusting it in and out of my pussy, I was ready to cum all ready but right when I was about to come she stopped thrusting me so that I wouldn't cum. She took the metal egg and shoved it so deep in my pussy I thought I was gonna pass out and she took the wand (which was on high), and started rubbing the tops of my tits.

Mommy and sissy

first-time 6270daniel 2018-03-26

"Mommy isn't mad about you wearing girls clothes, girl, then you are going to have to dress as I tell you you want to be Mommy's little girl?" He sniffled out a only a little time before I had to pick up Christy, so or I swear, Mommy is going to pull down your panties and get to know each other." Mary said to Bobby and then look at me said, "Sweet little thing." going to turn out to be a sweet little girl. "You'd like Mommy to make you feel good again, yes?" "Such a polite little girl, Mommy likes that. just as Mommy makes her little girl feel good, Mommy I turned and looked right at Christy, "I think that you

I Fell In Love With A Foot Fetishist

first-time Samaliscious 2018-03-26

“Did you know that Freud said that foot fetishes derive from a little boy seeing his mom’s vagina –– or lack of penis -- for the first time and thinking she was castrated? When he was in high school, his ex-best friend told the whole school, but it backfired and all the pubescent girls with raging hormones started asking him to give them foot massages. People began shyly asking me questions about our sex life, if he made me do anything weird, if I was into feet too now, what foot-fetish sex consisted of. Our female friends began asking him his opinion on their feet, teasing him with them in the same way I used to, not quite realizing how sexual it really was for him, or realizing and not caring.

ice cream

first-time hentaihumper 2018-03-26

after that i tried deepthroating him, but as i said i was a complete virgin back then, so i choked a bit, he chuckled and put his hand over my head, and started moving it for me, i sucked and he moved my face slowly down his cock, back up its length, and down again, getting a little deeper every time. he reached a hand to my head, and smoothed my hair back, which i thought was curious at the moment, then, suddenly, his cock gave a mighty throb and started shooting cum all over my face, which prompted a short, high pitched shriek of startlement (i got a little mad he hadn't warned me, i guess my friend might have "forgotten" to tell him i was "new" at that stuff).

An experince

first-time 2018-03-26

Wo doosre kamre me chali gayi 5 minut baad wapas a gayi or halka sa gown pahan kar a gayi or uske neeche bra bhi nahi pahni hui to chuchi bhi halki haki najar a rahi thi mai bade dhyan se unki chucho ko dekhne laga to unhone mujhe dekh liya maine turant apni najar hata li uske baad wo mere saamne wale bed me chli gayi or baith k mujh se baaten karne lag gayi par mera dhyan to baar baar chucho me hi ja raha tha or wo bhi is baat ko note ka rahi thi thodi der baaat kar ne k baad mai bhi unke bare me poochne laga to wo kahne lagi sab thik hai aajkal thoda peeth me dard ho raha dwai bhi khaaye thi par kuch asar nahik ho raha .


The Lesson

first-time DelightfulNikki 2018-03-26

"Very nice," she said as she wrapped her hand around Eric's throbbing erection and brought her mouth towards his cock to give the tip a delicate lick. "Mmmm...," she moaned, "you feel so good." She lifted herself up off his cock and lowered herself back down, allowing the full length of Eric to fill her again. Eric could feel the ripples of Michele's pussy walls as wave after wave of her orgasm flooded his cock. Michele gripped Eric's shoulders for dear life as his cock continued to fill her tight pussy. Eric looked at Michele's pussy to see the aftermath of his orgasm slowly oozing down her thigh.

Marcy's Playground 10 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-03-26

When it got dark I said to Jean-Luc, "I need to get going now." The way he said dinner sounded like 'hot monkey gorilla sex'. "I can think of a lot of really perverted ways to complete that sentence," Evan said. "Dinner," I said, and I made it sound like hot football tackle crazy eat-your-dead rugby anal sex. "Starving," Jean-Luc said looking right at me. "I swear I'm going to get that fucker of an insurance company to pay for that little girl's operation if it's the last thing I do," Jean-Luc said. "You're not ready," Evan and Jean-Luc said at once. "More sex," Jean-Luc said. "Aw, baby, you say the sweetest things," Jean-Luc said. Evan leaned over me and looked at Jean-Luc.

Courtney,One Crazy Little Bitch. Part 2

first-time dongerdoug 2018-03-26

Using her head,Courtney pushed me backwards till I was leaning against the kitchen counter,then her small,nimble fingers worked quickly to undo my belt and pull my pants down. Courtney arranged herself till the head of my cock was resting on the tip of her nose and she looked at it crosseyed. She parted her dark-green painted lips,baring her teeth like an a****l ready to strike,then flicked her head back and caught my cock on her protruding tongue. Courtney was sobbing but she got up,put her feet on either side of my legs and squatted down till the head of my cock was inbetween the lips of her pussy. No Matter What,I was Going To Fuck Courtney's sweet,little pussy till she begged me to stop!

Caneing with Abbie Ch. 02

first-time Ropecleat 2018-03-26

Abbie was beaming, "I saw a movie once that had a scene with a lot of people outdoors in England, all wearing very formal clothes from the 1800s but they were having a picnic in the country and were drinking champagne from crystal glasses. It was getting dark so we packed up to go back to the room, but not without Abbie putting down her glass and standing on the bench of the picnic table, putting her arms around me, and giving me the most ardent and passionate kiss she could muster. I took a step towards the bed with her, and we separated enough so that I could undress her starting with her blouse, a button at a time kissing each newly exposed area of skin, lavishing her nipples and breasts when they were finally exposed.

The Bunny Hop Pt. 04

first-time charliewilder 2018-03-26

Feel my Qi, my Yin, my energy." She turned onto her back and lay perfectly still with my hand held on her chest. Then she turned the container and poured some onto her own chest, catching it with her hand as it ran and dripped down her taught body. After setting the urn onto the nightstand, she used both hands to smear the oil onto her chest, stomach, thighs and between her legs. She did this with both hands, spreading her cheeks slightly and letting her fingertips slowly trace a line from her lower back to the initial rise of her labia. Without stopping her movement, she reached down between her legs and took my cock into her right hand.