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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Stephanie has her first bisex and threesome

first-time savanah 2018-12-02

My head raced, I wanted to run but my body betrayed me when I felt Tami's soft hands caress my breasts and her hot mouth draw my nipple into it. I could feel the fear leave my body as I relaxed into Carl's embrace. I had several more drinks and was feeling tipsy, especially after the wine I drank before we left.  Carl said it was time we checked out the rest of the club so we finished our drinks and walked through a maze of corridors until we came to a dark room with a mattress in the middle of the floor.

Economics with Mrs. Sparks

first-time cougarmama5 2018-12-02

Finally, Mrs. Sparks finished, at a pretty inconvenient time, “Ok, I am done with this stack, did you find out what you needed help on in chapter one?” She said as she got up and sat at the desk next to me. She then began to bounce up and down on my cock, making me wanna spew juices all over the inside of her body now, but I refrained, holding off for as long as I could, though I knew it was going to happen soon, I could feel it. I let out a soft moan and closed my eyes as I felt it flowing through my cock at a insanely fast pace, like water in a rushing river.

Gina Loses Her Virginity While Babysitting

first-time Mysteria27 2018-12-02

I’m going to make sure that I look really nice, if he happens to be home. Jack then pulled my panties to the side and started to play with my pussy. I was just wanting Jack to lick my pussy. Jack licked his fingers with all my sweet juices and continued to fuck my asshole. I felt so sexy being in his bed and having him lick my pussy and fuck my asshole. Jack then squeezed a little lube onto his palm and rubbed it all over my pussy and his cock. Jack then pushed himself hard into my pussy and I felt my hymen breaking. Jack pushed his cock into my mouth and let out a moan and came down my throat.

Our First, Er, Second Time!

first-time castlequeen 2018-12-02

"Don't get me wrong, this is very, very nice, but if we keep kissing, part of me is going to want to do something that another part of me isn't quite....ready for at this moment in time, if you know what I mean?" He looks at me questioningly. Again and again he drives himself into me and I erupt with another scream as I come with an intensity I've never felt and I feel my pussy soaking him and he lets out a grunt of pleasure and he sucks my tongue as he picks up his pace, and now he is going furiously, no longer being so gentle, but I no longer care as I come with abandon as it seems each stroke triggers another orgasm, and he finally slams into me and holds himself in as he groans loudly!

Education ... Education

first-time pandsal 2018-12-02

“Oh dear,” said Connie Davis, “you must be in a bad way.” It was Sunday morning and she had brought me a cup of tea. There was a pause while Reg and Connie exchanged a glance that obviously meant something, because Reg then said, “And maybe it won’t be so long. “Well,” said Reg, “when I was your age, it never crossed my mind to think that sex was anything other than what happened between two people, husband and wife if you like. “More of the same,” said Reg, “but slower, let your fingers rest inside. When it arrived, Reg lifted his head so that Connie could reach down and grip my hand, imprisoning my fingers still inside her.

Field of secrets

first-time GigiLovesIt 2018-12-02

A tear rolled down her cheek as she stood in the small hut that was home. She walked outside and looked onto the meadow. For weeks Ava and Anna had spent roaming the fields and discovering each others bodies, creating new secrets every day. She'd let her fingers roam up and down, drawing the wetness from her slit to her clitoris and sighing as she'd concentrated on rubbing there, feeling her muscles contract, recognizing the feeling Anna gave her when she licked her the day before. She shook her head as she thought back to the previous day. Ava walked back to her hut and saw the sun had risen, feeling the soft glow on her flustered cheeks.

Virginity of a Vampire

first-time Kerrie66 2018-12-02

The train then went into darkness as it roared through another tunnel, as it became light again Daniel looked up only to see that the girl had gone. Each room in the new house was massive and Daniel who was excited about living there went up to his father then said "Tell me we aren't moving again Dad? Daniel then asked him about the freaky dark house but before he could finish his question, Travis stood up and said " It was really nice meeting you Daniel but i , er have to go and help my mom do something". Daniel stood up and wondered to himslf why the girl kept disappearing quickly, what is with the dark freaky house and why had Travis rushed off when it was mentioned?

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Ten)

first-time John_Doe 2018-12-02

As Amanda continued to jerk me, Julia leaned forward and still playing with my balls, stuck out her tongue and began to flick away at the swelling purple head of my cock. Amanda's hand continued to jerk the length of shaft of my cock, harder, faster, picking up speed with each twist of her wrist. My swelling head of my cock being sucked on hard by Julia's wet lips. Amanda's hand continued to jerk me as I cum hard with a loud groan of ecstasy of orgasmic state. Julia's hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed, as my cock continued to be jerked hard and fast to get every drop out.

