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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Shawn Johnson Blackout in Beijing

first-time 2018-03-25

Then her legs began to shake and she had to lean forward and put her other hand on the wall for support.Her moans became faster and louder and soon she felt a intense orgasm approaching. As soon as she had calmed down a little again, Shawn could feel the still hard cock being withdrawn, as well as the fingers in her butt. But before she could react in one way or the other, she felt a hand firmly grabbing her ass cheek and soon enough the cock was back – only this time it was slowly pushed into her ass. Soon enough the cock began, just like before, to move faster and faster, while the stranger was holding her cheeks in a firm grip and before she knew it, she was rocking back and forth in rhythm with him.

Under Tori's Butt

first-time bryanLL 2018-03-25

Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. Her round butt was inches from my face and I gained a greater understanding of the importance of kissing a girls' asses. She sat for a longer time than usual and she smelled soooooo good with her butt soft-grinding my face, she left a beautiful perfume that would come in “handy” later that night. I liked Tori because she associated with me and I loved her because having high school girls sit on my face was a dream I had from the time of my first sexual memories.

Going Native

first-time haiugga 2018-03-25

Something inside me feels very happy about the kind of life she wants me to share with her. "You have to put ALL of it inside me, if you want a life time of happiness with me, and a little one of your own, and live as a free man. Her lips feels like flowers when I kiss them. I will especially kill anyone who tries to hurt any of the people of my new world, ESPECIALLY the person whose body I was now deep inside. She leans forward to kiss me again, and now her breasts are pressing against my chest, caressing my torso, just as the flower inside her hips is gently caressing my central part.

Out Of Order

first-time Alexunderbass 2018-03-25

I looked at Katy and saw her mouth slightly agape as if not daring to believe. She looked horrified unable to move, her eyes wide open trying to comprehend, to accept that whoever was on the other side of that door was masturbating over goodness knows what whilst she was stuck in a tight cubicle with a guy in an out of order men's toilet. Katy opened her mouth, instantly I raised my finger to her lips shaking my head violently. Before I could open my mouth Katy wrapped her arms around my neck and drove her lips into mine knocking me back into the toilet roll dispenser.


first-time 7doftheg7 2018-03-25

Then he pulled out and brought my face around, putting his cock right into my mouth and holding my head so that I would suck it at the pace he wanted. I knew Ben wanted me to cum on his cock in this public setting. I could feel his thrill as I slipped into that other place and a few minutes later he joined me grunting and gasping, shooting his cum all over the inside of my thighs as his cock slipped loose. And then for the grand finale at maybe three a.m. He rolled me over and spent time arranging my ass and hips just right to slip his hard cock right into my asshole.

Unlikely Chance

first-time MeteorMaximus 2018-03-25

I had just graduated from high school and this amounted to, not only a vacation, but also a graduation trip as well considering I didn't have the chance to go with my class out of country when they went. The guy with the light finally stopped blinding me and moved me out towards the cars. Her hand went to her mouth and then she hurriedly turned everything off before running back to me and pulling my shirt off. In response, her right hand slid down to trace the scarring left from knife a few months earlier. Her hand started moving again and she asked without trouble, "Then what are you talking about?" Her hand started moving faster over my cock and the pleasure was growing.

Schoolgirl and College Boy Pt. 1

first-time dawg8585 2018-03-25

yeah, I'd like that." As she said that, a beautiful, shy smile creeped across her face. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, “I wouldn’t change it for the world; you’re perfect just like this.” That same shy smile magically appeared on my face and she invited me in. I laid down in her bed and said, “Would you like some wine now, Tiffany?” She said yes and I handed her a glass. Her delicate light brown hands cupped the glass that looked massive next to her small frame. “Well here, let me help you.” She reached her delicate, small hands down underneath the blanket and undid the button and zipper on my jeans.

I'm Straight! PART 1

first-time john1195 2018-03-25

Trey was hammering my ass with his huge black cock. Trey had taken me, and was fucking me hard, I don't know exactly how I Trey watched enraptured, "I wish I could get head like that..." Blonde sucking cock suddenly became darkly dreamlike; the shower cause she can't suck my cock the way I like her huge black cock trying to make it's way down my throat. I then felt his massive cock begin to push at me... Trey fell on top of me, his cock wedged partially up my ass. I could feel subtle changes in Treys fuck barrage and knew that his A strange sadness fills me as I realize that when Trey takes his cock


first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-03-25

I knew Cassie meant that she could cook for me when Carolyn wasn't home, but her words could have meant something entirely different. I would have given him a nice tip, but I didn't like the way he was staring at Cassie's ass as she sauntered away, so instead he got a door slammed in his face. At least this time Carolyn was with me, so maybe Cassie wouldn't think I was a total freak. I hoped like hell that Cassie wouldn't mention catching me in the act, but it wasn't like Carolyn had never caught me masturbating before, so I was trying not to worry about it.

