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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Haven from the Storm

first-time Leenysman 2018-03-26

Daria scooted over to the other side of the bench seat, and I climbed in and pulled the door closed behind me and sat on the bench, trying to slick my hair back so I could get the water to stop running into my eyes. Mindy said, "This is Sam. He broke down on that last rise before the road dips into the valley, saw your house lights and started walking. Pushing the swinging door to the kitchen open and stepping through, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of Mindy and Daria making out, and the other two women looking on, holding hands, each with a wine glass in the other. "Maybe that's the issue," Daria said, as I noticed Kim, Eliza and Mindy watching us from the kitchen door.

Prima Nocte Ch. 02: Homecoming

first-time Pelwrath 2018-03-26

"Vince, stop talking," as one arm encircled his neck, while the other his waist, like twin pythons, pulling him into her as she quickly licked her lips, before they landed on his, her tongue charging into his mouth, as she lightly hummed, while Vince's arms wrapped around her back, pulling Abby close as well. Vince reached for her tits but Abby just grabbed his hands, pushing them above his head, as she lowered her head to his, lightly biting his lips, then jamming her tongue into his delicious mouth and squeezing his dick each time she did. "Abby just want to let you know that Vince did me a great favor," said Shanice. The alarm pinged, Vince got up, "Abby, time to start getting ready.

Lessons In Love Ch. 01

first-time velvetpie 2018-03-26

A man with bright red hair sat next to him, nursing the remains of something that had been made with cinnamon and looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. Her blue eyes fell on Helena and the older lady turned to address our group. "That will be quite enough of talk like that or you can just leave!" Properly admonished, the man settled back into silence and Sunny turned to Helena. When Sunny's eyes traveled to the blonde, the woman looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She sat stiffly upright in the chair, her eyes flitting to each person like a hummingbird to a flower and even jumped when Helena reached over and patted her leg.

Sam Learns about Sex from New Neighbor

first-time cumcumcum555 2018-03-26

He wanted to know if the books in my box would explain what sex is to him. I said I guessed they would but I thought he probably already knew everything there was to know. I asked if he knew anything about having sex and he said not really. I told him in order for us to have sex he would put his penis which I was going to call his cock inside my vagina that I was going to call my pussy. I laughed and said I was pretty sure his friends knew about sex and I was certain his parents knew if he was their biological son. Slipped my hand between my legs and found that wonderful spot Sam and I had share a few short hours ago.

My Science Geek

first-time jvanderfield 2018-03-26

As I stood in front of their door and listened I couldn't help but eventually become turned on and before I knew it my cock was stiffening in my gym shorts, which don't hide anything. I lifted myself up a few inches and pushed my boxers and shorts down around my butt and set myself down with my ass touching the cool sheets but I didn't slide them all the way forward, I let the waist-band keep my cock held down. I slowly eased out, my cock exiting with a loud pop, but when the air met the soaked and dripping head my stream of cum continued to squirt and flow and shoot onto her pussy and the asshole and stomach as I rolled onto my side next to her.


Cinnamon Rolled

first-time Middleagepoet 2018-03-26

Looking over the selections in the vending machine I noticed a cinnamon roll dangling at the end of the machinery inside the glass. I was about to feed the quarters into the machine when I heard a voice from behind me, "That cinnamon roll is mine." The machine crashed down with a loud bang and the cinnamon roll dangled, swinging back and forth. I quickly pushed on the front top of the machine, this time tilting it backwards and then letting it fall forward. Unable to talk, I bit down on the cinnamon roll, letting the rest of it fall onto the floor while I chewed and swallowed. "Well, anyway, let's get that cinnamon roll," I replied, pushing three quarters and a single dime into the machine.

Little Red Car

first-time MathGirl 2018-03-26

On a stretch of road where we didn't need to shift gears, I took John's hand off the steering wheel, put it between my legs, and squeezed my thighs together to let him know I wanted it to stay there. He put my finger on my button, rubbed it a little, then took his hand away and put it back on the steering wheel. John put his hand over and stroked my inner thigh, and I got to feeling like I might even be able to come if I kept it up long enough. I was almost naked, in a moving car on a public road going about sixty, in broad daylight, my legs spread wide apart, and rubbing my button as if I was all alone in my bed at home with the lights off.

Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 6

first-time colourfast 2018-03-26

Then reluctantly Pete withdrew his cock as he knew he was going to cum if he did not and said to his long time lover "Your turn Martin this lovely Italian boy is so hot and tight I can't last much longer". Martin wasted no time in standing at the foot of the bed and Daniel turned over on his back and lifted and spread his legs as he watched the handsome gay man who loved young boys take his long hard cock and push the head and several inches of it into the gaping hole before it came to a stop.