Black Muslim Love Story

first-time Samuelx 2018-12-02

My name is Ali Mustapha and I'm a black man of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. One day, I went to a Muslim community event with Rashid, and he introduced me to his friend Farina Abdullah, a beautiful young woman of Arab and Jamaican descent. Next thing I know, Farina was kissing me passionately and even though I was new to all this, I wanted her quite badly. Lick me, Farina said, and I began lapping away at her pussy like a cat finding a bowl of butter. Somehow we went from the living room to the kitchen counter, where Farina told me to bend her over, pull her hair and spank her.

The Best Dance

first-time seeker4 2018-12-02

In the dream dance, though, Mandy was naked and I had my pants unzipped with my cock standing out at attention as I watched. Good night, Luke,” he said, heading upstairs, “Don’t hang around Mandy too long. “You like my tits, Luke?” she said looking down at what I was doing, “I think they’re kind of small.” “But now,” Mandy said after that kiss, “I want to make you cum.” Mandy smiled comfortingly, stroked my face, and said, “Go ahead, Luke. It has been too fucking long,” Mandy answered, slipping into my arms for another kiss. “Come up with me,” Mandy said quietly, a bit of a sob in her voice, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Their First Time

first-time jfAfterDark 2018-12-02

Jack was on cloud 9 and tried unsuccessfully to think of something besides "is it going to be, could it be, am I going to finally do it?" Cassie was thinking the same thing, with thoughts of, "but will he still think I'm a nice girl, am I ready, is it baaad?" mixed in with, "ohhh, but I want to." Cassie ran a finger along Jack's shaft from the base at his balls to the swollen head, never having touched a penis before. Jack pressed slowly, and felt her lips part around him, an unbelievable feeling as her warmth wrapped smoothly around his head. Cassie moaned as her orgasm built and said, "cum with me Jack." He reached deep within her, felt his cock expand and then explode, jetting his seed deep within her.

The Real Little Red Ridding Hood

first-time J8sun 2018-12-02

"I suppose it would not hurt to tell you" she said with a sigh "I am surprised you don't know really at sixteen" For the rest of the afternoon Reds eyes were opened to what was going on. As the man walked off she went after him and said "Excuse me sir, but I was wondering I know what you do in there and I will not tell a sole but I was wondering, would you show me" He looked at her in amazement his deep blue eyes looked into hers. "That is she said you can't go to you grandmothers on your own until it’s caught."   The next day Red woke and walked into the main room where she saw the man from her grandmothers.


first-time DarkSide 2018-12-02

You know you want to slip your cock into her arse while she’s looking over her shoulder at you and smiling! You know that you want to stick your tongue right inside her pussy and lick her, taste her and make her cum as you watch her contorted face as she orgasms! I would know that I would want to put my hand up under her skirt and feel her arse and then let my fingers caress round to her pussy, even in public. Yes I find the eroticism of sliding up someone’s arse to be very mind-blowing, especially as that someone lays flat on their stomach and you have a hand on their clit as well, bringing her off to her orgasm while your cock is firmly entrenched and pumping into her.

TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

first-time Buddybear 2018-12-02

Tia's belly muscles uncontrollably tightened, and she curled upward and held her breath.  She was looking straight down between her thighs, watching the most incredible sight of her life:  a huge brown man's cock penis appearing out of her most intimate bodily orifice and then disappearing back inside.  Again and again very fast!  She couldn't breathe as wave after wave of sweet celestial pleasure washed over her, blurring her vision.  She felt the walls of her pussy cavern clamp down tight around the thrusting tree trunk shaft.  She heard the boy grunting loudly, and the sound of his flesh slapping into her thighs.  She felt a new feeling, a very warm, full feeling, deep inside her, and guessed that it was the boy filling her up with his lobster sauce!  Oh, she hoped so!

Friday with Mr. Hannigan

first-time treats 2018-12-02

My cock was getting hard just looking at her, wondering what it’d be like to have her suck me off. “You can stay back a little longer on Fridays, and I’ll help you with King Lear.” “Really, Mr. Hannigan? “Of course, in return, if you could do me a little favour as well…” I pushed her hair to one side slowly and bent down to kiss her neck. Slowly, he started going in and out just like he did with his tongue, only this time the feeling was a million times better. I put my mouth around his cock, tasting my own cum as I sucked him like I did many times before for my ex-boyfriends.

Older Men... Delicious!

first-time LushPrincess 2018-12-02

I put the head on the tip of my mouth and slowly started sucking, his hands were now in my hair, I took it out and began to lick around the glans, his hands were quivering, and without noticed he stuck his whole penis in my mouth. He put his hands behind my back, picking me up off the couch; I surrounded his waist with my legs, and arched my back to feel him completely inside me. He started moving faster, deeper, vigorously; until he filled my insides with that thick cum that I now love so much… We sat there for a while, just looking into each others eyes.