Gym Cuckold

first-time drewpy 2018-03-24

When my set came up I put on more weight than I should have maybe thinking I would impress the man into leaving me alone or the woman coming by to talk to us ether way I just succeeded in looking like a buffoon. As I stood in shock at the sight before not really shore what I was doing I felt like busting in and confronting the man who was taking advantage of my wife when I heard her say I love your cock. I was frozen in fear as her words finally registered in my brain “Do you like watching my husband fuck your wife” eyes wide and paralyzed her powerful arms pushed me through the door.

My Sister's Friends Ch. 03

first-time Callicious 2018-03-24

"I know I'm being silly, with you sitting there naked in front of me, but I can't help myself." Her breasts felt lovely against me, and I was willing to let her hold me like that as long as she wanted, whether she got naked or not. Every other guy I know would have been after us all day long, and wouldn't have wanted to take 'No' for an answer, but what have you done but give me an orgasm like I've never had before, and you didn't even touch my pussy or try to fuck me. My Jessica gripped the sides of my head with her thighs and simultaneously started bucking up and down on my face like a rodeo rider trying to make a sleepy bronco look vicious.

Where Do We Go From Here

first-time WarriorWoman 2018-03-24

Surprise flickered through him briefly when he felt her hand, the one that had remained apart, grip his hip, squeezing hard once, then slowly start the tantalizing slide up his ribs, his chest, the fingers fanning out to encase his entire throat and stroke a couple of times, then arrowing again to rest on the other side of his face as the first hand was. He abandoned the little flickering, teasing touches almost as soon as he had started, and placed the hot circle of his mouth directly over the nipple and sucked her through the fabric of her bra, his other hand squeezing her other breast and flicking his finger over its sensitive tip.

Giving it up for a place to stay

first-time xerosheartx 2018-03-24

Within an hour it was established that she needed a place to crash for the night, but he wasn't staying with her, instead of letting her stay at his the night he decide to go to the beach with friends in the morning and she couldn't because she had to work. It started to get late so I made her a bed up on the sofa where she had said she wanted to sl**p. I started holding her tits, they were amazing and felt so good in my hands as I pumped harder, then she opened her eyes and without saying anything sat up removed her top and pushed me down so I was sitting.

Class demonstration of sexx

first-time savita009 2018-03-24

Then teacher told Ajay to touch my boobs and lift them and show to the class the different parts including nipples. She told the class that when the nipples grow stiff that meant the girl has become excited and when she gets excited--her pussy becomes wet. the teacher told the class that when the boy plays with the body of a girl--he becomes all excited and his cock becomes all stiff and hard. I immediately opened Ajay's pant zip and the cock sprang out like a snake--all stiff and hard--with lot of precum at it's mouth. The teacher held Ajay's cock and gave it a few strokes with her hand and showed it to the whole class to watch how the sperms were shooting out of it.

Skilled Mature Blows Stripper for Hubby

first-time paulb4fun 2018-03-24

Before accepting the invitation, Sue wanted to talk it over with her hubby, Paul. Sue is sitting straight up...he's presenting his cock to her now....she's swirling her tongue around the head of his dick....nice and she's flicking his pee whole with the tip of her tongue...he's getting much harder...the girls are going crazy cheering on the mature married hottie...."suck that dick..suck that dick" She's pumping his shaft with her left hand and cupping his big nuts with her right....he's at full,attention now... The stripper just said "damn, bitch....damn" She's slowly pulling her head back and pumping his shaft as she moves up...I think for the first time tonight, this guy is seriously turned on.

those naughty girls and their temptation

first-time 33leakypanties33 2018-03-24

I know what just happened (and it just happened, to me, for real, so this is what being bred feels like) but it feels so good and we've only been doing it a couple minutes so im not going to cut this... Good god I just got cummed in like all those videos I watched, and a whole fucking lot of it too, I don't know whats going to happen now. Later on I get so horny over what we did I pull out my big black mop handle and start thrusting myself hard with it, with real man jizz still inside its only like a quarter of the experience of what I had earlier but it gets me off so good it puts me to sl**p.

Erotic Hiring of a Fresh Escort

first-time KissedMany 2018-03-24

At this point in an interview with a brand new girl to the escort business, Jerome would always walk in unannounced. Fran smiles and says,"Clare, I would like you to meet my husband Jerome. Clare's cheeks turned crimson and she looked down in embarrassment as Jerome took her small fingers in his giant hand. She had seen his lecherous grin and when she looked up his crotch was a her eye level and Jerome brazenly took his hand and shifted his massive manhood inside his pants so that it was now pointing up and making a large tent. It looked as if it felt very nice and like Fran said, sex was a natural good thing.