My deflowering

first-time bervick 2018-03-26

One evening while we were all in bed, I heard noises coming from the parents' room, I immediately understood that they were making love and I was terribly excited. When I arrived, the parents of my girlfriend who thought they were only trying to make love on the bench by the pool.I stayed a moment to look at and I was very excited by what I saw. The father of my girlfriend had a huge cock that his wife was sucking. Then he lay down next to me kissed me vigorously and told me “that night when my daughter is lying you'll join us in the room we still have much to teach and a lot of pleasure to give you”

I fucked the computer guy

first-time adel5000 2018-03-26

kind of reaction he got, I noticed his eyes wandered immediately down to my chest. He licked his lips and looked away as he started to squirm on the bed. Roger just looked down at the covers and tried to avoid eye contact now. "This is so incredible Robin, I can't believe all of this is actually happening to me. “If I didn’t know better Roger I would guess that you were trying to face fuck me.” "Sorry but you look just like those woman I watch on video. As he said this, I felt his hands reach up and clutch the back of my head. When I looked down at Roger, I saw his dick rise and grow completely erect.

I Accepted the Challenge I'm NOT GAY

first-time 425olds 2018-03-26

Big black teen studs doing stuff with feminine looking little white boys like me. He said look, here's one with a white boy getting to suck his first black cock, and here's another where he has accepted who he is. But I kept remembering images of the cute white boys on the movie boxes, sucking and enjoying big black dicks and thought, that's not me. I now wanted too taste his cum again, so when she got off his gorgeous cum coated fuck tool I wanted to suck it, but he said, It's Jessica's; Candy you suck her cum dripping pussy, and I instantly obeyed my husband, dutifully licking and sucking her creamy cunt while she took care of his pole.

Missy fucks the trucker

first-time lustylindsey69 2018-03-26

Tom's hands explored my smooth tan legs rubbing down past my knees and back up, then he put a finger on either side of my pussy and spread my soft, moist lips apart. As he leaned over me I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pulled his mouth to my nipple, which he met with a warm tongue and sucking lips. I felt his tongue press against my clit and start to move up and down, back and forth, giving long, hard licks over my swollen pink button while his fingers pushed and pulled in and out of me. He removed one of his hands from my leg and began pumping two fingers inside me as he sucked my clit into his lips.

First meet

first-time 2018-03-26

O.K been on here awhile now and a few guys are asking me about my first ever online meet so I will try and write it down . When I was younger I gad a great time going to parties and having a good time had my fair share of guys and got a bit of a reputation that I was easy a few stories about me got out and the things I had got up to .

Graduation Trip

first-time nancyisnaked 2018-03-25

I felt a small thrill when I saw Lyndse and Beth's reflection in the mirror looking at me. I kept tripping out on getting how excited I had gotten as the much older Polish woman touched me after my bikini wax, and the thrill I got when Lyndse looked at me without my clothes on. I was teasing myself big time, and I felt somewhat frustrated that I probably would not be able to take care of my excitement staying in the same room with Beth and Lyndse. I felt a little guilty as I saw James watching us, knowing he still had feelings for me, but Pete was too good to pass up.

Seduced By a Black Man and His Uncut Cock (Part 4)

first-time hotcdsub 2018-03-25

Oh my, Daddy, are you sure that big thing will fit in my sweet little tight girl pussy I said in a submissive voice. I liked rubbing my fat little nipples through my floral dress with one hand then pulling up my dress to reveal my pink or black lace panties with the other. I would usually tuck my cock beforehand, start with my hand in the panties, then pull the panties down to my knees and reveal what looked like a bald pussy and simulate masturbation. The black trucker (55-60) was smiling and said I looked beautiful on the bed and really liked seeing my pussy hole and dildo show on the road.

Asian Massage Parlor - First Visit

first-time Franchise11 2018-03-25

I must admit it, it was a bit strange to be lying alone, naked, in a strange place, with an out-of-control erection knowing that in but a short time a woman would touch my penis for the first time and bring me to orgasm. Just a few seconds later, she poured a generous portion of warm oil on the underside of my dick, applied more to her hands and began to stroke away. Finally, she asked, "I get all cum, right?" in a tone so clinical it was sexy itself, giving my penis a few final strokes, putting some extra pressure with her thumb against the frenulum.