Kelly's Passion-A Prelude

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-02

Just as Kelly reached the bottom of the stairs, one of the guys standing behind Jeffery hit him hard in the back of the head, knocking him straight into the lead thug. She could almost feel the young man's eyes following her, and couldn't help but smile and add a little wiggle to her hip in the hopes he would enjoy the view of her barely covered ass. Jeff felt the material of her bikini bra come away in hands and watched in wonderment as her perfect breasts came into view. As their bodies came together, Kelly felt his still-hard cock press against thigh as they embraced.

She Caught Me

first-time Michael 2018-12-02

She grabbed my hips with both hands and started thrusting, her actions pulling her down my shaft and back again, each stroke lubricating me, her mouth like an underwater vacuum. She took several deep breaths and still using my erection held in her hand, pulled herself down to my cock, grasped my balls, and slowly pulled me into her warm mouth. She finally started pulling me out of her, her tongue continuing its flicker, her lips tightening around my shaft, all the while humming. Finally she took a deep breath and allowed her body to slip beneath the surface as I continued driving my cock into her incredible heat.

The Long Hot Summer - Part 1

first-time Mortuis 2018-12-02

I kiss and lick and bite your smooth throat, loving the taste of you, watching your reaction under veiled lids so I can learn what you like best. Your hand finds its way as if by accident to my engorged cock and we both gasp; you, at the hardness and heat of it, me from the amazing rush that flows up my spine at your touch. I kiss my way down your body, my tongue hot and scorching as I kiss and lick your tits, tug at your nipples, short hot licks down your belly, swirling into your belly button... My tongue forces your swollen lips to part and I take my time, licking and kissing along the edges, gliding beneath to taste more of you.

my dream girl

first-time professorhooters 2018-12-02

This Ella was something else- a 5 foot 7 inch blonde, with brown eyes, a killer smile, full C cup breasts and a great ass that she got from her years of playing softball. I told her everything- that I had a huge crush on her for years, that I often masturbated thinking of her, and that the reason I ran off the day before was that I didn't want her to see the effect she had on me. That sounded good and all, but I just wanted to make her cum like I'd dreamed of doing for years.  I turned back to her and said "that was amazing, seeing you like that made me want you even more.

Ashley part one; First time with Miguel

first-time XxXallisynXxX 2018-12-02

Ashley couldn’t disagree; crying into Miguel’s shoulder had been great, and with his arm around her waist the whole time, (except from when they kissed and their hands were behind each other’s necks), she was in her own form of heaven. In response Miguel reached over to her and placed his hand on her leg, and slowly brushed his way under her skirt resting on her inner thigh.   They drove to his house, the whole way Miguel brushing his finger on the side of Ashley’s lips lightly through her thong.   Again they kissed, this time Miguel rubbing her bare slit and Ashley stroking his dick through his briefs. Miguel smiled and said “ Oh , you can be sure of that Ash!” He reached for her mini skirt and pulled it off.

The Geezer Makes Out

first-time senorlongo 2018-12-02

I could feel it start in my cock, then my balls took over and I came in a huge splurge of jism just as I screamed, “Oooooooh, Rachel!” I collapsed on her and lay there while Becky rubbed my back until Rachel said, “You know, G, you’re really heavy.” I was too exhausted to laugh so I just rolled off, grabbing both her and Becky in a long hug. Who would have thought that three simple, inconsequential and apparently unconnected decisions—to work as a sub; to take a job at the high school that I really didn’t want; and to seat the kids in reverse alphabetical order, a move that put Rachel and me in close proximity—would have such dramatic impact on my life.

It's a pleasure to meet you

first-time BiCuriousBytch 2018-12-02

I'll get things started for you," Vicky said giving me a wink, "let's just take these shots and enjoy ourselves tonight! I began to kiss her more passionately, moving down to her breasts and giving them a tight squeeze as she was then beginning to slip under my bra to feel my erect nipples in her palm. She began to kiss my neck and moved down to my breasts ; licking and sucking on my nipples, making shocks run down to my cunt. Not long after, she got off of me and lifted up my skirt and said, "Let's see this pretty little pussy you're so afraid to show." I began rubbing my slippery hard clit as my eyes were fixated on Andy and Vicky.

Back To School

first-time Erotic_Writing 2018-12-02

“Yep, went to Richmond last year.” I replied as I popped a few strawberries in my mouth, it was probably the only appealing thing in our lunch. “Okay class.” She started, “As you may already know, I’m your new health teacher, Ms. Starr – and that’s with two R’s.” She pointed at her name written on the whiteboard. She began to bob her head in a slow rhythmic fashion, being sure to look up at me to see the satisfaction on my face. Mr. Starr caught her stare and asked softly, “You can join us if you want.” Ms. Starr lowered her head onto her sex and began to lick like mad. I turned my head and noticed Adriana fingering herself, making it harder for me to hold my climax at bay.