Our First Foursome

first-time puppy007 2018-03-24

We talk for a while, I say what do you think to swapping partners then, we all agree we would like to try the experience, so I lay beside Karen and Jin lays next to Pam, I can see Pam feeling Jims cock, she tells me it’s rock hard, We all start kissing and fondling our new partners, Jim lies between Pam’s legs and sucks Pam’s big hard nipples, While I feel Karen’s hairy pussy she has a nice big clit I slip my fingers into her wet pussy to get some lubricant around her clit, she whimpers as I play with her clit, after a while I move down the bed and start licking her pussy and sucking her big clit, I insert two fingers in her very wet pussy, I looked up to see her feeling her own tits and touching her nipples, I then move back up her body kissing her tummy, as I get to her breasts she holds one of her tits to my lips, she holds her tit while I suck and lick her nipple, I slip my hard cock in her pussy, its so wet I can push my cock all the way in straight away, we both moan with pleasure,

The First Time I Picked Up A Prostitute

first-time hobbyist123 2018-03-24

I figured when she walked by the car I would just ask her for the time or maybe I could tell her I'm lost and ask her to give me directions. Real life street prostitutes don't look like Julia Roberts in pretty woman. I put on the second condom and start pounding away even with two of them on it feels so fucking good. We got in the car headed back to the street where I picked her up. So this was my first time picking up a working girl and since then I've developed all kinds of guidelines, techniques, and strategies on finding street walkers, picking them up, negotiating "donations", keeping myself safe etc.

90% True Ch. 08

first-time rhev 2018-03-24

"Don't I get time to recuperate?" I asked as Heather said she wanted a turn with me. "You know," Nina said turning to look at me, and then spooning up against Heather, sandwiching her against Jen, "Rich always said the same thing. There was a little break in our conversation and Heather finally broke the silence, "Well I suppose it really only matters what you're like when you're hard, right?" I smiled and nodded, and the other two girls seemed to agree. She turned and faced the other two women and said, "If you two don't mind, I think I'm going to take Pete down to the master bedroom for a little while?"

November Day

first-time LanguidLover 2018-03-24

Nuzzling her neck I continued to explore kissing down her neck to her chest, by now I had exposed her breast and quickly found her nipple and gently taking it into my mouth I felt it quickly harden as she let out an encouraging soft moan. "Yes it was." she giggled and as I make to ease myself up she gently places her hand on my chest and says "Just wait there a minute." as she grabs a pack of wipes from the table and proceeds to clean me up, finishing with a little kiss on my clean, soft, worn out cock.


Laney's first time. . .sorta

first-time slapnuts69 2018-03-24

She told us that her boyfriend (a high school senior) had really been on her case to fuck him, but she didn't feel ready. Laney's eyes got big, but Carla said, "I will fuck you with this. Carla worked the dildo into Laney's pussy and was soon fucking her pretty hard with it. Carla took off her sweat pants and worked one end of the dildo into her hot pussy, then aimed the other end at Laney's hole. Laney reached out and took my cock in her hand. She was stroking it slowly when Carla took it into her mouth while she fingered Laney. Our last two years we rented a house together and Laney took a room as well.

The vampire

first-time musclecock 2018-03-24

Her eyes focused on the towering vampire, but she felt no fear, only the over powering need to sexually gratify him if she was asked to, or the woman who was now partaking of her dripping pussy! Both of them, now with a heightened awareness of smell, could sense the powerful sexual aroma coming directly from A.Q.'s crotch, their cunts dampening immediately at the prospect of being taken by their dominant host, and as if by telepathy, both of them leaned across the large table with their legs spread and their pussies open and exposed. Now always naked, with their vaginas bulging in anticipation of sexual release, the two women fly every night with August Quartermane, searching out their prey, and then feasting on the bl**d and pussies that drive their very existence!!!


first-time nastymouth410 2018-03-24

Imagine my tongue very soft and sublime Traveling down the length of your spine Tickling your hips then parting your thighs Your taste brings me pleasure, you voice pleasurable cries Imagine my hands As they inspect and explore Make your nipples erect your body hungers for more Then plumbing the depths Your attention they get Bringing you close to the chasm Imagine my arms As they encircle your waist Lift you up and on top You slowly settle in place Then they pull you in close Around my neck your arms slide Imagine my eyes Feel my eyes caress Feel them on your neck Imagine my lips Imagine my lips When they whisper cum for me Will you whisper the same