Teenage Boy Watches You Cum

first-time uniquenewyork 2018-03-25

I tell Steven to take some close-up pictures of your soft cock and balls now because I know your going to get an erection soon. "Wow, its so warm and so hard, but the skin is soft and feels good." He noticed a pearly but mostly clear drop at the tip of your cock head and asks "is that his precum?" I tell him yes and that means you are very sexually aroused and excited. You, a grown man, naked and spread out, tied up in bondage, with underwear over your head, while a teenage boy sucks on your cock and plays with your balls.

Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 02

first-time aunaturel 2018-03-25

Rick started to ask Amanda if she still wanted him to massage the warm place between her legs when he heard Kim walk toward them. "Hi. It looks like you have decided to start without me." She then turned to Amanda and asked, "Has Dr. Rick helped you to feel at home while I was getting the refreshments?" "We wanted to help you overcome your inhibitions so that you feel more confident when you are ready to be intimate with Ben. I think you have already made some important discoveries about yourself tonight, and I would like to try one more thing if you are willing to expand your experiences."

Daddy's Little Girl

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-25

The girls giggled and Amber grabbed Sarah's dad by the arms and pulled him out of the closet. Amber turned around and jumped on the bed, impaling her wet pussy with his cock once more and began riding her friend's father. The continued, Sarah using her hands and mouth on both her friend and her father, teasing and kissing, as Amber's young pussy continued to pump up and down on his cock. Amber knelt down in front of him and Sarah grabbed her father's cock and began to stroke it vigorously at her friend's face. Sarah then moved in began to lick the cum off of her friend's face and then she tilted Amber's head back and Amber opened her mouth.

First Times: Jenine

first-time P_E_C 2018-03-25

Somewhere along the line, Jenine and I ended up holding hands a lot, and my arm went round her slender waste. As I worked my way up under her sweat shirt, meeting nothing but bare skin, she got the wiggles again, but not as much as that first time. She reached down and grabbed my hand thru her pants and pushed it back and asked me "Do you want to watch TV or fool around?" I teasingly told her it was a good movie...which made her laugh. Despite her pussy juice all over my hand, there was really no doubt, she was a "good" girl, and "good" girls back then generally didn't play with yours till after the first time you took them.


first-time hondo1906 2018-03-25

And I don't have to ask your wife" He brought his hand down and began to slowly jerk off right in Amy's face saying "You like my big Black dick, don't you girl?" Looking like she was in a trance, Amy nodded her head and said, "It's so huge!" Show your man how much you like dark meat." Amy lowered her face and began to eagerly lick up and down his shiny Black shaft, replacing his sticky precum with her own saliva. Amy continued to suck on the swollen tip and first few inches of his enormous cock, her lips sliding down the dark shaft while her hand pumped on the base.

Young bi Pussy Fucker!!!

first-time dewdrop 2018-03-25

I sucked the fuck out of Joel's massive white cock while slowly grinding my big black dick deep inside this teen girls little tight pussy. "fuck me oh shit bitch take this nigga dick..ohhh shit i love fucking teen's our secret right naughty girl just our secret you let my big black cock fuck your young 16 year old cunt huh you promise not to tell your mommy that daddy Joel and Uncle Rick plowed your hairless teen pussy?" I said, really getting nasty now and increasing my speed as I went deeper and deeper. you like my big white cock fucking your tight beautiful black man cun....HUH?!" Joel said to me as he began to fuck me with deep hard measured strokes, which I fucking loved.

My first time, true story.

first-time TheLovelyMissSloan 2018-03-25

Will you like me enough now to stay and talk to me more?" he just laughed and said, "Of course how could I not want to be around such a cute thing like you?" After that all happened he helped me pull my jeans back on my pussy as sore as ever before and he just scooped me up and carried me to the car, while we were walking back this older lady just glared at us as he set me into the car and we started on our drive home he looked at me, "Sweetheart I think we definitely need to hook up more often." So we did.

My Best Friend Stacie

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-03-25

I see a selfie Stacie posted a minute ago with the caption "well Mrs. Grey officially ran out of fucks to give, haven't seen her in weeks." I chuckle and Like the picture. I want my first time to be with somebody special and someone I care about." I said looking at Stacie. I knew she was gorgeous and an amazing person but I never so badly wanted to pull the clothes off of her body and fuck her like I do right now. "Now if you ever ask Karen out and get to kiss her you won't be so lost" Stacie said smiling. I bring my face down and start licking her wet lips "holy fuck, Kyle!" she moaned pushing my head into her pussy.